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Fridge Cannot Be Repaired. It Is a Lemon! Horrible Disrespectful Customer Service. Tricked Me Into Buying Extended Warranty
Posted by Piscesgirl2 on 09/16/2013
MAPLE VALLEY, WASHINGTON -- I am in the same shoes as other people on this site. I have never been treated worse by anyone than the Customer Service Reps at Electrolux. NEVER! Except for one person, whose name is Brittney, everyone treated me disrespectfully. They raised their voices at me and made me stupid. I feel punished for spending three thousand dollars on an Electrolux Refrigerator. I just don’t know what I had done to deserve this punishment. But, let me start my story at the beginning. I purchased the fridge in July of 2011. It is model # EW28BS71IS. This refrigerator has the same exact issues everyone is describing and complaining about. The ice maker has not been working from day one. Earlier in the summer, the panels (temperatures) went haywire. My fridge heated up including the freezer. Unfortunately, I did not buy extended warranty and the one year warranty expired. I called Customer Service at Electrolux. The person I talked to made me buy extended warranty for $441 plus tax that would start in one month. Until my warranty would go in effect, she set up a concession so someone could come out and try to repair the fridge. She assured me that if the fridge cannot be repaired, the extended warranty will take care of it. They would give me a new fridge. I had four repairs done on this fridge. After replacing seven (7) parts and final verdict came. The fridge cannot be fixed. It is a lemon. A big rotten lemon. Bad, faulty design. It is all over the Internet. Everyone knows about it. Certainly, Electrolux is aware of it. Up to this process, I cannot even count how many times I called Electrolux . I can tell you, however that I was treated so badly that I actually cried. They kept telling me that once the extended warranty would be in effect they would replace my fridge with a new one. In the meantime, my extended warranty arrived in the mail with an effective date of August 21st, 2013. I called Electrolux again and asked them to replace my fridge under the extended warranty. They dared to tell me that my warranty (the one they mailed to me as a legal contract), would not be effective until September 22nd. When I told them that not what the document says they sent, they did not believe me. I had never been in a situation like this before. This was insane. Insane, I tell you. So, I called the # on the extended warranty, where I talked to Brittney. I asked her what she was showing in the system for the effective date of my warranty. She said September 21st. I told her that the original I received was showing 8/21. She said, the effective date was entered into the system incorrectly. She said, I could fax her he original and she would fix it. I faxed it to her and she fixed it. I called again to start the process of getting the fridge replace. Brittney took the information and said someone would be contacting me from Electrolux and the replacement process. Five days later, I received a call from Brittany that my claim for a replacement under the extended warranty was denied. I was told that the problems started with my fridge before the extended warranty went into effect. I was offered 60% refund of my purchase price. First of all, Electrolux manufactured a faulty refrigerator. I had nothing to do with it. It broke because it was a bad design. Giving me a partial refund is ridiculous. Second of all, Electrolux is obviously does not have a trust in its own products if they believe that the fridge would depreciate 20% in a year. So, this is where I am at currently. The fridge will never work. Even if I were to take 60% (which I will not), I could not afford buying another fridge. The warranty was a sham. They made me pay for something that they knew I would never be able to use. Does not it sound like a scam? This is the WORST, the WORST purchase I have ever made. Electrolux has the WORST, the WORST customer service I have ever encountered. EVER! I know there are many of us out there that have gone through this. Has any one of you have been able to positively resolve this issue? I need your advice. What about the class action lawsuit? Has that gone anywhere? Are there any attorneys that took these cases on? I would like to hear from Mr [snip], the CEO of the North America Division, what he thinks about this widespread problem? If Mr [snip] is a proud CEO of Electrolux and believes in the company and its products, he will do something about it.

