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Ebay and Tax
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Rating: 5/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I was kicked off eBay just like everyone else. Reason, poor standards. I did everything just like they wanted but, you know how that goes. Now the government wants to tax the internet and eBay wants me to sign up and help fight this. I wonder what the other 15,000 people that have been kicked off feel about this? Ebay isn't going to get any help. I wonder if any of the other 15,000 people are going to sign up. I also wonder if anyone has figured out how much eBay is making of the hundreds of sales they are holding back money for 3-20 days and collecting interest. Sorry eBay but no help from ED. I have a garage loaded with merchandise and when I sell it that will be it.

15 Years on eBay Family run business kicked off without notice!
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Rating: 1/51

OLD SAYBROOK, CONNECTICUT -- Our family business has been with eBay since 1998. We have been buying and selling and have maintained a 99% positive feedback rating over THOUSANDS of transactions. We have been in business since 1958. We have been kicked off of eBay overnight and are no longer allowed to sell! We were caught in the debacle of delayed shipping over the holidays because of UPS and FedEx! eBay blamed us even though we went as far as sending out second shipments overnight to customers and ate the costs. UNREAL. Small businesses like ours MADE eBay and they kicked us to the curb only to allow Chinese import companies to sell counterfeit items. SAD SAD SAD.

I talked to a Representative and I could tell she had been dealing with people having the same complaint I did all day long yet she could not do anything because corporate has tied her hands. I then received a phone call from a "Supervisor" who also said he could not do anything. I have been paying eBay over $3000 per month in FEES PLUS Paypal fees! THIS IS HOW THEY INTEND TO GROW Their BUSINESS!?

The eBay's seller is not protected.
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- When you buy anything on eBay your purchase insured "eBay Buyer Protection". This is used by dishonest buyers. In my case, the buyer has bought the coat in perfect condition with no defects (it was listed in my description and provided a lot of pictures of very good quality). However, after receiving a coat buyer said that it does not suit him and demanded a full refund by refusing to pay for shipping.

I agreed to a refund minus the shipping cost. Buyer behaved very aggressively and rude. Was opened in the case in Resolution Center. Of course it was decided in favor of the buyer. Coats was to return in 3 weeks in a terrible condition. Useless to prove his innocence. It does not interest anyone. I suffered a loss (lost an expensive coat + shipping cost). I lost my confidence in eBay.

Sellers Ratings Needs to Be Improved and Protected From Pissed off People
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Rating: 3/51

COHOES, NEW YORK -- When you sell something not knowing that the buyer cannot handle the product, meaning it's too complicated and they may need extra equipment in order to work it out, that makes it difficult. In the end, like 10 days later they just give a bad rating with no communication because you see there is nothing wrong with the unit so they can't return it to me as anything other than I don't want it now.

I sold them a product that they wanted, they are pissed that they can't use it and won't communicate. So I called eBay and that's the end of the story 100% down to 90%. I agree with another sellers, it may be time to not sell there anymore, it's too expensive. And I don't do much selling anyway.

She has been buying from sweet water - a store where it's new and has tech help. They are sales men and will sell her the right parts for her to carry on. And the other thing she gave me a bad rating for shipping, then took it back when she received the item in three days then said "Oh I am so happy it's here." LOONY! Thanks for reading.

Ebay Have Become Jerks!!
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Rating: 2/51

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- After 7 years and 5000+ sales. Ebay said I could not sell with them anymore. I had a 99% positive rating going. I refused to back down from a few buyers who I felt cheated me. Ebay basically told me I had too many negative feedbacks (2), so they dumped me overnight. What really makes me mad is that I had 320 different items listed for sale at the time, which they totally cancelled overnight. I had put many, many hours inputting these on to Ebay. Ebay is not a good partner anymore to small sellers. Someone said they have become the partner who will lock the front door, close the bank account, and move out of state without telling you.

Sellers Beware!!!
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Rating: 1/51

If you are a seller, screw you. EBay allows buyers to leave whatever feedback they want - because they are eBay's bread and butter. After 12 years with a perfect record, I was targeted by a so called 'powerseller' named PMSHIRL who accused me of ripping her off IN MY FEEDBACK because I didn't answer her demands immediately. I proved she was a liar and that I had in fact paid her the refund she accused me of stealing from her.

Guess what? That's right - eBay protected her DESPITE the fact that she has a history of harassing people, and told me they would not remove the feedback even though I had PROVED it was false. And good luck getting anything remotely resembling customer service from whatever 12th world country they're outsourcing to these days. Their employees would have to have at least a little knowledge of English (beyond reading a script phonetically) for you to receive that. Also, good luck closing your account. You can't even do that without them giving you a freakin' migraine!!!

Ripped Off and Scammed
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Rating: 1/51

ALGONQUIN, ILLINOIS -- Sold an iPhone overseas and a month and a half later get an email from the buyer saying he never received it. He opened up a case with eBay and they just automatically ruled in his favor. Called to get help with the issue and told them I did everything the way I was supposed too and kept in contact with this person and he essentially didn't care, was condescending, rude, and didn't do anything to help. Ebay is a huge scam all around and I warn everyone to stay away. They take your whole paycheck like they did to me.

Return Shipping Paid For By Buyer Even When Seller Lies About Product
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Rating: 1/51

HAPPY VALLEY, OREGON -- I purchased a sewing machine on eBay which was described as "tested, works great". When I received the sewing machine it was very obviously broken. Not just in one area but many throughout the machine. The sewing foot would not go down to touch the fabric. The dial which allowed you to select stitches was jammed and would not move. I couldn't even attempt to sew with it. I was told by the seller and the eBay customer support staff that I would be reimbursed for the return shipping charges. The seller even told me how the item should be shipped.

