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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CINCINNATTI, OHIO -- A customer of mine decided he wanted a refund AFTER 30 DAYS. My GUARANTEE is for only 14 days !! His reason for a refund was " item not as described". lt took this customer 30 days to see that the item was " not as described" and the resolution center agreed with this ridiculous nonsense and issued A FULL REFUND !! They are running a scam ! They don't follow or abide by their own rules and regulations. l left this scam company. l was a buyer / seller with Ebay for several years. l now see them for the scam company that they really are. They are not worth my time.
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Vinnie11 on 12/09/2012:
I do not know why they bother with the "return process" because their own policies basically make it null and void. They have 10 business days AFTER the expiration of the sellers refund window to return an item if it is "not as described". That adds a full 2-weeks! I would think that specifically in the case of "not as described", they would notice it right away.
Old Timer on 12/09/2012:
eBay will probably go the way of the Dodo Bird at some point. They lost their way years ago when Meg Whitman ruined what was once a good thing. If you can, take them to Small Claims Court, they will probably not even show up, you win!
CUontheFlipSide on 12/09/2012:
It's true that you would win, but so what? How are you going to enforce the judgment? I am a proponent of using Small Claims as a recourse, but you may find it difficult or impossible to get your judgment.
At Your Service on 12/09/2012:
My guess is the buyer thinks differently.

You didn't go into details about the purchase or whether the item really was 'not as described'. It would have been helpful if you had.

What is your rating on eBay? Have you had other complaints? Were you able to guarantee the merchandise being returned?
trmn8r on 12/09/2012:
A "return policy" plays second fiddle to Ebay's resolution process and Buyer Protection.

More details are needed to judge whether Ebay did anything outside of its policies, or if there is a "scam" involved. How would this alleged scam benefit Ebay?
ok4now on 12/10/2012:
It seems that in their effort to protect buyers Ebay now punishes the seller. As the OP stated does the customer really need 30 days to determine that the item was "not as described?" This is taking advantage of the seller and not realistic. What Ebay fails to realize is if they keep screwing the seller they will loose a ton of business. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
info352 on 01/01/2013:
I used to be a seller on eBay and stopped completely selling and buying when eBay stopped caring for their sellers and let buyers perpetuate scams.
DebtorBasher on 01/01/2013:
Drop Ebay and RUN...run to Webstore.com...that's what I did and I have been very happy and satisfied as a buyer and seller. They don't charge any seller fees at all...they are paid by advertisers.
clocksrustoo on 01/04/2013:
Ebay is a huge scam nowadays. I have been a member since shortly after they started. I recently sold a huge camera outfit including Canon digital and film cameras, and numerous lenses and lots of extra accessories. I didn't charge enough for the package because my fees from eBay alone were 42.25 on my sale of 420.00 and no shipping cost. I admit I should have checked what their selling fees were now but I didn't have any idea they were scamming sellers for that much money off a sale. Their fees are ridiculous and are 3 times what they were back when I was a very active seller with sales every day of the week. I agree with many sellers that eBay is taking advantage of the seller and their fees are ridiculous. Someone is making some huge salaries on their staff. It is even difficult to get replies from them IF you can get an email to them. I have made my last sell on eBay. By the way, that 42.25 selling fees did not include the fees that PayPal chared on top of it. Ebay is a total ripoff in my opinion.
rifttrip on 01/31/2013:
there are still decent people using eBay though they are rare. the reason so much fraud happens is because they know they can get away with it they can take the money and close the account or after taking what they want claim something is wrong and still win even if you have proof everything was fine. The thing is eBay is supposed to be a sort of moderator between the transaction happen between the buyer and seller but eBay void the contract that is agreed upon when something is purchased eBay's god complex they don't care as long as they get their share which they collect every time. there are still decent people you just got to look hard harder...........why because at least 25% of eBay users are running a scam and eBay knows it
IGOR on 08/01/2013:
dianahale on 02/01/2014:
Unfortunately a number of buyers are cheats! They decide they no longer want item or they really can't afford it. Today's climate seems to reward liars - I'm sad to say that many young people feel that anything they do is A.O.K. as long as they 'win'! Ebay is complicit in this behavior. No seller is safe - I know there are scurrilous sellers - but for the most part the onus falls on the buyers. Ebay no longer stands behind their sellers - Seller protection is a joke. It's too bad - Ebay started out as a fun auction pastime. Now it is just an iffy place to sell a few unused items. I think I'll try Amazon.
DebtorBasher on 02/02/2014:
Try Webstore.com there are NO seller fees and I've had great success as a buyer and seller. I never use Ebay anymore.
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I Got Kicked Off Ebay!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
To start off, I had well over 100 feedback, all positive. I was wanting to buy a Coach purse for my wife, so I went to Ebay. I found a purse for $99, and the seller was supposedly from Youngstown, Ohio, so I thought since they are here in the United States, I shouldn't have a problem. It was a "Buy it Now" auction and had a quantity of more than 1, so I did the B.I.N. and paid for the purse.

