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Miserable customer service
By -

I purchased an American Standard Titan Pro Round Front Triangle Toilet (2846.016) from them online on 7/17/10. Their web site then shows the status as "waiting on carrier" (as in waiting on confirmation from UPS). So I immediately call UPS - they have nothing from eFaucets for me. I call eFaucets - they say that means they haven't gotten it to UPS yet?? Uh, OK. Sure....that makes sense - blame the carrier when you've never even had them pick up the item. They tell me the item is on it's way and should be here in ~ 2 weeks. So why not just put that in the status instead of some sneaky, deceptive message?

Two weeks go by - no update (online order status still blames UPS), no toilet. So I called AGAIN and was told it will be here on 8/13. 8/13 comes and goes - nothing, website still says same thing. On 8/13 I called AGAIN and spoke to nasty, ill-informed CR Rep by the name of Ashley who told me it would be here ~ 8/27. I was fairly annoyed at this point and asked to speak to supervisor - she refused (said nobody was available - really? at 2:00 in the afternoon?). So I asked to have supervisor call me - she said she would. Then she told me in a snotty little voice that I shouldn't have received free shipping (uh, your WEBSITE says free shipping on all orders over $99 - this toilet is $300 sweetie so do the math!). No supervisor ever called. Wow - big surprise.

Today - UPS shows up with 2 packages! Yay! Ah, but wait - they sent two TANKS and no BOWL. Really?! So I called AGAIN - they have "no idea" how I got 2 tanks - but I will need to pack it up and be available for UPS to come pick it up! Like I have nothing better to do than sit around at home waiting for UPS to come get something that I never should have been shipped to begin with? Oh yes, and the bowl was not going to be in for TWO MORE WEEKS. Oh, and the CR I talked to said that supervisors "don't do call-backs" so she has no idea why Ashley would say this? Did I mention they charged my credit card 8 weeks ago? Yeah. Nice. Don't buy here.

Poor Customer Service and Return Policy
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased an American Standard toilet seat. It came busted. The company requires that I return the busted item at my own expense. Not only that, they may not refund my money for 30 days. This is the worst company for returns.

By -

I spent over $1000 with this company and have received the worst customer service ever. Unfortunately, once you make your purchase you are on your own. They have misleading information on most products. I even went as far as confirming the details of the products on the live chat and when I mentioned this to the Customer Service Supervisor SHE told me I was LYING! She also proceeded to tell me that I have never called or contacted them before the day of the order when in fact I have talked to several of the customer service reps before ordering the products. The customer service supervisor is a NIGHTMARE. She is useless and rude - she even hung up on me when I was able to prove that I spoke to someone there before. I will be reporting them to BBB and having a lawyer draw up letters to the President of the company.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

RACINE, WISCONSIN -- I made an error within 10 seconds after I completed my order. I called their Customer Support number and tried to cancel the order.

I was told the order could not be canceled. The error my problem!! So, I have to accept delivery of the item and get authorization for a return. This requires me to pay freight both ways $99 each way for a total to $198) plus a 15% restocking fee (another $60). All this for an item costing $350!!

The buy should beware .. once you click on the "BUY" button, you are stuck with the item.. forget their claim of fee shipping (they mask it with a separate charge called "freight"..and forget their customer service.. Customer Satisfaction is a joke!

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