Now the seller refuses to return the money it cost for the return shipping and eBay refuses to collect it from the seller. The charges were substantial $60.44. Does it make sense that a buyer should absorb this cost when it is clearly the fault of the seller? It seems to me you could box up your garbage and send it out and see if anyone was stupid enough to keep it. It makes me angry that they all lied to me and I have proof in the emails that were sent back and forth and their supposed audio tapes of conversations.

Do yourself a favor. Don't purchase anything on this site and if you insist make sure the seller has 100% positive feedback. Don't accept anything less than 100%. I also believe that if a seller has experience with more than 3 negative feedbacks they should be banned from selling.

Seller Beware
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Rating: 1/51

This was was my first (and probably last) experience with Ebay. There were just so many problems that it's really not worth all of the time and effort. All I wanted was to sell my iPod in the medium that I was least likely to have to deal with scammers. And I thought maybe that was eBay because they boast of the "hassle-free" process and you actually have very limited interaction with the buyer. But I was wrong.

So I list my item. A few days later, I get an email from someone trying to negotiate my price. So we negotiate, come to an agreement and I change my price. This person immediately buys my item. Three minutes later, I get an email saying they can't pay and they ask me to cancel my order. What the heck? We just spent 15 minutes negotiating the price. So I select the "report buyer" option. I wait. I hear nothing, so I send eBay an email. I wait. I hear nothing, so I re-list the item.

Second buyer buys the item. I wait a few days then send a polite email about how I'd be happy to ship the item just as soon as they pay for it. Nothing. By this point it's been a few weeks since I first started trying to sell my item. I open an "unpaid item case." I still haven't hear anything from Ebay. So I call them. (Which by the way, they make tricky for you.)

I talked to three people there, even a supervisor. None of them could see the original report I filed. They finally tell me that they DID in fact receive my email - they just haven't gotten around to it yet. It would have been nice if they had told me, "oh by the way, it takes three weeks for us to respond." But they don't. They say that they'll get to it as soon as they can. Which if you go to most sites, that's 24-48 hours, maybe up to a week if the service isn't as good. But 3 weeks? THAT'S what they mean by "as soon as they can." Seriously, give us some context. It felt like I was sending information into an abyss.

Additionally, as I am new to Ebay, I didn't realize that you could only leave positive feedback (which is stupid because it doesn't give the full story). So I tried to leave feedback on the first buyer's profile with a warning to other buyers. Ebay offers to remove my comments, but stands firm on the fact that they WILL NOT remove the RATING. Which means now, that buyer has a rating that he or she did not earn. Does eBay care? No. (And at this point, I was talking to a supervisor.)

I even told eBay that I probably wouldn't be using them anymore, and their response was "we're sorry to hear that." As in, my business is not important enough for them to care. Thanks Ebay. I'll take my business elsewhere. Bottom line: do NOT use Ebay. They have the worst customer service for sellers and they don't really care enough about your business to make any effort to retain it.

Don't Trust Ebay - Sellers Face Financial Loss
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DON'T TRUST EBAY. If you are an Ebay member, or thinking of joining Ebay, think again and consider whether you would trust Ebay after experiencing this. I am in the process of closing my Ebay account and the associated Paypal Account because I do not trust Ebay. Recently a member of my family was approached through Ebay by a US citizen who wished to purchase a collector's item after it had failed to sell normally on Ebay.

Strangely this man had been a member of Ebay for almost 4 years and had never made a sale nor a purchase on Ebay in that long period of time. The item was sold to him through Ebay/Paypal for $200 and it cost $25 to post it to him registered mail from Australia. He immediately upon receipt was quite pleased with the item and gave positive feedback to Ebay, and emails outside of Ebay direct to my relative, saying how happy he was with the item.

He later did an about turn and decided he did not want the item and falsely claimed it was destroyed and not properly described on Ebay. Despite his false claims and a "No Return" policy clearly placed on the item at the time of sale on Ebay, Ebay found in favour of the purchaser who had no prior credibility with Ebay. My family member had 100% feedback on some 40 sales and purchases.

Ebay's "no return policy" on listings is not binding. It is not merely a joke. It is false advertising. Ebay cannot be trusted. The rationale for Ebay's decision in favour of the purchaser was that the only fair way out was for everyone to start again at the beginning which means refunding the purchaser $200 plus $25 postage. However Ebay did not refund the $25 international registered postage. Ebay did not refund 7.25% of the selling price they charged to sell the item, some $14.50. Ebay did not refund the listing price of $3.00 to advertise the item.

So all up my family member is out of pocket $43.00 Australian, plus Paypal fees, not to mention packaging and running around. Ebay greed does not equate to fairness. Ebay claim it is fair for a seller to lose large amounts of money based on their twisted unclear rationale.

To Add insult to injury, Ebay sent the purchaser an email in which they said, "To avoid having similar situations like this in the future, we strongly recommend you to purchase items on “ Top Rated” and “PowerSellers”. As additional option, if you haven't left a feedback to the seller for this transaction, we strongly recommend you to do so because this may prompt them to take necessary actions on your concern; also to let other buyers know about your experience so they can make informed decisions."

So it is official Ebay policy to inform purchasers only to purchase from "Top Rated" and "PowerSellers". So what is the point of normal everyday people advertising items for sale on Ebay? Despite this man's lack of credibility with Ebay they have invited him to complain about someone with 100% feedback. Is that what the Ebay brains trust considers to be fair?

No Ebay this is not fair at all. So you keep your customer with no sales or purchases happy. However you have lost my family member and myself, both active members and other relatives, associates and friends who are alarmed to learn how distrustful Ebay is to active customers who mistakenly thought they had built up credibility with Ebay. I have read other similar reviews on this site where Ebay as a matter of policy protects buyers at the expense of sellers. I agree fully with this view our family have experienced it first hand.

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