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Complaint About The Service, Do Not Rent From Economy Rent A Car In Costa Rica
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Do not Rent from Economy. I was a customer for 7 years and they do not care about it.

This is a letter I sent to them, by mail, e-mail, fax, etc and did not get an answer.

We have had a very bad experience with Economy. In fact, the experience has been so bad that unless you stand up and correct the situation, we will not rent a car with you again and will not recommend your company to our friends and family any more. This is because of what we feel has been questionable transactions on your part, and questionable business practices. Additionally, we feel
your cars have been dangerous and could have resulted in serious injury.

First, we will start with the fact that we lost valuable vacation time because we had to have our rental car changed 4 times. The first car had high beam lights that would not work. The next day we were driving to Guanacaste, this would have been very dangerous to drive with no high beam lights. However,
when we first reported the lack of high beam lights to your employee, he told us to go on ahead without them, and that we “me la jugara sin las luces hasta

We insisted on changing cars, and so you brought us another car.

The second car had a brake light that kept coming on. Having brake problems is very dangerous, so once again, we had to bring in the car to exchange it. As
the possibility of having the brakes go out at any moment is very dangerous, we brought in the car immediately. However, the Economy employees were not worried about the brakes, but upset that we did not fill the tank up with fuel first! This is ridiculous—safety comes first!

So, we got the third car. The third car had an alignment problem, and was very difficult to steer. However, even more dangerous, was the fact that the
engine kept overheating. We barely made it to the Sabana agency in time before it overheated. This was at 9:25 pm, (approximately) on January 5, and the
agency was supposed to be open until 10 pm. However, the agency was closed so we had to sit in the parking lot and wait for someone from the airport to come and
bring us the fourth car. The fourth car had a passenger side mirror that had been attached from a smaller model car and therefore did not work on that
car very well. In San Jose traffic, the side mirrors are very important.

Four cars in three weeks, and all of them had problems. These were all mechanical problems that were dangerous.

In the United States, had such a problem happened, we would have received no charge for any car since this is a severe lack of service—especially for a loyal
customer of 7 years. When I spoke to [snip] about these problems on January 5, she told me that she would give us a substantial discount for our troubles, and that she would have the paperwork ready for us when we returned the car. When we went to return the car she had not done anything. When I told her about the discount again, she said she could only discount 2 days off of our 22 day rental bill. Then she said to give her a couple of days and to call her from the United States and she would review the case and give us an additional discount. However, once we returned to the United States, she would not return
calls, and was constantly “out of the office” or “out of the country”.

Then, once we received our credit card report, we found out that there were additional charges to our credit card for “damages” that we never were told
about, nor shown, nor given any documentation about. We believe that this is an incorrect action. We have all of the documentation to prove that those charges
were added after we signed off the contract with Economy. At check in, the cars were checked by the employee and he did not report any problems. We went
over the copy of the car drawing. The cars were fine.

There is an additional charge of 71.500 colones for something we were never told about nor signed off on. This is not right because you never had my
authorization for this charge. I called Economy to find out about this new charge on my credit card and was told there was a scratch in the bumper, yet we
were never told about those things at check in. Plus never paper work, pictures, etc were send to me so I could claim this charge to my credit card.

We are being charged 663.075,00 colones for the bumper and the light that were damaged when a car ran into our first car. Those 2 charges are fine, however, the new “tire” and the new “carpet” that you are charging us were not damaged by the car that hit us and we were never shown these damages when we checked in the car. Again, that is not correct.

Then, when we received each car, they were in very used condition. The carpet in the back trunk area was badly used, however you are charging us for a brand
new carpet.
Rude Service - Deception
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LIBERIA -- Do not rent from this company. I have never experience such poor customer service and out-right dishonesty.

The service personnel at the Liberia office were down-right rude and disrespectful. Having traveled many times to Costa Rica and lived there for seven years, I was appalled at the attitude of the personnel at that local, especially the office manager, Luis. To start, he presented two blank credit card receipts in front of me and asked me to sign them at the time of the rental. The receipts had no currency amount on them. When I inquired as to the reason of such a procedure, he said that it was the company's standard practice and that everybody does it. When I asked him again for more detailed information, he became frustrated and repeated the same answer. I thought he might not have a good handle with the English language, so I asked the question again, this time in Spanish, at which point he became out-right angry. Thanks to a gentlemen standing-by customer waiting in line, I was explained that one slip is for a deposit and the other is for the actual charge for the rental at the time when the vehicle is returned.

Next I was asked to fill out a form with my personal information on it such as name, address, telephone, etc. Luis took one look on the form, snatched the form away from me, crumbled it into a ball and tossed it into the garbage bin. He took another blank form out and asked me to fill it out again. Luis said that I mistakenly filled the information on the line below the question, instead of the line above the question. I did not think that that was a valid reason for me to have to fill the entire form out so I refused. Luis became frustrated again and with a stern voice said that if I didn't fill out the form again, that I will not be given a rental vehicle. I asked for the manager and it was at that moment that I realized he was the manager of that local. Reluctantly, I filled the form out again.

