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eBay's Discriminatory Practices
By -

Like many, I too was suspended by eBay. Superficially, they were right to suspend me. The problem is that there are close to 1000 others selling the same items I was. They are there making money while I am prevented. Something occurred this past week regarding a case they lost in Europe that they allow people like us to sell that augers well for suspended eBayers.

The irony is eBay's statement following the ruling: "Today's ruling is not about our fight against counterfeits; today's ruling is about an attempt by LVMH to protect uncompetitive commercial practices at the expense of consumer choice and the livelihood of law-abiding sellers that eBay empowers every day". They argue for us in court and against us to our faces.

I offered eBay a solution: "I am an eBay seller who you have not empowered. If you do not want us selling these items then you must invest into policing and make sure that keyword searches like mine come up with minimal names and not the same names every day. It is not the daunting task you publicly state. If you did that, I would have no argument. If you are not willing to do this, then you must allow us to do our thing.

"I also feel very strongly that you should not listen to other sellers' complaints. What would prevent seller 'A', who is a competitor of, or one to become a competitor, from complaining about seller 'B'. 'B' gets suspended and 'A' takes 'B's business. I suggest you follow a fair policy. Let me back on and let me do my thing. The day you tell me that you know who we all are, I will be happy to withdraw all the items in question. Now we are all gone and the playing field is level.

"In preparation for this day, I will not have as many questionable items and will build an inventory of items directed to a different buyer with no possibility of question. We all win. If you receive a specific complaint regarding my listings, I will immediately remove those listings for at least one month. I will work closely with you. All I ask is that I be treated equally, not favorably."

I inserted the above because eBay asked me for my input on how to solve the problem. Strange, their response did not address my suggestion. I know I have touched a sore point. They are caught in a serious contradiction. This empowers us and maybe if we all got together eBay may treat us fairly. In their suspension letter they gave me the email of the company who reported me. I sent numerous emails and left telephone messages. No response. Yet, I believe they are bound to respond. Another strange situation.

My question to you: are you interested in complaining about your suspension or do you want to make a little noise and make this a major public outcry? I think, for now, a class action is not supportable. Ebay suspend a small percentage of violators keeping our numbers down. I am one of maybe 50 in my category while they keep 1,000 others on board.

If you have suggestions, let us hear from you. We cannot allow this bully the right to discriminate. We must find ways to beat them or have them suspend every rule breaker. Please reply directly with your suggestions and also include these reply publicly. Thank you.

Emails From eBay
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Rating: 1/51

I absolutely HATE this company. I will never buy from them again. I get so much stupid spam emails flooding my email account. The site wasn't allowing me to change my email settings on my phone so I emailed them to ask them to please stop flooding my mail but it only made it 10 times worse!!! Talk about harassing customers, that's what eBay is doing.

Not Customer Service AT ALL
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Rating: 1/51

Ebay took seller's side after I received a wrong item and the seller stopped talking to me. People who picked up the phone (supposedly supervisors) didn't speak English and were from overseas. Other supervisor talked as a robot, didn't care what I was saying, only concern about the script he was reading. Very frustrating experience.

2 Way or 4 Way They GET You
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Rating: 1/51

PRESTONSBURG, KENTUCKY -- I am on disability and was trying to make it. I sold items over $600.00 in a month and a half, yet there is a low amount in my account, the rest went for items listed. Then I sold an item worth $170.00. Now it is on hold because buyer said she did not get it. I gave information that showed I mailed it. Don't sell out of the USA, you get ripped off. That money was taken out of my account and put in her's, after eBay/PayPal had been told at customs that my item was there, still on hold.

I retained a lawyer with some friends of mine that had been through the same thing. Right now, our group has grown to 143 people. We are taking our downloads and tracking numbers, and printed where it shows. We will not be cheated anymore. I lost items, but no more! I want justice. We are also going to squeaky, also to the B.B.B.

Terrible Customer Service! Buyer Beware!
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Rating: 1/51

NY, NEW YORK -- I needed some "no smoking" stickers to place on the front door of my rental properties. I went to a local place and they want $5-20 per sign. So I checked on eBay and found some for $3 each. I purchased 10. The seller had a good rating, over 90,000 transactions, so I figured he was sound.

A couple of weeks later I get a package from Sam's Club. Inside are 10 stickers that say "store hours". Wrong item. So I contact the seller through EBay. The seller says, according to eBay's rules, I am to pay the postage and return the items to a different address (not back to Sam's Club). I emailed them back saying, "this problem was not created by me, the seller shipped the wrong item, the seller should fix the problem and pay the shipping. It is his error." Then they email me a link to print a label to ship the 10 pieces of paper back. Great, except I do not have a printer.

I again email the seller suggesting he either send me the product I ordered and throw in a return label or just mail me a return label. I never heard from the seller again. Big effort on his part to fix his mistake. So I took it up with eBay. And I won! They emailed me a link to print out a label to send the product back for a full refund (when I escalated the case, I told them I did not have a printer).

