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Be Careful Giving eHarmony as a Gift!
Posted by on
BE CAREFUL giving EHarmony as a gift! Eharmony will screw you later by continuing to charge YOU…the gift-giver! It happened to us….we called them to resolve it – explaining to them that it is illegal to charge OUR card on a continuing basis WITHOUT OUR approval. They have every right to contact the account holder – and attempt to make arrangements for a continuing subscription – but it is purely illegal to allow the gift recipient to authorize OUR card to continue to be charged. And you know what they said? “We have to have the gift recipient’s approval to not charge your card” WHAT????? It is not the gift recipients card! This is criminal, scammy, and illegal.

Thankfully our gift recipient called “for us” to “authorize” the discontinuation of charges on OUR card! Be careful – these people are scammy!
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 2009-03-18:
you authorized the first charge, so yes, this is legal.

what a gift?? "by the way, you are lonely, here, try to find a date"
Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-18:
"We have to have the gift recipient’s approval to not charge your card" my ***!

Contact the BBB and the Federal Trade Commission about this practice.
Anna-belle on 2009-03-19:
Did you let your friend use your credit card to pay for her eHarmony subscription? If so, you are therefore bearing all responsibilities for the sale. Didn't you read the site's Terms and Conditions?

The same thing happens when you let friends use your credit card for:

* their car rental. What if they damage the car?
* their newspaper/magazine subscriptions. These companies traditionally autorenew.
* some utility companies. Some of these companies also autorenew. It's in their fine print.

Also, how do you expect eHarmony to contact you to ask your direct permission before it auto-renewed your friend's account? It didn't have your email. Anyway, it is in the fine print that they will autorenew unless the accountholder told them not to. Exactly like a newspaper.

In the future, read the fine print before you let friends use your card. Have a nice day.
vivakauai on 2009-03-19:
madconsumer: Check your facts pal...I checked with our attorney - it is completely illegal. We called eHarmony when getting the person the gift, and we were plainly told by them that we would be charged ONLY for the initial gift, and we were assured that our card would not be charged any future charges. Further, we did not give our CC to our friend - we called eHarmony - and purchased our friend the gift after being assured by the company that we'd not be charged further. eHarmony does NOT need our FRIENDS approval to not charge OUR card - the legal ownership of the account is our friends...but the legal ownership of our Credit Card is OURS. Common sense would dictate that. As for the "what a gift" comment, she had indicated to us that she really wanted a subscription, but couldn't afford keep your ignorant comments to yourself unless you actually have something intelligent to say, which, judging by your first attempt, is not likely.

Soaring Consumer: Exactly! We did contact those organizations by the way. Thanks.

Anna-belle: See above - NO - we did not let our friend use our credit card to pay for her eHarmony subscription. We called eHarmony originally, and they assured us that we'd only be charged for the original subscription, and that in order for the person to continue the subscription, she'd have to pay for it herself. I didn't read their terms and conditions...I did one better, I called them up personally and spoke to them. We don't "let our friends" use our credit cards. We called up and inquired about how to purchase a ONE TIME gift subscription for our friend.
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What a Rip Off
Posted by on
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- What a rip off. You waste a lot of time getting set up and then find our they want $60 a month. If their service was so good, they would not need a year long rate! I got several hits tat were nt good matches. Also, the whole thing is a scam - if you find a person you like, and they are a member - they can not reply.

The eHarmony folks are total pukes - these folks prey on lonely people and make it worse. If someone reaches out to you - you should be able to reply. How do you know if the person you mailed was not interest or jut not stupid enough to pay these folks $60 when anyone worth dating can meet someone by just heading to the local coffee shop.

I hope others will start to get it that these sort of services do more harm than good!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2009-03-15:
My friend tried a few of them, so have I actually. She did EHarmony and said it was the worst of them. The "you can't see or communicate with your interests" thing is really stupid and it takes a long time to get set up. It is among the most expensive, too. Good review and good luck to you.
Anonymous on 2009-03-15:
I've always been grateful that I never had to try online dating. I know people who swear by it, though, and they either love or hate e-Harmony. I say save your money and get out there and find someone. Lots of fish in the sea and you'll eventually find one :) Good luck!
shayen on 2009-03-15:
Isn't eHarmony a business? And aren't businesses trying to make money? To exist, they have to make money! Paying $60 bucks is nothing when you compare the cost of what places like Great Expectations charge (thousands). There's always Craigslist (free).
Anonymous on 2009-03-15:
Yes, but businesses are not allowed to advertise one thing and present another. On eHarmony, they send you matches, you can't shop the profiles, and they decide who you communicate with. My friend was sent two profiles for $60. This is not something they advertise. On, comparatively, charges $16 and you are allowed to see all profiles and talk to whomever you want.
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What a ripoff!
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- I had tried eHarmony a few years ago and was disappointed. However, I'd heard from a few people that they had upgraded their service and that the program was very successful. I thought I'd give it another chance thinking I could always back out if I felt that it wasn't working for me. I signed up for 3 months because it seemed reasonable in price and I thought I would be able to make a decision in time if I needed to back out. I used the system for a few weeks, during which time I was sent only a few matches and they were inappropriate and didn't match my criteria or my personality at all. Disappointed I emailed eHarmony to cancel and got a lame reply that didn't explain anything. So I called in and talked to a nice guy who said my settings were all wrong and that he'd reset them, I'd re-do the test and I would have tons of matches in no time. Well, I did as he said and for about a week I got the several matches he was talking about. None of which I would be the least bit interested in either in personality or in looks. So I called in again and was told that since I'd had an account 2 years prior I could not cancel my subscription. They said that they matched on personality and that I should give the matches they were sending a chance. I was very upset about this as it cost $110.85 and I thought I would be able to cancel. You have to read the fine print and even then its sketchy in terms of a previous encounter. Needless to say I'm very disgusted with the whole thing and feel that I have been ripped off. Since my last conversations with eHarmony I have only received a few "matches" and again none that I would be interested in. They tell me to be patient and that they don't promise that I'll get a lot of matches or matches everyday. My experience has been awful... and expensive. So be very careful before you sign up with eHarmony... their commercials and matching system doesn't take your desires into consideration, yet somehow they promise to match on personality. I think its a losing proposition myself.
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User Replies:
MRM on 2007-07-10:
You have spent $110 just to talk to someone... what a waste. You could have look in classified ads, in school, at church, or at the bar and talk to someone for FREE!
Anonymous on 2007-07-10:
Tell the truth…
You are looking for matches that look like the models that they use on TV commercials and their website.
Skye on 2007-07-10:
The ones on TV for eHarmony are average looking people. Nothing special going on for them.

