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Account Suspension
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I was recently suspended from eBay, I unknowingly posted two Dave Clark 5 CDs that turned out to be pirated; they sure looked real to me. Anyway, the initial email to me stated my suspension was for 7 days, okay I thought, I could live with a week off; I’m not a power seller, just a part-timer for “movie” money for my kids. The next day, I get a second email that tells me I have to go through a reinstatement process that included sending eBay BOTH a utility bill and a government issued photo identification card, which is a long way of saying Drivers License. I felt uneasy sending two pieces of sensitive information to eBay and immediately thought this was a phishing email. So I sent the email to them and after about 6 or 7 auto responses, someone actually contacted me that it wasn’t a scam, eBay really wants these two pieces of information. With identity theft on the rise, I told them that I would not be sending this and that it was an unreasonable request, after all with a utility bill and a drivers license in the wrong hands, a person could open accounts all over the place a wreak havoc on my credit, it’s just not worth the risk. So apparently, eBay has no such contingency plan for a 10 year seller with 100% perfect feedback that would allow me to go back with them in good standing. It just seems quite a harsh punishment, there are far more worse examples on eBay of copyright infringement, how about people selling homemade T Shirts of Zeppelin, the Beatles and a host of sports team insignias, those and others that sell Korean movies are making more money than little old me and they are engaging in intellectual theft, far worse that a couple of pirated CDs, that look so real you could not even imagine.

I can’t believe eBay would want all of this unnecessary ID verification when they already have a credit card, a Paypal account and an address of mine that hasn’t changed in the 10 years of my membership.

Oh, and by the way, it’s a total suspension which means I can no longer even bid on an item that I may want. Since when is this infraction the crime of the century? Yes, I made a mistake, but these terms seem unreasonable.
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PleasedAsPunch on 03/18/2008:
I stopped using eBay when they changed their policy on feedback from buyers...

Go to craigslist.org

no fees, no hassle...
macmet1 on 03/18/2008:
Thanks, I'll look into that, much appreciated.
GenuineNerd on 03/24/2008:
Were these Dave Clark 5 CD's actual Sony Music/Epic Records issues? If so, they would be legit. I have bought many CD's via eBay; sometimes these CD's would come from Holland or Germany, and would be re-recorded versions instead of the original recordings; other times they would be on a reissue label such as Time-Life Music. If the CD's were on computer-printed labels and burned on CD-R's, they would be likely bootlegs.

The Dave Clark 5 (which were recently inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame) recorded most of their 1960's albums on Epic Records in the US (Epic was owned by Columbia Records at the time), and, I think, Columbia in the UK. Columbia, and later, CBS and Sony, have reissued some DC5 material on CD over the years.
Lennyluck on 07/30/2008:
I'm going through the same problem now. They take off a Transformer listing saying its a knock off. they preach to me in every reply" I'm not being targeted and follow these links to view policy". I ask to get more detailed info, like what about my item is a K/O. No answer just the same preaching emails. finally I relist the item after doing more research on it and find out the figure is a K/O, the box is as original so I put this is a K/O item! No dice there, it gets taken off, but luckly I sell it on the side to a bidder who was still interested to get it. Later on I list an original transformers toy still in packaging which I've had for over 12 years before K/O's or reissues came out.(still had the receipt Too) and they take this one off. I reply to the suspension stating how the item is real and my reply about 5 days later is a suspended account. Now My account gets suppended for 7 days which was arount the 17 of June. on the 21st I get a second notice of suspension saying the same thing for an additional 7 days. After a million calls to find out what's going on I find out they were in deliberition on if they should suspend my account. makes no CENTS. I am a powerseller with a 99.7 Feedback due to the new feedback ratings where if you have 2 neutrals it counts as a negative! But anyway..I have all good ratings and excellent sales history. Not one email I sent to find out more information has ever been addressed till this day. I now am suppost to do the same thing they asked you to do with the utility bill and drivers license...and a signed letter stating that I will follow ebays policies and fax it over to them...

