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ECost: THIRD World Class Customer Service
By -

Exactly 7 minutes after I placed an order for a WD 2TB external drive on November 13, I noticed that the model number did not match the photo shown at eCost's site and cancelled the order. It was after-hours, so I followed up with a phone cancellation first thing the next morning. The eCost representative acknowledged the discrepancy and said she'd notify the "warehouse" immediately to cancel. Two days later, I was notified that my order had been shipped and phoned eCost again.

The representative told me that I would have to accept the item and pointed me to the eCost ALL SALES FINAL policy. I held out for a manager and was told that yes, in this case, of course I could simply refuse the shipment and a full refund would be issued.

Two days later, shipment arrived, I refused it as instructed, and two more days later, UPS tracking showed me that it had arrived back at their warehouse. I phoned eCost again to inquire about the refund and was told that, as soon as the warehouse notified them that the item had been returned, my refund would be processed (the UPS tracking was apparently not sufficient). Another week passed, I phoned again. This time, my refund was in the works and would definitely appear in my PayPal account within a few days. Another week, another phone call. This time, my refund was in the works and would definitely appear in my PayPal account within 7 to 10 business days.

Red flag time. I said that I would hold off filing a dispute at PayPal if eCost would send me this promise in writing. They complied (of course, the 7-10 business days started from the time of this email, not from when they had actually received the item back, 2 weeks earlier). Two more weeks, no refund. I phoned eCost again and was told that my money had been refunded two weeks earlier. I said it had not. They said they would look into it.

So, now one full month after the item was safely back in their hands, I filed a PayPal dispute. I was immediately phoned by an eCost representative who said, "Did you file a dispute with PayPal?" I said that I had, and he said that my filing the dispute was the reason I hadn't received my refund. As though that weren't absurd enough - that the dispute I had JUST filed was the reason they had not refunded my money during the entire previous month - he told me that they would not process my refund unless I cancelled the PayPal dispute.

BIG RED FLAG TIME. I flatly refused to be bullied into giving up this only leverage I had, and went immediately to PayPal to escalate my "dispute" to a "claim." Lo and behold, there appeared my refund. In a nutshell, I would buy electronics out of the back of a stranger's pickup truck before I would buy from eCost. If I had not had PayPal's buyer protection (which they tried to bluff me into surrendering), I have no question that they would have simply stolen my money.

Never Ever Shop
By -

Made a purchase on 4/08/2009. I used to buy stuff from them regularly a few years ago, but I had a bad experience and stopped buying from them. I figured since they are still in business a few years later, perhaps things had gotten better. Boy was I wrong! Before placing my order for an item they had on sale (nuvi 250 GPS unit) I called to verify they had the quantity I wanted to order, and that they were brand new in the retail box, not OEM or refurbished units.

They confirmed via email and phone (as I contacted via both methods,) that they were new and they had the quantity I needed to order for my company (80). So I proceeded to place the order and pay for it. $8054.68 was the total. Within a few days they still had not shipped the item and continually called me to confirm my order, which I did during each call, but of course they would call back the next day to confirm the order.

Finally they shipped the item but not before emailing me that they did not have 80, they only had 53. (So my calls and emails confirming availability were just misinformation.) The items seemed to be a good price so I was okay with just receiving 53 units, and they had already sent them so not much I could do anyway. Well after a little while the packages arrived, and I opened them up only to find that they were not NEW, they were in fact refurbished units, arriving in OEM packaging.

I called Garmin to confirm, and then called to return the items. It took 4 calls just to get through to someone who would actually pass my information onto someone who would provide me with an RA#. This took over 1 week just to get an RA#!!! They wanted me to open the packages, then send them pictures of the units, to confirm I was telling the truth, as if I had any reason to lie about them sending me 53 units I specifically told them I did not want, USED, REFURBISHED, OR OEM.

WHEN I BOUGHT THEM THE SITE SAID NEW, AND SO DID THE PERSON ON THE PHONE, AND THE EMAIL THEY SENT ME. Well I figured this hassle would be over soon enough, I took all of the units they had shipped me and put them back in the box, and took it to UPS. The hassle was just beginning. I finally received my refund, but it was $500.00 short.

