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EFaucets.com is dishonest
Posted by Robert.barta on 02/18/2013
RACINE, WISCONSIN -- I ordered $4000 of bathroom fixtures from eFaucets.com for several bathrooms. I ordered, they shipped, everything seemed ok. So I kept giving them business. And then this happened.

Their website had a listing for a $700 shower door, the picture was of the door I wanted but the item # was for a different door. How am I supposed to know the model #? When I received the door, I complained about the website and delivered door not being what was pictured and ordered the correct door while I waited for them to give me return info which took them a full week. I received the new door and installed it and still didn't have return information.

When I finally got return information they wanted me to pay $450 to return ship the door (which I paid $50 to ship to me) plus a 15% restocking fee (another $105). Of course the door originally came from a city near me but they wanted it "returned" to the other side of the country.

I again complained to efaucets.com that this was because the website was incorrect and that now it had been fixed demonstrating that was wrong. After waiting another 2 weeks for a decision, they informed me the website was correct and they would offer me no relief. Effectively I could get back $145 of the $750 I had spent.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-19:
I've seen a LOT of complaints about eFaucets.com. I'm sorry that you became involved with them.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-02-19:
From what I have seen, eFaucets.com feels it is better to rip off their customers and never see them again. Repeat, happy customers does not seem to be part of their overall business model.
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You CAN get all your money back from eFaucets
Posted by Tecdive on 07/20/2010
RACINE, WISCONSIN -- Like everybody else writing here, I experienced eFaucets horrible customer service and deceptive practices first hand. I placed an order for items listed as “in stock and ready to ship” only to find out later that one key piece really wasn’t in stock and would take weeks to come in. Of course, I couldn’t cancel the order without paying the restocking fees.

I complained to the Wisconsin Department of Consumer Protection (eFaucets is located in Wisconsin). My main argument was that eFaucets is using deceptive marketing practices by showing that items are in stock when really they are not. It is reasonable for a consumer like myself to rely on this information and expect that all items listed as in stock will be readily available. The WDCP agreed with me and issued a warning letter to eFaucets stating that they were in violation of Wisconsin law and needed to either make sure that the stock listing on the site was accurate or remove the listing altogether.

Following this letter, I did receive a FULL refund of the purchase price without any restocking fees taken out.

Unfortunately, the DCP can’t help if your issue is only related to nasty customer service reps, half hour hold times, being hung up on . . . . or any of the other wonderful experiences many of us are having with them. However, if you think you have a valid legal argument for why they should give you a refund, I strongly suggest filing a complaint. Unlike the BBB, they have the power to make a decision and force the merchant to abide by it. You can find their complaint form at: http://datcp. state. wi. us/cp/consumerinfo/cp/complaint-form/CPComplaintForm.jsp

I would also suggest filing with the BBB and your credit card company, but I found both to be less effective . . . but if enough of us complain, over time they may take action.
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Efaucets.com - Worst Customer Service Ever!!!!
Posted by Boot on 06/03/2010
I ordered the part on May 10 and paid for it with PayPal on May 11. It is now June 3 and I still don't have it. Contacting them by email results in 'canned' replies. Just general answers without any specifics. Contacting by phone results in long waits which I cannot wait for. On-line chat results in 3+ minute waits which then become 5+ minute waits and several of those before someone comes on only to tell me to try again later. You cannot get in contact with anyone who knows anything.

