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UPDATE: JUNE 9, 05, We are still working on the outstanding issues. If anybody can offer suggestions please e-mail me @ Media's are welcomed to veiw our home to educate others prior to building a modular. We do not stand alone, others just like us are out there... It's not fair, everybody should see this prior to building modular especially with Edward Parker Homes in Bangor Maine and Goscobec from Canada.. Advertizement would be the best solution to prevent other folks from going through what we are experiencing.. STATE OFFICES, MEDIA'S & ATTORNEYS WELCOMED!!!!!!

If anybody has any data that would help my family & I please email me (Tony) @

UPDATE: June 01, 2005, I found this on the WEB@
License Number: 70000066
License Type: Manufacturer
Complaint Number: M04-10 and M04-14
Disposition: Consent Agreement dated 12/19/04
Summary: Licensee agreed to a consent agreement during the course of hearing. Licensee accepted responsibility for its failure to take appropriate action to correct manufactured housing and installation warranty violations resulting from substantial defects in materials and workmanship in two modular homes sold by licensee. Licensee neither admitted nor denied the facts stated in the consent agreement, and neither admitted nor denied that the facts stated in the consent agreement constituted warranty violations. Licensee agreed to complete remaining repairs in one home, and agreed to a $1000 civil penalty. Licensee also agreed to pay up to $2000 as a one-half share of the board's hearing and inspections costs.


Thank you for your e-mails. As I have indicated both over the phone and through previous correspondence, Goscobec has made a significant effort, from its perspective, in terms of working with Edward Parker Homes to try to correct any manufacturing defects. The engineer who was hired was not instructed to come up with any kind of an opinion. He was asked to look at the whole house and give us an opinion as to what is going on. After hiring someone such as that, paying for the work, what else can be done at this time, other than respecting his opinion? These engineers do multiple inspections such as this. They are expert at it.

I have also received a significant amount of information from Edward Parker Homes reflecting their efforts in different phases of your project. I have to say that from what I have heard and what I understand at this point in time, the issues that you describe are of minor consequence, in terms of the whole picture and the value that you received. Keep in mind, there is something called a doctrine of substantial performance, which is a legal term which suggests that when one has received the benefit of an entire house, you cannot suggest that someone is going to take back the entire house because there are some lingering quality issues from your perspective, or some punchlist issues. The doctrine of substantial performance shields the contractor, in this case Edward Parker Homes, from having such extreme liability. I do not represent Edward Parker Homes. I represent Goscobec, but I am familiar with the law. If there is any specific manufacturing defect that you feel still exists after the last inspection by Stephane Morin and the engineering report, please tell me what that is at this point in time. This would have to be something structural, not the cosmetic work or the finish work. That is not what Goscobec does. All Goscobec did was sell a modular home to Edward Parker Homes. Edward Parker Homes contracted with you, in terms of the type of home, the fact that you wanted a Goscobec Home and not another brand (as you know, they carry more than Goscobec brands of modular homes), and all of the other work that was done is between you and Edward Parker Homes. However, I certainly want to make sure that there is nothing left that you have any credible evidence of to point to a manufacturing defect. If a manufacturing defect relating to the condition of the modular units as delivered to the site was missed by the engineer, please advise.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, William S. Kelly

MAY 27, MY RESPONSE:Mr. Kelly:

Thank you for your response.

At this point in time, I see no effort from Goscobec or Parker Homes to correct the deficiencies which are a result of improperly putting the house together. The house was set once and repeatedly adjusted which impacted other areas within the dwelling. The house was literally left hanging (support columns were cut and put in place with blocks of wood in) for months in hopes to cure the problem with the "speed bump" in our formal living room. Unfortunately that didn't work but it created cracks throughout that section of the dwelling. The cracks and, etc., are results of a manufacturing installation defect attempted to be cured. In addition, it is my understanding that Goscobec is responsible for the frequent moving of support beams in the basement. That too has a lot of bearing as too why cracks reappeared. After all cracks etc. were repaired and rooms were painted, they (Goscobec and Parker) made a MAJOR adjustment to the house by lowering one quadrant of the house that sounded terrible, laterally shook the house, jammed doors, broke door molding pieces and made stair cases uneven and walls crack again. In this situation they removed the wall in the basement and never put it back properly and didn't install it properly. Additionally, they have not cured the problems with the walls from last adjustment. In short, whether it is the fault of Goscobec or Parker, my wife and I are caught in the middle. This has affected us emotionally and continues to cause destruction in our everyday lives. With this home we have been robbed of the feeling of being in a new home. As one person who viewed our home stated, "this will never be a new home for you folks." Another person walked in and asked, "Are you renovating?".We have built three homes and have never experienced anything like this. This is truly deplorable as it is a reflection of the work provided by Goscobec and Parker Homes. Being a business owner myself, I wouldn't want the name of my company associated with something like this.