Is there anything I can sue for cuz this doesn't seem right???
macmet1 on 08/06/2008:
I wish I could help but I'm in the same boat. Ebay does not address these issues on a one to one basis, they have auto-emails and that's about it. I still will not release personal information to them so I'm still suspended. The arrogance of this company is unsurpassed, they treat sellers like dirt and have no customer service whatsoever!
BokiBean on 08/15/2009:
I checked out that forum. Don't bother.

I would be VERY cautious about using some of the advice she gives on her forum.

As far as I could tell, she was the ONLY person posting to the site. And probably with good reason.
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Account Suspension
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I sell at eBay for a long time, have a very good feedback, they suspension my account, saying that someone said that I am selling a fake item? they did not question that person, they just close my account, I did try to appeal it, Devan how work for them said that I can't appeal it?

I told them that everything I sell is brand new, and real, and I told them that I can send you the product, they said no, and hung the phone on me?
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trmn8r on 02/24/2011:
They may have hung the phone on you because you wouldn't accept their policy. They are pretty particular - I don't think I could sell using Ebay every day without losing my mind.
Gerald on 09/15/2012:
Ebay as many us company have people who work for them in there overseas call centers are part of terrorist
organization, why do you think they give such bad service
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Account suspension
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LONDON -- Hello, I have an account on eBay for at least 5 years, I have a very good feedback, I sell and buy and didn't have any problem, I also have another business account with them, Friday I received an email telling me that they have suspended my accounts, they didn't even explained why, I have replied to them asking them why, guess what I receive an automatic email without any answer, it is frustrating when someone treat you that way, they have taken way too much interest from me and now they are dumping with no right to even complaint
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madconsumer on 05/04/2009:
they have done this to many othres, time to create your own commerce website.
Anonymous on 06/15/2009:
Are you sure it was a valid Ebay email? Have you tried logging in? Did you click any links in the email? Did it show up in your My Messages?
mistreated ebayer on 08/10/2013:
I also had great reviews. Been with eBay for fourteen years. Had only four negative feedbacks . . .which were lies . . . And eBay shut m down. Called for help. Talked to two agents that said I should not have been shut down. Said they would get back to me. Called again and was rudely hung up on from someone overseas.
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Account Suspension
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They suspend accounts for no reason. I will never use their service again. There is long story behind this. I did nothing wrong and they won't tell me what they think I did wrong. Confused? I still am.
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grandma005 on 06/29/2008:
I am confused. First you say that it is a long story then you say they want tell you what you did wrong. If it is a long story then you know what you did. We would like some details please until then we cannot help you.
trackersranch on 09/16/2008:
It is happening to a lot of us. We are in the same situation. Being very customer service minded, we monitored our rating closely (100%). We received the same notice. I tried almost everything to get EBay’s attention.
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eBayers guilty by association
Posted by on
My eBay account had recently been suspended due to "association with a previously suspended account" (my wife's). Of course, I was pretty p****d off about it, and replied to their email with a "please explain". They sent the usual form letter and garbage about the privacy policy and so on, so I then proceeded to give them an electronic piece of my mind. This continued on and off for about 2 weeks, and I was getting more and more fed up. I ended up writing a letter to their head office in Australia (where I live), addressed to the User Accounts Manager. At the moment, it has yet to arrive. However, the day before I mailed the letter, I'd received another form letter, this one mentioning the account I was "associated with". My reply to this was "Are you saying that I am *suspended-account-name?*" This morning, I received yet another form letter from eBay - after reviewing my case for about the 10th time, and wading through all the reams of additional information I sent to them (i.e. a copy of my drivers license sent to them 2 weeks ago) they have kindly decided to reinstate my account. I suspect that whichever way they answered my question, I would have had much more ammunition to use against them, and it was probably easier for them to reinstate the account.