The next day, I noticed it said the auction was cancelled. This was after I already paid. I sent Ebay a message asking what I am supposed to to do. They said since I already paid, I would have to wait and see if I got the item. 2 weeks had passed and still no item. I did the resolution center thing explaining what had happened. Next thing you know, I am kicked off of Ebay!

I called Ebay and asked why I was getting kicked off. They told me they couldn't tell me why because of some b.s. rule they have about privacy or something. I did receive the purse about a month and a half later. I was sent from Beijing, China. A little ways from Youngstown. The thing ended up being a fake obviously. I didn't even give the wife the thing. I was too embarrassed to give her a fake Coach. I ended up selling the thing for $50 and calling it a loss.

I got screwed twice by Ebay and wanted people to know what can happen if you aren't careful. Ebay could give two shiites about you. And don't get me started on selling on Ebay....if someone doesn't pay for your item, you can only ding them with an unpaid item mark. You can't leave negative feedback on the buyer, but they can give you negative feedback.
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trmn8r on 08/23/2012:
That is right - because of retalitory feedback, you can't give buyers negatives. Think about it - what makes a bad buyer? One that doesn't pay. So... Ebay tracks the NPB counter, and a non paying bidder will not last long.

There aren't droves of people being kicked off Ebay, so there must be something unique about your situation.

According to Ebay, when you are suspended, they tell you what you have to due to be reinstated. There is also a suspension appeal process.
Dee on 10/10/2013:
I got kicked off today ..like forever they said...they said my listing on a holiday candle was breaking the rules....and that many of my listings broke the rules.....geeeez still don't know exactly what I did wrong or listed wrong...eBay is the judge jury and hang man...is there another selling venue that is not like this?
schererville on 12/28/2013:
Just one question. Did you pass on to the person you sold the fake Coach bag to for $50.00 that it was fake? Because Coach is huge on prosecuting counterfeiters, so if that person takes it into a Coach store for repairs,cleaning anything, after they are done raking them over the coals they will come looking for you. Even years later.
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eBay Is A Sham.
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
I have used eBay for a long time and have multiple accounts for personal and business uses. Typically I find eBay a great source to sell and purchase things and have never really had any problems, until recently.

I recently listed an item on eBay for sale, a Bearcat wood chipper. After the sale was completed I was notified that my funds are pending and will be for up to 21 days after the sale. Reason being is that this particular account I'm using does not have an extensive sales history (understandable) so I spoke to a customer service supervisor and told them that the buyer is going to pick up the item in 2 days. I was the told that because it was to be a pick up instead of shipping it with a tracking number it was for sure going to take 21 days to release my payment from Paypal. I spoke to Paypal about this and they told me it's all on eBay. That they have to release the funds to us that there is nothing they can do. So I called a supervisor at eBay again and explained the situation. Told them that the buyer is coming in 2 days to pick up the purchased item. And again they told me that I was going to have to wait 21 days to get my payment. I told them that I was not going to do that. That I would not give over my item and wait for 19 more days until I get paid. I told them that I would not honor the sale and would deal with him directly. The supervisor then told me that he would allow the funds to be released after the buyer picked up the item and gave positive feed back. The buyer did both. I called eBay to get the funds released and spoke to a different supervisor. Gave them the case information. He reviewed it and said nope there is nothing we can do about it sorry. He made every excuse in the book not to release the funds and said that the case info has no notes in it but for me to call back. After arguing with this idiot for 10 minutes and his refusals to advance my call to his supervisor needless to say I was furious.

I called a different department and spoke to a different CS agent and she is looking into the situation and will do what ever she can do to help me. And she also read exactly what was in the case notes. And the first supervisor did put in there that a supervisor can release the funds after positive feed back is received and the item is picked up. So that idiot supervisor is a fat lier!!!! Anyway the saga continues...Stay tuned...
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 06/27/2012:
Ebay IS a sham! That is why I always highly recommend Webstore.Com I think you will be very pleased with it as a buyer AND seller...I know I am!
trmn8r on 06/27/2012:
Ebay isn't a sham. These are their terms, and as the OP stated it isn't surprising that Ebay would hold the funds on this item:

"[the] particular account I'm using does not have an extensive sales history (understandable)"

I don't see what the problem is, if the buyer and seller are acting in good faith. With "buyer protection" Ebay could probably claw back the funds in any event if the buyer finds something wrong.

In the old days, all kinds of things could be arranged between buyers and sellers. Unscrupulous traders made them create all kinds of rules. Not a sham - an effort to prevent scams.
DebtorBasher on 06/27/2012:
But, what would stop the buyer from canceling the PayPal payment once they pick up the item, knowing it isn't going through for 21 days? There's no protection for the seller. Unless I'm reading it differently, that's the possibility I see and I know of people who have been scammed by buyers that way...once the buyer sends the item (usually overseas), the buyer will reverse the PayPal payment, knowing their package is already on it's way.
Mario The Great on 06/27/2012:
As in my previous post about Ebay and PayPal, I too am quite annoyed at having to wait 3 weeks to have the funds released. I understand it's done for security of both the buyer and seller, but it truly is quite irritating. There doesn't seem to be a hump that you have to get over to have this eliminated, it looks like regardless of your past, present or future, it's here to stay. Yes DB, I've already enrolled in Webstore.com but my problem is that it doesn't have 1/100th of the buyers/sellers that eBay has. :(
jasonng on 06/30/2012:
Posted by I need weirder names! on 2012-06-28
You're using an account with little history. You're "delivery" method was untraceable.

