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How Many Fees Can You Find?
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Rating: 2/51

So, I've been a seller on eBay since Oct. 2000. I've purchased and sold items many times over (301 stars - 100%). I moved to Mexico last year and decided to start selling stuff on eBay again. I had to create a different account because PayPal won't verify American credit cards while you have a different address. So, I did that. I sold 3 coins 2 weeks ago and realized some things.

The FINAL VALUE fee is 9% of the item. The FINAL VALUE fee on SHIPPING is also 9%. Plus the PayPal Transaction fee of 11%. PLUS my money is held for 3 weeks. AND finally, because I am in Mexico, they don't charge to deposit money into my account in the US, but they charge 2 dollars for a checking account here and the exchange rate is approximately 14.5 pesos to one dollar. So, on a 31 dollar coin, including shipping, they've managed to grab 9 bucks.

Holy cow. Of course, I forget to mention the listing fees. Holy mother of Juan Jose. I called today to ask when they started to charge so many dang fees and she tells me that last year they started charging the final value fee on shipping. When I asked her how eBay is going to retain sellers, she told me, "eBay is not a charitable organization. You can choose NOT to sell on our site." Wow, I'm at a loss for words. I thanked her for her not so kindness and suggested she take classes on professionalism.

Ebay "Customer Service"
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Rating: 1/51

The agent on this particular call (9:00) didn't seem to understand what I was asking most of the time, and for the entire time tried to feed me answers as rapidly as possible to end the call, and when I continued to ask questions basically responded with the same answers and told me to have a good day. This obviously left me pretty surprised and disappointed at eBay customer service.

I then called the call center back at 9:15 to speak to a supervisor. I explained that I wanted to speak to a supervisor regarding customer service after being told angrily by the agent that she needed a reason to transfer me to a supervisor. She put me on “hold” for a few minutes while she “found” the supervisor, all the while I could hear background noise, and was hung up on after several minutes of listening to background noise.

I called back at 9:19. This time I didn't even get to speak to a live person, and was disconnected less than a minute after being greeted by the automatic response saying all available agents were currently busy. I was finally able to connect with a supervisor after calling back at 9:23. Again I asked for a supervisor, and after explaining what it was about I was abruptly told to stay on the line.

After waiting on hold for about ten minutes, I spoke with "F". I communicated to him the experiences I'd had with customer service that day (3/29/12), and that I felt the employee was being rushed to finish calls and therefore unable to provide customers with good service, being unable to listen fully to the customer's problem due to time constraints. "F" stated that an internal affairs investigation was opened and that I would not be contacted about its results or about my suggestion that employee call time limits be examined.

We talked in circles, with me repeating my problem and "F" repeating that there was no possible way for me to be contacted regarding policy change, and the only thing he could do was file a report on the agent. I emphasized that I didn't want to get the employee in trouble, that I wanted the policy on talk time limits to be looked at as it seemed obvious that it limited customer service agent's abilities to do their job, and that at the very least whether I would be compensated for time and aggravation. No, this was not possible either.

So what I wanted to have happen—a written or spoken response to my suggestion of policy change—wasn't going to happen, and neither would eBay compensate me in any way for their poor policies and customer service. For the first time in ten years of eBay membership, and with over 100 feedback without a single negative review, I'm seriously considering canceling my account. Hopefully eBay gets it together, as they offer what I used to find a great service.

Why you should never buy or sell on eBay
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I recently sold on eBay. 100% feedback, Top Rated Seller status, impeccable policy compliance and multitudes of return customers. Sounds great doesn't it. Well you'd be wrong. I will never, ever, sell on eBay again. Within the space of 2 days, despite the above, I ended in closing my account due to eBay's appalling behavior in refusing to punish members inflating item prices by falsely reporting them claiming they are in violation of eBay terms of use and as such colluding in what I interpret to be fraud.

I had an item removed in such a manner, then spent 4 hours on the phone with eBay before finally getting it re-instated and forcing eBay to issue an email admitting fault. I then filed a complaint against those members who had submitted false information in order to get the item removed in the first place, because it was competing at a lower price than those that had themselves listed. eBay's response? Nothing.

And not just nothing, much worse. Not only did they refuse to punish the people responsible for trying to damage my reputation, they then threatened me with policy violations when I had the nerve to author an eBay guide which informed others of what had occurred. Apparently eBay only cares about providing a safe and informed environment when it isn't their own level of safety or the lack of enforcing policy brought into question.

I was contacted with a message from eBay Trust & Safety (what a joke) informing me that if I didn't remove or edit the guide I would be hit with policy violations (despite the fact that the information contained within it was 100% true and accurate) a message I interpreted to be a form of blackmail. When I refused to comply they did indeed issue multiple violations, effectively destroying my business. And this again despite a spotless record, 100% feedback and Top Rated Seller status.

To say I'm disgusted doesn't even come close. They refuse to punish long term members engaged in fraudulent behavior, thus in effect colluding in it, punish those who speak out, then claim in messages to the innocent party they are only acting in the best interest of eBay as a whole. My advice, never buy anything on eBay again. You are simply getting ripped off by a company and selling environment that cares nothing for honesty or integrity.

