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100% positive Seller feedback for 10 years-Seller Account Indefinite Restriction.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN JOSE, KENTUCKY -- 10 years ago I started selling baby items on eBay. I loved the customer interaction and the positive feedback. I then moved into selling sports and entertainment memorabilia. For over 10 years I have had nothing but positive things said from all of my customers. Over 6 months ago I listed an item that had a certification that was not on the banned list of authenticators. eBay notified me of this and gave me a one month selling restriction.

After the suspension, I was able to sell again. The item in question was never listed again. I now only sell items Rare Autographed items certified by PSA/DNA, JSA, OR GAI. Now over 6 months later, all of my hard work for the last 10 years and the now over $30,000 of inventory has been for nothing. They have indefinitely shut down my account for no reason.

Please do not invest a lot of money into your eBay business, because they can shut you down at their discretion. I have some really valuable items, and I believe I was in competition with someone tied in with eBay. Any help moving $30,000 worth of autographed Certified Sports and entertainment memorabilia would be appreciated
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Old Timer on 11/24/2012:
Two words, Craig's List.

eBay is nothing but a pile of donkey crap. JMHO
DAn on 03/25/2013:
eBay used to be a good place to sell. But not anymore! AVOID!
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Seller Sold Damaged Goods; Ebay Upheld the Sellers Side in a Case Filed
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Rating: 1/51
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Found 6 dolls on eBay I wanted to buy. The seller, Jerry Bowl seller id: jbowl61. I was in contact with this seller and purchased 3 of the dolls for a total of $830(includes shipping). Asked the seller if I could purchase the other three at the end of July. Seller agreed and send out the three I purchased. The 3 boxed dolls did come in a timeley fashion and I went ahead and put them in storage waiting until my daughter could come and open them with me as one was a present for her... it would have been her choice.

In good faith... which was a huge mistake, I sent 6 positive comments to the seller.

I decided not to get the remainder three dolls and asked the seller to resell the dolls. Jerry then sent me several emails calling me every name in the book and threatened me with negative results on Ebay... I tried very hard to be positive and said I appologize, but I think you can get the funds quicker if you were able to resell the dolls. More hate mail came from this seller.

44 days after getting the dolls my daughter was able to come into town and we opened the dolls and one of them the outfit was totally crushed and didn't match the description at all.... the other two were heavily drug through the mud and extremely filthy,....one of the filty dolls actually smelled like mold and mildew.... I contacted the seller who refused to reply or make things correct. I filed a complaint with Ebay who only viewed the case for less than 5 hours and replied they were siding with the seller... I filed an appeal and Ebay didn't even have the deciceny to let me know the case had been denied again... I had to go back into eBay and check the status myself just to find it had been denied again.. stating buyers remorse....


I called the resolution center and they too sided with the seller... so, now I am filing a complaint here and will follow up with a lawsuit to both eBay and jerry bowl.

Be very careful whom you purchase from at Ebay... it amazes me how they can allow sellers to continue to sell trash like this... and what tops it off, is they didn't even see the proof or even ask for it before they made their decision. TWICE.
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Ebays New Seller Policy Changes
Posted by on
EBAY is now mandating that sellers offer a cash refund and accept returns. I sell antiques and collectibles, USED ITEMS, not new, I have a great feedback record on eBay but do not offer refunds on all items and do not feel that I should have to. I own an antique shop in Wisconsin and do not accept returns in my own shop, now eBay is telling me that I HAVE TO TAKE RETURNS. I have been with eBay for over 10 years and each year they infringe on my ownership of my own merchandise by telling me how I can do business. Ebay is also making it harder for sellers to communicate directly with our eBay customers or potential buyers by telling us we can't put our email address or telephone number in our eBay listings. My customers appreciate the effort I make to contact them directly with pertinent information about their purchase. Perhaps we should just mail our merchandise to eBay and let them take care of the rest since have eliminated our rights to sell our merchandise. There are always a few bad apples in every bunch, buyers and sellers. Just as there are in the real world. But that doesn't mean that all sellers nor buyers are out to scam people. I have over 5000 positive feedback and work to see that my eBay customers are happy but there are buyers who try to scam you by saying that they didn't receive the item, it came broken or it wasn't as stated and want to return it but really want to return an different item and not the one you sent. Ebay needs to quit messing with seller rights!!!!!
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 07/13/2011:
Your seller rights are only defined as what they give you under their Terms of Service. If you make the decision to use Ebay as a platform, then you agree to follow their rules. While frustrating, it's their call 100%.
ChuhBaca on 07/13/2011:
Why don't you want to allow returns in your shop? That doesn't seem very customer friendly.
Anonymous on 07/13/2011:
I've been in a lot of little antique shops that do not allow returns. As long as I've been aware of that policy while making my purchase, it has never been an issue. If what eBay is doing is unacceptable for your business, have you thought of creating your own website to sell through? My father just did that for his art, and had an easy time doing it. Or you could check out etsy.com and see if their terms are more appealing.
raven2010 on 07/13/2011:
Nicole etsy.com is only for "handmade" items, unless that has changed recently?
MissLeopard83 on 07/13/2011:
Wow, I didn't even know about this until this review. I am selling items right now but I will definitely think twice after the change. That's ridiculous. I never offer returns or exchanges on my items because I am not a business, but I totally understand why antique shops won't allow returns. What bogus crap!
Anonymous on 07/13/2011:
I hardly ever sell anything on eBay anymore with all the BS fees they charge its not profitable for me.

This new policy will prob get rid of allot more sellers.
Anonymous on 07/13/2011:
Raven, I didn't know that...thought someone told me they had sold antiques there, but I'm probably thinking of another place.

trmn8r on 07/13/2011:
I agree completely with the OP. If they make you accept returns, think of the opportunity for fraud that it opens - unscrupulous buyers substituting an inferior item for yours, BREAKING yours, and then making you take it back. And think about the risk of the buyer not having a clue how to repack the item properly. This is critical for a lot of vintage and fragile items.