This is just pathetic! Do not order from them unless you do it over the phone and confirm that the item is in stock.
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Posted by aspcs on 2012-03-16:
Purchased almost all of my items for my bathroom renovation online. All went smoothly EXCEPT for eFauets. eFaucets is an ONGOING NIGHTMARE. Like everyone else I was unknowingly charged for BuySafe ($15.00), which I hope might be a form of recourse of getting back some of my money back from eFaucets. Placed orders for 5 plumbing items on 2/16/2012. Received 4 items quickly via UPS, but no reference to the 5th item...a bathroom faucet. Had to call eFaucets. Item was out of stock, but was told it would be in within 5 days. 5 days later called again and was told it would be another week. Meanwhile, I realized that a shower rough in that I purchase and received, which eFaucets website linked me to was the incorrect one. Called again. They swore that I must have ordered the wrong item....I was linked to it! Until now, I had no idea of what a rough in was....how could I dream up this particular model? Unfortunately, I didn't print out the webpage that showed that that item was necessary for a shower valve control plate. Sent that item back promptly and followed their instructions completely. Return was rcd. at their warehouse on 2/25. It's now 3/16 and I have yet to receive a credit. I went ahead and ordered the correct rough in while on the phone w. an eFaucet rep. Showed that there were 4 in stock. A week later, I realized that I should have had it by that time. Called eFaucets and was told that the item was backordered 4 to 6 weeks. However, nobody ever contacted me. They did acknowledge that although there system showed there were 4 in stock...they were really sold out. It took 2 weeks to receive that credit....really need to check my credit card to make sure it was actually completed. Found the correct rough in on the eFaucets eBay site called eImprovements. Called and asked why they couldn't send me that one. Said it couldn't be done and that I was free to buy it thru ebay, which I did. Saw that the shipping label was created as soon as I paid. However, the items was never given to the UPS driver. Had to call eImprovements customer srvice....guess who I got? I got eFaucets customer service. Was told they were only allowed to email eImprovements. Finally got a response that they packed it up, but someone else forgot to give it to the UPS driver. I finally did get that one, which I pray works as it should. Meanwhile, 1 month later, my bathroom renovation is almost complete, but I'm still missing the original backordered faucet that eFaucets SWORE would be in today 3/16. Now, they swear it should be in on 3/23. Anyway, I filed 2 disputes with BuySafe....one for the credit I was never issued for the returned rough in and the other requesting that I a refund for a bathroom faucet that I've waited a month for (I would have never agreed to wait a month.) Found one on Amazon, bought it, and it will be here within 4 days. In all, I probably spent $700 w. eFaucets and they still owe me a faucets for $215 and a credit for $95 for the rough in. I'm sure that they'll try and nail me w. their ludicrous restock fee. How could it be a restock if they still don't have it in their possession? People don't buy faucets unless they have a need for one. I plan on contacting the WI BBB and whoever else I can think of. I've literally spent about 6-8 hours of time on the phone with eFaucets. They are a true nightmare. They have deceptive marketing/selling practices. Wonder if BuySafe will resolve this, or if this too was another farce. DON'T buy from eFaucets.
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Let my experience be a a warning to others
Posted by Daniel63 on 02/14/2011
WISCONSIN -- This company should be shut down. Here's a summary of my situation:

On Jan. 23rd I placed an online order for a bathroom faucet. My credit card was charged immediately (verified by looking online at my credit card account).

On Jan. 31st (8 days later) I received an email stating that they had a pricing error on their website and in order to complete the order I needed to pay an additional $45. I responded to the email that I wasn't willing to do so and they should honor the price on their website as it was still listed that way (8 days later). I received no response.

On Feb. 4th on went online to their website and and chatted live with a customer service representative who told me they couldn't honor the price (that was still on their website btw) but her supervisor would reduce the upcharge to $25. I said to cancel the order and simply refund my money. She said they would process the refund. They also finally changed the price on their website.

On Feb. 11th I still had no credit to my credit card and called eFaucet and spoke to a customer service representative who at first tried to tell me that it would take up to 3 weeks to see the credit. I pointed out that I work in retail and know that the credit card is charged or credited immediately upon swiping or entering the info. She then assured me that they she would walk the credit down to the credit department and they would credit it immediately.

As of Feb. 14th I have no credit to my card. I am calling to dispute the charge with the credit card company as I feel this may be the only way to get this reversed.

Charged on the 23rd when I placed the order; company tried to claim an error and charge another $45 8 days later; agreed to refund price on the 4th and yet have no credit as of the 14th. I wouldn't do business with this company in the future at all.

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Posted by Alain on 2011-02-15:
Efaucets consistently has some of the worst reviews on this site.
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Worst customer service
Posted by BadgerER on 03/13/2010
The customer service is the absolute worst ever. I purchased a kitchen faucet online, and then wanted to make a change. When I called Sunday, I was told no that they were unable to make changes on weekends. When I asked to just cancel, I was told cancellations were not allowed on weekends either. The customer service person "Savannah" was unbelievably rude, getting into an argument with me and pushing me for a fight. I finally called Monday to cancel my order and was told there would be a 25% cancellation fee! My next call was to my credit card to dispute the purchase.

Obviously this company has no customer service training whatsoever, and they must make the bulk of their money on change and cancellation fees. A truly dishonest, rude, and slimy company. Beware, there are much better online alternatives!
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Too many issues with efaucets
Posted by Elizbollen on 03/09/2010
HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND -- I have ordered 3 Moen faucets from efaucets.com and a shower valve. The two faucets and valve arrived within a few days. One of the faucets could not be installed because it was missing pieces and the valve was not the right item. I don't know who to blame. Moen's customer service was great and sent replacement times without causing any further aggravation. Although, the project completion was delayed. Returning the valve to efaucets was a hassle. I did not want a replacement, but they sent one anyway. I was told that if I want to return I need an Return Authorization number and pay for it myself. The third faucet did not arrive within a few days. When I called, I was told it was a "special order". Initially, when I ordered it, the website stated it was in stock, but I double checked with the sales person who also said it was in stock. If I had known it was not, I would not have ordered it.

