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El Paso
P.O. Box 9452
Minneapolis, MN 55440
1-800-248-7310 (ph)
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Gorditas Meal Kit - Arriba!
By -

I picked up a box of El Paso's Gordita Meal Kit at Big Lots (you know that's my sto') for $1.80 because I had ground chuck thawed at the house and I was sick of hamburgers on Friday night.

VERY easy to assemble, you get the gordita shells, spicy ranch sauce, seasoning packet for your choice of meat. I added our own tomatoes, chopped iceberg, chopped onion, jalapenos and refried black beans on the side.

Everybody (all 2 of us) built their own "their way" and I was surprised how delicious this was. Extremely surprising was the fact that I loved the spicy ranch sauce on them, as I am normally not much of a ranch person.

Don't expect to save on calories. Gordita means "little fat one" in Spanish, but for a timesaver that is delicous, I recommend this!

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