coarsegoldcougar, if I was a guy, that name would totally turn me off, and makes you sound bitter. Kind of rough around the edges. I'm not judging, I'm just saying.

Run an ad on Craigslist. It's free and you can pick and choose who you want to contact.
Anonymous on 2007-07-10:
Yes, the latest commercials use actual couples (normal looking), but they used models (actors) in past commercials. Did you also check out their website?
Quote from famous line in the movie “Coming To America”.
You got to go to a nice place, a quiet place like a library, there's good women there and 'erm, church, they're good girls.
Anonymous on 2007-07-10:
I recently signed up for eHominy. Each week I receive a can of grits in the mail.
Anonymous on 2007-07-10:
TNS - you crack me up!
Sparticus on 2007-07-10:

Free and pretty active online dating community...
Skye on 2007-07-10:
TNS, very very funny.

We like.
joles52 on 2007-07-10:
My experience with E-Harmony was that I took the test & they said "we're sorry but there are 20% of the people that we can't accept"...I am not a lesbian (not that there's anything wrong with that) but my perception was that they are a fanatical religious my answers to the church questions were not that "I attend church" even tho I am a very spirtual person..thus their excluding me.
Skye on 2007-07-10:
There are so many local dating sites out there for free, why would anyone want to pay them??

Nice guys are out there.

Joles, so they are a bunch of holly roller hypocrites huh??
*Brenda* on 2007-07-10:
Sparticus, did you see that website mentioned on The People's Court yesterday? A guy was suing some chick he met off of there.... they were..... interesting people.
Anonymous on 2007-07-10:
This is not a joke. I have a friend who used this service, and his only "matches" were prostitutes.

Skye on 2007-07-10:
I believe it emt.
Slimjim on 2007-07-10:
Yikes! he must have set up some interesting perimeters. If you're into spam and married people with hiddenagendas, I hear some place called paltalk is where all the celebrities go seeking "pals".
Anonymous on 2007-07-10:
I haven't had a match since Superman died.
Anonymous on 2007-07-10:
TheNewSheriff - I am truly sorry.

Anonymous on 2007-07-10:
Sheriff, that's not what PW said!
Anonymous on 2007-07-10:
I said that twice...
coarsegoldcougar on 2007-07-10:
To all of you who wrote your comments, suggestions and opinions... thank you. A new perspective always brings new eyes. I posted my comment simply to warn others as my experience was unfortunate and I had hoped that it might somehow prevent other's a similar experience.
GothicSmurf on 2007-07-10:
Stay AWAY from Plenty of! The few people I met from that site were total wack jobs. They either had a drinking or drug problem or no job.

I know it's not plenty of fishes issue directly, but they don't screen their people very well at all. With that site, just remember you get what you pay for.

Actually being on that site for less than two months made me cancel ALL my online profiles that I had anywhere, including myspace and Facebook.
DebtorBasher on 2007-07-10:
I thought M3C was the #1 Match maker website.
HorseGoddess726 on 2007-07-11:
Lol, to TheNewSheriff. That crack about eHominy was pure genius!!
leopard on 2007-07-25:
Loved the eHominy!! that was great!! wonder if the poster has ever tried meeting someone the old fashioned way? still works for me! I met the guy I've been dating for the last 2 years at an outdoor concert. He should try going out and being social, instead of sitting in front of a computer all day.
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No refund
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- I tried the eHarmony service and did not like the format and the time to contact someone directly. I ask for a refund within 7 days as agreed. I did get a pop up box stating I will get the refund.

After 2 months of trying to reach them and getting returned no delivery mail I found a phone number. They claimed they could not get a refund though pay pal. Pay pal said they waited too long the link was not working for refunds. They could just pay me directly.

I can not get though to anyone but the call center. They only say they will contact the company. They do not return calls or send a check or use pay pal. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD....
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2007-03-05:
Sorry nobody wants to date you.
Skye on 2007-03-05:
Maybe the OP didn't find anyone they wanted to date on that website.
mjholly on 2007-03-27:
Maybe you're not Christian. Eharmony discriminates against non-Christians.
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