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Incorrect Pricing to Incorrect Order Timeline
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Rating: 1/51

WILKES BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA -- We went and purchased a sofa and loveseat from EFO Furniture and still have not received it. When we were in the store looking at furniture they had the prices listed for the sofa, loveseat, and if you got both. They didn't have the price for the sofa and loveseat if you got it in a sleeper so I asked the salesperson and he told me the price and we went to buy it and he wrote up the price and it was 80 more than he said. So I asked why the cost was different and he tried to act like it was the same price he told me 5 minutes before. Oh well he misquoted not a huge deal so we kept going with the sale at the higher price cause my wife liked the furniture.

When asking how long until we could get it delivered he said 1 to 2 weeks so gave him a credit card to take the downpayment and he came back after taking the money and said "oh I made a mistake it will be more like 2 to 4 weeks." Now 6 weeks later I called because we have not heard from them and was told the factory was having an issue and it put everything from them on a delay. I asked why we were not called and he said it wasn't our fault the factory is having issues. The next day I got a call and surprise it came in and then they said "we will deliver it in another 4 weeks" because they only deliver to my town every 2nd and 4th Tuesday.

So I asked what about the 4th Tuesday being next week and I was told that shouldn't be a problem. I got another call the next day saying no we have to wait 4 weeks. The lack of product knowledge, pricing, and customer service is amazingly bad.

Customer Service/Accuracy
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Rating: 1/51

DUNMORE -- Salesperson ordered incorrect pieces. I called three times to correct this custom order as well as correct the address and contact info the salesperson entered. Upon having custom pieces delivered they were incorrect. The store manager's response (After delaying delivery for a week - saying "Oh we did not call you for that." FYI I have the voice mail.) "Well you should not have prepaid for it. Nothing I can do." Wow, service industry - don't think so. Horrible service, noncustomer focused - ill-informed sales associates.

Oh yes, as a customer please prepare yourself should you be unfortunate to purchase an item to "know" the abbreviated terms of the pieces you order - even if you have the conversations of that's not correct because they are the "professional " and "know". $2,000 cash out the door? Let's hope the owner Joe can rectify this problem. If not this will be forwarded to BBB and other affiliated associates with all documents. Shame - maybe training in the world of service and KNOWLEDGE of your products are needed. Also smiles upon enters wouldn't hurt either.

Company Response 05/05/2016:

This order was a special order in that the fabric and specific sectional pieces were manufactured specifically to fulfill it. The sales order written included each component of the set desired including the manufacturer's model numbers and their description. Also included was a sketch of the layout of the sectional. The customer signed this sales order acknowledging it. The merchandise was delivered exactly as the sales order was written.
The customer claims it is reverse of what they wanted and that the salesperson explained the configuration incorrectly.
In the interest of good customer relations, we have agreed to re-order the sectional in the reverse configuration at no charge. The consumer has agreed to accept this as a resolution. We are awaiting the customer's signed acknowledgement of the revised configuration so that it can be ordered.

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Rating: 5/51

WILKES BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased furniture and a mattress and found their outlet prices to be significantly better than the competition's sale prices. And I shopped everyone! They were very helpful and friendly. I did have one problem on the delivery with a stripped leg. They took care of it that same day! No one was rude like other reviews say.

Then again, I'm in business and understand how unreasonable some customers are today with crazy demands. I chock it up to this "entitlement" society. I for one, will continue to send my friends and family to EFO. All that I sent have been really happy. So buyer beware of miserable crybabies! They're the ones usually writing all the bad reviews from hotels to restaurants and furniture stores.

Worst Experience of My Life. Rude Manager.
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Rating: 1/51

WILKES-BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA -- We went to EFO in the beginning of the year looking for new furniture for our living room. I found a Catnapper rocker recliner I liked but I didn't like the color. We also looked at a sofa and love seat that we thought we wanted. We ordered the color of the chair that we wanted and they said that they always had the sofa and love seat in stock, so I did not feel that we had to put one on layaway or on hold.

I put a deposit on the chair and in the meantime, we looked around for a different sofa and love seat because the set that EFO had were cheaply made and I knew they would not last long. When we went back to pick up our chair (they wanted over 200 dollars to deliver) they made us pay a restocking fee and a cancellation fee for the sofa and love seat because they "held them" special for us. This fee was 125 dollars. The manager was very rude and nasty and would not even negotiate with us. We paid the fee and left.

Not 2 months later, our chair broke! They would come pick it up to repair it for a fee of 65 dollars. They would not pick it up for no charge simply for the fact that we picked it up to begin with. We are currently waiting to get out chair back. I will not pay anything else for this chair, and it better last this time. This is the worst business I have ever dealt with. Mean, mean, mean people!

Received Broken Furniture-Won't Replace it- Rude/Terrible Customer. Service.
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Rating: 1/51

WILKES BARRA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Don't buy from this company!!! They don't deal in a trustworthy manner! We just purchased a bedroom set for around $1400.00. When their guy loaded it into our truck, I asked if I should check it for damage before I take it. He said that it's OK & if there is damage when I get home to simply call. Sounds good.

Well, when we got home & finally we're able to open the boxes, 2 out of the 3 pieces were damaged (see photo below- not sure how many pictures I can post here, but at least there will be one). The nightstand drawer had a crack on the face running half way across it. The chest of drawers had a large crack & dents on the back top corner & the frame structure had gaps in it. I called & was asked to send pictures of the damage.