my delivery method was pick up in person. at which the buyer posted on my eBay feed back that he picked up the item and its in great shape and hes satisified. seems to be pretty good tracking to me. don't know what more you need then the buyers statement that he has the product espically since he is the only on who has asscess to his account and can leave feedback for the transaction. tracking number doesn't prove that the buyer has actually received the item but feed back from the actually buyer does. cannot get any more forward then that. and as an update, I just got off the phone with an eBay supervisor again and he told me that yes I see in the notes that they are supposed to release the funds to you in 24 hrs. its been 48 by the way. and he said that because its not our policy to do so that I can do it for you even though you were promised by now 2 supervisors that the funds would be released. amaazed, tired, confused, frustrated and pissed off. OK I'm done with eBay. I have a truck up for sale for over 20k on eBay. I won't go through this again with the truck. no way. and I know eBay losing my business won't hurt the company but if they loose enough people then maybe just maybe it might sting. one can only hope. and I used to actually like eBay until all this.
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How many fees can you find?
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
Morning all. So, I've been a seller on eBay since Oct. 2000. I've purchased and sold items many times over. (301 stars - 100%) I moved to Mexico last year and decided to start selling stuff on eBay again. I had to create a different account because PayPal won't verify American credit cards while you have a different address.
So, I did that. I sold 3 coins 2 weeks ago and realized some things. The FINAL VALUE fee is 9% of the item. The FINAL VALUE fee on SHIPPING is also 9%. Plus the PayPal Transaction fee of 11%. PLUS my money is held for 3 weeks AND finally, because I am in Mexico, they don't charge to deposit money into my account in the US, but they charge 2 dollars for a checking account here and the exchange rate is approximately 14.5 pesos to one dollar. So, on a 31 dollar coin, including shipping, they've managed to grab 9 bucks.
Holy cow. Of course, I forget to mention the listing fees. Holy mother of Juan Jose. I called today to ask when they started to charge so many dang fees and she tells me that last year they started charging the final value fee on shipping.
When I asked her how eBay is going to retain sellers, she told me, "eBay is not a charitable organization. You can choose NOT to sell on our site."
Wow, I'm at a loss for words. I thanked her for her not so kindness and suggested she take classes on professionalism.

1921 - S Morgan Dollar
251065357722 Shipping and other costs less sales tax: $5.00 (Auction)
May-20-12 22:37:10 PDT
Final Value Fee on Shipping
US $0.45
1921 - S Morgan Dollar
Final price: $26.00 (Auction)
May-20-12 22:35:09 PDT
Final Value fee
US $2.34
1921 - S Morgan Dollar
May-17-12 22:35:07 PDT
PicturePack fee
US $0.75
1921 - S Morgan Dollar
May-17-12 22:35:07 PDT
Insertion fee
20/05/2012 Payment From B A Completed - Funds not yet available ... $31.00 USD -$1.70 USD $29.30 USD
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/08/2012:
I have been on Ebay about the same amount of time, and have the same amount of transactions.

Yes, I realized all about the transaction fees, the fee on shipping, etc. And then I had to accept PayPal and there was a fee for that. I don't use Ebay much anymore. It used to be a fun experience (mostly) and more rewarding. Now it feels like I am working with the devil.
Mario The Great on 06/08/2012:
Yeah, I get the same feeling except it sure feels like the devil is a subsidiary of eBay and PayPal.
DebtorBasher on 06/08/2012:
Get your butt over to Webstore.com there are NO seller fees at all and the listings are free! They have other payment options if you don't like using PayPal...though PayPal IS an option if you DO want to use them.

Check them out.... webstore.com
DebtorBasher on 06/08/2012:
Sellers now try to push those fees over to the buyer's by charging more on shipping and adding it into their starting prices. I quit buying because it just isn't worth it and I quit selling because again, it just isn't worth it. Not enough protection for the sellers.
trmn8r on 06/08/2012:
Do Sellers accept S&H Green Stamps at Webstore, basher?
DebtorBasher on 06/08/2012:
I can not answer that, for you failed to capitalize the 'B' in Basher. I will have to punish you by removing your from the spanking machine for 24 hours.
Mario The Great on 06/08/2012:
You do realize that webstore.com is owned by Ebay? It was set up to compete with Craigslist. :P It's nice, but it doesn't have the quantity that eBay does. I'll try it though.
DebtorBasher on 06/08/2012:
No, I did not know that, but I know the format is just like Ebay's. Saving on all those fees alone is still worth it, I've been happy with it.
Churro on 06/08/2012:
Outstanding review Mario. I got kicked off E-Bay a decade ago for selling eternal salvation. Heck, I offered 100 times your money back if you went to hell after you died. And you know I just charged a one-time upfront fee instead of the perpetual cut of your pay (gross not net) the competitors charge. I ask you who else offers that kind of guarantee and straight forward pricing? Eh, I have no use for Ebay.

