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Want to sell on Ebay? Get ready to BEND OVER!
Posted by StephSten on 08/30/2009
Ebay started out as such a great idea! People who had something they no longer wanted could pay a REASONABLE fee to show it to people online who might be looking for it.

It was a "win/win" situation, most of the time.

The feedback system wasn't perfect, but *nothing* is ever perfect. Yes, there may have been some abuses by sellers...but, in the long run, those abuses would cause the sellers to lose bidders, thus making eBay unattractive to them.

The feedback system allowed individual buyers and sellers to determine their individual level of confidence in the person with whom they were considering entering into a transaction.

I have been buying and selling on eBay since 1999. With the exception of one or two transactions, out of many many hundreds, even thousands, I have had very few negative experiences, that is, until Ebay began making the changes that have resulted in RABID buyers...by RABID, I mean, buyers who KNOW that I no longer have ANY power in the transaction. They know that I can only leave them POSITIVE feedback, or nothing. They know that they have "buyer protection" through Ebay and Paypal. They know that they can claim an auction item was "significantly not as described", whether that is true or not. They can *claim* anything and Ebay and Paypal WILL support them because Ebay has decided that the BUYER can do no wrong. Ebay has decided that their CUSTOMER is NOT the individual who PAYS their OUTRAGEOUS fees, but the Buyer.

So, if an unscrupulous person "buys" something from a seller and pays through Paypal, then, receives the package and claims the seller put a brick in it, Paypal will refund the buyers money and Ebay will allow the buyer to give a NEGATIVE feedback comment to the seller AND issue a "Seller Non-Performance" strike against the seller. There is NOTHING the seller can do to prevent this....NOTHING. And, once the seller has been ripped off by the unscrupulous buyer, they cannot leave ANY feedback other than POSITIVE. And, IF they say ANYTHING negative in the "positive" comment, Ebay will remove it.

The unscrupulous buyer may now move onto another unsuspecting seller, rinse and repeat.

I am constantly reading messages from prospective buyers who tell me "I have 100% positive feedback from buying on ebay"...What a JOKE!!! 100% positive feedback as a BUYER???? That means NOTHING! Because, the seller you just RIPPED OFF CANNOT leave you the NEGATIVE that you DESERVE because you are a liar and a thief. Additionally, there are very few "checks and balances" in place to verify or validate a "buyer" on ebay. Ebay wants ANYONE and EVERYONE to "buy", because Ebay has come to believe that the way to restore INVESTOR confidence and Ebay's stock price, is to bring more BUYERS to Ebay. Sadly, Ebay's beancounters don't realize that a transaction requires TWO parties...the Buyer and the SELLER, and that the SELLER is Ebay's customer.

My hatred of Ebay and Paypal grows exponentially, every day. I have never had such a vehement opinion about them, and, in fact, for the first 8+ years of my experience using them, I was, for the most part, pleased with our "relationship".

But, Ebay has turned me into a prostitute...I earn the money and turn approximately TWENTY PERCENT over to them. They take it, and keep it. If I come across an unscrupulous "customer", that's *my* problem. Ebay does not support me in even the SMALLEST way.

If wishing for something made it so, Ebay would disappear into the sewer and it's management would all be on the street wearing signs that say "Kick me, I contributed to the ruination of Ebay."

So, you want to sell on ebay? Get ready to bend over and don't say I didn't warn you.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2009-08-30:
time to create your own commerce site.
Posted by StephSten on 2009-08-30:
No, I disagree. When someone is selling *individual* items that are not purchased for "resale", a commerce site is NOT the way to go.

What needs to happen is for someone like Google to see the HUGE need and try to fill it.

Ebay WORKED for many years, before they got so off track. Ebay's MANAGEMENT doesn't understand that BOTH buyer AND seller are NECESSARY to a successful transaction.

Ebay has gotten, as my grandmother used to say "too big for their britches".

Ebay BELIEVES that sellers won't go anywhere else and they will stay and tolerate the mistreatment that is doled out to them.

For now, Ebay may be right, but, WOE be to Ebay, IF someone like Google decides to take them on. I have NO doubt that sellers will leave in DROVES and buyers will follow.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-08-30:
a commerce site is what ebay is called.

then go use godaddy, they have a version of ebay.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-08-30:
I appears Ebay has made so many changes to protect buyers from historical bad dealings, they have gone way overboard and the seller now is exposed. Time to relook at the system again I guess.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-08-30:
here is the link to godaddy e-commerce section:

Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-30:
I like this review, Steph, there's just one thing I can't agree with. I have 100% feedback too, but in some cases it DOES mean something..mine is accumulated over a period of 10 years, before this new system that's so derogatory to sellers was put in place.

I hate to be lumped in with people who are too stupid to know that because buyers can say anything they want, and sellers can't negg them in any way..their feedback is meaningless.