So I called up and they claimed to have only received 48 of the 53 back, well for one I never went through the packaging to confirm they even sent me the correct amount, and for two I sent them every single unit back, as refurbs were no used to me. They told me okay they will get the other $500.00 refunded to me. A week went by, nothing. I called again, and they went through the same thing, they only received 48 of the 53 back.

I told them again, I sent exactly what you sent me. I put every unit in the big package that they used to send me the items and they were all sent. If they were taken by UPS, or lost or never sent I do not know. But I don't have them so I wanted my full refund. They told me okay they will do a UPS investigation, and call me back tomorrow. Tomorrow came, no call. The next day, no call. I called back, same thing "we only got 48/53", had to go through everything again.

They refused to let me speak to a supervisor, that is against their policy you must speak to their first level agents who often struggle to communicate well enough to be comprehensible, and struggle to understand you. Anyway this went on for the past 2 months. Them telling me they only received 48 and have a UPS investigation going, and they will refund me when they hear back from it etc.

During the time I have dealt with this 7 times I have been promised to be called back when they got more information (I received 0 calls) 6 times I've been promised e-mails back when they get more information (I've received 0 emails.) I finally got to a supposed resolution specialist today, he will supposedly be calling me back tomorrow (over 2 months since this began, and might have a resolution, I will keep you updated.)

My recommendation, NEVER EVER SHOP ECOST. They do not have new products if they are advertised as such, they do not honor their mistakes and they have thus far stolen $500 from me. (For those of you thinking it, yes I have contested the charges with the credit card. But still the principle is that they are stealing from customers and they really don't care about it.)

First and last time I buy with ecost
By -

PLANO, TEXAS -- I too am getting the runaround from ecost - I purchased a Sansa scan mp3 player (view) 16 gb in which they told me that there was a 14 day warranty and a 90 day warranty through Sansa. I purchased it at the encouragement of a friend. I received the product and didn't use it until I downloaded all my music, which took a few weeks. I used it on a road trip for 2 hours and it shut off. I knew the battery wasn't dead so turn it off then back on. I get an error " Bad track." I lost over 4, 000 songs on it. No big deal, they are now all on my computer will reload them.

I get home to reformat and reload and I plug it into my computer. Instead of it giving the option of the drive I get a notice on my computer screen telling me to download "tango digital media platform." What the hell is that? I do some research on the internet. Turns out it has something to do with the microchip and you can put some codes in, reconfigure- etc-- I don't want to do all this, I just want an MP3 player that works. I call ecost... uppps... my 14 day warranty is up.. "but don't worry Sansa offers a 90 warranty on the item."

I call Sansa twice and they inform me they DO NOT warranty anything refurbished. And they told Ecost this before- yet ecost keeps telling customers about this warranty that doesn't exist. To me that is deceptive practice and they could be giving a reprimand for this behavior. I have been waiting for a decision now for 5 days for a credit to my credit card. I was lied to again. Told that it takes 1-3 days, I will not ever deal with this company again and think twice when I buy refurbished. It's not worth the hassle.

Ecost Doesn't Stand Behind Service After The Sale
By -

4/5/09 1:35 pm Ordered a Westinghouse 42" TV model number tx-42f430s from Ecost on 3/31/2009 received the TV on 4/3/2009 around 11 - 11:30 am. Upon opening the TV and removing it from the box around 12:30 - 1:00 pm,
I noticed facing the TV the left bottom of the case wasn't closed and the control buttons were pushed in. Called Ecost immediately to tell them. They tell me to take pictures and send to ** then you would hear from them in 3 days. I just got this TV had not had it for 2 hours now I have to wait 3 days or longer for them to respond.