I was then told it would not arrive for another few weeks. I had to cancel, pay a fee, and order from another website Irawoods.com that I have ordered from before and not had any issues.
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Efaucets Has Horrible Customer Service And Worse Return/Change Order Policy
Posted by Building broke in Florida on 02/25/2010
RACINE, WISCONSIN -- Within minutes of placing my order for kitchen and bath faucets using efaucets.com, I called the company back to let them know that I selected the wrong shipping type by mistake. Right away, I realized I selected wrong bath sink faucets and wanted to select the correct ones. I am in the middle of new construction and I needed a series of faucets that were not available through local supply companies. When I was placing order, great service. When I needed help, they were quick to simply quote "on-line policies" over and over, with no regard to helpfulness - even though I was willing to pay for the corrections. I didn't want anything for free. And, even though all items were displayed as in-stock on the website when ordering, most were not even available. Some are now taking up to 4 weeks for delivery! I was surprised that they could initiate the electronic transfer of funds from my bank, if the items were not even available. A week later I finally received my order.

Even though I received emails stating the order (minus 5 specific items) had been shipped, I did not receive anything I needed on-time for our plumber. When I finally reached someone in customer service (Becky, and the manager, Savanna), they offered no explanation, shunned me for being naive, and basically laughed with every word I spoke. A little empathy would have been nice at that point. We are building this house on a tight budget and are in the middle of finalizing our home loan. Pulling $3500 out of my personal bank account twice to pay for the faucets caused a great hardship for me. Efaucets.com has horrible service and they need to revise their policies to "help" the customer. Two plumbing supply houses here in my area heard of efaucets.com, and said they heard they are the ultimate rip-off to unsuspecting consumers. I was willing to eat my mistake but efaucets just continued to dig in the knife over and over again. I have filed complaints with the BBB in Wisconsin, and the federal trade commission. Interestingly, there were other complaints against efaucets.com at the BBB in Wisconsin where efaucets is located.

Buyer beware when it comes to this company. And to add insult to injury, when I reordered with a local company, the local companies prices were far better than efaucets. For example, the local company provided the roman tub faucet for $50 less than efaucets. That was painful.

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BUYER BEWARE. eFaucets.com Should Be Investigated by the Authorities!
Posted by Jdoe8364 on 03/05/2014
RACINE, WISCONSIN -- BUYER BEWARE. eFaucets.com should be investigated by the authorities! ‎Déjà Vu...as I read ALL the complaints my experience was extremely similar. I placed an order. The $800+ was IMMEDIATELY debited from my account. I wait one month for the order to arrive even though it was advertised for 1 - 2 weeks. I don't receive the order. I call customer care. They are arrogant and lied EVERY TIME I communicated with them. They tell me item is on back-order. I call the mfg and they confirm that the item IS available (in multiples). I call eFaucets back, they claim it will be another 2 - 3 weeks. I cancel order, THEY DON'T REFUND $$$ and I'm still waiting for refund. DO NOT USE eFaucets. If you want an honorable online plumbing outlet contact FaucetsDirect.com...they are HIGHLY customer focused organization and delivered the same item I ordered from eFaucets in ONLY 3 days.

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2014-03-07:
Contact your bank and see about having the money charged back.
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WORST Company EVER Still Owes Me Money After 100+ Days
Posted by Jcallen on 08/05/2013
A faucet was ordered but I was never told it was out of stock. Cancelled the order on May 24th and have been told every time I call or email that they have credited my account. NO CREDIT after 3 months of trying. DO NOT use efaucets.com EVER.
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EFaucets a total RIPOFF
Posted by Stungbythiscompany on 05/24/2011
RACINE, WISCONSIN -- I ordered a part and was lied to when told it was available and would ship in 3-5 days. After 2 weeks of no part I tried to cancel order but was told I could not cancel and it was already being shipped from the manufacturer. After another 2 weeks I again tried to cancel and even spoke with a customer service supervisor named "Savannah" who said even though they didn't have the part yet, I could not cancel my order without paying shippig and a "restocking fee of 15% even though I never got the item. I repeatedly told them not to ship it, but they did any way. Now I am waiting for a return good authorization that was supposed to take 2-4 days but it has been a week and still no RGA. I can't return it without an RGA and if I do, they said it would cost me the 15% restocking fee PLUS a 20% fee. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH EFAUCETS!!! EVER! Service is nasty, rude and will do anything to rip off consumers.
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Posted by ChuhBaca on 2011-05-24:
Wow, I have seen way too many complaints about this company. It's a specialized market, so the amount of bad reviews this company gets tells me that they're bad news. I will avoid. Thank you.
Posted by Whiteduck on 2011-05-25:
How would you like to be furnishing your new house with EFaucets plumbing and Ashley Furniture?

Talk about stressful..
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-25:
Nothing wrong with furnishing a house with ashley furniture or any other company, as long you satisfied with the product/mdse.. very helpful review.
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