Just Horrible!!!
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- I wish I was a seller so I could boycott, but instead I will not be buying anything from this eBay or through PayPal again! PayPal overrode my shipping address preferences, and then customer service tells me that even though I put in the shipping address I wanted it to be sent to, that they sent it to my primary address. I haven't used that address in 4 years, did not ask for it to be sent there, and was never told that it was going to go to a "primary address" instead of the address I put in, or that the address was even on my account anymore.

They sure got my credit card and billing address correct though! Which is surprising to me, considering most companies will not ship a product to an address that is not the same as the billing without talking to the bank/credit card company. On top of that I called Monday and a representative told me he would take care of it. I did not receive an e-mail the next day like I was told, so I called today, and the first guy told me he had no clue where my products were, or how to find them, and that he could not do anything because it was my fault I did not update my account first.

I tried to explain to him that I have not used this account in at least 4 years, had no clue what was even on my account because it did not take me to that page, and that I had put in the correct address I wanted it to be sent to. The guy would not allow me to talk to a manager when I requested one, and was so rude I had to hang up on him. When I called back a lady tells me that they can't contact sellers, that the guy had lied to me, and that they would "take action against him". So finally, the lady helps me find the numbers to contact the sellers, and every number was out of business or had not set up its voicemail.

eBay has become so vague on its practices. It is unreal. How can they override a shipping address without a confirmation or at least clause explaining the "primary address". eBay has horrible customer service skills, and is obviously in dire need of a complete new system (no one seems happy, but the horrible representatives), or at the very least, an update that allows buyers to decide where their products will be shipped to. Shop Amazon, I haven't had one problem from them!

"No Reserve" Auctions Are Fake
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- The following is recent correspondence and an online chat session with e-bay regarding their policy of allowing sellers to cancel bids at the last minute on a "No Reserve" auction. This policy effectively allows sellers to circumvent the risk of selling their item at a price less than they desire on a "No Reserve" auction. Therefore the auctions are not authentic "No Reserve" auctions in that sellers can have a secret reserve and then just cancel the auction if this secret reserve is not met.

My final response to e-bay:

I think the public should be aware that all "No Reserve" auctions on eBay are subject to this loop hole. With the way eBay has structured these rules, the "No Reserve" auctions are neither fair or real. Sellers can simply cancel bids without reason right before an auction ends (the last couple of seconds) or apparently cancel their entire auction. In this way Sellers are completely protected in this one-sided auction from selling their items at a price less than they desire. Therefore, this virtual auction does not resemble a real world "No Reserve" auction. I will post this information with reviewers and watch dog groups such as my3cents.com, etc.

Dear Greg,

Thank you for writing eBay in regard to the removal of your bid.

While I sympathize with the frustration of having your bid removed, we
do not have a policy that prohibits sellers for removing bids, as long
at the bid is removed before the auction ends. You still have the
option of placing a new bid on one of the sellers auctions. You may
also want to consider doing a more general search for similar items.

I hope this information is useful.

It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing eBay.


eBay Motors Customer Support

Original Message Follows:

Form Message: %42400% 021602
Subject: IV=C25012 The problem you're having with your seller isn't
listed [230225594683 #US L77 $MO 01004T 01001B ?01 -01 ]

User Feedback: 16
User State: ?01

Browser info: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; AOL 9.1; AOLBuild
4334.34; Windows NT 6.0; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; Media Center PC 5.0;
.NET CLR 3.0.04506; InfoPath.2)

Buying and Finding > Problems with sellers > The problem you're
having with your seller isn't listed

Member or Item being reported:
230225594683 L77 $MO US !43373! 060102

Message: 2:29:36 PM System
Initial Question/Comment: ATO
2:29:41 PM System
Thank you for contacting eBay Live Help!
2:29:41 PM System
You are successfully connected to eBay Live Help. Please hold for the
next available Live Help Agent.
2:30:36 PM System
We appreciate your patience. You will be able to type in your question
as soon as you are connected with a Live Help Agent. Please continue to
hold for the next available representative.
2:31:01 PM System
Ana S. has joined this session!
2:31:02 PM System
Connected with Ana S.
2:31:06 PM Ana S.
Hello, thank you for waiting and welcome to eBay Live Help! My name is
Ana. If you're a registered member, may I please start by having you
confirm your User ID and first name?
2:31:59 PM gregcstewart
2:32:01 PM gregcstewart
2:32:13 PM gregcstewart
The bid that you entered for the item (230225594683) has been cancelled.
You can view the reason provided for the cancellation by selecting the
(bid history) link from the individual item page.