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-30:
I would have to agree with this posting. I bought a book for my son that was never delivered, even though the seller advised me that he sent it. I filed a dispute with Paypal and got a refund. I was wondering how they determined who was correct. Anyway, I hope things go well I'm buying a textbook from a seller tomorrow.
Posted by StephSten on 2009-08-30:
Boki...thanks and you are correct...buyers who were using ebay, prior to the feedback change *did* have something to be proud of, with their positive feedback rating. I was a bit unclear...it is new buyers who contact me, that make that statement. The first line of EVERY single auction I list says "If you have conducted fewer then 100 transctions on ebay, you MUST contact me, prior to bidding on my auctions." I do this for two reasons...number one, while the feedback a new buyer has will generally be all "good", I can review what the buyer has said in their FEEDBACK LEFT FOR OTHERS. Nowadays, if I see a "new" buyer who seems to have left a lot of negative or neutrals, I just block them from bidding on my auctions. The second reason I require "new" buyers to contact me is that I send them a very detailed information email that talks about the importance of READING the item description, UNDERSTANDING what you are bidding on and asking questions PRIOR to bidding. It also discusses shipping, and things that could become an "issue", if not discussed ahead of a transaction.

I believe that, once a person has conducted a fairly substantial number of transactions, they will understand how things "work", but, if they don't have much ebay "experience", they may have unrealistic expectations that could result in problems in our transaction.

Thanks, BokiBean, for your thoughtful responses. I do appreciate it. While there are definitely a lot of "bad apples" in the Ebay bunch, these days, there ARE still a lot of very very good ones. I have been fortunate, I am sure, not to have run into more of the bad ones. It's just that, I feel SO alienated by "the Ebay system", and I know things are NOT getting better, they're just going downhill, faster and faster.
Posted by Justice4customers on 2009-09-10:
I use to sell things on EBAY and trush me you get RIP OFF in the way IN and OUT. Posting fees are ridiculous let's say you post an item for $1 dollar and the shipping cost to deliver this item for the customer is $9.00 if nobody bid on your item you have to pay posting fees weather or not you sell the item plus if you do then by the end of the auction don't be surprice that between Ebay and Paypal fees you end up paying almost 25% or more of your earnings. Absolutely ridiculous then as a buyer I gonna tell you a story. I have a seller who cancel last minute the bid on an item I lose to a higher bidder and this particular bidder re place the bid once they saw how much I bid, they bid it lower, very suspicious right? I decided even I won to cancel the transaction because I felt somehow this aution was arrage by someone the sellers knows. Seller harrazes me for one week straight requesting me to pay for the item I told him/her with a money order only! I don't wish the item since she canceled last minute another buyer bid and I don't feel confortable buying from this seller I do have the right to be suspicious auction is arrage. Seller told me well I'll leave you a negative feedback if you don't pay me with cash/money order throw mail. I called EBAY I reported and believe it or not tooked another week before Ebay solve my problem in the mean time I can't block her, she keeps harrazing me over $19.00 dollars auction. I don't like Ebay and Paypal they force you to use their debit card and hold your money like if they are a BANK and they aren't. I don't like dealing with a company that doesn't allow me to use my own money.
Posted by IHATEFEEPAY on 2009-09-26:

You Are So Right I Stopped Using eBay When They Decided To Go Paperless In The Name Of "Protecting Buyers From Cheats" As The Kinds Of Things I Generally Buy Are For Such Small Amounts That I May Have Gotten "Scammed Or Ripped-Off" Maybe Once Or Twice In 9 Years.And The Amounts Were For Maybe $10-$20 If That Much.

@StephSten I'm Another Long Time Buyer/Seller Who Had 100% Perfect FB WAY BEFORE The Most Recent Horrible Changes To The FB System And I Hate Being Lumped In With The Scammers That Abound There Now.
Posted by alerta on 2009-10-28:
Wow! This is the best eBay review I have seen so far regarding the present status of eBay. Thank you so much StephSten, I could not agree with you more.

I would also like to add that the basic reason why eBay has changed its policies, has absolutely nothing to do with their excuse of wanting to protect buyers.

eBay is MAKING AN OBSCENE AMOUNT OF MONEY, but they feel more is better and even then, it is not enough.

For example, the money that eBay was losing due to chargebacks in PayPal is a DROP IN THE BUCKET compared to their total revenue, yet it is still considered by them as a serious loss.

In order to eliminate this loss, they rearranged their policies with the pretext of protecting buyers from ‘dishonest sellers’. How? At the expense of the majority of honest sellers, of course!

Now eBay can have its cake and eat it too. They are perfectly OK now with the increasing number of buyers abusing the system, simply because their pocket is not the one that suffers anymore. Brilliant… isn’t it?