Ebay used to be a place where you read the feedback, read between the lines of the feedback (like reading reviews here), and THEN decided if you wanted to get involved with the seller. Sure, some idiot buyers didn't read the feedback and got involved with unscrupulous sellers. But HONEST sellers were all over the place - you had to know how to spot them.

Now they screwed around with it so much I also wouldn't want to sell there. It simply isn't worth it. You go through all the work to post an ad, pay the fees, pack an item properly, do the communication, and then buyers hose you. No thanks.

Very informative. You never know what new way Ebay is going to stick it to you.
jktshff1 on 07/14/2011:
I own an antique shop in Wisconsin and do not accept returns, but you do not own e-bay and have to abide by their terms and conditions.
Anonymous on 07/14/2011:
eBay isn't seller friendly and hasn't been for some time. I am not surprised by this latest change. For the last 2 years or so, sellers have the option of allowing or not allowing returns (you had check mark a box if you allowed returns, or leave it un checked if you do not). Unfortunately, if a buyer filed a claim because they changed their mind or it didn't fit and the seller refused to let them return it, eBay usually sided with the buyer even if the listing specifically stated "no returns". There have always been shady sellers out there but eBay has opened the floodgates for shady buyers. I have read far too many horror stories from sellers on a particular forum I belong too. Buyers know what they are doing and how to manipulate the system. Someone recently shared the user id of a user (who bought and sold) who had left over 100 negative feedbacks (not one positive or neutral) for sellers over the last year! It is thought that she would make false claims and get partial to full refunds on many/most of the items she bought. Ebay finally caught on and she lost her account.
trmn8r on 07/14/2011:
You have had the option to accept or not accept returns forever on Ebay, not just in the last few years.

I was thinking about this complaint this morning, and it dawned on me that it was only in the last few years I have seen the vast majority of ads say "No returns accepted".

My guess is that with the previous onerous policies altered to favor buyers (eg sellers can't leave neg feedback for buyers, sellers can be debited without their permission and without notice based on buyer complaint) that this started happening. Thus, Ebay screws it to the sellers even more now. Beautiful.
BlogShag on 07/14/2011:
If you become an Ebay member to sell or buy, they're assuming you read their TOS, which changes from time to time. It's totally within limits of legality
trmn8r on 07/14/2011:
The issue isn't that they change their TOS from time to time, or that trading partners need to adhere to the TOS.

The issue, for people who have used Ebay for years, is that the policies have changed radically. And those of us who have used it know that our ability to make a fair profit decreases more an more each time they change the TOS. The fees have also gone way up on a percentage basis. It seems to be one thing after another.
xenon on 08/09/2011:
what you lot have not realised is Ebay is trying to get rid of anyone selling second hand items worldwide , .
they only want retail items and the accasional house wife sales to make it look good for them

if you read the reports on everyone that has been terminated you will get the real picture
LCH on 08/12/2011:
With regards to "Returns" and scamming, that is why you need 'insurance' AND 'Delivery Confirmation'. If a buyer writes back saying the item arrived broke and you have insurance on it...PER USPS, once the addressee/Buyer accepts delivery of the package and OPENS IT, the item LEGALLY belongs to them - THEY OWN IT and it is THEIR responsibility to file an insurance claim NOT YOURS. (I had this problem and eBay sided w/me on that one). The only time the addressor/Seller files the insurance claim is a) the package was lost during shipment, b) the package arrived at its destination but the box looked damaged and the buyer REFUSED ACCEPTANCE and USPS returned package to addressor/Seller (if item is damaged addressor/Seller files claim, or c) the addressee/Buyer REFUSED ACCEPTANCE of the item and it was lost during the return.

It is IMPORTANT to pay the .80 Delivery Confirmation Fee so you can TRACK that item, see when it was delivered, if it was not accepted by the addressee/Buyer and its return to seller route. (See addt'l comment included below re 21-Day hold)

As of yesterday, I was selling on eBay but sales have gone down to practically nothing. W/buyers wanting everything for under 10.00 its not worth my time or effort to sell 5 items out of 30 (in the last 2 weeks). And cBay/PayPal instituted the 21-Day hold on my payments which I can't AFFORD. My family's financial situation is one where we sold on eBay our personal items/collections in order to meet our rent every month. I needed the purchase price funds to be available immediately to give to our landlord and not 21-days later AND I'm SOLELY DEPENDENT on the SHI costs in the sales to SHIP THE ITEM. I and many others like me can't wait to be reimbursed by eBay once Tracking has been given, which means that Delivery Confirmation is a mandated MUST HAVE now for anyone who continues to sell on eBay. I had to refund a sale yesterday because I needed the money not only to give to our landlord, but the funds to ship the item as I'm broke.

Additionally, this is all fitting into eBay's scheme to get rid of the antique/collectible/trying to sell items to make a living sellers. They don't want us and why don't they want us...

Read the following post. It was posted in 2008 and has circulated the web, but it appears that his timeline of events is taking place within eBay NOW. I've noticed for months that eBay's stock was going down (read on) and besides the mandated Return Acceptance/Money Back policy, well they have more in mind...like making you buy their boxes w/their names on it to ship your items in! Ridiculous!

So, as of yesterday, I said NO MORE TO EBAY the CHEAP WAY! Time to move on. Meg Whitman didn't have a clue what she was doing when she sold the company and her dream company has turned into a nightmare.

From a website I came across - shown as posted & don't think that just because it was posted in 2008 that it isn't happening because as you read it, you will clearly see that this is taking place now:

"I found this on another site posted by Anonymous. It was posted on the seller central discussion board 5/4/08 by someone who claims to be inside eBay management… this post was pulled by eBay moments later. Note: When you see them saying "I" that's not the admin of this site, it's the author of the post.