Good review!
Mario The Great on 06/08/2012:
That was funny Churro. I almost got kicked off of Ebay for selling pinto beans. I guess my advertisement shouldn't of stated, "Similar to MAGIC JUMPING BEANS" Meh, it could be worse. I just enrolled in webstore.com and it looks very promising. Except for the verification by PayPal. I have my own credit card terminal here, I wonder if I could simply post ACCEPT VISA/MC over the phone...
madconsumer on 06/08/2012:
very helpful review, and voted as such!!
DebtorBasher on 06/08/2012:
Ebay pulled one of my items off their auction because someone was 'offended' by it. Even with my 'disclaimer' I posted on my auction! The auction was just about over anyway, so I contacted the highest bidder and sold it to them anyway. Bunch of whiners!!!
madconsumer on 06/08/2012:
best part of webstore.com they will not allow adult related items to be sold, and will ban the seller. seems like a pretty safe place to sell and buy.
Mario The Great on 06/08/2012:
WHAT? They don't allow adult items? Well, better rethink my strategy. Wait, I'm lost. What's step 2 if step 1 is a failure?
DebtorBasher on 06/08/2012:
There's always the 'Self Help' category....LOL!
madconsumer on 06/08/2012:
I know mario, that is why I have platinum status at my local porn shop.
Mario The Great on 06/08/2012:
LMAO!!! Here they have Sex Shops. You walk in and you can find a wide variety of lingerie and even some condoms. That's it. It's really weird here. You can't find a place that sells videos or adult equipment. It has something to do with the Catholic church and their paws being on 88% of all Mexicans. Here's another fun fact: You can name your child whatever you want. So as long as its on the governments list of pre-approved names. Seriously. I went to go get my children birth certificates based on our birth here and we were told that we would have to pick a different name for Baylee Allison and that Joshua Tyler would be changed to Josue and lose the Tyler.
trmn8r on 06/08/2012:
I was wondering how this thread turned to sex. Sex, sex, sex. I've bought numerous adult items (yes, ALL movies!) on Ebay. I'd miss not being able to do so.
madconsumer on 06/08/2012:
eBay allows all adult items. webstore does not.
DebtorBasher on 06/08/2012:
8er...was that YOU who bought those from me??? Man-O-Man, It's a small world afterall!!!
jktshff1 on 06/08/2012:
Cost of doing business
Old Timer on 06/08/2012:
We left eBay long ago. Mario just confirmed once again what a great move it was in leaving.
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Ebay "customer service"
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
The agent on this particular call (9:00) didn't seem to understand what I was asking most of the time, and for the entire time tried to feed me answers as rapidly as possible to end the call, and when I continued to ask questions basically responded with the same answers and told me to have a good day. This obviously left me pretty surprised and disappointed at eBay customer service.

I then called the call center back at 9:15 to speak to a supervisor. I explained that I wanted to speak to a supervisor regarding customer service after being told angrily by the agent that she needed a reason to transfer me to a supervisor. She put me on “hold” for a few minutes while she “found” the supervisor, all the while I could hear background noise, and was hung up on after several minutes of listening to background noise.
I called back at 9:19. This time I didn't even get to speak to a live person, and was disconnected less than a minute after being greeted by the automatic response saying all available agents were currently busy.
I was finally able to connect with a supervisor after calling back at 9:23. Again I asked for a supervisor, and after explaining what it was about I was abruptly told to stay on the line.

After waiting on hold for about ten minutes, I spoke with "F". I communicated to him the experiences I'd had with customer service that day (3/29/12), and that I felt the employee was being rushed to finish calls and therefore unable to provide customers with good service, being unable to listen fully to the customer's problem due to time constraints. "F" stated that an internal affairs investigation was opened and that I would not be contacted about its results or about my suggestion that employee call time limits be examined. We talked in circles, with me repeating my problem and "F" repeating that there was no possible way for me to be contacted regarding policy change, and the only thing he could do was file a report on the agent. I emphasized that I didn't want to get the employee in trouble, that I wanted the policy on talk time limits to be looked at as it seemed obvious that it limited customer service agent's abilities to do their job, and that at the very least whether I would be compensated for time and aggravation. No, this was not possible either. So what I wanted to have happen—a written or spoken response to my suggestion of policy change—wasn't going to happen, and neither would eBay compensate me in any way for their poor policies and customer service.

For the first time in ten years of eBay membership, and with over 100 feedback without a single negative review, I'm seriously considering canceling my account. Hopefully eBay gets it together, as they offer what I used to find a great service.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 03/30/2012:
I don't know of any company that will compensate customers for poor or weak customer service, or that will discuss changes to its policies. They should provide someone who will listen if a problem arises, and take comments/suggestions. It seems like you were able to have that discussion.