They should have gave me a rms number send ups back another day to get this TV. Inspect it and make it right for the customer. While waiting for them to respond I will contact all blogs, the Better Business Bureau, Paypal who I paid through and a local attorney. If I had the item for a while and had problems I could understand this. But for only 2 hours and they state that you must have it inspected before the shipper leaves. Good luck getting UPS, Fedex or DHL or USPS to wait around these guys drop of then roll out and they no that (them being Ecost and others). I will let you know the outcome. 4/8/2009

Update contacted by Ecost on my work telephone number which I never gave them, they got it from Paypal. I wasn't there. He left no number to recall them. When I got home I checked my email got an email from their resolution specialist. They approved for a replacement TV but I have to order another TV and pay for it first. I told them they were crazy and didn't understand that if we doing a replacement TV have UPS pick this one up and then inspect it when they get it back, then send me a replacement. They said no that they would issue store credit, which I would still lose.

So on 4/9/2--0 I will contact the BBB, Paypal how I paid them, my states attorney general office and every site to complaint. I have bought from this company in the past but they don't stand behind their merchandise when the deal goes wrong. Further updates will come.

Worst Customer Service On The Internet!
By -

I have NEVER had a more MISERABLE and FRUSTRATING online shopping experience in the 12 years I have been shopping with internet retailers. On March 9, 2009 I ordered a Westinghouse 26" LCD TV from I THOUGHT it was an AMAZING deal so I also bought the Square Trade Extended Warranty as well. When I got the TV and went to set it up I discovered that it had NO base with it for the TV to sit on. The screws for the base were in the bag with the remote control and the booklet, but NO BASE.

I immediately called the Customer Service number. It took several days, a few emails and 2 more phone calls but I received a base in the mail, FINALLY. I was thrilled, I took it out of the box and discovered it was the WRONG BASE and could NOT be used! Once again I called and was once again told they would forward my complaint on to a resolution Specialist. 4 days later I get an email stating that I needed to return the ENTIRE TV and repurchase another one. WHAT THE HECK???? ALL I NEEDED was a BASE for my TV.

Today was the LAST STRAW for me. I was placed on hold for 15 minutes and then I spoke with someone who CLAIMED to be a supervisor who talked to me like I was a criminal or something. She REFUSED to help me, and told me that I would have to do it THEIR way or NO WAY and I would be stuck with a TV that is balancing on my dresser without a base stand.

I simply can NOT afford to pay for another TV and shipping and allow to hold on to over $600 of my hard earned money while I wait to be refunded for the TV without the stand. I have spoken to customer service reps on 5 separate occasions and each time I was treated as if I had done something wrong. I have worked in Customer Service for many years and if I EVER talked to a customer the way I have been talked to I would have been fired immediately. Apparently they do NOT CARE about their customers OR the crappy products they are selling to consumers!

This has been a NIGHTMARE, and I intend to blog about this on EVERY, SINGLE consumer rip off and complaint site I can find. I am BEYOND IRATE at this point, and STILL almost a month WITHOUT A RESOLUTION!!!! ARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Product Received Not Product Ordered
By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I have been looking around at SLR digital cameras for quite some time and finally saw a good deal at After placing my order there was an issue with them processing my credit card and they promptly called and emailed me so that I could answer a few questions to authorize payment. I figured that this level of service was a good sign. They would later prove this to be wrong. Upon receiving the camera I realized that the camera that was actually in the box was not the camera that I ordered. This would be fine with me if the camera in the box was NICER than the camera that I ordered, but unfortunately it was a few hundred dollars cheaper.

I immediately called eCost and spoke with a Customer Service representative. They informed me that I needed to email the customer service team and they would help. I did this and didn't hear anything back. A few days later I called again and they told me the same story. I informed them that I had emailed the address they gave me before and hadn't heard anything back yet. They told me that it may take 24-72 hours for a response and I let them know that this amount of time had already passed with no response.

They finally gave me a direct email address of a person that they told me would look into my issue. I emailed this person with an explanation of the problem and pictures of the camera that they incorrectly sent me. It has now been a week and I haven't heard anything back. Nothing. No "we have received your request and are looking into it", no "could you please send some more information". Not even a "too bad for you but we're not going to do anything about it".

I finally contacted the maker of the camera directly and after going through a few channels they kindly agreed to exchange the camera for the correct one that I ordered. After reading other reviews online it seems that this is a recurring problem with eCost. They have great deals on their website but just hope that the item that you order is the correct item and that it arrives in perfect condition. Otherwise you will most likely be out of luck.