I posted this at the feedback forum at eBay but it was killed by staff less than a minute later. I should have known. My ID will be toast soon anyway. This was the only other place I thought where my statement might have an impact. Do with it what you will. After Chicago, my only desire is to be heard.

There will be those who will not believe me and I sympathize. I wish the facts were fiction but to deny what I know would be to live in a fairyland of make-believe. I understand that the bulk of this “manifesto” reveals a plot so against the spirit of eBay that it will be dismissed as lie. So be it. I cannot force the world to accept it. All I can do is state the truth as I know it and leave it to you and to your common sense and experience to judge.

The deck is stacked against me. Aside from the natural resistance to believe I know that the boards are stocked with eBay’s tools. Their goal will be to discredit me. I will be accused of being a “disgruntled”, “paranoid”, and “emotional” seller. Their words will be specially chosen for effect. That is part of the function of the tools and I am not fazed by it. However, to protect my own identity within the corporation, I cannot be too specific lest the details single me out to the powers that be.

What I intend to reveal is common knowledge to many in the management division behind the scenes.

By the way, the tools are not only the mouthpieces that promote the policies. The psychological tactics employed by the powers that be are far deeper and grander than that. The subtlety of the method is remarkable. The tools come in a wide range of flavors with their own, individual “characteristic” rhetoric. From those who are “for” the policy - and spread various degrees of hostility toward the sellers - to those who are “against” the change - and spread panic and further the divide with the buyers. Both serve the same exact purpose: a manipulation designed to remove the more involved and savvy small to large sellers who will not fit into eBay’s future business plan.

First, let me correct the record regarding the concept of sellers extorting positive feedback. While the violation was known to happen, the activity amounted to less than a tenth of a percent of the yearly transactions. Further, it involved sellers whose feedback percentages were below 80%. The absolute majority of sellers did not engage in such practices. Nevertheless, the powers that be could not resist the fact that promoting this notion of feedback extortion as a wide-spread phenomenon would be the perfect cover with which to hide the true intentions of the policy.

The powers that be want to transform eBay into an overstock warehouse venue. A kind of outlet store for the internet much like a cheaper and streamlined version of Amazon. From a strictly business point of view, given the size of eBay and the growing costs of doing business, it makes a certain kind of sense to shift gears. Think about it: when eBay started, sellers were about rare and unique items but here and now the majority of items are common, used counterparts of what can be found new online at retail sites. Truly rare and unique items are sold at real auctions
Ed B. on 11/19/2011:
I had some communication issues in 2011 but policy changes after that changed the amount of items I can sell to SEVEN items per month! I have something akin to 7000 items to sell in my n-scale collection and just can't be limited to selling only 7 items. Ridiculous policies....
G. on 11/18/2013:
Ebay has never enforced sellers to do anything except provide good customer service. They do not enforce you have returns, but if you want the 20% discount then you do. Ebay changed the eTRS (eBay Top Rated Seller) requirements back in 2012 To creat 2 levels of it. There is eTRS and eTRS Plus. eTRS changed enough to allow more sellers than ever be a part of the program and for the discount, that is when they require you to offer returns and a one day handling. Before that they never enforced you and that is still why you can pick what you want to do. And as for seller limits eBay has had selling limits for a long time now and they do that for the protection of their website. I think everyone forgets that eBay is a business too an what the sellers do directly reflects back on the eBay. So creating limits and forcing sellers to not to get in over their heads is a great business move. All the sellers feels like it should be a far playing field with buyers, but that is how retail works. Sellers are always going to be help to a higher responsibility than a buyer is because you are the one providing the experience for eBay's customers. Buyers are just there to spend money and that's it's. No one can force a buyer to spend money they have to be enticed by Great Sellers with good customer service and the over all a pure need want to help. The seller is the one creating the experience for the buyer. The seller pays eBay's paycheck, but the buyer pays the sellers paycheck so eBay is going to make sure the seller gets their paycheck by making sure eBay gets theirs.
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EBay is Unfair to Sellers
Posted by on
The first of the year, a buyer purchased a fox fur coat from me. I had listed the coat with the purchase option (provided by eBay) of "NO RETURNS ACCEPTED". The buyer decided he did not want the coat and requested a return. Since I had designated "NO RETURNS ACCEPTED", I file for an eBay resolution that I was sure I would win. My understanding was if the item was significantly different than the ad was the only reason eBay would approve a return under the specified payment policy. eBay stated that I had to accept the return; however, I could file an appeal. I went to the resolution page, nowhere could I find a place to file an appeal. I then contacted eBay through customer service stating I wanted to file an appeal. They informed me I could not file an appeal until the item had been returned and the buyer had received their refund.

The buyer was supposed to have returned the item by January 27, 2011. It is now March 27, 2011 and I have still not received my coat. I have contacted eBay. They state I should contact the shipper and track the item. It is my opinion (which I stated to eBay) that the buyer should track the item. To date, I have heard nothing regarding the return of my coat. However, I have received numerous emails from eBay giving me advice and requesting I pay them their fees which now total approximately $70.00. I had initially transferred the original fee amount of $68.00 to PayPal. Since there was a problem with refunding the buyer of my coat, PayPal had placed a hold on my account and adjusted my balance to zero.

I have received dozens of emails from eBay and have now reaced the point of feeling I am being harassed. I do not plan to double-pay the fees and have requested payment for my coat from eBay ($1000). They do not address the issue of my lost coat. All I hear from them is that my account is suspended (I requested they terminate immediately in January 2011 when this entire situation began developing).

I am unable to get eBay or PayPal to address the situation, and am really tired of receiving their emails. I refuse to communicate with them any longer except to demand payment or return of my coat. I am truly sorry I ever became involved with eBay or PayPal. PayPal arbitrailly takes your money whenever they so desire.