Finally, I got someone on the phone at eBay. They said eBay does not have a printer either and that I would have to waste my time, gas and money driving the several miles into town to find a place (library was their suggestion) and drag in my tower computer to have the label printed so I can return the item for a refund.

Now maybe I am just a little old fashion, but where I come from if you screw something up, you make it right. Where I come from the customer is always right. Not at eBay. At eBay if the seller screws up, it is the buyer's responsibility to fix the problem. Nice!

You can have all the "great" reviews in the world, you can have the highest customer rating ever recorded. But you only get one chance to screw me over eBay/Paypal. Never again will I make that mistake! Now is anyone interested in some "Store Hours" signs, I have 10 for sale, cheap!

NO protection for the sellers!
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Rating: 1/51

CLARKSVILLE, TN -- After being a seller for over a year, I can completely and truthfully say eBay is more than completely unfair to sellers. I have a 100% feedback score, yet I still have all these problems. Yes I have my fair share of buyers with great communication, fast payments, and no problems at all. However, here recently I have dealt with such HORRIBLE customers. Customers that do not read the items listing or description, then open a case on me, and demand their money back. Buyers that know they are not buying a brand new item, yet when they get it expected it to be absolutely brand new.

I just recently had a case opened up on me because the buyer did not read the listing, yet continued to bid on the item over and over. The buyer had the item for over two weeks before they "all the sudden" wanted their money back. They then argue with me via emails over the eBay rules and regulations that are clearly stated, saying I was the one wrong. A case is then opened up on me and of course eBay sided with this absurd buyer. Clearly the buyer NOT reading the listing was MY fault. The buyer then waited another week to even mail the item back to me. I then never received my final cost fees back or listing fees, as I haven't in the other few cases I had to refund.

It is obnoxious that the buyers go through so much to offer items on eBay, then in the end the buyers are the ones that get screwed. One particular buyer that did not read my products description and listing thoroughly and cussed and fussed with me for what seemed like days, demanding their money back, broke my product in the process, ended up with their money back and me a useless product that I can't even resale. This is also a buyer that could not even make legible sentences, that it literally took me several times reading over their horrid emails to make sense of it.

Now this person has been suspended and kicked off eBay because I'm sure they were doing the same thing to several other people. I know not all buyers are outstanding, just as all sellers are not. With all this trouble, stress, and money I have lost over eBay not protecting their sellers I will not be selling on eBay much longer. It's about a joke of a company.

E-Bay Punishes Buyers
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Rating: 1/51

I have in the last few months purchased on eBay hundreds of items and returned about 10% of them. All returns, without exception, were due to items being not as described, and with only two exceptions. I had to pay return shipping for these misrepresented items. I asked questions ahead of time to confirm what I would expect to receive, but still received items that were warped and broken, wool sweaters that had moth holes or were rendered completely unusable from improper laundering, among other misrepresentations.

I really did not mind paying to return items that were misrepresented. I chalked it up to the fact that everyone is human, and sellers overlook things sometimes. I also realize that to buy on eBay is to assume some risk of this nature.

My reward for this? My account has been suspended because of too many returns outside seller's return policies. A review of sellers I purchased from showed me a true and interesting fact. Nearly all the returns I had to make because items were misrepresented were purchased from sellers with no-return policies. I found only one item returned to a seller who allowed returns.

Stupid me, thinking I was allowed to protect my own interests while shopping on eBay. One of my "bad" returns was due to my cancelling a purchase from a buyer with a no-return policy who was bidding on her own auctions to raise the price. A review of bids on her recent completed auctions showed a zero-feedback bidder for the last three months, had 100% of their bids with this seller, along with 26 bid retractions. I reported this seller to eBay twice, and yet this seller has not been suspended. And to make it worse, she is listed as a top-rated seller.

Ebay touts their buyer protection. But in reality, the buyer is the one who is punished, unless the buyer doesn't mind keeping things that were not as described and absorbing the loss. Casual, occasional buying might work on eBay, but if someone wants to make a majority of their purchases on eBay, it is not possible unless they are willing to accept financial loss for items that are misrepresented.

Overall, less-than-careful and/or dishonest sellers are undermining the entire eBay experience. Most sellers are excellent; I've found some of my best and most interesting clothing and collectibles there. It is a shame. I will miss eBay; to lose the ability to make purchases and sell items I no longer want is a big disappointment. What a strange way to treat a good customer (since 2002, 1100+ feedback, 100% positive as both a buyer and a seller).

Ebay Buyer Protection Sounds Good But Has Loopholes
By -

Ebay's Buyer Protection sounds foolproof and is when buyers and sellers stay in the system. There are major loopholes easily exploited by experienced scammers. I've lost a considerable amount of money due to Ebay's policies. I have all dated documentation of this transaction paper trail on file. Yes, I checked feedback and seller rating before buying, even emailed with a few questions to check out their response.

