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EBay too big to for small sellers
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We have had an Ebay account for over 8 years, during this time we went from selling one item to selling hundreds per week. At present our feedback is 99,2 percent. When Ebay changed to free shipping, we complained because as you know, Ebay now charges fees on the shipping we collect to ship products to our customers. For the year prior to this our company sold thousands of items per month on Ebay in the office supply category - selling at prices 40 percent below our competitors.

In April of 20111 Ebay mysteriously closed our Ebay store and took all of our listings off Ebay,. The email we received stated that our account was temporarily restricted from selling, but we could buy. When we called an spoke to them on the phone we were told that other people selling in the office supplly category had higher performance ratings than we did and that our account was suspended from selling until our performance imnproved,. Of course our question was, if we cannot sell how could our performance ratio change. I was told that over time negative ratings would drop off and we would become eligible again,. Well now four months later, we call Ebay and we are told that we are indefinetly restricted from selling on Ebay due to poor performance over a two month period. Yet our feedback rating is over 99 percent for an 8 year period and our dsr s are all above average.

In my opinion, Ebay has gotton so big that they want to merge out the small mom and pop businesses and people that made Ebay what it is today. Ebay wants only million dollar sellers on their site. They have forgotten the important people who made Ebay what it is today, common folk. Indeed we have found other venues to sell our products online, yet it irks me that Ebay has become so big that they can not dictate who sells and what they sell and how they sell it.

Yes you can win where so many lose (for Sellers only)
By -

I have all the time in the world as an accident put me in bed so I have looked at how and why on Ebay.

EBay runs on listings, if one take a look you will see thousands and thousands of listing don’t sell and that’s why Ebay offers so many promotions like $.99 specials to generate more .

Buyers are their main profit and that’s what keeps their other part in operation Paypal and the reason they try to lock the buyers and sellers to it, they are one of the same company.

Now you have the reason why buyers are always correct even when they lie as Ebay can't loose any if they go against a buyer that buyer could well stop buying. So at the risk of assisting with a con, they take that risk .

Ebay knows there are far too many bad sellers out there that deliberately cheat the system, its impossible to stop or eradicate. the problem areas are sellers not having that they say they have, sellers selling the same item more than once. Sellers not describing the item correctly and deliberately misleading the buyers. Sellers bidding on their own item to get the selling auction up to a higher level, doing their own question and answer, and the list goes no and on. There is no level playing field on Ebay as their own laws make it that way, they generate dishonesty
Australia Ebay is different from USA as I found out selling to their customers. After looking at their agreement term and talking to a legal person this was the results… IN Australia they have a Government law as protection to the public in sales by either a registered business or corporate company. It covers , “not as described, not fit the use as sold, faulty, and a couple of other conditions”.

This does not cover any sales between private people selling an item or ANYONE in an auction. What they are doing in their agreement is taking this laws and misusing it as they classify everyone under these terms.

This give their buyers conditions that allows them to dishonest, as my experience has been they try to get FREE items using these conditions, I have been stung more that once. Australia is the only country that I have continual problems with and it cost me every time, I have lost so many disputes and finally have to give credits for stock without getting back the items to stay on line.
History tells the story if you read every complaint against Ebay worldwide it’s a huge problem to every seller to stay on line in EBay or terminated .
It only takes three disgruntled buyers and one is history, it’s a no Win as Ebay makes one look like a criminal to everyone and your customers respect in now history as well.
. THE RULES OF SERVIVAL and they work
Operate two account at a time , that way you generate a spread of customer good feedback, not for Ebay but your self. Alternate the sales build them. together, if one goes down you have the other, then start a fresh account
Every item must be loaded by 25% to cover the free ones you will get, don’t argue past offering via Paypal for the buyer to return it first then a credit and keep your fingers crossed you will get it.
We in USA don’t have a problem with sending a tracking number or freight tracking,, DO this every time
But cover your cost if you can't add insurance and load that ,
UK and Australia sellers have a distinct disadvantage as it cost huge more for a tracking on light items so I suggest you make the load 30% on the items to cover the loss. As it will be the excuse “I did not Receive the item”
The other reason for the 25% is Paypal international exchange rate it almost criminal on how they try and make you believe the rate is real. they are playing with your money
Now one other must to keep Ebay from looking to hard have separate Paypal accounts keeping different email address and log on to Ebay as well
Finally it real important that you have a great looking page, be as descriptive as you can and be honest with it, don’t under play this as it will get you a lot more sales and a lot more respect .
Do not describe what you don’t have ,, use real photo’s not someone else’s use color back drops on the pages, made it stand out against anyone else’s. Remember you’re not in competition with any one your there to sell your product and stuff the opposition,
Here is a Real secret why I sell more than anyone on the same lines . I don’t sell low priced even if they do ….Buyers are a funny lot some will buy a low cost item but the majority will take the higher price, so the load on your item will not reduce sales ,
Now you know how to sell within Ebay and stay away for being terminated and still retain your respect and profits. Go for it. enjoy