What was the original problem that you were attempting to resolve?
Anonymous on 03/30/2012:
Talk times are not something that a supervisor has any control over. Those are set into place by management higher up in the company. I work in a call center, and we need a reason before we can transfer to a sup. The reason behind that is because some problems can be resolved without a sup having to get involved. A sup is not always available to speak to right away and you may have to be put on hold for a while before one becomes available. Compensation for long hold times or bad customer service usually doesn't happen
bluetokamak on 03/30/2012:
@trmn8r: I have been compensated by Amazon for a problem with my prime account...they gave me a year free because it took forever to sort out the problems I was having with it, and different people kept telling me different things.

The original problem was about an eBay case resolution, and the agent pretty much answered the questions, but again forced me off the phone which pissed me off.

@littleshorty: I figured that much, and asked that my suggestion be carried up to those who can change it. Wishful thinking I guess, they can't deal with everyone's opinions. I've just never had that quality of customer service from any company, didn't really have any problems with eBay before.
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Why you should never buy or sell on eBay
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I recently sold on eBay. 100% feedback, Top Rated Seller status, impeccable policy compliance and multitudes of return customers. Sounds great doesn't it. Well you'd be wrong. I will never, ever, sell on eBay again. Within the space of 2 days, despite the above, I ended in closing my account due to eBay's appalling behavior in refusing to punish members inflating item prices by falsely reporting them claiming they are in violation of eBay terms of use and as such colluding in what I interpret to be fraud.

I had an item removed in such a manner, then spent 4 hours on the phone with eBay before finally getting it re-instated and forcing eBay to issue an email admitting fault. I then filed a complaint against those members who had submitted false information in order to get the item removed in the first place, because it was competing at a lower price than those that had themselves listed. EBay's response? Nothing.

And not just nothing, much worse. Not only did they refuse to punish the people responsible for trying to damage my reputation, they then threatened me with policy violations when I had the nerve to author an eBay guide which informed others of what had occurred. Apparently eBay only cares about providing a safe and informed environment when it isn't their own level of safety or the lack of enforcing policy bought into question.

I was contacted with a message from eBay Trust & Safety (what a joke) informing me that if I didn't remove or edit the guide I would be hit with policy violations (despite the fact that the information contained within it was 100% true and accurate) a message I interpreted to be a form of blackmail. When I refused to comply they did indeed issue multiple violations, effectively destroying my business. And this again despite a spotless record, 100% feedback and Top Rated Seller status.

To say I'm disgusted doesn't even come close. They refuse to punish long term members engaged in fraudulent behavior, thus in effect colluding in it, punish those who speak out, then claim in messages to the innocent party they are only acting in the best interest of eBay as a whole. My advice, never buy anything on eBay again. You are simply getting ripped of by a company and selling environment that cares nothing for honesty or integrity.
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User Replies:
onlooker on 03/06/2012:
e-bay admitted fault and corrected the situation.
I feel you should have stopped there. Instead you decided to rub their noses in it with the guide. They gave you an option that would let you stay. You chose not to take it. They got mad and refused to let you use their platform to sell. Their ball, their rules, just like on the playground.
Success on another platform is the best revenge.
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Just Horrible!!!
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
TEXAS -- I wish I was a seller so I could boycott, but instead I will not be buying anything from this E-bay or through Paypal again! Paypal overrode my shipping address preferences, and then customer service tells me that even though I put in the shipping address I wanted it to be sent to, that they sent it to my primary address. I haven't used that address in 4 years, did not ask for it to be sent there, and was never told that it was going to go to a "primary address" instead of the address I put in, or that the address was even on my account anymore. They sure got my credit card and billing address correct though! Which is sup rising to me, considering most companies will not ship a product to an address that is not the same as the billing without talking to the bank/credit card company. On top of that I called Monday and a representative told me he would take care of it. I did not receive an e-mail the next day like I was told, so I called today, and the first guy told me he had no clue where my products were, or how to find them, and that he could not do anything because it was my fault I did not update my account first. I tried to explain to him that I have not used this account in at least 4 years, had no clue what was even on my account because it did not take me to that page, and that I had put in the correct address I waned it to be sent to. The guy would not allow me to talk to a manager when I requested one, and was so rude I had to hang up on him. When I called back a lady tells me that they can't contact sellers, that the guy had lied to me, and that they would "take action against him". So finally, the lady helps me find the numbers to contact the sellers, and every number was out of business or had not set up its voicemail. E-bay has become so vague on its practices it is unreal. How can they override a shipping address without a confirmation or at least clause explaining the "primary address". E-bay has horrible customer service skills, and is obviously in dire need of a complete new system (no one seems happy, but the horrible representatives), or at the very least, an update that allows buyers to decide where their products will be shipped to. Shop Amazon, I haven't had one problem from them!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 02/01/2012:
"Paypal overrode my shipping address preferences,"

Wow, that stinks. I never had that happen. I've always chosen my address, and that is where it gets sent. Sorry that happened to you.

I guess one lesson learned here is not to leave old addresses on file with Ebay - not that it is your fault that PayPal used one you didn't choose.
Susan on 02/01/2012:
Many eBay sellers will only ship to the "verified address" on file.
At Your Service on 02/02/2012:
I thought the same thing Susan. There are good reasons for this policy.
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Dangerous, fire causing item. I left feedback and Ebay removed it?
Posted by on
Dangerous, fire causing item. I left feedback and Ebay removed it?
Dec 21, 2011 04:35 PM

This is the item 330656117998

I bought one of these and it came with a handwritten letter on how to make it work. It said to charge it 5-6 times.

