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The eBay's seller is not protected.
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- When you buy anything on eBay your purchase insured "eBay Buyer Protection". This is used by dishonest buyers. In my case, the buyer has bought the coat in perfect condition with no defects (it was listed in my description and provided a lot of pictures of very good quality). However, after receiving a coat buyer said that it does not suit him and demanded a full refund by refusing to pay for shipping.

I agreed to a refund minus the shipping cost. Buyer behaved very aggressively and rude. Was opened in the case in Resolution Center. Of course it was decided in favor of the buyer. Coats was to return in 3 weeks in a terrible condition. Useless to prove his innocence. It does not interest anyone. I suffered a loss (lost an expensive coat + shipping cost). I lost my confidence in eBay.

Seller Beware
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Rating: 1/51

This was was my first (and probably last) experience with Ebay. There were just so many problems that it's really not worth all of the time and effort. All I wanted was to sell my iPod in the medium that I was least likely to have to deal with scammers. And I thought maybe that was eBay because they boast of the "hassle-free" process and you actually have very limited interaction with the buyer. But I was wrong.

So I list my item. A few days later, I get an email from someone trying to negotiate my price. So we negotiate, come to an agreement and I change my price. This person immediately buys my item. Three minutes later, I get an email saying they can't pay and they ask me to cancel my order. What the heck? We just spent 15 minutes negotiating the price. So I select the "report buyer" option. I wait. I hear nothing, so I send eBay an email. I wait. I hear nothing, so I re-list the item.

Second buyer buys the item. I wait a few days then send a polite email about how I'd be happy to ship the item just as soon as they pay for it. Nothing. By this point it's been a few weeks since I first started trying to sell my item. I open an "unpaid item case." I still haven't hear anything from Ebay. So I call them. (Which by the way, they make tricky for you.)

I talked to three people there, even a supervisor. None of them could see the original report I filed. They finally tell me that they DID in fact receive my email - they just haven't gotten around to it yet. It would have been nice if they had told me, "oh by the way, it takes three weeks for us to respond." But they don't. They say that they'll get to it as soon as they can. Which if you go to most sites, that's 24-48 hours, maybe up to a week if the service isn't as good. But 3 weeks? THAT'S what they mean by "as soon as they can." Seriously, give us some context. It felt like I was sending information into an abyss.

Additionally, as I am new to Ebay, I didn't realize that you could only leave positive feedback (which is stupid because it doesn't give the full story). So I tried to leave feedback on the first buyer's profile with a warning to other buyers. Ebay offers to remove my comments, but stands firm on the fact that they WILL NOT remove the RATING. Which means now, that buyer has a rating that he or she did not earn. Does eBay care? No. (And at this point, I was talking to a supervisor.)

I even told eBay that I probably wouldn't be using them anymore, and their response was "we're sorry to hear that." As in, my business is not important enough for them to care. Thanks Ebay. I'll take my business elsewhere. Bottom line: do NOT use Ebay. They have the worst customer service for sellers and they don't really care enough about your business to make any effort to retain it.

Don't Trust Ebay - Sellers Face Financial Loss
By -

DON'T TRUST EBAY. If you are an Ebay member, or thinking of joining Ebay, think again and consider whether you would trust Ebay after experiencing this. I am in the process of closing my Ebay account and the associated Paypal Account because I do not trust Ebay. Recently a member of my family was approached through Ebay by a US citizen who wished to purchase a collector's item after it had failed to sell normally on Ebay.

Strangely this man had been a member of Ebay for almost 4 years and had never made a sale nor a purchase on Ebay in that long period of time. The item was sold to him through Ebay/Paypal for $200 and it cost $25 to post it to him registered mail from Australia. He immediately upon receipt was quite pleased with the item and gave positive feedback to Ebay, and emails outside of Ebay direct to my relative, saying how happy he was with the item.

He later did an about turn and decided he did not want the item and falsely claimed it was destroyed and not properly described on Ebay. Despite his false claims and a "No Return" policy clearly placed on the item at the time of sale on Ebay, Ebay found in favour of the purchaser who had no prior credibility with Ebay. My family member had 100% feedback on some 40 sales and purchases.