Placed order, company based in Lithuania which never arrived. I write this 47 days after order "shipped." Seller always replied with polite emails saying order on the way, insisting all was well, sent bogus tracking numbers. 45 days later after going through EBAY BUYER PROTECTION PLAN, seller sent a refund for 1 $61.00 necklace, responded to Ebay representative saying he'd refunded the payment. Ebay case was closed because he said he'd refunded my money and supplied a Paypal Unique Transaction number. Basically he refunded $61.00 and made a profit of $413.00 because 45 days had passed so a new case can't be opened.

Since Ebay interpreted the partial refund as meaning he'd refunded the entire $474.00, the case was declared resolved and could not be reopened. Ebay insisted there is no way around this, their policy 'does not cover deviations like this'. The system says deadline has passed, resolution was accomplished by a refund, case closed. This was like a bad dream. First there was the HOURS of wearing a headset and waiting for my call to be taken or a chat line to open. Ebay representatives rattle off patronizing remarks, telling me to open a case and ignoring my response that their Ebay programming software won't allow me to do this. It was like talking to a robot!

My loss was the direct result of Ebay allowing seller to drag out process past 45 days by appearing to comply and Ebay telling me to be patient. Now I've taken the case to Paypal and had my bank refuse payment. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE SELLING ON EBAY. There are several ways around the system and EBAY supports the sellers in perpetuating these SCAMS. YOU HAVE NO PROTECTION IF THE CROOKS KNOW THESE LOOPHOLES.

Ebay Customer Service
By -

I have been an eBay Member for several years and have always told others of their responsiveness and the ease of getting a hold of customer service. I even sold my car on eBay! So today was an incredible disappointment. Compliant #1 - Access to eBay's customer service is a frustrating, prohibitive, daunting and confusing experience. Firstly, I clicked on Contact Us to find that I was redirected to a search and browse section. No phone number & no email. No option to get customer service.

After about 15-20 minutes I have no idea what I clicked on, but I did get a phone number option. When I called I received a MENU of options which did not fit my needs thus, I kept hitting 0 and after 20 minutes of holding (no music no sound) I hung up and had to call PayPal to get eBay's customer service.

Complaint #2 - The Customer Service representative was unprofessional and released private information (WITHOUT MY PERMISSION). I bought a Coach Purse from a seller with 100% positive feedback. After the transaction went through and I had already paid for the purse, eBay cancelled the listing due the counterfeit complaints. They cancelled the listing but took no steps to refund my money or file a dispute on my behalf.

Furthermore, I could not take steps to file a dispute online because when they cancelled the listing the Item # became invalid. The customer service representative kept telling me they cancelled the listing to protect me. How am I protected when I already PAID for the item?!? I told the customer service representative I was very uncomfortable contacting the seller who sold me a fake purse and asked that eBay intervene. I don't want this criminal calling me or having my phone number. I felt a little fearful.

The representative filed the complaint and sent the seller my phone number. She said I would need to package the FAKE purse and send it back to the seller but she would provide a shipping label so the shipping would not cost me. I had to go to Staples and buy tape for this then find a UPS office to drive to for this shipment. The LABEL did not arrive in my email. So I called and found I got wrong information from the representative. In fact, I would need to wait with this fake purse for 7 days then send it back to the seller. This whole process took almost 3 hours!!!

I feel so cheated and frustrated. Ebay, what happened?? Why are you treating your customers like this? I have a score of 325 and 100% positive feedback. I have been an honest and diligent buyer and seller. Why treat me so poorly?

Why Pick on Me Not Hundreds of Others?
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Rating: 3/51

INTERNET -- I have been selling on eBay for 13 years. Lately I found that Unofficial pressings of records are listed by the hundreds if not thousands. I have sold 5 or 6 this month alone. So now a Pink Floyd Live recording I had listed, and it had a bid and multiple watchers, was pulled from eBay completely because of Copyright Violation. I respect this to a point. But there are a couple others of same thing on eBay currently, and they were there before my item was listed about 5 days ago.

Now I can't even contact the bidder that had bid on item because the Listing info is gone, into the void. I guess it's my fault I didn't print out as I listed it, but to be removed as if it never existed, this is scary. Lastly, why am I the sudden criminal, or victim in my opinion when hundreds of other Pink Floyd unofficial pressings are currently still on there. The email from eBay said: "The rights owner or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the rights owner, Pink Floyd Management, notified eBay that this listing violates intellectual property rights. When eBay receives a report of this type of violation, we remove the listing to comply with the law."

Again, I respect music ownership, but thousands of these are out thereby many different groups, and it seems being sold on eBay all the time. I'll bet Pink Floyd members no nothing about my item on eBay so who is "Pink Floyd Management? Anyway, I should end all my listings, and close my eBay account, but this month I am selling more items than I have sold in the last 5 years! Anyway, I feel I am a scapegoat and let's see if any of my other items now listed, including another Pink Floyd, get pulled or not.

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