I will never deal with either eBay or PayPal again. My lesson has been learned!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/27/2011:
eBay is notorious for this! They don't consistently enforce their own rules. The rules don't apply to everyone, eBay picks & chooses who has to follow the rules. They give seller's the option to allow or not allow returns, yet if a buyer files a claim against a seller who does not allow returns, more often than not, eBay will force the seller to take the return. But, I know of several cases where eBay actually sided with the seller and the buyer was denied a return. I think it all depends which eBay moron employee gets assigned the report. The rules are obviously interpreted differently by everyone working for eBay because I said, the rules aren't enforced the same for everybody! I do think it is complete BS that they refunded the buyer before you received the item back. A seller is required to ship using deliver confirmation, and that is the only way a seller can win an item not received case, so you would think that a buyer would be required do the same in order to receive a refund for a returned item. Actually now that I think about it, the buyer IS required to send the item back with delivery confirmation. So obviously an outsourced moron got assigned to your case and probably doesn't even understand eBay's policy and that is why you got screwed in the end. I feel your pain. I just wrote my own complaint last night!
Ytropious on 03/27/2011:
If you do get the coat back and it was not sent with tracking, claim you didn't get it. Pull a 180 and scam the buyer!
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E-Bay Delists Sellers but Leaves Their Products Up to Receive Bids
Posted by on
2145 HAMILTON AVE., CALIFORNIA -- Ebay allowed a big seller to list a software item. I won an auction bidding on it and paid through PayPal. I got a receipt that my payment was sent through PayPal and a notice from PayPal that my item had been sent--only to an address I haven't lived at in 8 years.

The problem began with my login. I inadvertently used the login I used to use before Comcast, my ISP, bought Attbi in 2003. eBay never used to accept that login, but now they do. I had two eBay accounts but was unaware that the old account I used to have pre-2003 was still active. That account is also associated with a very old address that I no longer live at. However, all purchases I have made on eBay up to this point--and there have been many--have always been sent to the current address I have listed with them and the only address I have listed on PayPal.

I tried to file a claim, but eBay and PayPal both are covering their tracks by not acknowledging on either website the auction I won. So I don't have an auction number and can't even file a claim with either eBay or PayPal. Their agents, and I have called every agent and spoken with all their managers, are unable to be helpful. But I still paid $170.00 for the software item and I still do not have the item because it was sent to an address I haven't used for 8 years.

The eBay manager told me that I didn't get the auction acknowledged on my eBay account--either eBay account (the one that responds to the ID I have by now used for 8 years or the one I used before 2003)--because eBay had de-listed the seller of the software item for an infringement of eBay's rules. However, eBay still had the de-listed seller's software featured on their website and were taking bids on it. People should know, then, that some of eBay's items that are receiving bids are for de-listed sellers, and a customer (bidder) never knows which. To be on the safe side, never pay for your items for about a week so you will have time to see if the seller you found on eBay has been de-listed or not. A week or more will give the eBay people time to update their website. That way, you won't be stuck like I am, having paid lots for an item through PayPal but not being able to file any claims or even track the item because eBay and PayPal do not acknowledge the transaction.

Julie Grant
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 03/17/2011:
There are two unusual circumstances with the same auction. The first is that you used an account with an old address, to which the item was sent. That is your responsibility - I have several addresses in Ebay, and with every single auction I verify the address before I pay. If you had it shipped to an address you do not live at you may have no recourse.

The second issue is a new one for me. This is a risk you take by bidding on Ebay, I suppose. I would not routinely pay a week after an auction is over - first off, I think payment is expected within a few days. If you have reason to suspect a trading partner is not legit, the best thing to do is not bid on their items.
Cwazychicken on 03/17/2011:
Do you have any evidence or receipts from your email that you used to purchase the item with? I had a problem with a site, not having record of my purchase that I made, but I had tons of proof to back it up for a dispute with PayPal and I got my refund just fine. Maybe if you email PayPal with all your evidence, screen shots, they may be able to help you more. I had screenshots and everything, I always have backup incase something goes wrong. But this is really weird, PayPal should have record of your transaction...even if eBay did not. Paypal never lost my transaction. So I'm guessing they deleted it. Good luck trying to get your money back and if not, then be careful when you buy something to always check that your address is accurate.
Anonymous on 03/17/2011:
If you paid with a credit card-which I hope you did-dispute the charge ASAP.
As far as the logging in with the wrong eBay account, I am a bit confused. I can see how you might have logged in to the wrong EBAY account but that doesn't necessarily explain how your software was shipped to the wrong address. Most sellers ship to the address on your PayPal account (yes I am aware that some still get the buyers the address from eBay which is often times an incorrect address) so did you fail to update your address in PayPal also? Because if you really did use the wrong eBay account, then if your PayPal account was up to date, there is no reason why it was shipped to the wrong account. And if your payment to the seller went through, then there is a record of the transaction in your PayPal account.
Anonymous on 03/18/2011:
This is totally the buyer's (OP'S) fault for giving the seller the wrong address. This is why Ebay totally sucks for sellers because what is going to happen, is the OP is going to dispute the charge, and PayPal is going to take the funds from the seller's account to cover the charge-back. Now not only is the seller without the item, they lost the money for it, too because of someone elses negligence. It sometimes sucks being a seller on eBay when you get idiot buyers who don't know what they are doing.
hiall on 03/20/2011:
it would depend on how long ago this took place , you can contact the person the article was received at and inform them you will pay the on postage to your address... They by law just cannot keep the item .
If it was rea dressed to the seller then get that address from them and contact the seller your self .
the strange thing is the receipt for Paypal to you would have had your address showing so in heavens name why did you just not stop the transaction till you corrected the address
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Its OK For Buyers But You Will Get Ripped Off Few Times - Its Hell For Sellers One Complaint By Liar Is Believed
Posted by on
IM APPALLED in EBAY & PAYPAL FOR THAT MATTER my advice would be definitely do not sell on EBAY, almost 100% you will have to relist 1 out of every 2 items, just for profitteering by them

They automatically consider the seller a lier, upon one lie of customer that did not receive something(alleged only) at this stage so Paypal have taken off me $60 dollars for being honest and doing the right thing.