Commonly, when you buy an item, it works when you get it-not this.

I followed the written instructions and charged the batteries for 5-6 hours [I did 5] It remained dead. I contacted the seller and was told it may need multiple charges to start working. I noticed the unit and charger got "VERY HOT" and sent an Ebay message to the seller. He just said to keep recharging it.

This went back and forth many days.

Finally, I charged it the 5th time for the full 6 hours and it burned up inside. I blew the fire out and breathed in some awful burn odor??? This seller had promised me, that if I continued to recharge it daily and it ended up not working, he would also cover my return shipping cost. So, I jumped his hoops for him. When I told the seller it burned, he was short with me. I told him, if it were me and I had endangered someone's home with a possible house fire [had I left it on the charger while away] I would be apologetic. He just got nasty and said I intentionally overcharged it. I put in a "Dispute" Ebay found in my favor.

I left him negative feedback and mentioned the danger of this unit overheating and causing a fire.

When I got home tonight, my neg feedback had been removed by Ebay.

I guess Ebay is willing to risk fire and death, to continue making $ off this sellers units?

They are supposed to be "Refurbished" but all they have done, is bypass the protective circuitry and cobbed in a 2nd charge port, that goes directly to the battery.
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User Replies:
dswellton on 12/21/2011:
Thank you for bringing this to the publics attention. I am appalled that Ebay would remove your comment. Obviously they are protecting their own "bread and butter" rather than the welfare of their customers. I stopped dealing with Ebay several years ago due to their lack of concern for the customer. Hopefully others will wake up and remove Ebay from their "favorites" list and stop dealing with them also. As a side note - PayPal isn't much better. Watch them carefully.
trmn8r on 12/21/2011:
I believe the reason the feedback was removed is that the transaction was nullified by Ebay as a result of your Dispute.

Were you given a refund?

Feedback may be removed because:
"At the time the item ended or the Feedback was left, either member participating in the transaction was unable to form a legally binding contract" If you left the feedback after the dispute you are no longer in a contract is what I am guessing. While you may want to "warn others" you don't have that right if the transaction is negated.

In my experience Ebay doesn't remove feedback without a definite reason.
Bill on 12/22/2011:
I would never buy anything from Ebay.
Also feedback from a purchaser should not be removed unless it was found to be inaccurate or malicious. In this case it doesn't appear to be.
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Another form of cyber bullying !!
Posted by on
I was interested in an item and sent the seller two emails...one questioning why such a light weight item was so expensive to ship..if there were other options as the shipping and her handling chargers were almost as much as the item. I received a very terse response. My second email asked if she would take $5.00 less on the item that was 30.00 plus over 20 dollars shipping and handling. Her reply was "No Thanks".

I decided that even though the item was not worth her asking price plus shipping and handleing -that I wanted the item...It was a "buy it now"...I tried to buy it only to find that the seller had BLOCKED me !! JZ what a non professional, rude, Queen B. I had my husband buy the item...and when the item arrived. I expressed my opionon of the seller and her tactics...as 1 star across the board and wrote that she was non professional and rude. The next thing I know Queen B has Ebay suspending me ! The worst part of the whole story is Pay Pals part in this. Pay Pal is a banking enity for all intents and purposes. Ebay got Pay Pal to look in their records to find out the link between my account and hubbys account ! How legal is that ?? My opinion of the transaction is my opinion. Ebay has no right to attempt to punish me because the seller didn't like my opinion...and yet the seller has the right to block any one for any and no reason...Isn't that a little like sentencing someone without a fair trial. I have cancelled my eBay account and will do the same for the Pay Pal account. There are too many companies that know how to operate in a profession business like way. Where the tooty fruty does Ebay get their expample of how to run a business....Iranian Govt or the likes ??
Ebay....you get NO STARS !!
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User Replies:
spiderman2 on 12/19/2011:
I'm no eBay expert, but sounds like you were blocked because the seller knew you were going to complain about the item and/or shipping price. She chose not to do business with you, which is not illegal. You did an end run around her and I suspect that is why you were suspended. I'm not going to get into if its right or wrong but it seems to me to be a somewhat natural consequence.
ontario_girl on 12/19/2011:
The feedback system on Ebay is not necessarily your opinion but a truthful review of the item for sale. Was it as described in the ad? Did it arrive in good condition? Did it arrive in a timely fashion? And the feedback is supposed to reflect the transaction that was made (on your husband's account)--NOT of the one that wasn't made because you were blocked because she chose not to do business with you.
trmn8r on 12/19/2011:
"Ebay got Pay Pal to look in their records to find out the link between my account and hubbys account ! How legal is that ??"

It is evidently perfectly legal. Ebay has a long history of fighting fraud - one element of that is identifying links between Ebay accounts.

I think Ebay acted completely appropriately. Ebay is not a bartering site - if you don't like the price or shipping charges disclosed in the ad, you should move on. You question the seller's "tactics," but how is the seller to view yours?

