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Refused to refund or process claim
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BRONX, NEW YORK -- On March 6, 2010 I paid in full for the captioned item from this Ebay Company EasymountLCD. Before the item was delivered I had to travel overseas, I spent 5 months. Upon my return in July and on realising that my pkg was not delivered I contacted Easymount LCD for a status report. They immediately sent me a tracking # for FedEx ground.

I contact FedEx who assured me that they left the Pkg on the floor outside my door. I asked why and they informed me that they were not instructed to request a signature. I asked how could this be, they said instructions from the shipper. FedEx was very cooperative, they requested that I asked the shipper to file a claim on my behalf. The shipper has refused on the grounds that I took too long to notify them.

I do have a problem with this because I thing EasymountLCD did not take enough interest in ensuring that my pkg was delivered to me. In addition they are refusing to file the claim on my behalf with FedEx. Please advise me how to proceed in getting the EasyMountLCD to finally act decisively on my behalf.

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rockfishing on 08/06/2010:
The seller and delivery company did nothing wrong. You as the buyer failed to pick up your package in a timely manner. Waiting 5 months, no matter the reason, is unacceptable. Your recourse was to notify the shipper BEFORE you went away. They could have delayed shipping, or you could have had the item shipped to a family member or friend.
Venice09 on 08/06/2010:
I'm curious what you thought was going to happen to the item when you were not available to accept delivery for five months.
goduke on 08/06/2010:
Did you tell the seller you were leaving the country?
MRM on 08/06/2010:
Sorry to say, but some people (OP) just make things difficult.
momsey on 08/06/2010:
How would the package have been signed for if they did require a signature?

This is something you should have discussed with the seller at the time. It doesn't cost them anything extra to request a signature, so it wasn't a matter of them trying to save money.

The company actually DID take plenty of interest in getting the package delivered to your address. They presumably didn't know you wouldn't be at that address for five months, so they couldn't have done anything to avoid what happened.

Can you file a claim?
Fufu487 on 08/06/2010:
Maybe look into filing a claim. But I do side with the shipper and FedEx on this one. I wouldn't order something for delivery knowing I'm leaving the country for 5 months and no one around to claim it for me.
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