Fraudulent Ebay Seller: wholesale_dealzzz
By -

This seller uses misleading titles to trick buyers into buying junk. I was looking for a processor upgrade for my old motherboard, which used an old Athlon chip. I need to upgrade to an Athlon XP for SSE capability. I went to eBay and did a categorical search, selecting the Athlon XP category under the CPUs for desktops category. I ran a search, and found what I though was a good deal. The auction title:

AMD athlon XP 2400+ heatsink fan, lapped

I looked it over, the feedback appeared to be in order, with a positive feedback score of over 95%. I checked the description, which said the AMD athlon XP 2400+ heatsink fan, lapped was an upgrade pull from an old computer. Payment methods were normal, although the shipping charge of $20 was a bit high, but it was a relatively fragile processor.

I managed to purchase it for a little over $30, paying a little over $50 when shipping was included. I immediately sent a Money Order. Unfortunately, it took almost a month to receive the processor, with no response from my seller to my queries and the purchase status. Eventually the seller got back to me telling me I needed to give more detailed info. Never followed up, but I did receive the purchase.

Unfortunately, I did not receive a processor. Instead, I received a small package that contained a stock Socket A heatsink/fan unit, a cheap CPU cooler that was likely shipped with old AMD socket A processors. The unit was likely worth no more than $10, if that. I checked with the post office to get a shipping estimate to ship back to the sellers address, and found that shipping cost a mere $2.09. The seller had taken my money and handed me junk.

Originally, I was going to let it drop as a misinterpretation of the auction title on my part. But before I did, I did a more thorough review of the sellers feedback history, and found users repeadetly claiming they had this exact problem. Much of the negative feedback wasn't recorded, because it was either neutral, mutually removed, and removed because of an NPB strike. I eventually found that the NPB strikes were likely fraudulent.

Furthermore, I checked the category to see if I was searching in the wrong place. Sure enough, the auction was in the Athlon XP category, not the separate heatsink category it belonged in. I also found a rule under Prohibited Items called Misleading Titles, which forbid using auction titles that could be easily interpreted as two separate items. This auction title seemed to be a textbook case of the example they listed.

I sent the seller email informing them I believed that they defrauded me and unless they gave me a good reason, they would be reported to eBay for fraud. They gave me no response, but several of the mutually removed and NPB eliminated feedback that related specifically to the heatsink auctions disappeared the next day. I left negative feedback and placed an "item not as described dispute" against her the next day. Within a couple of hours, I had received negative feedback from the seller saying I refused to obey terms of service, along with a fraudulent non-paying bidder strike.

I managed to have the NPB strike dropped simply by entering my money order information, although I couldn't actually confirm the seller received it at that immediate moment. Later, after the fake NPB strike was settled, I finally received proof from the post office(which is agonizingly slow when it comes to confirming money order payments, almost a month in a half in this case) which provided me with a photocopy of my Money Order with Wholsale Department(the payment recepeint listed by the seller) stamped on the back. I have no doubt this seller will not ship until payment is cleared, just like every other eBay seller. The seller knew I paid and knowingly lied about not receiving payment.

This seller is a liar, a con, and a fraud who has a history of deceiving ebayers into buying junk. Worse yet, Wholesale_dealzzz will accuse you of wrongdoing should you complain. Avoid this seller.

Sellers Beware!!!
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Rating: 1/51

If you are a seller, screw you. eBay allows buyers to leave whatever feedback they want - because they are eBay's bread and butter. After 12 years with a perfect record, I was targeted by a so called 'powerseller' named PMSHIRL who accused me of ripping her off IN MY FEEDBACK because I didn't answer her demands immediately. I proved she was a liar and that I had in fact paid her the refund she accused me of stealing from her.

Guess what? That's right - eBay protected her DESPITE the fact that she has a history of harassing people, and told me they would not remove the feedback even though I had PROVED it was false. And good luck getting anything remotely resembling customer service from whatever 12th world country they're outsourcing to these days. Their employees would have to have at least a little knowledge of English (beyond reading a script phonetically) for you to receive that. Also, good luck closing your account. You can't even do that without them giving you a freakin' migraine!!!