I got a call from the service manager (very rude woman) who told me they would give me a new drawer for the nightstand, which I said would be fine. Then she said they would "repair" the damaged chest. I told her I paid for a "new" chest of drawers, not a damaged & "refurbished" chest. The frame structure had been compromised & that is unacceptable. What's more is that she said I would either have to bring it back, which is an hour from where we live or pay $80.00 to have them pick it up. Then we would have to live without a dresser for whom knows how many weeks while they "fix it".

When I said, "no, no, no, no, no", she cut me of and said, "don't you say no, no, no to me"! Now get this.... then she said to me, "well, you dropped it!" First off, we had not dropped it, but the sheer audacity to make a comment like that is incredible to me! Since the fact is that we assuredly did not drop it, it was obviously dropped by the carriers or warehouse guys that sent it.

We are small business owners ourselves & would never treat a customer in this way. We give our customers the benefit of the doubt, but not EFO! This is their way out so they don't have to go through the trouble.... just accuse the customer. I said we will keep this one until they order & receive a new chest & then we will bring this one back & they can send it to claims as a damaged item.

Well.... I was told they don't provide that service & that I should have read the "fine print" on the back of the paper I signed at the dock (even though the man who helped me said not to worry about it when I asked). After arguing with the service manager to no avail, she said, "when you're ready to talk, call me back" & hung up on me. Really? I'm glad for those folks who had no problems & love their furniture from this company.... they were fortunate, but I pity the ones who do have a problem.

This company has the rudest staff & doesn't care about you.... just about taking your money. I even left a voice message for the owner, thinking he would care about the way his employees are treating their customers.... no return call.

Plaza house in Bloomsburg has much better service. One time I picked up a similar set from them & there was damage on a corner of an item & they most graciously let me keep it until they ordered a new piece. Also, try Gray Furniture & Sons in Berwick. They offered to let me use a dining room set for an event I was having until the new one came in. Don't waste your time and money at EFO. If you have a problem, it will be your loss!

Poor Service
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WILKES-BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a sectional couch and pillows on 110509 from the store manager. Of course she was pleasant and helpful and looking for a sale for a commission. I was not doing any financing so I was told I had to pay off the couch before delivery. I went to the store on 120709 and paid off the couch in cash for the couch to be delivered the next day. The couch arrived on 120809 with no pillows. The delivery people informed me the pillows will be delivered separately on 121309.

After no delivery of the pillows were made the next week, I attempted to call the manager who sold me the couch several times for over 2 weeks. I was continually told she was busy with other customers. Finally I called first thing in the morning 15 min before the store opened and actually talked to the store manager because she picked up the phone. I asked her where the pillows were. She informed me that after the sales is done the order goes to the factory and she no longer is responsible for the items and sale.

I informed her that she made the sale but that the sale was incomplete and that I expected her to FINISH her job that she received the complete commission on because I paid cash. She said to me very cocky "Well Heather, what would you like me to do about it!!" I said I want answers and if she could not give them to me that I wanted to talk to her supervisor. She said she would call me back in 15 min, and she called me back in 10 min and told me the pillows were never made. I asked her why she could not find this out over 2 weeks ago when I first called, and why the pillows were never made. She said that it is a factory problem.

After also speaking to several other useless people in this company and trying to e-mail the owner who claims to care so much about their customers I was finally told, also after I informed them that I reported them to the Better Business Bureau, that the fabric was out of stock and they are not required to be informed about out of stock items to inform their customers. I said this is a very poor way to run a business. It is now 010810, I still do not have my pillows and I am officially out of patience.

Now, had I been notified that the pillows were out of stock, I would have understood these thing do happen. But it took a lot of calls and e-mails and reporting them to the BBB to find out what happened. They were very rude, degrading and insulting telling be it is over pillows. They need to change their policies to better serve their customers. If you are going to buy a large purchase like furniture and you expect what they promise and expect answers and communication with the company, do not go to EFO!

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WILKES-BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA -- We went to EFO Furniture in W-B because they really did give us the best price. The store manager was very pleasant while we were at the store. The problem started about three months after we got our new furniture home. We bought an England furniture set, which we have had before and it lasted over fifteen years without a problem. The furniture was delivered in November, 2009. In February, 2010, I noticed a small tear in the fabric on the sofa, but being very busy with a family and a full time job, I didn't call about the problem until March, 2010.

The store manager, Tracy, said I had to contact the company they use for their fabric repair. So, I told them about it, they said it would take about six weeks and that the fabric would be sent to my home, to call them when I get it then they would send someone to fix the problem. Months went by, I called again, they never had it in their system about the problem, so I had to start all over from the beginning!

Finally, by August, 2010, a repairman came to my house, after many, many phone calls to three different managers, all who would not call me back! He told me he would have to take it to his shop to fix the sofa, but in the meantime, the leg fell off of the ottoman! He repaired that right on the spot, which made me happy. Two days later they came for my sofa, they had it for about one week and returned it.

As soon as I saw the shoddy job done on the sewing I called service again and told them about it. "what's wrong this time?" is what I was asked. As if all of this was my fault in the first place! I told her I wanted the repairman back to re-sew the sofa. She told me that they don't sew the fabric, they staple it, without her even knowing what was done to begin with.

I told her that it was sewed and that the material was all bunched up and pulling apart. She said they couldn't send someone until about the second week of September. September!! So, okay, now I am still waiting! This was one of the worst experiences with a furniture store in my whole life! I would tell everyone to shop somewhere else - anywhere else! They, the store managers, are all very unprofessional!

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