So do not even think for a moment that they care about anyone in particular, if they could get away with squeezing money out of the buyers, they would go for it too!
Posted by fibbs57 on 2011-12-22:
I'm glad someone else see's how ebay is a rip off. I've been with them for 9 years and the last 6 months has been hell. Beteween them stealling more money out of my pocket 9% for selling and shipping charges and their paypal fees,I really feel like a prostitute and they are my pimp. Also I sold and item on ebay and the person (idiot who i think works for ebay) didn't read my description as it stated that This is a used item I didn't know if this works or not and it was being sold in untested as is condition ask questions before bidding please. they get it and tell ebay that I sold them an item that didn't work so ebay just takes the money out of my paypal account and sends it to them without giving me a chance to fight it. First negative out of 3000 positive feedbacks and I can't even respond with a negative. It's a buyers world on ebay and sellers don't have a snowballs chance in hell of getting any satisfaction on ebay anymore. That just shows me what ebay has turned into. A bunch of greedy @^%!@ and $#% God how I wish GOOGLE would come up with a good auction site,and if they do I hope they never get to big for their britches like selfish pimp ebay with very small letters in my book.
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Posts from an eBay discussion board
Posted by Batzion7 on 05/17/2006
Bookbugg (123 ) View Listings | Report May-17-06 11:33 PDT 1 of 7
I posted 1 neg a while ago..on this ID not my selling ID. The chaos that ensued wasn't worth it..I got late night phonecalls with veiled threats of remember I have your address, remember I know where you live, etc

Nasty emails etc..wasn't worth it..the seller never sent the items to me..just kept the money. He's Narud..was shortly after my neg.

I wouldn't neg again..just wasn't worth it.

rich_ismyname (23 ) View Listings | Report May-17-06 12:19 PDT 4 of 7
I asked for opinions here before leaving a negative feedback. The seller then left me a positive and sent an email thanking me for teaching them a valuable selling lesson.

I am not making this up.

Ny neg:
item received after 14 emails,2 phone calls,& fraud complaint over 59 days! Mar-04-04

Their positive:
Great Deal Mar-10-04

All too often, buying on eBay sucks. If I can buy something elsewhere, I do.

What do you despise? By this are you truly known.

beyond_treasures (34 ) View Listings | Report May-11-06 16:42 PDT
This is finally what I emailed to PayPal......
I have paid for 3 items almost a month and a half ago I have tried to get ahold of the seller. I have tried dispute resolution. Nothing works is this just an eBay scam to make people think they have a little protection on here or what I am really peeved about this and feel like I am getting royally screwed but eBay don't care PayPal don't care and the seller is laughing at me they are not out anything.
I had gotton the eBay bug recently and had even set up a sellers account I think this cured my bau I may go back over to yahoo auctions at least they have a way to contact them and so on.

And the beat goes on...Batzion7

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Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-18:
Hmmm. The hair on my neck stands up for a reason when the name "e-bay" is mentioned. It may be "some time" before Doc J visits them.
Posted by okidok on 2006-05-18:
Thank you so much
Posted by batzion7 on 2006-05-18:
Doc J: Happy to be of help. Thanks Doc
Posted by batzion7 on 2006-05-18:
okidok: Happy this has helped you. Thank you
Posted by Justin001980 on 2006-05-18:
I had one negative experience dealing with ebay. I simply did not receive my item I paid for. Paypal opened a case and quickly refunded my money paid to the seller. I guess I should count my blessings. I think I will stick to low price items such as books though from now on. Not worth the risk.
Posted by catwell on 2007-01-20:
i bought a low priced item from a seller called suemike or something like that.when i sent him the 2nd email tat the map wasnt received he begged me not to harrass me!
so i used the neg feedback and he used it on me!
now ive changed my username but the negative feedback is still there
i wrote to ebay about the matter but all i got was excuses and no answers!
i also had the usual spoof emails from ebay and paypal and once my ebay was suspended

now i want to close my account and an email i recived from ebay states that i have some things that i have to pay first, which is a lie!!!
and finally their customer care is non existant
Posted by catwell on 2007-01-20:
i bought a low priced item from a seller called suemike or something like that.when i sent him the 2nd email tat the map wasnt received he begged me not to harrass me!
so i used the neg feedback and he used it on me!
now ive changed my username but the negative feedback is still there
i wrote to ebay about the matter but all i got was excuses and no answers!
i also had the usual spoof emails from ebay and paypal and once my ebay was suspended

now i want to close my account and an email i recived from ebay states that i have some things that i have to pay first, which is a lie!!!
and finally their customer care is non existant
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EBay security
Posted by Pookie on 02/25/2006
MINNESOTA -- I bid on a guitar for a seller on eBay on February 17, 2006 in the amount of $1825.00 when at the conclusion of the he bidding I got a Second Chance Offer sent from eBay's email address with their Masthead, Gold Seal and all eBay's security assurances. The alleged seller asked me to e-mail him at ebfineitop@cs.com. The Seller's name and address was listed for payment on the Second Chance Offer and when the Seller wanted the money sent by Western Union I refused as the eBay site warns you not to wire money. I contacted the Trust and Safety department immediately to verify the Seller and address and to question this offer. I was e-mailed back by a "Fenton" in Trust and Safety who e-mailed me back before I wired the money:


Thank you for writing eBay regarding item #7389739597. My named is Fenton. I will be happy to help you further. It is common after an auction for the seller to contact a buyer who did not win the auction, and offer the item. This may be because the highest bidder backed out of the transaction, or because the reserve of the auction was not met.
Even without seeing the entire email with headers, I can tell that the email you received is legit and we have double checked seller's ID.