2:32:22 PM Ana S.
Great! Thank you for that information, Greg. How may I help you today?
2:32:35 PM Ana S.
I'm sorry to hear about that. I'll be more than willing to assist you.
2:32:46 PM gregcstewart
I was a bidder on the above auction. The auction clearly stated "No
2:33:11 PM Ana S.
Should it be the item 1989 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class CONVERT?
2:33:18 PM gregcstewart
The auction was cancelled and now the item was relisted due to a
mistake. There is now a reserve, but if you read the description, it
still says no reserve
2:33:22 PM gregcstewart
yes 2:33:52 PM gregcstewart
How can it be fair for a dealer to put up a no reserve auction and then
just cancel it because they did not like the bids they received
2:34:10 PM gregcstewart
It was also frustrating to see that the bidding history was wiped clean
...down to 0 bids
2:34:37 PM System
Connected with Ana S.
2:34:49 PM gregcstewart
because I was not listed as the winning bidder, I have no way to make a
complaint against this bidders user ID
2:35:05 PM gregcstewart
are there not rules governing a No reserve auction?
2:35:37 PM Ana S.
With regards to this, it appears that the seller ended the item.
Basically, all bids were cancelled.
2:36:14 PM gregcstewart
I understand that, but this is not a real no reserve auction if sellers
can justs canel when they want and relist
2:36:41 PM gregcstewart
sure, they ended it because they saw they were not going to get what
they want and then they relisted with a reserve to protect themselves
2:37:08 PM Ana S.
I understand your frustration. Basically, you want to report the seller
for doing this? If that happens to me as well, I will be frustrated.
2:37:10 PM gregcstewart
if we as users cancel our bids, we get bad marks...now this dealer can
just walk away with a clean power seller rating? if so, that is not fair
2:37:29 PM gregcstewart
YES I do and he should not be allowed to relist this item.....he had is
2:38:16 PM gregcstewart
There needs to be a mechanism that protects users in these so called no
reserve autions
2:38:26 PM Ana S.
Okay. with regards to this, you may want to report the seller to our
Trust and Safety department. Rest assured that eBay will be reviewing
this issue for you and you should be receiving an email response within
24-48 hours after you sent us an email . Let me give you the link.
2:38:48 PM gregcstewart
Because by adverting no reserve, the sellers get a lot more attention,
but they should be forced to follow through and take the risk for their
no reserve status
2:38:57 PM Ana S.
Here is the link: http://pages.ebay.com/help/contact_us/_base/result_2_5_13.html
then click on "email us"
2:39:32 PM gregcstewart
oh geezzzz...lasts time I sent and e-mail there was now response, excpet
for the automatic relpy
2:39:41 PM gregcstewart
I would really like for a manager to get involved with this

Ebay Response To Office Of The President
By -

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Heres a little free education for you nathan,

email me back anytime you want to know the real truth with interacting on Ebay.Com..........

Here are the facts so please all the way through

I did the PayPal gauntlet

unfortunately my other email was upgraded and roadrunner.Com

had to be contacted by phone to get the new address before I was able to log in to my email account


as I was traveling and as PayPal told me to send the item back on the 12th and then told me the claim was cancelled on the 13th

I won't waste my time for being cheated for $ 15.00 From this deceptive seller and won't even file the other deceptive Ebay claim as both Ebay and PayPal have a statistical average that ''like a casino'' that continually works against consumers like me..........

I did not go on Ebay to gamble but seem to constantly!!!!!!!

The major problem is that Ebay.Com's lax enforcement policy for their own website and this ''venue'' defense allowing profits to go before any real consumer protection and with all the Chinese imports/counterfeits being sold ,Ebay will not spend the money or hire enough real trained licensing enforcers to fix the problem as they wait for the licensed companies to enter the vero [ verified rights owner] program

how can you stop sellers from using muse descriptions to pretend to be selling products that we in the united states

see in the u.S. Stores but can be found to be something else once arriving in the u.S. Mail.......

Unless Ebay's muse descriptions is fixed.........

For only certain products sold in America and not canada ,lithunia or China but now allegedly sold with Ebay listed American addresses.

Hopefully soon the cry for justice will be heard as meg [ ''the emperess has no clothes'' ] whitman and her protective lawyers look the other way while making many tens of millions in quarterly profits

[they call it ''the perfect store!'']

As usual ,

till public pressure to government [who Ebay.Com makes excessive campaign contributions to all levels of government officials ] makes Ebay.Com do something more to enforce action for all the deceptive behaviour going on on Ebay.Com

by the way these Ebay.Com test commercials suck and are an insult to ones intelligence but of course the way the Ebay corporate structure is conditioning uneducated mankind, just because they can use a mouse and bid ,to believe this nonsense in the name of profits with little insurance protection for a seller bidding on hundreds of items a day is probabily the most revolting thing about your company as one who has had to put Ebay sellers in federal prison without Ebay's help while also losing over $5,000.00 Along with 3300 other victims who lost over $1,000,000

plus all the law enforcement costs and hey;

that's only one seller and one month of auctions on Ebay that we know about because Ebay didn't destroy the blog threads between the buyers soon enough!

1.Thebarry(17429) not a registered user
view seller's other items
view seller's items on half.Com

I believe the new Ebay slogan

should be ;

''feed the greed''!

[''All the way to the bank!'']..........

While looking the other way till pressured by government ,which is exactly what your corporation does!

Office of the president wrote:

hello richard silva,

my name is nathan and I am with Ebay's office of the president.