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Posted by blksummrstorm on 2013-09-17:
Report to Better Business Bureau and check if your state has dept. of consumer affairs you can report to. Get all your documents together and file in small claims court and follow through. Yes, this takes a court fee and time, but may net you enough to get a new fridge as yours is a lemon. Check local news for any troubleshooter type programs - the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-09-17:
In reality, your problems with the fridge did start before you purchased the extended warranty. Manufacturers love to sell you these things because they are so lucrative and there are so many exclusions it is easy for them to deny you benefits under it. You got scammed into buying an extended warranty and now have a useless >$3k fridge. Next time, buy a basic, no frills refrigerator and when it breaks, get another cheap one. You can make ice in most cheap ones just as you can chill water to drink. Ice makers and water dispensers never seem to work well or for the life of the appliance. Why waste money on these features?
Posted by Yellowbug12 on 2013-09-19:
Thank you both for your input. I agree, that buying an expensive fridge/appliances is not a smart idea. I leaned the hard way. I will never spend my hard earned money on expensive junk. To my defense, I had he kitchen remodeled and I was longing for something in nice. I also made the mistake of not buying my appliances from Costco. They do not sell Electrolux, by they have amazing custo er services and guarantee. They would have never left me hanging like that. I also agree, that the warranty was purchased "after the fact". The way it was presented to me, I had no doubt that the fridge would, be replaced if cannot be repaired. Of course, it was too good to be true. I truly believed at that point that they would stand behind their product and make it right. Especially, as other people have the exact same problem with the "generation one" Electrolux French Door Refrigerators. These problems have existed since day one, when the product was designed. They were manufactured with this design flaw and were allowed to leave the production line and to be sold to trusting, unsuspecting customers. After the problems surfaced in not one isolated case, but many, many cases, Electrolux turned its back on the customers, on the hand who feeds them. Whiteout customers buying Electrolux products, Electrolux ceases to exist. I am truly surprised of their argumentative, unfriendly, condescending, and confrontational attitude and their unwillingness to help us. I am planning on filing a complaint with the Attorney General of NC, with Consumer Affairs, www.consumer-action.org, and BBB of Charleston, NC.
Posted by yellowbug12 on 2014-01-25:
I would like to add that at the end of this major ordeal (I do not wish anyone to go through this), Electrolux honored the extended warranty they tricked me into buying and replaced my fridge with the new, redesigned version. This new fridge works like a charm. They fixed the design flaw. Yes, I am out of the $$$$ I paid for the extended warranty, but at least I have a fridge I can use. It was a long and a very exhausting battle emotionally. I feel bad for everyone who has to go through this. Oh, the company (Metropolitan Appliances in Seattle, WA) I originally purchased the fridge from along with microwave, dishwasher, double oven and stove top, would not even help to bring out the new fridge. They flat refused. Albert Lee stepped up to the plate and not only delivered the fridge but also installed it. Kudos to Albert Lee!
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Highly Disappointed, Thought High End Would Cause Less Problems-Wrong!
Posted by Hd96701 on 09/09/2013
PEARLRIDGE, HAWAII -- I bought a High End Fridge, or so I thought. I purchased a E123CS55GS - Electrolux Side by side from Best Buy.

During the first few weeks, I returned 3 units back for computer problems, Refrigerator side not working, and Control panel being faulty.
Best buy supported their sale, by quickly replacing the units, but still a hassle. Here I am 4 years later and have had paid over the price of my unit ($2500.) for various issues like the Ice Maker inoperable 2 times, the Ice Container being separated from the coil and needed replacing, the temperature settings not being able to keep set temperatures and today once again my fridge side cannot maintain the 37 degree setting, its now at 52 and I've tried resetting it 4-5 times.

I will NEVER purchase another Electrolux Fridge ever again.
I have a Electrolux glass top stove and oven, but that's another story...
Don't be fooled by the so called high end fakes Electrolux. So very disappointed and upset on this really bad purchase.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-09-09:
This is the first time I have heard Electrolux appliances referred to as "high end". This surprises me, because there have been a lot of complaints about them.
Posted by Virginia on 2013-09-12:
I so agree with you! Terrible product and even worse customer service!
Posted by herrell on 2013-09-13:
Why don't we all get together and start a class action against this terrible company? I have read complaint after complaint. In my case all the problems are with the icemaker and water dispenser.
Posted by Yellowbug12 on 2013-09-19:
Let's send in a complaint to the Attorney General.
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The Worst Purchases I've Ever Made!!!
Posted by Condiefamily5 on 08/25/2013
I purchased a Electrolux counter top flat top range, wall oven, wall microwave/convection oven, and fridge all five years ago. The flat top has had service 5 times, the oven once, the microwave twice and the fridge once and all of them falling apart. I paid A LOT of money for this kitchen remodel and I am so frustrated and disappointed. DO NOT waste your money buying "top of the line" you will be highly disappointed!! The worst purchases I have EVER made in my life.
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Purchased a Defective Product With Extended Warranty
Posted by Dejavu2 on 08/22/2013
MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI -- We purchased a beautiful Electrolux EI28BS56IS stainless steel refrigerator from Lowes in Meridian Mississippi 11-30-10. We had a Sears Kenmore refrigerator that was approximately 16-19 years old. It was still working well but was stained and had cracks in the plastic where someone has dropped a heavy jar. While shopping at Lowes, we were mesmerized by the beauty and BRAND NAME of this refrigerator. My husband is retired Navy and lives on Social Security and I work part time since my cancer treatment. This was a luxury but we were planning on this lasting a long time, maybe for our lifetime.