Ebay doesn't support there sellers nor do they research any complaints made by buyers whom may not even be telling the truth

U Can advertise quite clearly REGULAR POST, and no refunds no returns, but again lying buyer is right and EBAY will say I need PROOF?? who or what honest person needs prooof I need a TRACKING NUMBER? FOR REGULAR POST?

both PAYPAL AND EBAY ARE IN FACT NOT SECURE THEY ACTUALLY STEAL MONEY FROM you AS A GUILTY UNPROVEN PERSON FROM SOMEONE MAKEING FALSE ALLEGATIONS, they need to learn to research before STEALING YOUR MONEY and the complainent is probably from EBAY or PAYPAL(simple more money in the pocket for them sister companies), they bounce of one another. pls do try take your own risk, just to show I'm very right in what I reviewed just now

UNBIASED honest opinion from someone who was hooked first few weeks ON EBAY, though now is more than willing to let the public know that EBAY & PAYPAL HAVE GIVEN ME A NIGHTMARE AND MADE ME PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY SICK for doing the right thing and simply posting my items.

they suck and they will get u, its only a matter of time before you see missing monies(EBAY & PAYPAL)all sellers are dishonest and are expected to have many of same item for customers co, mplaints, and you too soon will become a victim of a company where you are wrong 100% and money is right

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User Replies:
Ytropious on 01/30/2011:
Tracking numbers on every package, every time. If you buy postage through eBay it's only 19 cents, a huge savings. I highly suggest it for the future. We sellers need all the help we can get!
Anonymous on 01/31/2011:
Its always good to provide a tracking number, especially on high priced items. I almost always get a tracking number, except on low priced items. It costs 80 cents for delivery confirmation through the USPS. a small prive to pay to protect yourself from liars. Its your word against theirs.
Anonymous on 01/31/2011:
Yes, the seller needs to prove that they shipped the item. There were and still are some not so honest EBay sellers out there. You can list any restrictions you want, but you still have to abide by EBay's terms and conditions. If you don't like it, you can always sell items on your own or on some other service.
Anonymous on 01/31/2011:
Its sounds like you shipped the item WITHOUT a tracking number. If that's the case, this your placing the blame on the wrong party! Ebay requires the seller to purchase delivery confirmation AND insurance. Failure to do so means you violated eBay's terms & conditions and as a result, do not qualify for seller protection. And Y is absolutely correct about buying postage through eBay, however you can also purchase and print flat rate shipping labels from Paypal which include FREE delivery confirmation. (you do have to use a flat rate envelope or box though). I'm sorry this happened to you, but you dropped the ball here, not eBay.
No longer a seller but buying could have advantage on 02/27/2012:
I had a buyer who kept asking for compensation but would not provide a picture of the broken knife and would not ship the item back even with me providing 100% of the cost for shipping both ways along with some handling money and an apology. She claimed a stainless steel knife was broke… not likely. But she held me for ransom and when I didn’t give her any money back she gave me a neutral mark that claims I didn’t offer compensation, so now future buyers will hesitate to buy from me. Kudos’ to her, she probably gets many refunds. eBay should do some research, see I offered 100% by reading my messages and sent messages and remove bad marks based on that but instead they encourage this bad behavior by not doing anything about it so as a buyer you can get over pretty easy, just find someone with a high score and tell them you want compensation because the item was broke or what ever…
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EBay Buyer Beware
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I turned to eBay as a last resort in finding a perfume that is discontinued, and as I thought there were several sellers who had this perfume. One seller, who goes by mtonyc, had exactly what I was looking for at a prices that was utterly too good to pass up. As I scrolled down this seller had posted they policy towards buyers. It stated in big red letters that is a buyer has zero or less than 10 feedback stars they would cancel the order unles buyer contacted mtonyc. Which is what I did. I had to go through two steps to actually get to "contact buyer". When I clicked to do so up pops this notice saying the seller could not receive emails at "this time" and redirected me back to product information. I tried this about three times before email customer service of the difficulty. While eBay customer suppert gave me a notice that my request would take 1-3 days before I would hear from eBay, I actually got an email from them in less than a day informing me to call customer services with my complaint. Which I did. The operator was pleasant and very reassuring that mtonyc's policy was not the policy of eBay, and that they would contact the seller to make sure what happened to me didn't happen again, and to give seller warning. I actually felt better about the situation and waited a few days to go back and try again to make a bid on the perfume. ONLY TO FIND THAT NOTHING HAD ACTUALLY HAPPENED AND THE SELLER CONTINUED TO STATE THEY COULD NOT SELL TO BUYERS WITH ZERO TO UNDER 10 FEEDBACK STARS. I STILL COULD NOT CONTACT THIS BUYER. THE ONLY CONCLUSION I HAVE COME TO IS, IF YOU SELL ON EBAY THEY WILL PROTECT YOU, IF YOU ARE A BUYER OR GUEST BUYER YOU'RE SOL! And to top it off when I tried to cancel my eBay account, I was informed it would take 180 days to close my account to settle any outstanding payments. All I did was look at something I couldn't buy and sent on a wild goose chase. I personally will never try to use eBay again.
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azRider on 01/17/2011:
a lot of sellers won't sell to new users on eBay; because they don't pay or they cause undo issues because they can't understand how to use eBay. nothing is more annoying that making a sell then the user does not pay for it, or sends emails over and over from the date of the sale. so the theory is more experienced buyers are less trouble. which it seems you have just proven. perhaps if you buy a few things on there and build up your feedback, you'll see deals are quite easy to find.
Anonymous on 01/17/2011:
I clearly state when I sell something That I won't sell an item to a buyer with zero feedback and if they make a bid I cancel and block them.
Anonymous on 01/17/2011:
As long as its not about race, gender, age, orientation, or religion, companies can restrict what they sell to whoever they please. I don't blame them for this policy. Ebay's policies are more directed to protecting the buyer and this is a good way of sellers to weed out scammers. Since you agreed to the 180 day timeline to cancel your account when you signed up, you have no right to comain about it.
trmn8r on 01/17/2011:
I went and looked at mtonyc's auctions, and it clearly states that they have a had a large number of non-paying bidders. Then it goes on to state the policy of contacting them first if you have little feedback.