We usually send those warnings regarding Western Union Money transfer ONLY to prevent deals made outside eBay which will not offer protection to the buyer.
In some cases (like this one) we do accept Western Union Money Transfer as the seller's preferred payment method, when the seller is out of the country, or some other exceptional situations. In order to successfully complete this transaction, you must follow the directions indicated by our first e-mail with instructions regarding the payment procedure.
Thanks again for writing, and thank you for being part of the eBay community,
Kind Regards
Fraud Protection Group"

I emailed Fenton back:


Thank you kindly, To follow the instructions first sent was the one where it was to send money by Western Union to Jack Dale, 20 Seward Street, #407, Detroit, MI 48202, right?

Fenton responds:

"That is correct.

I wired the money and the Jack Dale turned out to be a fraud. Later the real seller (who was totally innocent and gracious) contacted me asking for payment. I immediately notified eBay by email. It is virtually impossible to contact eBay by phone. Nearly a week later they emailed me their boilerplate responses telling me the exact opposite that I should not trust wiring money, etc. I e-mailed back and attached all of the documents showing the Second Chance Offer and Fenton's response. They do not mention Fenton or his response, just more of their boilerplate responses saying do not make transactions outside of eBay.

The Second Chance offer came from an eBay address which I still did not trust so I verified it with their TRUST and SAFETY DEPARTMENT and eBay verified it as legit.

I am an attorney-at-law with 23 years experience with fraud cases. EBay actually made it possible for the fraudulent Seller to defraud me by verifying his name and address as the Seller. I never would have wired the money BUT FOR their verification of the Seller. I looked for other complaints on the Internet and found one exactly like mine from last August for a motorcycle which the buyer lost $3500.00.

Also if you want to file a Court case with eBay you must do it in Santa Clara, CA.

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Posted by crewboy on 2006-02-25:
Always use Paypal when you purchase something on eBay. If the seller does not accept Paypal then don't bid on or buy any of their merchandise. You don't have the best safe buying protections unless you use Paypal and pay through through eBay's website.
Posted by Dr. Soil on 2006-04-19:
Have you ever thought about just shopping at a music store near you? I would never buy a guitar that I couldn't play first. Ebay gets by with murder and people just play right along. Welcome to the "future" Good Luck!
Posted by eBayonet on 2006-04-20:
Like any other company, eBay are responsible for the professional actions and advice of their employees. You should sue eBay for the loss: you checked the authenticity of the 'seller' and his e-mail with them, a message which must have been sent through their site using the 'contact a member' feature in order to reach you, and you were incorrectly assured it and the sender were legit.

I'm intrigued though how this "Fenton" could claim to be able to tell from an e-mail without headers that it originated from the real seller? Part of me wonders if you may have inadvertently e-mailed a bogus eBay by following a fake link to a 'phished' site in a similar/the same e-mail?
Posted by Mi Krueger on 2006-05-07:
I had the exact same issue happen to me. Ebay is claiming it is not there fault even though I did everything correctly. Of course they did not address the issue that someone is using ebay.com for an email address. Even our small company makes sue that no one else is using our address world wide.

But I am complete pissed at ebay for not providing any help except, boiler plate responses. I think it is time to go after this company and make them responsible for their lack of real control.