Ebay's "no return policy" on listings is not binding. It is not merely a joke. It is false advertising. Ebay cannot be trusted. The rationale for Ebay's decision in favour of the purchaser was that the only fair way out was for everyone to start again at the beginning which means refunding the purchaser $200 plus $25 postage. However Ebay did not refund the $25 international registered postage. Ebay did not refund 7.25% of the selling price they charged to sell the item, some $14.50. Ebay did not refund the listing price of $3.00 to advertise the item.

So all up my family member is out of pocket $43.00 Australian, plus Paypal fees, not to mention packaging and running around. Ebay greed does not equate to fairness. Ebay claim it is fair for a seller to lose large amounts of money based on their twisted unclear rationale.

To Add insult to injury, Ebay sent the purchaser an email in which they said, "To avoid having similar situations like this in the future, we strongly recommend you to purchase items on “ Top Rated” and “PowerSellers”. As additional option, if you haven't left a feedback to the seller for this transaction, we strongly recommend you to do so because this may prompt them to take necessary actions on your concern; also to let other buyers know about your experience so they can make informed decisions."

So it is official Ebay policy to inform purchasers only to purchase from "Top Rated" and "PowerSellers". So what is the point of normal everyday people advertising items for sale on Ebay? Despite this man's lack of credibility with Ebay they have invited him to complain about someone with 100% feedback. Is that what the Ebay brains trust considers to be fair?

No Ebay this is not fair at all. So you keep your customer with no sales or purchases happy. However you have lost my family member and myself, both active members and other relatives, associates and friends who are alarmed to learn how distrustful Ebay is to active customers who mistakenly thought they had built up credibility with Ebay. I have read other similar reviews on this site where Ebay as a matter of policy protects buyers at the expense of sellers. I agree fully with this view our family have experienced it first hand.

EBay - Poor Customer Relations
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Rating: 1/51

USA -- eBay looks out for BUYERS and has "Buyer Protection" but nothing for Sellers. I have been a member of eBay for 14 years, sold more than 550 items, have a 99.2% approval rating, and all ratings for customer service are 4 1/2 stars out of 5, and I was suspended from selling. eBay can suspend you for any reason they deem without cause or for a cause they deem important. They still want me to buy but they are not letting me sell on eBay ever again. Try Amazon Marketplace, they seem to be more customer service oriented. Good Luck.

Company Response 07/15/2015:

Even after following the advice of one of their associates on ebay, I still received 1 negative feedback. After a lengthy explanation as to why I was uncomfortable shipping my product to the customer, whom I was really mistrusting due to his behavior on the messaging system, I was told to just refund his money and then call back if he left negative feedback. When I called to request that it be removed, as I was told by the associate that it would not be a problem they then refused to help me.

Yes you can win where so many lose (for Sellers only)
By -

I have all the time in the world as an accident put me in bed so I have looked at how and why on Ebay. EBay runs on listings. If one take a look you will see thousands and thousands of listing don'€™t sell and that'€™s why Ebay offers so many promotions like $.99 specials to generate more. Buyers are their main profit and that'€™s what keeps their other part in operation Paypal and the reason they try to lock the buyers and sellers to it - they are one of the same company.

Now you have the reason why buyers are always correct even when they lie as Ebay can't lose any if they go against a buyer - that buyer could well stop buying. So at the risk of assisting with a con, they take that risk. Ebay knows there are far too many bad sellers out there that deliberately cheat the system. Its impossible to stop or eradicate.

The problem areas are sellers not having that they say they have - sellers selling the same item more than once. Sellers not describing the item correctly and deliberately misleading the buyers. Sellers bidding on their own item to get the selling auction up to a higher level, doing their own question and answer, and the list goes on and on.

There is no level playing field on Ebay as their own laws make it that way. They generate dishonesty. Australia Ebay is different from USA as I found out selling to their customers. After looking at their agreement term and talking to a legal person this was the results. IN Australia they have a Government law as protection to the public in sales by either a registered business or corporate company. It covers '€œnot as described, not fit the use as sold, faulty, and a couple of other conditions'€.

