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Pb250 leaf blower
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Bought this leaf blower last fall, used it 4 or 5 times and drained the gas like the ist. said and put it away for the year. Got it out this spring and it would barely run, took it to my local Echo dealer ( Westenbrook in Holland Mi.) and they took 2 weeks to fix it for me, which they didn't, maybe at best did some adjustments, in the mentime I called Echo because they said the 5 year warranty didn't cover gas related problems and Echo customer service was probably the worst company representatives I have ever dealt with. Just a complete and total lack of concern for my problem, so here I sit with a new blower that now won't even run, husavarna and stihl both make a similar product that is comparable in price and both have better reviews, maybe I should have looked into the other brands before my purchase and if you read this, I hope you do and think real hard about not buying an Echo prod., I never will again.
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trmn8r on 04/25/2012:
From your description, this may indeed be a fuel issue. You drained it, which is great, but for some reason that may not have done the trick. Did you run the motor after draining the tank? If fuel was left in the carburetor, it may have gummed up.

We had no snow here in PA this winter, and unfortunately I left gas in my tractor and didn't use it. She isn't running right.
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Echo high dollar junk
Posted by on
I bought a trimmer I thought was top of the line. It has given trouble since day one. had to run 10 minutes to warn up. when it was cutting it would cut. when it worked, when the primer bulb was replaced it was a major job. remove gas tank, remove 4 screws then have to replace all carb gaskets. changed spark plug,2 fuel filters. crank up in 10 pulls or at least 5. cutoff when given gas. I would not recommend this trimmer. contact with Echo was a wasted call the trimmer was 5 years old and used maybe 4 to 5 times per season on a one acre yard.
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Steve on 01/10/2012:
I've been having problems with my ECHO Back Pack Blower, model 751. It has had the carbuerator replaced every year for the last 4-5 years. I have gone to two different Echo dealers to have it repaired and within 2 weeks to a month the running problem returns. Both repair places have told me the problem is with the gas and the higher amounts of ethanol that they put in it. I have followed the repair agencies recommendations for fresh fuel and such. My other gas powered tools have never had an issue like the blower does. I have one other Echo gas powered tool and the others are of different manufacturers.
You would think that if it was the gas Echo would have developed a new carb by now.
This spring I will junk it and try another product.
dickjen on 04/24/2012:
yep, same thing here with an Echo carb. and just a total lack of concern from their customer service dept. and enough money spent, could have bought a stihl by now
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