Since you paid for the item using PayPal, the quickest and most
effective way for you to resolve the issue is to take advantage of
PayPal's dispute resolution service. Once you've filed your claim,
you'll be able to check its status on PayPal.Com anytime and until its
been resolved.

Your purchase is covered up to $200 at no additional cost. However,
many transactions are covered up to $2,000 by PayPal buyer protection

for more information about how Ebay protects buyers , go to:


thank you for your time.

nathan gilbert
office of the president

original message follows:

please read the following emails from myself and the rantings of the
Ebay seller selling the following suspicious queen dvd products on
Ebay.Com through Ebay.Com's muse descriptions
I realized I was defrauded
when the product arrived at my address through the USPS mail.
Any additional identifacation information would be appreciated
please advise on what other possible actions to take.
Thank you,
richard silva

wartoyz@Comcast.Net wrote:
from: wartoyz@Comcast.Net
to: rick silva , csme Ebay ,
cc: shas_ta1@yahoo.Com
subject: re: using muse descriptions to sell counterfeit or imported
date: mon, 17 sep 2007 05:44:01 +0000

this Ebayer is a con artist! I do not buy or sell any bootlegs! Knock
offs! Or cd-r items! This customer has called me names and has
threatened my feedback and my Ebay store! I never stated anytrhing in my
listings that were or are deceptive! In fact I posted on item in question
( queen dvd! ) That products were import and may not be exactly as
listed in Ebay archives! As they are imports! Buying selling! And
collecting imports has been common since I was born! Then it would have
been on vinyl! Lol! And I see no reason to believe the imports I buy or
sell on Ebay are in any way illegal! I only bought these recently from
sellers with excellent feedback on the items I purchased! I understand
the effort to make sure the artists get paid for the matarial and I have
bought only legal imports! Whether an Asian country! Uk! Germany! Etc!
However artists do not get paid from used cd's! Dvd's! Etc. So
approximately 80% of all the cd's! Dvd's! Video games! Etc. On Ebay!A re
and sold as used items! And artists make nothing off the second hand
sale! And I'm sure this Ebayer has bought and sold some used items! And
has negative feedback warning! "Sellers beware"!!! He received no
negative feedback! From me! And was told he would get 100% refund if he
returned product! If this was a problem!?? Makes me believe there was no
flaw in the item! And he's looking' for freebies! I have experienced some
extreme feedback extortion claims! And I will not tollerate this! Cd's!
& Dvd's! Are commonly recorded then returned! And because of this even
large retail stores have tightened their restrictions re: return
policies! This Ebayer will be banned from my site! And request a
security alert on his future activities! As I pay for my products! I pay
to have them shipped to me! I pay to have them shipped to the customer!
I pay for suplies! I pay Ebay to list & relist! I pay PayPal percentage
including the money received for s&h! I pay for the gas to and from
stores! Post offices! Etc! I am an assett to Ebay! And it's community!
And respect all Ebay policies! And do not lie! Cheat or steal! Thank
you! Sincerely! Douglas braun aka mr.Ctuel on Ebay.Com! =)

Original message
from: rick silva sellhollywood@yahoo.Com

dear Ebay,
the following Ebay sellers are misrepresenting or selling
imported,bootleg or knock off dvd products of inferior quality
item # 250140870881 and
item # 180152772105
from foreign countries and using your copyright 1981 - 2007 muze inc.
= Ebay muse descriptions on Ebay as part of the description for selling
these items =
so as to misleading buyers to believe that they are getting the same
double issued dvd items sold in American stores

item #250140870881

item specifics - dvds region code: -- rating: --
genre: -- display format: -- sub-genre: --
condition: new


disc one (1975-1980):

  1. Baby please don't go
  2. Show business
  3. High voltage
  4. It's a long way to the top
  5. T.N.T.
  6. Jailbreak
  7. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
  8. Problem child
  9. Dog eat dog
  10. Let there be rock
  11. Rock n roll damnation
  12. Sin city
  13. Riff raff
  14. Rocker
  15. Whole lotta rosie
  16. Shot down in flames
  17. Touch too much
  18. If you want blood
  19. Girls got rhythm
  20. Highway to hell

disc two (1980-1993):

  1. Hells bells
  2. Back in black
  3. What do you do for money honey
  4. Rock and roll ain't noise pollution
  5. Let's get it up
  6. For those about to rock
  7. Flick of the switch
  8. Nervous shakedown
  9. Fly on the wall
  10. Danger
  11. Sink the pink
  12. Stand up
  13. Shake your foundations
  14. Who made who
  15. You shook me all night long
  16. Heatseeker
  17. That's why I want to rock & roll
  18. Thunderstruck
  19. Money talks
  20. Are you ready

pal format (some models of dvd players can't support this format if
you reside in America)
all regions

payment details
PayPal only. No money orders, personal/cashiers checks.
Shipping details
package will be shipped from Europe.
Shipping to usa, canada, australia 12-16 days, to Europe, u.K 5-7 days
shipping price is the same for all countries $6 and $3 each thereafter.