Anyway, just letting you know they are not to be trusted as they do not stand behind their brand at all.
Posted by JC Birmingham on 2007-12-22:
Minimal research may reveal that eBay may be sued in any state of local court of juridiction where the Plaintiff lives. eBay will try to have the case dismissed. However, more and more judges have seen the wisdom as well as judicial effeciency, not to mention fairness, of having eBay come to the Plaintiff's playing field which is far more level than San Jose, California. I have even seen local courts threaten an executive with contempt if they did not appear in their local court to appear. eBay's alternative is to allow a judgment to be taken against them and we know that is not going to happen.
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Ebay - No Bargains To Be Found Here
Posted by Jronca1 on 09/15/2003
SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA -- After hearing a number of friends speak favorably about their experiences on Ebay, I decided to become a member and participated in several auctions myself. The first thing you have to understand is that the whole concept of on-line auctions is counter-productive for the buyer. The primary advantage of buying merchandise at a live auction, as opposed to an on-line auction, is that you're generally up against a limited number of bidders (usually as many as the room can hold) and as a result, you're bound to find some bargains somewhere in the mix. The second advantage of a live auction is that you can physically inspect the merchandise before you bid on it. Ebay has neither of these things working in its favor. First of all, anything you bid on at Ebay is probably being monitored by more people (i.e., potential bidders) than you will ever meet in your lifetime (I believe Ebay now has over 75 million members worldwide). Secondly, many auction sites fail to display a picture of the item(s) being auctioned. This should be a requirement. My experience with Ebay auctions has taught me that they can be great for the seller, but no bargain for the buyer. In the end, you usually pay far more for an item than it is worth either to you or in the open market. This is a symptom of too many bidders going after the same merchandise. As P.T. Barnum once said, "there's a sucker born every minute" and unfortunately, many have found their way onto on-line auction sites as bidders. My advise to anyone who wants to bid -- do your homework first, set a limit on the price you are willing to pay and don't be duped into exceeding your limit just because some poor, uninformed "sucker" bids more than you did. Remember to always follow the trading principle of "caveat emptor", translated to mean "let the buyer beware". The untold stories of buyers remorse resulting from auction sites such as Ebay must indeed be countless. Happy hunting!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-18:
I agree. Check the other online vendors, Amazon, etc. and don't forget to factor in shipping costs to the price you're willing to pay on ebay. I just "won" a camera on ebay, for the exact same price I would have received from an internet seller, only with a whole lot of time saved had I purchased non ebay. I know because plenty of other "winners (read suckers) paid a whole lot more for several of the same items, so I am convinced this is not just a one-shot phenomenon. If you have lots of free time, go for it. Otherwise, do your homework and rest assured you'll do lots better not using ebay.
Good luck and happy shopping!
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-05:
Wait for the deal you want. If it's something big I want local pickup or don't even bid. Most people who are crooks won't agree to local pickup.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-25:
My suggestion is to create a group of investors that are willing to offer some stiff competion to eBay. I am offering this suggestion on several posts here and hope something transpires. I am sure that with the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of several people that we could accomplish this. Please keep this in mind.
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Ebay Is A Joke!
Posted by Todd.jordan76 on 03/01/2013
EVERYTIME I have dealt with Ebay I have had issues. I own a retail shop and just tried them again with MORE issues!

They are impossible to deal with, They have ZERO seller protection, and they are just down right horrible.

In 2009 I owned a cell phone store where due to a change in their policy I lost over a thousand dollars and this time I've sold an item to a buyer who is obviously trying to scam me and yet Ebay has my account locked up for 400$ ..

RUN! DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT use eBay To sell ANYTHING!! I will NEVER use them again!!! I use Amazon all the time with NO issues!!

From now on its Craigslist and Amazon for me!! NO MORE EBAY!!
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-03-01:
My best advice to you and others...drop Ebay and sell on Webstore.com, you'll be happy you did. They have NO seller fees because they are supported by advertisers. I've had great success selling on Webstore.com I don't even think about Ebay anymore!
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-03-01:
It would be very helpful if you describe the specifics of the transaction in question.

I've used Ebay without incident. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous traders who have previously taken advantage of partners, and as a result Ebay has instituted stronger policies. But the changes haven't eliminated fraudulent activity - it is virtually impossible using the Ebay model, where the buyer and seller are separated.

I think about Ebay whenever my mind isn't occupied thinking about Basher.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-03-02:
Oh 8er, 8er, my 8er...one of these days you will join me on Webstore.com and wonder why you waited so long!
Posted by madconsumer on 2013-03-02:
over the last couple of years, ebay has been against sellers. no longer do sellers have protection and security.

very helpful review, and voted as such.
Posted by Yosseline on 2013-09-11:
I'm done with eBay. I regret opening an account. It was just a waste of time AND money
Posted by Ebayisajoke on 2013-12-27:
Considering all the cyber terrorism that has been going on over at YouTube I’m beginning to think thats the case.

eBayisaJoke and I are eBay Critics that have been a thorn in eBay’s side for a long time.

I started documenting eBay Motors phishing car scams back in 2004 on my eBayMotorsSucks.com consumer fraud awareness website. I can’t count the number of folks i have saved from loosing their money to eBay Motors phishing scams and bad seller fraud in the last 9 years.

Back in early April 2013 i was receiving an increase of help requests from car scam victims. I decided to go have a look at eBay Motors vehicle offerings. It had been several years since i browsed the cars for sale over there. This time i was appalled by the number of high dollar late model car scams there were on the motors site. There were current year and down obvious phishing scams literally all over the site.
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Ebay Is Clueless, Greedy, Egomaniacal, Selfish and Rotten Company!
Posted by Witnwisdom on 02/13/2013
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- This lousy online auction company puts into effect any rules that make them as much money as possible period! Sellers are burdened to death with endless fees and are not able to leave feedback any longer. Neutral or negative feedback scares off buyers and eBay does not want that. Ebay can opt to wipe out negative feedback, on a whim, if they feel it messes with the cash flow into the company.

It is a private company and I was told, by a representative, that for eBay it is about the numbers and someone has been determined to be a detriment to these numbers, the account can be suspended anytime eBay sees fit.... The rules constantly change.... Buyer protection?! What a joke! Sometimes sellers are really untruthful about their products and if you open too many cases because of this, you get in trouble.... It is what it is and if the sellers suck, which many do, the buyer has to deal with it.... I wish a really good auction site would avail itself. I wish eBay would fold, they deserve to!
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-02-13:
eBay is a public company, ticker EBAY. It's stock has been going up since July. All those fees must paying off for eBay and their partner in crime PayPal. I have not been on eBay for years, doubt if I will ever return or use PayPal again.