This does not cover any sales between private people selling an item or ANYONE in an auction. What they are doing in their agreement is taking this laws and misusing it as they classify everyone under these terms. This give their buyers conditions that allows them to dishonest - as my experience has been they try to get FREE items using these conditions. I have been stung more than once. Australia is the only country that I have continual problems with and it cost me every time. I have lost so many disputes and finally have to give credits for stock without getting back the items to stay online.

History tells the story if you read every complaint against Ebay worldwide it'€™s a huge problem to every seller to stay online in EBay or terminated. It only takes three disgruntled buyers and one is history. It'€™s a no Win as Ebay makes one look like a criminal to everyone and your customers respect is now history as well.

THE RULES OF SURVIVAL and they work. Operate two account at a time. That way you generate a spread of customer good feedback - not for Ebay but yourself. Alternate the sales - build them. Together, if one goes down you have the other - then start a fresh account. Every item must be loaded by 25% to cover the free ones you will get. Don'€™t argue past offering via Paypal for the buyer to return it first then a credit and keep your fingers crossed you will get it.

We in USA don'€™t have a problem with sending a tracking number or freight tracking. DO this every time But cover your cost if you can't add insurance and load that. UK and Australia sellers have a distinct disadvantage as it cost huge more for a tracking on light items so I suggest you make the load 30% on the items to cover the loss. As it will be the excuse 'œI did not Receive the item'. The other reason for the 25% is Paypal international exchange rate. It almost criminal on how they try and make you believe the rate is real. They are playing with your money.

Now one other must to keep Ebay from looking too hard have separate Paypal accounts, keeping different email address and log on to Ebay as well. Finally it real important that you have a great looking page. Be as descriptive as you can and be honest with it. Don't underplay this as it will get you a lot more sales and a lot more respect. Do not describe what you don'™t have. Use real photo€™s not someone else's. Use color back drops on the pages - made it stand out against anyone else'€™s. Remember you're not in competition with anyone. You're there to sell your product and stuff the opposition.

Here is a Real secret why I sell more than anyone on the same lines. I don'€™t sell low priced even if they do. Buyers are a funny lot. Some will buy a low cost item but the majority will take the higher price, so the load on your item will not reduce sales. Now you know how to sell within Ebay and stay away for being terminated and still retain your respect and profits. Go for it. Enjoy.

Ebay Seller Unjustly Blocked From Ebay
By -

Over the past 10-12 years maybe longer I have been a seller on Ebay. I loved it. It was a significant part of my life each and every day. I firmly believe that Ebay could help me experience and achieve my personal American Dream. I struggled at first as I was attempting to navigate through the expectations of both Ebay and the buyers on Ebay. I received a few negatives along the way. Some deserved but most not. I used them as learning tools to better myself and to make me a qualified and effective seller.

I finally became a power seller for which I was very proud of. It was my intention to make a successful Ebay business a part of my retirement income. Things were moving along fine but I realized about a year ago that it was essential for future stability and success that it was important to find a steady source of good merchandise that I could sell on my site. So I began searching and researching many source for items. This is about the time that all my problems began. Let me enumerate:

  1. I received a negative feedback from a buyer which made no sense. In communication with this individual it was discovered that the neg was never intended to be for me. It was intended to be left for another Ebay seller which this buyer was having problems with. I tried and I believe the buyer attempted to have the feedback removed. We were both unsuccessful in our attempts. Ebay refused to do anything about it. THIS WRONG!!!

  2. Not long after this I received another Negative. I accidentally switched items while packaging up items for delivery. The immediate upon receiving the item left negative feedback. I replaced the item for her and allowed her to keep the wrong item at no cost to her. She was very happy. She realized that she had responded too quickly and want to change the feedback but wasn't allow by Ebay to do so. This too doesn't seem right at all.

