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Another "Healthy" Product Loaded With Sucralose
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I currently take Glucosamine pills daily to help with my joint pains. I'm always looking for alternative ways to take my daily dose, preferably by drinking it, since it seems to digest the best in that form.

My wife saw an ad on TV for Elations product, a juice with Glucosamine.

Their site (elations.com) has tons of "health" marketing images and text. They talk about "Health Professional Program", they show images of joggers, they sponsor the National Association of Baby Boomers Women, etc. I got the impression this was a health drink.

Well it is a diet health drink, and I think that should be made more obvious on their homepage. Their product contains Sucralose, just like every other diet drink out there. The same Sucralose that leaves that bad after taste in your mouth. Not to mention it is not the healthiest thing to have. From Wikipedia:
Elations Joint Juice Drink
* Concerns have been raised about the effect of sucralose on the thymus, an organ that is important to the immune system.

* After FDA approval, a study published in the Journal of Head and Face Pain reported sucralose as a possible trigger for migraine patients.

* The basis for concern about the safety of sucralose derives from the class of chemical to which it belongs. The sucralose molecule is an organochloride (or chlorocarbon). Since some organochlorides are known to cause adverse health effects in extremely small concentrations, critics of sucralose feel the extra-high burden of proof is warranted.

Just venting my frustrations! I'm tired of being baited into almost buying a "health" drink that is littered with a known toxic material.

OK, that's my 3 cents... =)
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User Replies:
bargod on 09/11/2008:
Wow good to know, I saw the comercials too and have been trying to find it in stores. Think I will give it a pass now.(VH)
MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/11/2008:
Thanks for the info Sparticus...VH
Starlord on 09/12/2008:
In my experience, aspartame is the one that leaves an odd aftertaste, while also causing blinding headaches. I use sucralose all the time, as I am a diabetic. I heard about sucralose about six months before the FDA approved it for sale in the US, after it had been in use in Europe and the UK for almost thirty years. There are a small percentage of people who may be sensitive to sucralose, just as there are a small percentage of people who are allergic to peanuts. This OP sounds like the kind of people who want to ban peanut butter from the school lunch program because s few kids might be allergic to peanuts. Sucralose is not toxic.
DEEGETCH on 09/18/2008:
I wish I had done research before I purchased. But, having already bought today, I will consume, and advise the readers of my results or lack thereof. I did read their website info prior, but not the fine print (very small) of the rest of the ingredients. So I'll letcha's know! Wish me luck.
narural on 02/09/2009:
Soooooo disappointed!!!! I was actually excited to buy this product because I have heard good things. When I got it home and checked the fine print (list of ingredients - or should I say list of 'poisonous chemicals' added) I almost got sick to my stomach. Imagine a company making something that makes people's joints feel better and finding the need to add things that cause CANCER??? Where is the sense in this? Does the Elations company have stock in chemotherapy pharamaceuticals? Are they in cahoots with For starters: How about Red #40, Blue # 1 (both chemically induced artificial colors), Erythritol ( a dangerous chemical sweetner!...google it), EDTA (to protect color - color of what??...the red dye?), last but not least artificial flavors. I hate to say this but I think I would rather have joint pain than...
BokiBean on 02/09/2009:
Nice review, very helpful!
Dances To Own Drum on 07/05/2010:
Good job everyone with providing your information. There are so many companies/people out there who are much more interested in the almighty dollar, than in actually HELPING PEOPLE. We need to voice our opinions just so "the wolves" know that they are not "pulling the wool" on everyone. Keep up the good work and spread the news! Thanks!
Barbara Bordelon on 06/16/2011:
Iknow s can,t believe that this was put on the market shelves knowing the dangers of its ingredients.This warns me not to try anything that is supposedto be good for your health.
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