Worst Company Ever
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Please, if you are considering buying anything at, PLEASE take the time to read this. Unfortunately, it looks as though hundreds and maybe thousands have had unbelievably unpleasant experiences with this company. I wish I had checked into them before wasting my hard earned money.

This is the worst experience I have ever had with ANY company. They say that they offer "World Class Customer Service" and that happens to be the funniest thing I've ever heard. I ordered a USB Turntable for a Christmas present over the phone on 12/18/08 with 2 day delivery and was assured it would get to me by Christmas Eve.

On 12/22/08 I called to confirm that it would be here, and was told that the item was not even available at the warehouse and that it would not be until 12/28/08 that it would be available. I requested that the order be cancelled, but my credit card was already charged. ** the customer service representative told me that he cancelled the order.

I then spent about 2 hours altogether speaking and sitting on hold with outsourced agents giving me the runaround and could not get a hold of a real supervisor. Unfortunately, my order was not cancelled, I did not receive a refund, and my turntable was shipped and I received it on 12/29/08. I shipped it back a couple of days later as advised and was told that I would get my refund once the item was received at the warehouse. The item was received by the warehouse on 1/19/09. I called on 2/3/09 and left a message with Mr. **, and got no reply. I then called today, 2/10/09 and left another message.

I STRONGLY urge anyone to steer clear from this shady company. I wish I had never tried to order with them without checking the awful reviews on I ended up spending double the amount to get another turntable at a reputable company with real customer service. I have no problem with that because I will NEVER give a penny of my money to this ridiculously awful company with NO customer service.

ECost sent me a used iPod and denies it
By -

PLANO, TEXAS -- I order a refurbished iPod Nano 8 GB. The shipping box was in great shape until I opened it. The iPod plastic box was crushed, there was writing on the inside of the box, the inside flap was torn away, the ear buds was wrapped with a rubber band and looked used. I called sales support and they said that the product that I purchased was refurbished and it is what it is.

I wanted a replacement unit. I did not even care if it was another refurbished unit as long as it was not a junky. I asked for replacement ear bud and they said that I should be happy to even get any accessories because the disclosure on the website states that accessories on refurbished items are optional. I will never buy from them ever again.

Great Prices But Sleazy
By -

With one laptop, I was charged $39.95 for a Platinum membership. Only later did I learn that the laptop didn't necessitate this charge, but they wouldn't refund it. Just now, they are offering a $1.00 one-month trial Platinum membership. They don't tell you that free-shipping isn't included. They also don't tell you that, after 30 days, you will be billed $39.95 for the next year.

On one item, they rejected my paperwork for a $10.00 rebate because the invoice was incorrect - they said. It was their own invoice printed off of their own site. They were just betting that few people would fight over a $10 rebate. They are sleazy creeps.

Hackeysack Hard Drives
By -

CALIFORNIA -- This was a disaster. The order arrived today. When I opened it up - this is what I saw. No packing material to cushion the hard drives, except for a punctured plastic pillow. The static pouches were punctured and torn. I opened up one pouch to inspect the drive and PARTS FELL OUT. This is disgraceful. Little or no quality assurance to see that items are secured for shipment.

Customer support was as ineffective as the battered box in which the drives arrived. I was asked to test the drives out before returning them...... PARTS FELL OUT OF THE HARD DRIVE.... Do you honestly think I would jeopardize my computer with visually defective hard drives? This advice is as effective as re-booting a computer to fix a burnt-out video card. Then, I was instructed to contact the manufacturer because they don't handle returns. To add insult to this disgrace... the manufacturer's website shut down the section that verifies the part numbers with the serial numbers.

I wouldn't be surprised if these drives were scavenged from PCs dropped on the side of the road. This is absolutely disgraceful. I will inform others to stay away from this site for the following reasons: 1. Inadequate packaging for shock-sensitive hardware. 2. No quality assurance. 3. Inadequately trained customer service. 4. No dedication to customer satisfaction.

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