Trust is an important ingredient for the community. Blocking another user is a tool made available so that when one user doesn't trust another (for their own reasons) they can choose to not get involved with them in transactions.
trmn8r on 12/19/2011:
Great advice, ontario_girl. Spot on.
Churro on 12/19/2011:
I have no use for Ebay whatsoever. I do recall at one time they had rules against onerous shipping charges. In fact my friend got banned from eBay for selling things for a penny and then making up the difference with the shipping charges. You should turn this seller into Ebay. Who knows you might get them banned. Eh, it's worth a shot.
DebtorBasher on 12/19/2011:
I have left Ebay and started selling on Webstore.com they are MUCH, MUCH more customer friendly whether you're a buyer or seller. They don't charge seller OR buyer fees because they are paid through advertisers. You should check them out, I've been very happy with them. You are not forced to use PayPal if you don't want to ...they have another option called 'Google Checkout'. Not sure how Google Checkout works, but I think I'll check into that as well.
CowboyFan on 12/19/2011:
Yes, the OP was cyber bullying as the title states. The term is shipping "and handling," which means it can be, and usually is, more than the actual shipping charges. Nothing wrong with that. It constitutes pure bullying to put negative ratings against a seller, because you do not like their policies - that affects their ability to sell. If you do not want to spend the money for the item as listed, move on. If ultimately the listed price is too expensive, next time it might be listed for less.
Anonymous on 12/19/2011:
Thanks. I'm going to ck out Webstore.com
Churro on 12/19/2011:
I do believe charging over 20 bucks in shipping for a 30 dollar item probably violates Ebay's policy.

"Fee Circumvention Rules for Excessive Shipping Costs

Unreasonable shipping or handling costs - The seller may add a reasonable shipping and handling fee to the final price of the item, but may not charge excessive shipping and handling fees, excessive required insurance fees, or excessive (or not applicable) taxes in an effort to make the item appear artificially inexpensive, to avoid eBay fees, or for any other purposes. A shipping and handling fee may cover the seller's reasonable costs for mailing, packaging, and handling the item. Shipping and handling fees may not be listed as a percentage of the final sale price. Please see the complete Excessive Shipping and Handling policy for more details."
CowboyFan on 12/19/2011:
The purpose of the Fee Circumvention Rule appears to make sure sellers pay the right fee for selling on e-bay. Without knowing what the item is, it is impossible to tell what is a reasonable shipping cost is by price alone, e.g. a fragile $3.00 figurine may warrant a $10.00 shipping fee because of the packaging and box required to guarantee its intact arrival.
Churro on 12/19/2011:
That's very true CowbowFan. We don't know what the item is however the OP does and they seem to indicate the shipping charges are excessive. How can I possibly dispute the OP's claim armed with only ignorance.
DebtorBasher on 12/19/2011:
Ebay wouldn't even allow me to say, 'Insurance is recommended but at buyer's risk if not taken'. I was told I have to included the price for the insurance in the postage...but the insurance depended on the price the customer paid, which we wouldn't know until AFTER the auction was over!
They would not allow me to accept money orders, only PayPal...they STINK! They forgot it was us little people that made them successful. Now, it's all about Ebay Stores and merchants...while those of us selling personal belongings and collectibles are tossed aside.
DebtorBasher on 12/19/2011:
I've been charged $5.00 for an item with no insurance, and it was sent to me through regular mail with a .42 postage stamp on it. THAT'S over charging! I was never like that with my shipping. I've always refunded the difference to the buyer if they paid more than it cost me to ship it. You'd be surprised how much that means to people who get that extra back, even if it's .30 cents.
trmn8r on 12/19/2011:
DB, Ebay's position on insurance now is, the responsibility to get an item safely delivered is the *Seller's*. This is a relatively new policy.

So, if you don't mention insurance in your ad, the *assumption* defaults to "the item will arrive safely". If it doesn't, the *Seller* is responsible.

The language "at the "buyer's risk" is clearly in conflict with the policy, and thus not allowed. Therefore, you have to plan accordingly - it is tricky, because if you boost "Shipping and Handling" to cover insurance, it looks like you are charging unreasonable shipping. As CowboyFan says, the Buyer often can't determine what is reasonable and what isn't. It's a bit of a mess, and I didn't figure out the best way to do it in my last few sales.
trmn8r on 12/19/2011:
DB, just read your edited version...

Yes, Ebay is catering to large sellers now, and we who helped make Ebay what they are are left in the dust. It used to be so flexible, and whether because of fraudulent trading partners or greed on the part of Ebay/PayPal, or something in between, it's very restrictive now and also expensive. As an early adopter, and honest person, it's still hard to accept.
Slimjim on 12/19/2011:
Justified or not, the seller felt uncomfortable with doing business with you and blocked you from purchasing. You used another account to bypass the block, and then hit the seller with bad feedback just the same because they wouldn't break price. 1 star across the board may also have been considered unfair or retaliatory feedback, since you are rating more about the transaction than just shipping costs and communication.. Either issues are probably against some terms of service clause.
trmn8r on 12/19/2011:
You are absolutely correct, Slimjim. It is against the Ebay TOS to do that.
Skye on 12/19/2011:
Hey DB, thanks for the Webstore tip! They have some pretty cool stuff on there.
Skye on 12/19/2011:
I don't think it's cyber bullying if a seller chooses not to do business with you.