Good review, thanks.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-13:
The main problem has nothing to do with Ebay, but with the fact that the model has buyers and sellers physically separated. If you want to engage in that kind of transaction, there are unique risks that are far different than buying something from a brick and mortar retailer.

Ebay has tried over the years to make things safer for trading partners, but it is perfect by no means. IMO, as they have applied more and more band-aids intended to reduce risk, they have made an unwieldy mess that still (as it must) suffers from its inherent weakness (see paragraph 1).

As for the feedback system, that changed a while back. It makes sense, in my opinion, to not allow sellers to give buyers negative feedbacks. The buyer's obligation is to pay - this is handled by the non-paying bidder system. The main other reason to give negative feedback to a buyer is to get into some kind of war of words.

Your complaint about the fees Ebay charges I somewhat agree with. It depends what the item is. If is a collectible or vintage item, compare to what an auction house would charge - the auction house would be more. If it is currently sold new merchandise, that I agree that lower seller fees are in order (do they give a discount for that kind of seller?)
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-02-13:
"Ebay Is Clueless, Greedy, Egomaniacal, Selfish and Rotten Company!"

And you are just finding this out now?
Posted by landcope on 2013-03-06:
This is the truest review I have ever read. Especially about the buyer protection part. It is true that if you complain "Too much", YOU, not the seller that falsely advertised a bunch of junk, gets in trouble. How is that buyer protection? And there are no regulations stating (or fairly warning of) this fact but is has happened to me also. Then, they wipe the negative or neutral feedback the junk- seller deserved and try to call it in the interest of keeping Ebay "honest" and "Fair". Yeah, right.
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E-Bay Punishes Buyers
Posted by Onek5ch on 11/26/2012
I have in the last few months purchased on EBay hundreds of items and returned about 10% of them. All returns, without exception, were due to items being not as described, and with only two exceptions, I had to pay return shipping for these misrepresented items. I asked questions ahead of time to confirm what I would expect to receive, but still received items that were warped and broken, wool sweaters that had moth holes or were rendered completely unusable from improper laundering, among other misrepresentations.

I really did not mind paying to return items that were misrepresented. I chalked it up to the fact that everyone is human, and sellers overlook things sometimes. I also realize that to buy on eBay is to assume some risk of this nature.

My reward for this? My account has been suspended because of too many returns outside seller's return policies. A review of sellers I purchased from showed me a true and interesting fact. Nearly all the returns I had to make because items were misrepresented were purchased from sellers with no-return policies. I found only one item returned to a seller who allowed returns.

Stupid me, thinking I was allowed to protect my own interests while shopping on Ebay.
One of my "bad" returns was due to my cancelling a purchase from a buyer with a no-return policy who was bidding on her own auctions to raise the price. A review of bids on her recent completed auctions showed a zero-feedback bidder for the last three months had 100% of their bids with this seller, along with 26 bid retractions. I reported this seller to Ebay twice, and yet this seller has not been suspended, and to make it worse, she is listed as a top-rated seller.

E-bay touts their buyer protection, but in reality, the buyer is the one who is punished, unless the buyer doesn't mind keeping things that were not as described and absorbing the loss.

Casual, occasional buying might work on E-Bay, but if someone wants to make a majority of their purchases on E-Bay, it is not possible unless they are willing to accept financial loss for items that are misrepresented.

Overall, less-than-careful and/or dishonest sellers are undermining the entire Ebay experience. Most sellers are excellent; I've found some of my best and most interesting clothing and collectibles there. It is a shame. I will miss Ebay; to lose the ability to make purchases and sell items I no longer want is a big disappointment. What a strange way to treat a good customer (since 2002, 1100+ feedback, 100% positive as both a buyer and a seller).
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Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 2012-11-26:
Ever notices that of the many complaints about eay, half of them are about how badly they treat the sellers, and the other half about how badly they treat the buyers. When will it click that eBay doesn't treat ANYONE well?
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-11-27:
I've been buyimg on Ebay for 12 years, and only had one item not as advertised.