The only thing I don't understand is "the member is not accepting emails" message. When you contact a member, it is not through email - it is with Ebay's message system. I don't believe a member can refuse to accept those.

I think the need for the practice you describe depends on what kind of item you are selling. I had one non paying bidder in maybe 100 sales.
Anonymous on 01/17/2011:
I can understand why they would not want to sell to a buyer with little or no experience. They do not want to worry about unpaid items, which is a hassle for them to deal with. I just had to deal with that myself. You have to file a case, wait, and then get a refund for the selling fees. I am surprised you were able to get a response that fast from Ebay though! I have had to wait weeks for responses.
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Fraudulent Ebay Seller: wholesale_dealzzz
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This seller uses misleading titles to trick buyers into buying junk. I was looking for a processor upgrade for my old motherboard, which used an old Athlon chip. I need to upgrade to an Athlon XP for SSE capability. I went to eBay and did a categorical search, selecting the Athlon XP category under the CPUs for desktops category. I ran a search, and found what I though was a good deal. The auction title:

AMD athlon XP 2400+ heatsink fan, lapped

I looked it over, the feedback appeared to be in order, with a positive feedback score of over 95%. I checked the description, which said the AMD athlon XP 2400+ heatsink fan, lapped was an upgrade pull from an old computer. Payment methods were normal, although the shipping charge of $20 was a bit high, but it was a relatively fragile processor.

I managed to purchase it for a little over $30, paying a little over $50 when shipping was included. I immediately sent a Money Order. Unfortunately, it took almost a month to receive the processor, with no response from my seller to my queries and the purchase status. Eventually the seller got back to me telling me I needed to give more detailed info. Never followed up, but I did receive the purchase.

Unfortunately, I did not receive a processor. Instead, I received a small package that contained a stock Socket A heatsink/fan unit, a cheap CPU cooler that was likely shipped with old AMD socket A processors. The unit was likely worth no more than $10, if that. I checked with the post office to get a shipping estimate to ship back to the sellers address, and found that shipping cost a mere $2.09. The seller had taken my money and handed me junk.

Originally, I was going to let it drop as a misinterpretation of the auction title on my part. But before I did, I did a more thorough review of the sellers feedback history, and found users repeadetly claiming they had this exact problem. Much of the negative feedback wasn't recorded, because it was either neutral, mutually removed, and removed because of an NPB strike. I eventually found that the NPB strikes were likely fraudulent.

Furthermore, I checked the category to see if I was searching in the wrong place. Sure enough, the auction was in the Athlon XP category, not the separate heatsink category it belonged in. I also found a rule under Prohibited Items called Misleading Titles, which forbid using auction titles that could be easily interpreted as two separate items. This auction title seemed to be a textbook case of the example they listed.

I sent the seller email informing them I believed that they defrauded me and unless they gave me a good reason, they would be reported to eBay for fraud. They gave me no response, but several of the mutually removed and NPB eliminated feedback that related specifically to the heatsink auctions disappeared the next day. I left negative feedback and placed an "item not as described dispute" against her the next day. Within a couple of hours, I had received negative feedback from the seller saying I refused to obey terms of service, along with a fraudulent non-paying bidder strike.

I managed to have the NPB strike dropped simply by entering my money order information, although I couldn't actually confirm the seller received it at that immediate moment. Later, after the fake NPB strike was settled, I finally received proof from the post office(which is agonizingly slow when it comes to confirming money order payments, almost a month in a half in this case) which provided me with a photocopy of my Money Order with Wholsale Department(the payment recepeint listed by the seller) stamped on the back. I have no doubt this seller will not ship until payment is cleared, just like every other eBay seller. The seller knew I paid and knowingly lied about not receiving payment.