All dvds are new, but they have been opened and checked quality
(therefore not sealed).
I will ship worldwide within 1-2 business days.

The item only came with
1 disc seller misrepresented item
#2 item # 180152772105
additional information about queen - live at wembley '86
portions of this page copyright 1981 - 2007 muze inc. All rights

Movie description pioneering glam-rock band queen truly
shined in the setting of the full arena. A true stadium rock band, their
live show was always spectacular -- propelled by the enthusiastic
showmanship of legendary lead singer freddie mercury. This July 1986
concert, performed at london's huge wembley stadium to an audience of
150,000 people, highlights the fact that queen's natural habitat truly
was the stadium. The band performs twenty-one songs, including "brighton
rock," "one vision," "another one bites the dust," "bohemian rhapsody"
and more!

Credits cast: queen
details edition: 2 disc set
notes dvd features:

region 1
keep case
full frame - 1.33
dolby digital 5.1 - English

item # 180152772105 the seller, mr.Cruel, assumes full responsibility
for the content of this listing and the item offered. Item also came
with 1 disc and orenital writing on box

September 16 2007
sellhollywood reply to Ebay seller
mr.Cruel( 3091)
seeing I find you to be full of it and this jerk selling the ac/dc
bootleg dvd who gave me negative feedback as well
I personally know both all surviving members of queen for 32 years
and will see what their lawyers and record company have to say about
I will call their record label hollywood records on Monday morning
I do not tolerate b.S. Or deceptive selling or vague descriptions just
because you can get a cheaper Chinese product knock off and sell it on
Ebay in this country to some other not as aware or educated Ebay
consumers sickens me that you can burn thousands of people to no end but
your own greed as well as knowing Ebay will look the other way all in
the name of fees and profits until enough people complain which can take
months on Ebay
I will report myself for supposed feedback extortion as you put it to the
Ebay's office of the president right now and we shall see who is
extorting who.....So we can either waste each others time typing or you
can refund me and I will send your crappy dvd back ......Good day!

EBay Suspensions
By -

KENMORE, WASHINGTON -- This is a must read. Found here http://www.auctionbusinessreview.com/review-journal/abrj_articles/ebay-suspensions.html

You rent a storefront in Downtown America, you work hard, you advertise your business, you try to do what is right by your customers, and you are making a modest living. One day you show up to work only to find the doors to your storefront chained and padlocked. Upon closer inspection, you find a note attached to the window. It reads....

"You have violated the terms of your lease and have been locked out of your store. We have removed your entire inventory from the building. We have cancelled your advertisements with the local media, and as an added measure, we have pulled your customer list and informed your customers that they should not do business with you because of possible illegal activity within your business and they could become liable or lose their money if they do business with you. Should you have any questions about this, please contact your landlord."

Possible? In America? Read on...

You're a basket of emotions, all conflicting, while at the same time, you are in shock, You are angry, you are confused, You did nothing wrong. You think that if only you could contact your landlord, you could straighten it all out in a matter of minutes, after all, you did nothing wrong. You jump on the telephone, call your landlord, and get his answering machine. You leave a message. Later that day you leave another. The next morning, after still hearing nothing, you try again. Several days go by, every day you try harder and harder to contact your landlord. You call, you email, you go to his house, and you can't get though to him. Finally, 2 weeks later he finally responds. You ask him what is going on, why did he lock you out of your store, you read him the note that he left on your window....

"You have violated the terms of your lease and have been locked out of your store. We have removed your entire inventory from the building. We have cancelled your advertisements with the local media, and as an added measure, we have pulled your customer list and informed your customers that they should not do business with you because of possible illegal activity within your business and they could become liable or lose their money if they do business with you. Should you have any questions about this, please contact your landlord."

and you ask him again, what is going on?

His response comes slowly... "I'm not able to discuss this with you because it involves other people, and they have a right to their privacy, I'm sorry.

In disbelief, you push for a better, real answer. You're now 2½ weeks into this ordeal, you have lost all your income for the last two ½ weeks, your 2 employees have been without paychecks, and you are late on your mortgage. Finally, after another 3 days of back and forth communications, your landlord tells you that you broke the terms of the lease by not taking out your trash out to the curb one day, and someone reported you. He tells you he will unchain your store and let you back in as long as you promise to take the trash to the curb every day.

You know this is totally ridiculous and unfair but you have been without a paycheck for weeks, and you are just excited to be back in business, you thank him!

But wait, what about the rest of the stuff? This part - "We have removed your entire inventory from the building. We have cancelled your advertisements with the local media, and as an added measure, we have pulled your customer list and informed your customers that they should not do business with you because of possible illegal activity within your business and they could become liable or lose their money if they do business with you." - You ask him about it, he replies, "I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do about that, "You shouldn't have violated the terms of your lease."

So again, I will ask you, possible? Yes, and it happens every day, on eBay. With a click of a mouse, your account is suspended without even a hint of recourse or an appeals process.