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CAMedWmn on 04/25/2005:
Unfortunately, eBay has become so riddled with fraudulent activities that they have had to take drastic measures. The fact that your account appears intended to replace your wife's suspended (why?) account is more than ample justification, particularly if they are aware of your relationship.
plastic_parrot on 04/26/2005:
My account was and is my own account. I'd been operating it since before hers was suspended over a dispute with a seller. Incidentally, the seller in question had agreed to contact eBay in order that her account be reinstated, but to date has not done so. Regardless, eBay suspending accounts because of association is like a bank cancelling my credit card because my wife doesn't pay hers. A bank would have no right to do that, so why should eBay?
autumnembersx1 on 02/01/2007:
Hey could you please post that address to theUser Accounts Manager? Thanks
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account suspension
Posted by on
Can anyone advise me? Ebay sent me an email on 1st October asking me to update my contact details. I thought the email was a spoof so I sent it on to their spoof emails dept., and got the standard response saying it probably WAS a spoof, so I took no further action. Then on 3rd October they suspended my account. I still don't know exactly what they think is wrong but they accuse me of "falsifying or omitting" something in my contact details. I can't get any sense out of them - all I can think is that my telephone number changed recently and I never thought to update my records with eBay. Anyway, now I'm suspended and can't get a proper response from their customer support section - just a standard email with takes 4 or 5 days (not the 24 hours they quote as the response time!). By the way, they emailed me again on the 5th (2 days after they had suspended my account) to confirm that the email they had sent on the 1st was actually genuine! Too late! I genuinely feel I am the injured party here - I was just cautious about what I thought was suspicious-looking email. I have 100% positive feedback so they can't have any problem with my behaviour. Having read some of the reports on this site I don't hold out much hope of them ever reinstating my account, or even giving me a proper answer about what they think I've done wrong. Any advice on how to get this resolved would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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chancesr on 10/12/2004:
Ebay does not care about your business, they have just gotten too big, unfortunately the only thing to do is find another site, there are plenty! Check out my complaint from Oregon! Good luck and sorry that happened to you.. I think Ebay is run by the DEVIL
turbochug5518 on 10/14/2004:
Did you ever get the problem fixed? Does anyone know about that book on hotdoggity.com? Does it work?
Truth on 10/14/2004:
You might be the victim of a lazy staff not wanting to sort out a huge amount of problem accounts.
This may be why this is a common practice by eBay. ( look at onSale.com )
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Account Suspension
Posted on
I was suspended from Ebay because I refused to pay for items that were misrepresented in the seller's ad on Ebay. I tried to explain this to Ebay, but they wouldn't listen. I had been a member less than a month. I made about $1,100 for Ebay during that short period. I sold around 30 items and bought around 50 items. I am unable to get to my ITEMS WON and ITEMS SOLD datasets and I don't know exactly where I stand. I know that there are two buyers that still owe me about $3,300. I have tried to contact Ebay to let them know that there are two nonpaying bidders that owe me money. They won't respond. They suspended me because I wouldn't pay $150, or so, for JUNK, but they won't help me get my $3,300 from two buyers. Where is their fairness? I have no desire to ever do business on Ebay again, because they are very unprofessional and inconsistent, but I would like to complete the existing business transactions.
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Anonymous on 11/29/2003:
Didn't you know that (Ebay) stands for "Electronic Bandits All Year"! Haven't you noticed a rise in customer complaints since Ebay has been running their new commercials on TV or sponsoring the score boards on televised sporting events? What better a way to pay for their advertising than ripping off their customers to get more customers. It's a vicious circle, in some circles known as a "circle jerk". Remember, Ebay will not assist you with non-paying bidders while you're on suspension, but at any time if you don't pay Ebay their money they claim is due, they will threaten you with collection action through an attorney or police agencies. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD OF EBAY (the new electronic Nazis).
harry.loeb on 03/27/2004:
Welcome to the club. Ebay is all about protecting buyers and not sellers! You're business can get ruined overnight on Ebay!!!
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