It doesn't surprise me that with Ebay's new Buyer Protection Policy that there is an issue with a high incidence of returns.
Posted by Linda on 2012-12-02:
The same thing happened to me
Posted by Jenny on 2013-02-06:
Same thing just happened to me! And they also rescinded my Buyer Protection, with no warning and no recourse. I'm dumbfounded.
Posted by land Cope on 2013-03-06:
Same here! I thought I was the only one.
It's terrible...and doesn't make any sense why they would do that. I think it's because they are lazy and greedy.
Posted by Sue Ann on 2013-08-17:
I had the same thing just happen to me. I was raising my score buying stuff, and was just beginning to sell, then I was suspended. That doesn't count the $1000's lost on cases never opened. When my account is reopened they say I can never open a case again. I have always been honest on ebay! I opened cases on about 1% of transactions. I have spent thousands there, now this!! They are very unfair.
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Ebay Mastercard Rewards Is A Deceptive Scam - Corrupt Thieves!
Posted by SmittyKel on 02/15/2009
After spending thousands of dollars on my eBay Mastercard through PayPal and GE MoneyBank, I looked forward to earning my $100 reward. I had to spend $9,500 to earn a $100 reward! When I finally reached the number of points needed and redeemed my reward, I received an e-mail with the redemption code and little other information. It said the code would be available in my PayPal account, but it was not. I had to do a lot of searching and finally pull up my archived e-mail to find the code to use it. When I did use it, I was using it for a dog bed - I had submitted a best offer that was accepted, but the invoice was for one item. I was buying two, but had to submit the payments separately. I used the reward code on the first one, which worked, but when I used it for the second, it said it was invalid. I checked into this with PayPal, and they said the $100 reward is valid for ONE USE ONLY, and that any unused funds are FORFEITED if not spent on that ONE transaction!!! THIS IS CORRUPT THIEVERY USING DECEPTIVE PRACTICES WITH LACK OF INFORMATION, AND IS ABSOLUTELY INCOMPREHENSIBLE, REPREHENSIBLE AND UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Needless to say, I will be filing complaints with PayPal, the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General's Offices concerned, and eBay. I would definitely be open to filing a class-action case against all three companies involved - PayPal, GE MoneyBank and eBay - to make them refund the "forfeited" funds from these so-called rewards! At this point, I am canceling my card and pulling out my poison pen!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-15:
SmittyKel, not sure where you are located but there is a law in California that merchants are not allowed to place experation dates or take unused funds/points from gift cards etc. Since eBay is located in San Jose I would think they broke that law by taking your unused funds. Do some research and check it out, it might just force them to pay up.
Posted by SmittyKel on 2009-02-16:
THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! I'm in Orlando, but definitely know how to contact the California Attorney General and BBB to file my complaints. It's a damn shame that I have to go to all this trouble, though. I know 99.9% of the time my eBay purchases are less than $100 - most times, significantly! eBay is where people go to save money - not spend a ton on one item - so it's absurd that they would try to institute this restriction on their "rewards."
Posted by shlbycindy on 2009-10-26:
If you decide to initiate a Class Action Suit against ebay or paypal, count me in. I'm done with both of them.
Posted by CoonCatOne on 2010-05-20:
It is my understanding that PayPal and EBay are part of the same company. Don't count on getting help with either.... I didn't when I bought something on eBay, they charged me and I never got the product. PayPal is noted for its convoluted system of transaction Id's that are anti-consumer. If you cannot produce the right code, too bad for you if you want service.
Posted by toomuchhassle on 2010-10-08:
That happened to me too but it was an understanding seller who was willing to reverse the payment, therefore putting the points back as unused. Then I paid the lower amount without using the coupon. I now use them up as each $25 coupon is earned and not take a chance on losing any. Several years ago when ebay had a different CC with points, I had a huge amount earned but not used, and they sold the CC to another bank who would not honor the points. That older CC did actually deduct actual points used instead of $25 increments in coupons like it is now. I lost hundreds of dollars worth by not redeeming them as soon as I could. Not this time! if they sell out or discontinue the program the most I will lose is $25.
Posted by hotrod351 on 2013-07-25:
i had a ebay mastercard for many years and everything was good, that is until i missed a payment, i had made a $1000.00 payment to get them paid down but then some how missed the next payment, hey it happens, anyway i could find the payment i missed laying around but also couldnt find the payment made in my check book, ok i must of missed it. found all this out when i got my new bill, which showed it, but it gets better, they also emailed me that i had missed a payment, froze my account and called three times in 24 hours. i cancelled the card and told them id just sent the payment that day but still get calls about it. it just shows what there all about. pay on time for years, miss one payment and they go for your throat, surprised they dont show ip at my door with there hand out. i will never, and i mean never, have a ebay mastercard again.
Posted by G. on 2013-11-18:
I think it's funny that everyone is blaming eBay and PayPal. What happens with this is the contract you have is with MasterCard and their Headquarters are in Purchase, NY. Yes eBay owns PayPal, but they do not own MasterCard. The contract sounds right that it gives you a coupon to use and that's probably what it was, to use on one transaction that's how most coupons work and those can have an exp, good for one transaction, and if not fully used can be lost. How about you read MasterCards terms first then go from there.
Posted by zman on 2014-01-02:
do not deal with Ebay.. it is the worst place to sell and to buy from.. Ebay is a big scamer company... they are so bad.. and not one of the thing they sell on Ebay worth the money.. even if it was 1$ soooooooooooo bad and unprofessional company.. try to find a good place or make ur own website to sell on and don't buy from them
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eBay's Customer No Service -
Posted by SunnyVA on 07/06/2005
I have been a buyer and seller on eBay since 1998, and it has gone very well overall for me.
I opened an eBay store a few months ago and that has been a modest success as well. So my boyfriend opened one a bit over a month ago selling a variety of merchandise that he has drop-shipped directly to the buyers. He has made 4 sales, and has about 30 items in the store so far.
He has about 100 more he wants to add to his inventory but he keeps getting this message from eBay when he tries to list new items:

"We regret to inform you that your eBay account is prohibited from listing additional items at this time. In order to maintain a safe trading environment, selling limits are occasionally placed on accounts. This selling limit is in no way meant to question your record with eBay or standing within the eBay community. To resolve this situation, please contact eBay's SafeHarbor Department using the Webform on the following Help page.