Here's some recent quotes taken from various places on the internet:

Go outside and find a nice tree. Then talk to it about appealing your suspension. You'll be more likely to get a response from the tree than you will attempting to contact eBay."
"They did it to me three days before Christmas one year. Cost me like $4,000 in sales. And after about a month, I got my account back."
"Yes, you are guilty until proven innocent where eBay is concerned."
"Close you down and refuse to communicate with you."
"It's been about 10 days since I got suspended and no replies to my emails trying to clear this up."
About 250,000 people earn their primary or secondary income selling on eBay, yet eBay continues to act irresponsibly and communistically toward it's customers. It's only a matter of time before it happens to you, before it affects your business and your livelihood.

eBay needs to have a straight-forward, process driven procedure for dealing with this and other issues that are industry-wide problems they continue to ignore. They need to do this now, they need to do this before the government steps in with regulatory measures. eBay is too ingrained into our society to not be held accountable for their actions.

Would you tolerate eBay's type of behavior from any other company you do business with? It's time to protect your business, your income, and your family.

It's time to let eBay know that their draconian behavior toward their customers will no longer be tolerated, your silence is a vote for the status quo.

Remain silent no longer, email this article to your friends and business associates, contact eBay, talk about this article on the eBay Discussion Forum of the Online Traders Web Alliance, or email it to online journalists. Be silent no longer, let your voice be heard, do something.

Comments on this article can be emailed to the editor.

This goes to eBay
By -

KENMORE, WASHINGTON -- Just so you all know when you post here it automatically goes to eBay. After I wrote and article here eBay responded with this email.


Thank you for taking the time to write eBay with your concerns. My name
is Kennice, and I'm pleased to be of further assistance to you.

I've reviewed your account and don't see any active suspensions related
to it. I can assure you that your account is neither suspended nor on

The email message stating that your account was suspended was a fake
(also known as a "spoof") email. These emails are sent in an attempt to
obtain your personal and/or financial information. They do this by
directing the recipient to reply to the message or link to a phony Web
page that will ask for the information.

Be very suspicious of email messages that ask you to submit information
such as your credit card number or bank account information.

If you're having difficulty signing in, I recommend that you request a
new password. To do this:

  1. Click the "Help" tab at the top of any eBay page.
  2. Click the "Contact Us" link.

If you're not writing from the email address registered to your eBay
account, please be sure to give us the account User ID so we can resolve
any sign-in issues.

Since you have received a spoof email, your email address has most
likely been collected by a fraudulent source and you might continue to
receive spoof emails for some time.

If you ever have any doubt about whether an email message is from eBay,
click the "My eBay" tab at the top of any eBay page. Click the "My
Messages" link. Any email we sent to you about your account will be
listed in the "My Messages" section. If the email you're worried about
isn't in there, then that email is a fake. Do *not* respond to it.
Forward it to spoof@ebay.com. Please don't remove the original subject
line or change the email in any way when you forward it to us.

What to Do if You Think You Have Given Out Personal Information

If you think you may have entered personal information such as your
password, Social Security number, or credit card number into a Web site
based on a request from a spoof email, you need to act *immediately* to
protect your identity. For detailed instructions about what to do, go


Going forward, you might consider downloading the eBay Toolbar with
Account Guard (it's free). Account Guard has an indicator that shows you
when you're on a real eBay or PayPal Web site or a spoof (or "phishing")
site. Account Guard also has buttons to report fake eBay sites and a
password notification feature that warns you when you may be entering
your eBay password on an unverified site.

In addition, we have enacted several preventative measures and added
information to the eBay Help pages to help you spot fake emails. We
encourage you to take the opportunity to learn more about spoof emails.
To access this information, please click on the "Security Center" link
at the bottom of most eBay pages.

To help you better protect yourself from fake eBay and PayPal Web sites,
we have developed a feature for the eBay Toolbar called "Account Guard."
Account Guard includes an indicator of when you are on an eBay or PayPal
Web site or a known spoof (or "phishing") site, buttons to report fake
eBay Web sites, and a password notification feature that warns you when
you may be entering your eBay password on an unverified site.

To learn more about the eBay Toolbar with Account Guard go to
www.ebay.com, click on "Downloads" at the bottom of the page, and then
click on the "eBay Toolbar" link.

If you are ever concerned about an email you receive from eBay, simply
follow these steps:

  1. Open a new Web browser and type www.ebay.com into your browser
    address field to go directly to the eBay site.

  2. On eBay, sign into your account and click the "My eBay" button at the
    top of the page.

  3. Check the My Messages section located at the top of the My eBay page.

If an email affects your eBay account, it's now in My Messages. Any
email sent to your registered eBay email address from eBay or from
another eBay member via eBay's member-to-member communication system
will now appear in My Messages.

Once again, thank you for alerting us to the spoofed email you received.
Your efforts help keep eBay a safe and fair place to trade.


eBay SafeHarbor

Whether you're new to eBay or an experienced buyer and seller, the eBay
Security & Resolution Center can help you protect yourself on eBay and
online. For more information, please click the "Security Center" link at
the bottom of most eBay pages.