This seller is a liar, a con, and a fraud who has a history of deceiving ebayers into buying junk. Worse yet, Wholesale_dealzzz will accuse you of wrongdoing should you complain. Avoid this seller.
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Sparticus on 05/17/2006:
A 95% feedback score on eBay is not very good in my opinion. I try to stick with folks who rate above 99%.
batzion7 on 05/17/2006:
I wish you the best with this problem. I am in the middle of an eBay fraudulent seller nightmare myself. My posts are: "eBay....seller fraud" & "You won't believe what an eBay employee said." Blessings to you
Dirtydave on 05/17/2006:
Ah eBay strikes again! For what it’s worth check out http://www.infotechnow.com/
You can pick up a new Motherboard and CPU for about $100.00. The company is outside of Seattle, WA. They have been around for years and are quite reliable.
Doc J on 05/17/2006:
All-I've never used e-bay. The concept always seems intriguing but also make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. BUT...I've been tempted to use e-bay to buy stuff not found in other venues. Most of you sound experienced with e-bay. Are my instincts about them on the mark? I have colleagues who buy and sell virtually everything via e-bay without complaint. Still, I remain wary of e-bay.
batzion7 on 05/17/2006:
Doc J....I have purchased several things on eBay with no problem. BUT There is no way to know WHO you are buying from. eBay "claims" to have all of this so-called "protection"...Hogwash! That protection is for the seller. eBay makes their $$$ by charging fees on each sale. If you, as a buyer, get shafted eBay has a mountain of hoops that you must jump through only to find out that they are not going to do anything about your problem. PayPal is no better. Of Course eBay and Paypal are one and the same. The only way to kind of' check the sellers reputation is the feedback and it may be mostly faked by the seller and their friends and family. So....IF I ever use eBay again (very unlikely)I will not deal with any seller whose number of feedbacks is less than 1000 with at least a 99% positive and even then it is a risk. Blessings
Doc J on 05/17/2006:
Thanks. Sometimes my trait as a confirmed Luddite has saved me grief. I'm still getting used to the miracle of wireless phones.
Anonymous on 05/17/2006:
wholesale_dealzzz (4585) click on the 4585, this seller's feedback is terrible, 9 negatives in the past month, 27 in the past 6 months, 58 in the past 12 months! The first thing I check is the sellers feedback if it's as bad as this keep walkin'. Your asking for trouble if you do business with these people. Also clearly this selles is obviously selling cheap merchandise mass produced in China. Look at their repetitive listings, it's absurd.
Phanixis on 05/19/2006:
I was just looking at the percentage, but I guess even their 95% implies a one in twnety chance of problems. The fact that this individual has twice as many mutually removed feedback as negative feedback(I wasn't even aware of mutually removed feedback until this transaction) actually implies an 85% rate, which is outright abysmal.
kludger on 04/23/2007:
I purchased 4 dollars worth of sterile piercing needles from this dealer, but he didn't accept PayPal or Visa. So, stupidly, I sent him 4 dollar bills with a printout of the auction in an envelope to his mailing address. (I've used this before in similar situations with success, but you have to trust the seller) He said I didn't pay, he gave me a NPB strike (My first bad experience with eBay!). He wrote ALL CAPS MESSAGES with horrible spelling and grammar, demanded I pay him $10,000 for writing a "fraudulent" feedback, and claimed to hand me over to a collections agency (although I haven't heard from any collections agencies yet.)
Do not bid with him!
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Tired of Ebay sellers ripping me off
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I am adding my 3 cents worth here out of frustration. I have been scammed by eBay sellers for the last time. I wanted to share with others the different ways that I have been ripped off by eBay sellers.

The most recent is an item I paid for July 25th and still haven't received. After numerous emails to the seller I realized that I was not going to receive my item. He told me if I wanted my item to go get it from US customs. It was coming from Canada to Virginia. I told him that if customs rejected it then they wouyld ship it back to him and he could refund my money. He then emailed me and said he was refunding all the "RETARDS" that were emailing him. His choice of words not mine. I fell this type of name calling is abuse in itself as it wasn't necessary. Contacting eBay was no help at all for a couple different reasons. They will not do anything if the item is priced below $40.00 and they will not do anything if the item was purchased over 60 days before the complaint. Both of these things you will never know until you try to take action. The sellers put you off with emails hoping to make it past the 60 day mark. Ebay also gave this seller the option of keeping his negative/positive feedback private! He has over 45 negative feedbacks none of which you can view. The whole idea of feedback was so you could see what problems others may have had with a particuliar seller. So eBay in this case was aiding this seller to continue ripping people off.

The other eBay scam that I learned the hard way (in the pocket book) was the sellers of Fenton art glass. This happened twice by two different sellers before I wisend up to the scam. I purchased 3 pieces that were supposed to be in mint condition from a seller who insisted on the buyer to pay insurance for the pieces. I agreeded because it was glass and it should have insurance on it especially because of the high price I was paying. The seller charged me way more for insurance then it actually cost. The items arrived chipped. Funny that there was absolutely NO pieces of glass fragments what so ever in the box or bubble wrap. The chipped glass magically disappeared. I contacted the seller and asked for the insurance papers to be mailed to me. A month later after 3 emails I get the papers. this seller was shipping from NC to VA we are next door. I took the insurance paper to the post office with the box and items which, had been sitting on my shelf since it had arrived. The post office said they would reimburse me because the box showed NO signs of having been damaged or misshandled. I was out the price of the items, the shipping costs, which was more than it actually cost to ship as the shipping price was stamped on the box as well as the over stated insurance price which did me no good at all. Bottom line of that transaction... I purchesed worthless broken items. The seller made out like a bandit. I tried to contact the seller to let them know how I felt but they had vanished from eBay.

The next time I was scammed was over an oil painting. The photo on eBay was a little glared so the detail was hard to see. I went so far as to get the sellers contact phone number because her email address wasn't working. Ebay surprised me when they gave me the phone number but it made me think they were an up and up company. After extensive questions about the condition of the painting I bid on it and won/purchased the item. When it arrived 2 months later! after numerous emails and excuses of not feeling well etc., I didn't know whether to laugh of cry. The painting wasn't attached to the frame because the frame wasn't for the painting. It didn't fit the canvas and it was chipped, gouged, and just real beat up. The painting looked like something she had drug out of a thrift store dumpster. It was stained and the canvas was cracked and torn. It didn't look anything like the painting displayed on eBay. I guess a glare on the photo covered/hid all the flaws. When I tried to contact the seller to get my money back for missrepresentation she was no longer an eBay seller and wouldn't return my phone calls. Again!!! I was ripped off.

The next time I was scammed was over the sale of a used 1996 7th grade math book. I'm a home schooler. Well I won the book for like $5.00 but I was charged like $13.00 for shipping and $3.00 for insurance! In the item discription it said the book would be shipped at book rate so I was very shocked when the email came with the final price to pay. I contacted the seller and he said he was going to ship it priority mail which, was still way less than he actually charged me. The book took over a month to arrive as he sent it media mail for the whopping cost of $1.10 and there was NO insurance stamp. The book was in terrible shape. Again, I was totally ripped off.

I wouldn't recommend eBay to anyone now. There are too many bad sellers out there. I have lost hundreds shopping on eBay. My only regret is that I didn't quit bidding on items after the first time I was ripped off. I guess I just wanted to believe that it wouldn't happen again. I was so wrong.