  3. Then I received a third negative from a buyer who tried to scam me. They tried to say that they hadn't received an item that they had purchased. I told them I would replace it for them. At the time the Tracking on this item hadn't shown delivery. Just before sending the replacement I checked it once more and it was showing that it was indeed delivered and had actually been delivered prior to the buyer informing that they had not received the item. When I confronted the buyer they became very Hostile demanding that I send the replacement, although I had proof that it was received. They attempted to stop payment that was sent through Paypal but Paypal side with me. The buyer left the feedback and was allowed to by Ebay even though I was in the right. So now I have three Negatives that I did not deserve which were now affecting my standings with Ebay and it was affecting my DSR. My feedback was 98.2 now which is still good. My DSR readings were all in good standings.

  4. Now my other problems began. In my Search for wholesale outlets I ran across DHGate. I purchase some items for resale. The first was some Chanel Sunglasses whose I thought were Authentic. My first listing was removed for violations. It turns out that they were unlawful copies. So I did not relist or sell the remainder of these. I gave them away.

  5. I also had bought some Coach Bags Through DHGate. I thought I better check these out before listing them. I took them to a local Coach store who said they were very good replicas but that they were not the real thing. So again I did not attempt to list them as I did not wish to destroy my standings with Ebay.

  6. I did some research on Ebay looking for what was Hot. I noticed that there were about 10,000 DG Designer Sunglasses for sell on Ebay and they seemed like they were doing well. I found a distributor, Olympic Eyewear in Utah. I purchased some. Listed them and they were doing well as I expected. Then out of the blue I had a couple removed by eBay for Trademark violations. I researched it and it appeared they felt that they were violating Dolce & Gabanna's Trademark. The email that I got from eBay indicated that if the listing did not totally disappeared that if they appeared in my closed listing they could be relisted if done so properly. I did research with other sellers who advised me to be certain to list them As Designer Glasses (the brand Name and DG was what they were Known by. I checked with Olympic Eyewear who sent to me a copy of the Trademark registration. So I thought I was fine as long as I had the proper info in my listing. So I listed them again and all was well and then I had three more listings remove. Within a day of this I received an email stating that my account was suspended. Then a few Days later It was blocked completely.

  7. Since that time I have taken time to do some research. This is what I discovered.

    * DG (Designer Glasses) Was registered (Reg. No. 2,582,314) in 2002 With an overlapping DG as their mark and in Word DG as their written Trademark.

    * Dolce & Gabbana Registered their Trademark D&G in 2006. Their registration No is 3,108,403.

    * At present the two companies are locked in legal negotiations. D&G was trying to have the Trademark of DG cancelled. However they were thus far unable to do this. Present as of 2009 they have been attempting to work out a settlement but nothing has been agreed upon.

    * Basically at this time both Trademarks are registered and are legal. Use of the Trademark is legal when advertising the sell for the product they represent.

    * My selling and listing them on Ebay Was Legal and in conformity of the related trademark.

What has Happened representative of Dolce and Gabbana Have come into the Ebay community and have begun Identifying listing that they do not want there and telling Ebay they are Violating their Copyright Which they do not as the courts have not ruled in their favor. Using the Designation DG Sunglasses is OK and perfectly legal. This I found out in less than an hours worth of research. Ebay chooses to take D&G word as gospel and is systematically removing listing of DG Sunglasses and in many cases unjustly removing and blocking good legitimate sellers from Ebay accusing them of unlawful activities and the violation of Trademarks.

This is being done with no investigations on their own part. I'm considering what actions I must take including possible Legal resource in order to correct the injustices place upon me in regards to my right to operate within the Ebay Environment and for the unjust accusation against my character and reputation in the auction environment. I would like very much to hear from others that have experienced the same on eBay and face the same feels of dismay and frustrations that I have felt.

Company Response 01/29/2009:

I have never sold knock offs or replicas on ebay These Sun Glasses Have Been Trade marked by the United states Government and in fact were done so before D&G eyeware. Mine are DG eyeware. The only thing Ebay has finially said is that I can sell them but do not use the word Designer in the discription or use the wording similar to those worn by celebreties.