She didn't want to sell her item at the price you wanted to pay, and that's her right.

Whatever the item was, hope you are enjoying it, because you ended up receiving it, by going around her block. Is your husband happy with the purchase?
DebtorBasher on 12/19/2011:
8er, I can't even remember the other things I tried to post in my ads that I used to always state. I know they changed TOO much. Every time I tried to post my ad, it would come back telling me I had to change this and change that...I said, 'Goodbye' and like with Chase, I ran as far aways as I could and I never looked back.
The seller is ALLOWED to block you on 12/20/2011:
It doesn't matter if annoys you. or if you think it rude.
the seller is allowed to block you.

And eBay is allowed to suspend you when you violate the TOS.

making new accounts to harass someone for daring to ignore you? Not allowed.

If you don't like it... well to be honest... the seller and eBay owe you nothing. even if your feelings got hurt that they told you "no"
Shadow on 01/01/2012:
eBay offers the option to sellers of blocking problematic buyers from bidding or buying, and it sounds as though they made use of that in this case. If you like an item enough, you will pony up the amount the seller is asking - as a buyer, there have been times I thought the cost of something was a little bit high, but I paid anyway because I wanted the item and I knew if I didn't buy it, someone else would. And as a seller, I always block problem sellers from bidding in my auctions because I refuse to get negative feedback when I can't ding the buyer in return.

The seller did nothing wrong, eBay did nothing wrong, Paypal did nothing wrong. Shipping can get very expensive
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E-Bay and PayPal are a bunch of Crooks!
Posted by on
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- E-Bay has given me heartburn for years but unfortunately for years were the only game in town to sell items coast to coast. Over 8 years ago they harassed me for $63 in charges they said I owed. After three months I paid it. Then I found out that overpaid by $63. For all of that time from a number of phone calls, E-mails, and letters I have received no satisfaction and that issue remains unresolved. Finally January 13th, 2011 paid off Bill Me Later $537 and "closed" out my account through E-Bay plus PayPal vowing I would never have anything to do with them again. About a month ago they said I owed $95 from that account with charges starting Feb 2011? I tried to find out what they were and my account E-Bay plus PayPal said was "hacked!" There is a "LOCK" on the account and I cannot determine what they are neither will they tell me. But "wait" they say make out a Police REport-for $95 state to state without knowing the charges? They would laugh me out of the police Station! In the meantime now the 11/13/11 statement says I owe $174.04 with late charges? I have gone through five reps I know with and they REFUSED to give me the name of their supervisor! Now I am up for Collection! They cannot tell me what the charges are telling me to go into an account that is "blocked". Absolutely Foolish! E-Bay and PayPal now think they are "above" the law-I think not! I have utter disgust for such underhanded tactics. They tell me to PAY the bill then take it up with Frauds division locally-are they a 50 state agency like the FBI or CIA-I think not! They need a lesson in customer service! And they never gave me the $63 back from 8 years ago saying I should go in under my password. Never could retrieve it or talk to someone for hours over the phone-other venues such as letters "no" response. Crazy just crazy!
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User Replies:
FORD8N147 on 10/23/2011:
Moved From Other Review: Ah the horrors of a Great Stephen King thriller! Shades of Christine or Children of The Corn. How could you get any better? Throw in JAWS or the multiple SAW movies and you have just a "clue" to the blood thirsty business tactics of Bill Me Later. Only owe a $95 bill (alleged-not proven) report it as FRAUD then still pay it as it is your PROBLEM! But wait with late charges for a bill not created nor incurred by you after an account was closed 9 months ago it is now $174 plus change. Gee isn't that nice 5 reps talked to but steadfastly refusing to name their supervisors. Gosh isn't that just dandy! Got the money but they can't tell me what the charges are nor can I as the account was hacked and E-Bay has locked any access to it for "my" protection. Wow isn't that just jim dandy! Disgusted with E-Bay, PayPal, and the whole huge bunch of fees, changed regulations, and the rest of that insane stonewalling to try to even contact them for a problem. Boycott E-Bay and drive them out of business....
At Your Service on 10/23/2011:
Paying for the charges is the equivalent to accepting said charges. eBay or PayPal aren't going out of business anytime soon. If your really didn't think you owed the charges, you have the right to dispute said charges and make sure they are reported as such on any credit report per The Fair Debt Collections Act and The Fair Credit Reporting Act.
MDSasquatch on 10/24/2011:
Once it is in collections, there isn't much they will do for you, but you are in luck. A collector will eventually contact you; be friendly with them and simply request PROOF of the debt in WRITING. They are required by law to send this to you. After you get this paperwork, evaluate the debt and proceed from there; you may even have the option to negotiate the debt with the collector if you find out that the debt is valid.
trmn8r on 10/24/2011:
Great advice MDSasquatch. The OP needs to know what to do moving forward. Asking for proof of the debt sounds like a logical first step.
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