We sincerely value you as a member of our trading community and look forward to a continued successful relationship. We appreciate your cooperation in resolving this matter as quickly as possible.".

So he has contacted their Customer Service help desk to try to find out what to do to "resolve the matter", whatever the "matter" is, and this is all they will say:
"Selling limits are occasionally placed on eBay accounts in an effort to
assist sellers in building a strong foundation for future selling.
Please understand that the limit on your account is in no way meant to
negatively reflect your selling record or account standing with eBay.
Additionally, the limit is not related to your current account balance.

At this time, the decision has been made to retain the selling limits
currently in place. Please understand that this limit is not indefinite.
However, at this time, please allow some of your current listings to end
before adding more auctions or store items.

We sincerely value you as a member of our trading community and look
forward to a building a successful relationship with you."

He is furious because he is paying the monthly fee to have the store...they are giving NO explanation that is in any way concrete. And they will not answer him or give him a timeframe for the limitation...nothing.

I am getting kinda ticked off about it myself, just on principal because their customer service is soooooooooo poor. Just form letter responses, that is all you can get. ARGHHHHHHHHH

Thanks for reading all that and anyone who has any advice, please pass it on!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-07-06:
Are the form letters from "people", like they say, "Thanks, Laura, Customer Support Team" or something at the end? Make sure your not just getting automated responses sent by scanning your complaint emails for keywords. Anyway, I would keep after them, because if your paying for this store, you should have the right to list what you want. Unless there was a contract you agreed to when you signed up for it that gave them the power to limit your inventory for no reason. It sounds unjustified to me for them to do that considering you are in good standing.
Posted by SunnyVA on 2005-07-06:
Well the responses are from "people" with names, so he has written back to them directly but the response always comes back exactly the same....no direct answer to the question, merely a form letter. THAT is what is driving us nuts.
Posted by SunnyVA on 2005-07-09:
Me again, just trying to read your posts and for some reason I can only see the beginning of them, it isn't giving me the "more" text. To continue the story...well finally they let us list 6 more items. No explanation given, whatever arbitrary rule they applied was rescinded. And then this morning we tried to post a few more items for sale and we are getting the same message we got last week, with zero explanation.
Posted by SunnyVA on 2005-07-09:
Ok, I can read my posts, but how come I can't read what BackNBiz and Siffer said?
Posted by Geeza on 2005-08-17:
eBay fraud protection and claims procedure is worthless.
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Never received item; got a refund!
Posted by Dealco on 04/06/2006
NEBRASKA -- I have always been worried about online purchases. Then, finally it happened: I paid for an item, and still after a month and a half, I had not received it.

I contacted the seller twice, who was very sorry about the whole situation. She swore she sent it. She was a powerseller, with outstanding feedback, so I never thought she was trying to scam me. The item was only $6.00

But, after 1 1/2 months, with no item, I had to get some sort of solution. So I contacted eBay's help center. Since I paid with PayPal, they referred me to PayPal's buyer resolution center. I filled out the claim form online, and submitted it for processing.

A week later, they e-mailed back, and ruled in my favor. They deducted $6 from the seller's Paypal account and put those funds in my PayPal account.

I never left negative feedback for the seller, and I'm glad! Because believe it or not, the following day I received the item in the mail! It was postmarked in January (when the auction ended) but it was March 15 when I got it! I felt so bad, so I contacted the seller and explained the entire ordeal. There was no way to cancel the $6 credit on my account, so I just paid her back with a check. I contacted PayPal, and thanked them for their help in this matter, but explained that I had finally received the item. The only person(s) to blame in this was the post office for delivering it nearly 50 days after the auction ended.

I was definitely impressed at Paypal's response to my claim. Essentially, it was my word against hers, but for those honest people out there like myself, there is help!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-06:
So what are you trying to say?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-06:
They are complimenting E-bay and Paypal. Do you have anything to add, lidman?
Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-06:
I know sellers who use Ebay and when they send a item, it is signed receipt. Also the seller could of put a trace on the package. I have to say good job to Paypal for handling the matter quickly.
Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2006-09-05:
Despite what you say, dealco, the fact of the matter is that PayPal, and their parent company eBay, both suck balls!
Posted by EBAY IS BS!! on 2012-11-04:
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