Total ripoff. Wait 10 days after produce delivery to get paid.
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Rating: 1/51

Simply been selling on eBay since 2008. Sold some items this month. Had to wait almost a month to get my money even though I delivered the item by 2-day express mail, at my expense I might add. If your are not a big company, you are being pushed out of eBay as a seller. Corruption and greed take over another company.

Ebay and Me
By -

I sold a solid 14k pendant and gold chain on eBay for 172.00. The buyer, I think, had a change of mind and told eBay it was not as pictured. I had 11 pics, all perfect to show the beauty of this item. Anyway, eBay does not protect the buyers at all, and no returns means nothing to eBay. Why have that option? eBay will always find in favor of the buyer. So buyers be happy, you can screw us and eBay will back you up. So sellers, don't even bother to try to fight it. Just give back the money regardless of why. The buyer will always win.

Some buyers get caught up in the bidding war and lose control and we sellers lose. We lose shipping cost, time and reputation. We lose - it is a no win selling on eBay. I think they want only power sellers not us little guys. eBay and PayPal are one and the same now that eBay bought PayPal. Isn't that handy for eBay. High fees, no protection for sellers at all. I am fed up with eBay and all sellers should stop selling on eBay and then see where eBay will end up. eBay and buyers, lol but no sellers to buy from. Wouldn't that be nice? Have fun eBay. You will see, in the end you will be the big loser.

Good sellers - Bad buyers
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Rating: 2/51

There is no protection for sellers. Sellers are expected to give positive feedback and you hear buyers online constantly saying "Well why not - I paid quick. Why not give me quick positive feedback quick." Little do they know what its like to be a seller. There have been so many buyers who receive their item and knowingly open a false "item not as described cases" and receive their money back in only minutes. They do not have to prove it was not as described.

Lets say for example a buyer buys a ring and they flat out lie and say it wasn't gold like described - it doesn't matter and they will be not only refunded their money in minutes but get to keep your item and show no proof that they will return it. ITS CALLED FREEBAY! To top it all off even though you lose your money and your item, you are still charged your listing fee and final value fee and have already left positive feedback for a bad seller. For a seller, the deal isn't done until the buyer receives AND is happy with the item and if not happy has good communication for a return and refund.

There is nothing but liars and thieves on eBay and eBay allows it to happen to the people who pay them. I'm not saying buyers should have no protection and there are bad sellers out there but my review is about good sellers and bad buyers. This has never happened to me but eBay buyers know the loopholes and more and more thieves are joining eBay. So I will no longer be a seller for eBay's profit when I know if my time is up and I get a freEbay buyer they won't have my back. Thank you.

Poor Customer Service and Investigation
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Rating: 1/51

I have been an eBay member for a couple of months mostly as a buyer. One day I decided to be a seller and listed an item for sale (my first item) and the next day I received a very cryptic email send to me by eBay simply saying "Your listings were ended for the following reason: "Account Suspension".

All I did was to list a Dr Dre Solo headphone (genuine article, with receipt to prove). So I contacted them via email asking for a detailed reason. They replied the next day with another cryptic explanation: "We reviewed your account and found that there are many security issues about your account. Therefore, your account will remain suspended for security concerns, which include: account taken over by a third party; false/missing/mismatching account information and previous or current involvement in high risk selling."

So I asked them to explain further because I found it puzzling as I was the only owner and have been prompt in my payments as a buyer, my Paypal account and credit card was verified by eBay and all I did was to sell a headphone. All they did was to send me the same email as above, this time with an additional statement: "Although future mails from you might be read, we will not reply."

To add further to my issues, just 2 days before I listed my item for sale, I had purchase a handphone case and paid promptly for it via PayPal. On the same day that eBay sent the account suspension notice, they also send a separate email to say that the item I had bid for was cancelled.

So I ask them via email, what they are going to do to help me since I had already paid for it or how am I going to get my money back? So far no response, probably because of their last statement that "all future emails will be read but will not reply". The experience as a first time seller has certainly not been positive at all for me.

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