For our latest announcements, please check:


Original Message Follows:

From: Alxxx Rxxx
To: eBay Customer Support
Subject: Consumer Feedback

The following review has been posted on My3cents.com. The consumer
requested a copy be sent to you.

If you need to follow-up with the consumer, please contact them at

* * * * * * * * * *

I have been an eBay member since 2001 I usually sold RC Car items. I
race RC cars as a hobby so when I would get a new kit I would sell an
old one. Since 2001 I had only sold 59 items with 100% Positive

I was recently laid off and I decided you know what I like selling stuff
on eBay so I went out and invested in books on how to sell like a
professional, how to set up a store and so forth. I applied and received
my business license and tax id. I found some products I felt
comfortable with and began selling them on eBay.

Things where going great I added a new item on eBay June 23rd at 11pm.
When I woke up that morning June 24th around 7am excited to see if I
sold anything there was an email from eBay (see email below) my account
was suspended.

I was flabbergasted what is this? What did I do wrong? I read the
email a thousand times to see if I could find an explanation but nothing
was there. I checked my account to see if there was an explanation but
nothing was there. I have sent eBay a thousand emails but I get no

What is this how can a company shut you down this way with no
explanation? To this day I have no idea what I did wrong I have gone
back into my submitted listings to see if there is something that I
missed. Everything looks good.

Yesterday I called my credit card company to cancel it so eBay cannot
charge me until I receive a full explanation of why this company ripped
my heart and dreams out. I was so excited to get this business off the
ground. I worked hard at making new vendor contacts and now I am left
with nothing.

We regret to inform you that your eBay account has been suspended due to
concerns we have for the safety and integrity of the eBay community.

"Abusing eBay" of the eBay User Agreement states, in part:

"...we may limit, suspend, or terminate our service and user accounts,
prohibit access to our website, remove hosted content, and take
technical and legal steps to keep users off the Site if we think that
they are creating problems, possible legal liabilities, or acting
inconsistently with the letter or spirit of our policies." .

Due to the suspension of this account, please be advised you are
prohibited from using eBay in any way including registering a new

Please note that any seller fees due to eBay will immediately become due
and payable. eBay will charge any amounts you have not previously
disputed to the billing method currently on file.


Safeharbor Department
eBay, Inc.

Unpaid Item Dispute Abuse & Other Weirdness
By -

I've been on eBay for years, having left and come back a couple of times. Recently, I bought an item which never arrived from a seller with whom I had dealt in the past without problems other than he's slow to ship. While waiting for the item, I was inundated with spam/scams to an address I only used on eBay. At the same time, a 2nd chance link kept popping up and eBay said to ignore it. I read elsewhere this was a way some scammers were using hijacked accounts. I finally had enough. I figured the item I won was probably never going to materialize and I quit eBay. Over the years, I had been spending less and less on eBay because of these same problems. This time I swore I'd not go back.

As it turns out, the seller contacted me shortly after I left and weeks after the auction closed to say he couldn't find the item. He offered to refund me the money. I told him I had quit but I appreciated the refund. It wasn't much, which is why I wasn't upset over losing it and chalking the incident up to "Life's Lessons Learned."

Note: eBay allows members to close their accounts but they keep those accounts open for 180 days. Why 180 days, I don't know.

Fortunately I checked my closed account and found out the seller had filed an "unpaid item dispute" against me. He said I hadn't paid for the item and since I was no longer a registered user of eBay, he was entitled to his final value fee and a relisting fee. My blood pressure popped! I had no item and no refund and now I was libeled, an over-reaction on my part, but still -- he lied about my not paying. I can't stand liars.

I immediately responded to eBay's notice of nonpayment, gave them the check number, the date it cleared the bank, etc. In the meantime, the seller and I "sparred" in the dispute process which is essentially the buyer & seller "talking" through email. He told me that he was only trying to get his fees back, so what's the big deal? I told him I didn't appreciate being called a "deadbeat," no matter how phrased, and that on eBay's site eBay mentions it works with credit bureaus. How, I don't know that either but I just spent a year straightening out a mess. (Please get your free credit reports now from each of the three bureaus and check them carefully. All of mine had wrong information, accounts not mine, and each report differed from the others.)

The long and short of the disputes are that we are both stubborn people not willing to cave. He wanted his fees at all costs, and I wanted him to tell the truth. I wrote eBay and was advised to file an "undelivered item dispute" against the seller which I did. Again, he couldn't understand why I couldn't see this was a "no fault" situation. No fault? So, I dug further into eBay's vast information files.

It turns out that eBay DOES encourage sellers to file unpaid item disputes to recoup their fees if the transaction cannot be completed; BUT, they have 2 options. Option 1, is truly the buyer didn't pay. Option 2, under "unpaid item disputes" is by mutual agreement the seller and buyer cancel the contract.

Option 1, gives the seller back his final value fees and the relisting fee. Option 2, I think, only gives him back the final value fee. My seller chose Option 1 and lied that I hadn't paid, and he still insisted there was no fault. I asked why didn't he tell me about it before he filed and he was surprised I even knew about it. He didn't know that eBay keeps the account open for me to access after its closed and that I could respond to his filing. (Okay, it didn't make sense to me either but I was glad I could.)