Jody a NON EBAY shopper in Virginia

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Silent_Assassin on 09/19/2005:
I am sorry that you went through that. I am an Ebay seller and people like you have described are an embarrassment to us good sellers. did you pay for it through PayPal? because you could open try opening up a dispute. I pre-ordered a video game on eBay and the guy took my money and ran, I opened up a PayPal dispute and in 10 days I got a refund.

again, on behalf of good and honest eBay sellers I apologize.
reddarcy on 09/19/2005:
I've only had one slow shipment on Ebay and no problems otherwise. I make sure I'm dealing with someone that has 97% or higher satisfaction rating with many transactions. I go and read their feedback. I also only buy from those that take Paypal, which I pay with a credit card so I have those avenues of dispute. So far, no horrible transactions, and many sellers that have gone out of their way to get things to me in time for Christmas (including putting batteries in!) or birthdays.
catmomma on 12/05/2005:
If you had so many problems,Why did you keep buying???
dahoov2 on 12/12/2005:
I hear you and I am behind you. Enough is enough. I too have been ripped off a few times and these scenarios are common. All too common. And the shipping is a big thing with me... I've lost hundreds (many hundreds) of dollars where Ebayers send stuff cheaply but charge for services you did not get. THIS is something Ebay CAN do stuff about. If a seller does this continually, they should be kicked OFF eBay. You can prove the shipping easily enough. The price in the auction or paid with Pay Pal is easy to see what was charged and the box shows (often with the receipt inside too) and the box usually has the return address on the box or envelope. So it can be matched esily enough. Ebay needs to enforce a no more than 5% above actual shipping surcharge. So like me, being charged 18.00 for an item that cost 60 cents to mail, won't be ripped off 17.00! That's a LOT of money to mail three pieces of paper. Ridiculous. Why does Ebay ignore this stuff? Gouging on shipping should be an easy fix...flat rate shipping based on weight and location. PERIOD. With a small surcharge at MOST added for supplies (packaging and handling). Right?
kurgun on 11/30/2006:
I think Ebay allows too many people to join up, let me explain. I used to be in the same boat as a lot of younger people, back when I was about in my 20's. I always thought getting credit and building it was too much of a hassle and never understood why companies want people with only good credit. Now I understand what it means to have good credit and understand why companies do what they do for credit reference. If Ebay would only allow people with credit ratings of 700 or more, this would totally eliminate a lot of Ebay bad sellers. Not only that, but it would keep things a lot more fair to the all around eBay community. See, people that have good credit have taken years to build it up and keep it good, if Ebay would run a credit check on the person wanting an account they'd keep a lot more honest sellers and keep buyers coming back to buy. You wouldn't find anyone building their credit score up really well, then joining Ebay and ripping people off, they'd ruin their credit rating and their reputation as trusted sellers. The other alternative would be to report any incidents from bad sellers to credit bureaus and then it would ruin their chances of getting future credit or maybe a future loan, or something like that. The same should be done for identity theft, what should be done to protect the consumer is this. Somehow, allow a criminal profile to be attached to a persons credit history but not in a bad way, not sure how this could be done. Anyway, if the good person got their identity stolen and they reported it as such, the name attached with the identity theft would then resort to a wanted person. Making it easier to track down a person committing the identity theft crime. The details are still skectchy on how this would work, I've been thinking of ways of how it could work, but if it pans out, it may end identity theft as we know it.
PizzaHut Mgr on 04/14/2008:
Ebay has its goods and bads and yes I got one bad seller..
Never again using Western Union but thank god I paid using a CC.. There are a few people that should not be selling but to limit people with only a 700 or better is not the answer..
I once had a 705 but after the divorce I now have a 500..
I joined before the divorce so does that mean I'm a bad seed? No.. Does that mean if having a 700 or higher I will be a good seller? No..
Anonymous on 06/18/2009:
I know this is an old thread, but I am going to post anyway. First, your seller was in Canada. Cross border packages do sometimes get stuck in customs EVEN if you have never ever ever ever ever had an item checked. It happens. There is no reason you can't contact customs to check on your item. It is as easy as calling them with the label # on the package.

Second, the insurance charge being more than they charge..if you mean the USPS, they are not the only insurer a mail order seller can use. Just because you ship USPS doesn't mean you have to use their insurance.

I stopped reading after that. I feel too many problems for one person means that person needs to learn more about how Ebay works, how to research their sellers, and take some responsibility.
lisa on 05/24/2012:
I got ripped off and can't even leave feedback about this I lost 160 au dollars to ebayer seller "PAVTKLOG7810" sells dresses but eBay said it was to late to do anything about it as I was communicating and thought there excuses were legitimate. Always put in a complaint as soon as possible with pay pal and eBay that's what I've learned. Remember "PAVTKLOG 7810"
Peg on 09/19/2012:
I'm sick of getting ripped off by eBay sellers too! I've been ripped off every way imaginable. I think we need to make a class action suit against eBay.
starnes54at55 on 11/08/2013:
The idea of a credit rating is no indicator of financial reliability. I own my own home, car, business, never borrowed or used credit and have no credit history so I get the lowest credit rating, lol
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Sellers Beware!!!
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If you are a seller, screw you. eBay allows buyers to leave whatever feedback they want - because they are eBay's bread and butter. After 12 years with a perfect record, I was targeted by a so called 'powerseller' named PMSHIRL who accused me of ripping her off IN MY FEEDBACK because I didn't answer her demands immediately. I proved she was a liar and that I had in fact paid her the refund she accused me of stealing from her.

Guess what? That's right - eBay protected her DESPITE the fact that she has a history of harassing people, and told me they would not remove the feedback even though I had PROVED it was false. And good luck getting anything remotely resembling customer service from whatever 12th world country they're outsourcing to these days. Their employees would have to have at least a little knowledge of English (beyond reading a script phonetically) for you to receive that. Also, good luck closing your account. You can't even do that without them giving you a freakin' migraine!!!
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