I originally gave you folks until June 03, 2005, to resolve our issues and settle with us. You still have until that date to cure what you state as a "minor consequence" and settle with us, but our efforts in the interim will be directed toward using public agencies and media's to assist us to get what is rightfully ours, a completed product. This "minor consequence" has impacted our lives dramatically causing a significant amount of stress to us. To us, its not minor.

If no action on Goscobec's and Parker Homes part is taken by June 03, 2005, we will proceed as outlined in my previous letter. By not responding by June 03, 2005, will permit the court and/or government office to decide the outcome of this situation.

As told to me, one would think that even though its two different companies they would at minimum, work together to get the job done rather than pointing fingers toward each other. Parker Homes orally stated on several occasions that Goscobec made the mistakes and in reality it's both their fault. Parker Homes poorly managed this project from the beginning and Goscobec for not properly inspecting their installation.

As you are cognizant of, we have already filled with the Better Business Bureau, My and the State of Maine's Department of Professional and Financial Regulation, Office of Licensing and Registration. This upcoming week we will be filling with the State of Maine, Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Division, Consumer Mediation Service.

We have suffered long enough and will do whatever we can legally to ensure we get what we paid for and reimbursement for our suffering as it has impacted our life in a negative way.

Although I appreciate your advice concerning the law, we have already discussed our issues with an attorney who has informed us of what to provide. There is a long paper trail in which I started sending to Parker Homes and Goscobec.

Pictures will show major support beams being moved, walls that cracked, areas with missing door trim, screws missing from manufactures suggestions on garage door moldings, walls and wood never even primed, I could go on but I am sure you understand our level of frustration has been exhausted.

We were really hoping to solve our issues through your office, however, I believe that Goscobec and Parker Homes have not offered any reasonable solution to cure existing problems and work never completed because I am writing this email from my house that is 20 months old and still not completed. The time now is 1:30 a.m. and my frustration continues to grow. Goscobec and Parker Homes just toured this project, you would think that they would want to finish it up. This simply is not fair to us....

It's really poor that we didn't receive the product in which we were shown at Parker Homes as it represents false advertising.

I strongly recommend that Goscobec and Parker Homes stop pointing fingers toward each other as well as others and solve this unfortunate situation by June 03, 2005... A table meeting should have occurred long ago.

Mr. Fucillo

UPDATE: May 25, 2005, After several emails to their Attorney and both companies involved, still no action..UPDATE: As of this day, May 23, 2005 our issues still exist. Goscobec is now blaming the person that installed the foundation.. Little do they know that the company that installed the foundation went beyond Goscebecs foundation specs.. The foundation is fine as it shows no signs of movement and/or defects.. Even if the foundation was the issue, why has Parker Homes and Goscobec ignored the interior isues pertaining to priming, missing door molding trim etc.? HELP??? If anybody out there has any knowledge in which they can share with us (email: )would be greatly appreciated. ATTORNEY'S WELCOMED!!!!!!!
Original Rev.: My wife and I moved to Maine and had a 3600 plus square foot home manfactured home made. The home was purchased through Edward Parker Homes in Bangor Maine. The home was manufactured by Goscobec Modular Homes in Canada.. The home was delivered and installed in Auguist of 2003. As of March 2005 our home is still not done yet. Both Goscebec and Parker Homes expect construction to be part of everyday lives.. This is simply not fair to my family and myself. Although our home is bran new, it looks deplorable as they can't get the interior done properly. We have pulging walls, molding that doesn't line up & doors that don't provide privacy. We wouldn't want anybody to experience the same as us.. The list goes on and on but if you should any questions please conact us via - email... we will share any data in which we have...... Attorneys welcomed!!!!!

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