When I returned the car, Luis gave me a receipt and said that I will be charged the amount stated on the receipt. I check my credit card when I arrived home and found out that they had charged me more than what the receipt said. I am putting a hold on my credit card payment.

Do not rent from this company. I have never experience such poor customer service and out-right dishonesty.

Car Rental Nightmare
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Arrived at desk (Alamo) and was told they had no record of my rental, (this had been confirmed 3 months earlier) I had the reservation form which I gave them, they still could not find my reservation after an hour the best they could do was make a new reservation and charge me an extra 80 pounds. I had just done an 33 hour trip from New Zealand and it was now 11.00pm and I still had a two hr drive to do so I had no choice. The next buss day I called Economy Car Rentals and explained, they said they would get back within 24 hrs, 5 days later nothing I called again and was told I was down as a no show, despite I had outside a car I had rented from them. This is still going on after almost two months and many emails I am still getting the run a round with no results, based on my experience so far I would not rent from them again or recommend them to anyone, if things improve I will post it here

Well here is the story so far after Economy Car Rentals accused me of using my nick name for my name (which I have done before without trouble)and chastising me for putting my comments on a review site, I had been in contact with Alamo the car rental company I was supposed to collect the car from, and I was told after an extensive search that Economy Car Rentals had never placed a reservation for me, I had sent them all the documentation that Economy Car Rentals had given me so I could not be accused of giving wrong information, all along Economy Car Rentals were implying that they were in touch with Alamo and the fault was mine. I would like to add that Alamo went out of their way to help me but were unable to match the price that Economy Car Rentals had set. I have since sent all the information I received from Alamo to Economy Car Rentals which was a week ago and I have had no reply from them, I have also sent emails since and still no reply. I cannot believe someone can run a business the way they do and get away with it, the fault was clearly there’s and they will not admit it. Like quite a few other people I have read about on other forums I have become very disillusioned by them. I will let you know if they give me a refund.

FULL insurance has a lot of exceptions - I've paid 1000 euro damage and got no refund
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In August 2011 I’ve rented a car for two weeks in Norway. The local partner was Europcar and agreement specified that maximal payment for damage is 8000 NOK (about 1000 euro). I've rejected additional insurances to reduce the payment as I was sure I'm covered by economycarrentals.

In one of the days I've moved to side of the road came across some stone and as a result got serious scratch under the door. Upon returning the car I've filled damage report of Europcar and when arrived home send economycarrentals mail with picture of the damage and all relevant information.

Here surprises started :(
Economycarrentals rejected the payment and said that 'door sill' is not included in the insurance. I was very surprised and checked links ( and that are reachable from my order page but didn't find that “door sill” is mentioned there.

Then they pointed me to the Local Terms ( that was shown during the booking and there 'door sill' indeed appeared.

At the end I paid 1000 (!) Euro for this scratch and got nothing from Economycarrentals.

- Read carefully & print "Local terms and conditions" mentioned during booking. I've counted 40 (!!!) exceptions there. Looks like it covers almost everything that can happen to the car. Including "damage due to negligence" that virtually can be applied to any circumstances. You can't seriously say you have FULL coverage and then mention 40 exceptions !
- Purchase additional insurances from local partner to reduce payment in case of damage.
- Consider using other company that don't publish misleading information on its site.
Fraud & Ripoff
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SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA -- Beware!!! Economy Rental Car at the San Jose, Costa Rica is not be trusted or used. When you rent a car there they make you sign to blank credit card slips. One is for the actual rental and the other is for any damages that they find when you return the car. The problem is that they rush you through the return process and if you do not ask to have the second blank credit card slip back, guess what they file a damage claim against your credit card. What's worse the credit card company/bank pays the claim even though you have provided them with a clear explanation of the scam.

Boy did I learn my lesson!!! When I called Economy Rental Car to complain they left me on hold and never returned to the phone.
DO NOT RENT from Economy Car Rental Costa Rica
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SAN JOSE COSTA RICA AIRPORT LOCATION -- We recently rented a car from Economy Car Rental in Costa Rica SJO airport location and had a terrible experience. The first car given to us broke down and we had to wait 4 hours for a replacement. They ended up charging us for fuel on the broken down rental car saying that we returned it without the fuel they gave it to us with...even through their rental car broke down and was not driveable!
We walked around the second car and had the tow truck driver circle all the scratches we saw - upon returning the car, they argued with us and wanted to charge us for the scratches that were already marked and circled on the form that had already been there!
We also got a letter in the mail 6 weeks after our rental was returned with pictures taken of a huge scratch on the front bumper that was NOT there when we returned the vehicle. They make you sign all this paperwork when first renting you car with your full credit car number and check to make sure the signatures match and after you return the car, they go back and fill in the damages. It is a SCAM and we have hired a lawyer. The second rental car was returned with NO scratches.
Terrible and rude customer service who keep trying to get you to sign a document so that they can handle damages with your credit card company - even though there are not any to report! We will never rent from Economy Rental Car again.
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