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Ripped off by Eileen Koch & CO. INC.
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- This very small agency Eileen Koch, tricked us into believing that she was a top notch professional but in fact she was a charlatan. The entire experience was a disaster from the beginning--it started with lies and deceit and false promises. I went to her to promote an author, I asked if she was up to the task of course she said yes. A month goes by no results, nothing. Two months go by nothing again, in the meantime we were paying her a tremendous amount of money. We signed up for a six months contract hoping to gain some kind of recognition in the literary industry. Not only that the author had three published novels, numerous screenplays, he was also an actor. So much to work with! Three months go by and there was nothing to look forward to, I got so worried and upset and I confronted her about the lack of results and success. Now her idea was to tie everything together and promote the author as a brand. When we first started the marketing we only wanted to promote the client only as an author. After three months and no results whatsoever, I asked her to send me all of her correspondence with the people in the industry editors, agencies, etc. She refused, she got very angry that I dared to ask her for such thing. I wanted proof that she was working on promoting the author. Her response was that she does not share her contacts with anyone. I explained to her that I needed proof that she was working on this campaign. No such thing! I had no evidence that she was investing any time or any efforts into this. She was lying to me with a smile on her face taking my money each month. She kept saying "It takes time to build such a persona, there is a lot of competition out there". She started blaming us for not doing enough--are you serious? If you need this type of service please RUN if this name ever appears on your screen. This woman is a liar, a cheat and quite a despicable person. She built her business, and continues to do so, by taking money from the wealthy people; if those people lose a tremendous amount of money they don't get crippled by the loss. But what about the less wealth situated people like us, we planned this endeavor as an investment and it really hurt us financially. So be aware!

I contacted some other PR firms and they knew of Eileen and her bad reputation. I was also able to connect with some of her former clients and what they had to say about her I cannot print here. Please understand that when you invest in something so big your emotions will play a part however, you need to stay focused and business oriented.
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