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Hackeysack Hard Drives
By -

CALIFORNIA -- This was a disaster. The order arrived today. When I opened it up - this is what I saw. No packing material to cushion the hard drives, except for a punctured plastic pillow. The static pouches were punctured and torn. I opened up one pouch to inspect the drive and PARTS FELL OUT. This is disgraceful. Little or no quality assurance to see that items are secured for shipment.

Customer support was as ineffective as the battered box in which the drives arrived. I was asked to test the drives out before returning them...... PARTS FELL OUT OF THE HARD DRIVE .... do you honestly think I would jeopardize my computer with visually defective hard drives? This advice is as effective as re-booting a computer to fix a burnt-out video card.

Then, I was instructed to contact the manufacturer because they don't handle returns. To add insult to this disgrace... the manufacturer's web site shut down the section that verifies the part numbers with the serial numbers.

I wouldn't be surprised if these drives were scavenged from PCs dropped on the side of the road. This is absolutely disgraceful. I will inform others to stay away from this site for the following reasons:

  1. Inadequate packaging for shock-sensitive hardware
  2. No quality assurance
  3. Inadequately trained customer service
  4. No dedication to customer satisfaction
Shipping Nightmare
By -

Horrible, horrible, horrible!!! I ordered an internal hard drive for my computer. I paid the extra money to have it shipped 2 day mail. Order was placed on Friday and now it is Wed. and still not hard drive. I needed the part by Tues. so my son could continue you his online schooling, which is why I paid for the 2 day shipping!!! I've made multiple calls, sent multiple emails to cancel the order and they won't b/c it is transit! Their site shows it is still sitting in the stupid warehouse! They say I'll get it Thurs (tomorrow), but I highly doubt it!

Go to your local Best Buy or OfficeDepot, whatever. You might pay a few dollars more, but at least you'll have your part without paying for shipping THAT DOESN'T WORK!!!!

Stay away from these bozos! Don't learn your lesson the hard way like I did!

Do Not Buy From Them
By -

Operator spoke in horrible broken English. I purchased a TV and paid for express shipping in order to give the TV as a Christmas present. I received the TV quickly and hooked it up. About 15 minutes later the screen went all white. I called to return the TV and they told me no problem just call Westinghouse to make a report. After calling Westinghouse and creating a report I call Ecost back.

They told me that they would send me a return form to attach to the box to ship it back. I received an email 2 days later telling me that I could only receive a replacement. I called customer service this morning and they told me that I had to purchase another TV and once they receive the broken TV they would refund the money for the second TV.

I do not feel that this is a good business practice. I should not have to buy another TV just to have the broken one replaced.

Install What?
By -

Instead of sending the Linksys, they sent ONLY the installation CD... honestly, bizarre. Called immediately and they were completely non helpful. Put me on hold for infinite times. Hung up on me. Did not respond to emails they requested with photo proof of botched product shipment.


Already wasted hours, need the money back still...

Ecost - Lynksys Install CD

By -

60139, ILLINOIS -- It was terrible! I promised myself not to order from again! I ordered one thing and they shipped something else cheaper. Being on the phone everyday for 2, 3 weeks finally got RA#. But I decided to keep the item because of the headache to get the money back from these people. When I tried to use the product, IT DOESN'T WORK! I am done with this company. I had an almost same experience with them before, but I didn't learn from the first mistake.

If any one decided to order from them, good luck that they send you the item you ordered, if not, it will be a nightmare. The first time, I had to pay for the return shipping, even though they sent me a defective item.

Horrible Credit Processing And Bad Customer Service
By -

Horrible, horrible, horrible!!! Do not buy from these guys. Do not count on a product arriving on time. Do not count on them filling an order. They have to verify to their satisfaction, every order, on credit. They are the only ones I have dealt with online, out of hundreds, that have horrible customer service and credit card processing. And you cannot get a manager on the phone to complain.

So I give it to them online onthis site. Well deserved to them. Pity the poor customer service representative that have to cram down stuff on the customer. There are some bad owners here with bad attitudes toward customers.

Very Bad Customer Service!
By -

MOUNT VERNON, WASHINGTON -- Ordered an HP computer, it was defective and had to call four time and ten days later got and RMA. Now it has been eighteen days since tracking shows that they have it return and signed for, but no credit back, just sit on my money while I still do not have a replacement computer.

I will NEVER, EVER buy or shop with them again.

*** Warning ***
Beware you take a change when buying anything, one should expect that the can be defective products, but how a company handles and deals with getting business right with the defective product is how the customer wants to be treated, not just ignored. does not care, just volume, numbers, numbers, numbers...

Ecost Throws Away Good Customer
By -

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON -- I PURCHASED thousands of dollars of things from this company over the past 2 years. I received a GPS unit with a auto charger defective and asked for the replacement of just this part. After 2 months of waiting and multiple calls and emails they finally said they could not get it. In the mean time, I ordered a replacement at my expense from the company, so what they said is a lie. So I asked for a $25 credit and I would get my own. They would rather lose my business than part with $25, so now they lost potentially hundreds of dollars of profit from me. I have been in another business for over 35 years and if I treated my customers like that I would be out of business.


Customer Service
By -

I purchased a refurbished Sony CD Clock Radio from E-Cost. When I received it, the CD player did not work. I called to get a return authorization and was told I had to go through Sony's service department first. I called the number they gave me and it was constantly busy. I finally found a working number on the Sony web page. I was told to ship it back for replacement, but that I would have to pay shipping costs. E-Costs fine print on warranties either refers you to the manufacturer or tells you the sale was made "as is" and they make no warranty to the performance of the prioduct. I will never buy anything from this company again.

"Outrageous Deal" Bait And Switch
By -

PLANO, TX -- Under "outrageous deals" eCost is offering good discounts on products but they are always listed as "expired". I refresh my browser every 20 seconds and the offers change BUT they're always expired when they come up. They list a Nintendo Wii for $99 but just try to get it. Bait and switch.

eCost Wii Bait & Switch Ad

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