Return Shipping Paid For By Buyer Even When Seller Lies About Product
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Rating: 1/51

HAPPY VALLEY, OREGON -- I purchased a sewing machine on eBay which was described as "tested, works great". When I received the sewing machine it was very obviously broken. Not just in one area but many throughout the machine. The sewing foot would not go down to touch the fabric. The dial which allowed you to select stitches was jammed and would not move. I couldn't even attempt to sew with it. I was told by the seller and the eBay customer support staff that I would be reimbursed for the return shipping charges. The seller even told me how the item should be shipped.

Now the seller refuses to return the money it cost for the return shipping and eBay refuses to collect it from the seller. The charges were substantial $60.44. Does it make sense that a buyer should absorb this cost when it is clearly the fault of the seller? It seems to me you could box up your garbage and send it out and see if anyone was stupid enough to keep it. It makes me angry that they all lied to me and I have proof in the emails that were sent back and forth and their supposed audio tapes of conversations.

Do yourself a favor don't purchase anything on this site and if you insist make sure the seller has 100% positive feedback. Don't accept anything less than 100%. I also believe that if a seller has experience with more than 3 negative feedbacks they should be banned from selling.

Ebay Protects Sellers And Not Buyers...Beware!!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

Complaint Description:

Bought items from Ebay merchant. Defective. Getting problems from seller who sent me a bogus shipping label. eBay backed her up. I ordered a pair of shoes and when I got them, there was a gouge in the front of the shoe, which took the leather right off. I notified the seller who told me to ship them back. I refused to pay shipping back as this was her problem that she caused and not mine. So she sends me a bogus shipping label which did not print out. Back and forth...back and forth...this has been going on incessantly.

Finally I get an email from Ebay telling me if I want my refund I have to pay to ship back. I am done with Ebay. When I shopped with Amazon, I purchaed a wheel chair. It came with ripped arm rests. No questions asked. No shipping back. I received my full refund of over $100 from the merchant. I will be doing ALL my online shopping with Amazon.com from now on. Ebay is for the sellers and not the buyers. Please believe this!!!! Account ID: [snip]

Ebay Customer Service Sucks - Outsourced To Philippines
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- EBAY has gone back to lousy customer service again!

Now instead of India, they are using the Philippines. I guess India got too expensive.

Wow, way to treat longtime loyal customers.

They also put all their corporate numbers on the system to send you to these customer service reps.

I do not even think they can take your contact information if they do not allow you a means to contact them directly.

I will leave after 7 years, if they do not get their act together.

BEWARE if you are new.

Hidden Shipping Fees on E-bay; Ripping off the Sellers
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Rating: 1/51

SELLER BEWARE when listing items on e-bay. Not only do they charge you 9% of the final value you received for your product, BUT THEY ALSO CHARGE YOU 9% OF THE SHIPPING FEE. Why in the world do they have the right to do that. They have nothing to do with the shipping fees so why would they charge 9%. So when you sell an item, you pay 9% on the total cost, 9% on the shipping cost and you also pay a percentage to Pay Pal. Not worth it. Save your money and sell elsewhere. They are a huge, greedy corporation ripping off the very people that are providing them their monies. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO NOT USE EBAY ANYMORE.

Ebay Seller Program - Don't Bother!!
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Rating: 1/51

I have been buying and selling on Ebay for over 10 years. There is no seller protection whatsoever. You end up dealing with new buyers who don't care if they taint your feedback or Seller Ratings and old/new buyers will ruin your good feedback that you have worked hard to build for so many years by leaving you unreasonable hidden negatives in the seller rating system (DSR)even when you are selling new product and ship immediately with tracking. What a joke.

As if that isn't enough then Ebay and Paypal take nearly all your profits! Wake up Ebay- no sellers selling products for your "protected buyers to purchase= no profits for Ebay. I am done selling until you quit punishing sellers for selling on your website. Weed out your bad sellers and quit punishing those sellers that are doing a good job!! Ebay customer service doesn't care either and they don't help!! Not worth the hassle Ebay!!

EBay ripped me off-seller
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Rating: 1/51

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- A couple months ago, for the first time, I decided to sell some shoes on eBay. I already had an account with them so I just uploaded the shoes. 3 days went by and the auction was over. Now all I had to do was sent the shoes and get my money. I had only gotten in touch with one of my sellers and he sent the money and I sent the shoes, but before I could get in touch with the other buyers, eBay suspended my account. I was unable to sell the other shoes and the one pair that I did sell, the seller said that he was un satisfied because the shoes were not new, which they were... He opened up a case and got a refund, fine by me, as long as I got my shoes back. Well now they're charging me all kinds of fees for selling and posting and when I called, the guy did nothing for me but tell me I had to pay. Which I disagree with because they suspended my account. I will never ever use eBay again to sell or buy. They rip you off and that's how they make money.!!!

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