No fault? I reminded him that he sold an item he didn't have, had my money, couldn't deliver, and then lied about payment. He had a couple of choice things to say about that, mostly snide remarks, and I countered -- not my most shining moment -- but we didn't use profanity, much. He used initials and I repeated those initials, but only once each. Mostly, we were both "snippy" and a bit juvenile.

I escalated my undelivered dispute only to have the option of closing the matter because the item was under $25. In the meantime, the seller's unpaid dispute had been resolved and he had been paid his fees while I was still waiting to see if I ever got a refund. Case closed. The good news is that his refund did arrive 2 days after he got his fees back.

I was happy to leave sellers like him behind and wasn't going to go back to eBay UNTIL the seller made one final comment -- he told me he was glad that I was never coming back to eBay.

I had hundreds of glowing remarks from sellers and 100% feedback no matter which ID I had used. This seller had won this round, but I wasn't going to go away so meekly. I signed up again. Of course, I won't buy from him again, which will make us both a lot happier. In the meantime, he changed his ID again. I'll stick to sellers I've known and trusted over the years and not bother with the rest -- good or bad. My eBay spending days are limited to just that select few. Other good sellers will lose good buyers, like myself, but as long as eBay encourages sellers to misuse the unpaid item dispute process, why risk it?

The abuse of the unpaid item dispute process has grown more with each fee increase. In August, the fees jump again. Wonder how many more honest buyers will be accused of being deadbeats just so sellers can get back their final value fees and relisting fees? It's almost poetic justice.

To be fair, eBay's customer service did ask me for a suggestion as how to improve service, so I told them to create a legitimate 3rd category for refunds of sellers' fees -- "Mutual Agreement by Special Circumstances." Instead of calling the buyer a deadbeat by invoking the unpaid item dispute rule, actually let a seller and buyer have a real mutual agreement to cover circumstances like a seller being unable to deliver his item for good cause.

But will eBay listen? I don't know but I probably have a better chance of walking to the moon and back barefoot in an hour.

Beware the "Unpaid Item Dispute" process. Is eBay encouraging or discouraging it's abuse?

EBay Rules and Get Free Items
By -

FREEBIE Time on Ebay. Go get your free products compliments of EBAY. Let's take a long look at what is EBay. First we look at the agreement conditions and their incorrect wording and meanings. They try to state it'€™s not an auction only a platform to allow buyers and sellers to trade. An auction by any standard, all fees apply and it'€™s run on a normal web auction lines. Now consider there is more private person selling online than dealers, yet EBay classifies everyone as trade or corporate sellers so the trade practices laws apply but in all cases they do not.

Like any auction event trade the auction laws are simply buyer beware. So why do this, well it's a game EBay's plays, they classify the buyers having 90% protection and the sellers almost none. Again one must take a serious look at how this is set up and why, the system is derived around a feedback from the buyers to the sellers and the greater the amount of good feedback the higher the sales will be. But the catch with EBay is only three bad feedbacks and the seller is terminated and in a real dirty tricks way.

On Termination everyone is let known this trader is a crook and all sales or pending sales will be cancelled forthwith, the business of this trader is over due to non credibility. Consider many have been in operation for years and have gathered thousands of good feedback, great seller, great product, all lost. Totally unfair of EBAY.
Take a look at many of the seller auction. One would see disclaimers to the fact of offering the buyer the opportunity to contact them to sort out any problems before and red bad feedback it placed. Fear of being terminated is always high on the list.

What EBay is doing is scaring the Sellers to give away free stocks and or credits to keep his place on EBay. If one was stupid enough to try to fight this with either EBay or PayPal the seller would be at a 99% disadvantage and will lose, even if the buyer is lying. Under the conditions the buyer can say it was not as advertised, say anything or not received it makes no matter, so the buyer can get a free products every time. Most sellers give products and credit away. As it cost more to be terminated. Than losing a single item.

Now if it goes to a fight and the seller states he wants the product returned before a credit is raised and that would be the best method for all. But PayPal has a stupid method. It lets the lying buyer go and get a Post or freight tracking number and they credit on that, the buyer does not send back the item it's only method of Instant credit with no checks.

Here is an international comment from a seller and his reason to change way over the cost to cover that problem: When I accept a payment without insurance all you have to do is saying PayPal that the item didn't arrive at your place, then you get your money back. If it really arrives or not! Is this reason enough for you. IT'S FREEBIE time for everyone on eBay as that's their rules.

This only applies to the lying cheating buyers as any honest buyer would first send an email to the seller explain his/her problem and like most sellers that would be taken care of. Here is one good seller that got the chop by 3 sellers saying bad things about the products, did eBay consider this no, he/she is history... Swimwear company. And this one was an excellent seller with over 4000 great feedback comments and eBay did not consider that.

What happens is the red bad feedback is placed online first and no amount of talking to these buyers would produce a result as it's only free item they are interested in. Ebay rules SUCK. They are designed to protect Buyers even if they are dishonest.

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