We moved it in, but kept the old refrigerator pushed against another wall to make it easy to transfer items after the new Electrolux cooled. Thank goodness we did that. We had trouble with the ice maker right away, but curiously, even though the new one was 'bigger' than my old frig, it would not hold everything that was in the old one. What? How is that possible? Oh well, it is a good time to clean out items. Now I have less but the shelves won't adjust to really be useful. You would have to take out a couple of shelves to fit in milk and soda. That leaves even less room. You have to sacrifice sometimes to get something else, right? But what have I gotten- a really expensive albeit pretty refrigerator that takes up more room but actually holds less. Why does the ice machine make that knocking sound but doesn't make ice?

Purchased 11-30-10; First repair 12-15-10. I asked the repairman his opinion about the refrigerator - I won't quote him, but he mentioned he wouldn't take it if I gave it to him free. I was concerned, but what choice did I have? Keep my fingers crossed and pray.

I came to despise that refrigerator. Every time I walked into my kitchen, there it was, sitting there like a big stainless steel lemon, reminding me it was a time bomb waiting to go off - Reminding me of my mistake. Calls to Lowes and Electrolux – too numerous to count. Next repair 03-22-11. Next repair 04-01-11. Although I believe there was at least one more visit from the repairman, I can't find documentation, so I won’t count it.

August 2013 - a strange but somehow familiar knocking sound is coming from the kitchen. I sense a sick feeling beginning in the pit of my stomach. My husband checks the ice maker - there are a couple of pieces of ice in the bin with some odd black color. Check the filter (we have also dealt with 2 cracked filters that caused water leaking onto the floor). Change filter just in case. Nope- still doesn't work, but I am getting used to the knocking noise.

I calledLowes service company- they can't find the record of our previous visits (surprised?), wait, hold on, and on, and on........ I finally hung up while on hold and called Electrolux directly. I explained what I was dealing with (again), and they do have the record of all 3 previous repair visits, but since I purchased the warranty from Lowes, I need to call them back. Ok, thanks. I called back to Lowes Service Company.

A Lowes manager at the local store told us to ask for an RA number from the service company (after 3 repairs you can ask for replacement?). The rep at Lowes Service Company said we needed 2 more repairs under the extended warranty because the first 2 repairs were under manufactures warranty and they DON'T COUNT! WHAT? Don't count as what? They were repairs that were needed. That doesn't make any sense. By reading reports online about this model, the company knows the problems it has had. They have to know it’s not reliable. Are they just hoping I will give up? I don't have any money, but I do have lots and lots of time to send my review of Electrolux and Lowes and Lowes Service Company every day and tell everyone who will listen.

When we remodeled our home, we purchased all appliances, hardware, lumber, bath fixtures, and remodeling items from Lowes. I am very disappointed in the way they are taking care of this. I am very disappointed in the brand Electrolux. Read more than just this review- check all the other unhappy customers. Electrolux should be ashamed for having their name on this POS (excuse my language). I can guarantee I will never knowingly purchase any item made by this company. I wish I could go somewhere besides Lowes but our town doesn't’t have a big choice. I will avoid Lowes wherever I can if they don’t find a way to make this right.

Since the refrigerator is still covered under the extended warranty that WE PURCHASED, Lowes has set up a service call for 18 days from now. My concern is what happens after our warranty runs out? We know, and they know, this appliance is a lemon or just a defective design since many of these don’t work properly. Are they just hoping it will make it until the warranty has ended, and we are on our own? This doesn't seem like an honest way to do business. If you buy an Electrolux appliance, BUYER BEWARE!!!!

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Non Working Ice Maker
Posted by Veronicavazquez2 on 07/30/2013
I really need to know if there is a replacement ice maker for all these refrigerators that don't work? There has to be a replacement ice maker .
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Posted by Chris Polk on 2013-08-01:
Hello Veronicavazquez2,

Currently, there are no ice maker replacements for this particular model
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Bad Icemaker
Posted by Jgpin on 07/25/2013
ALL CAPITALS BECAUSE I AM MAD!!! I am watching a commercial now that is making me vomit.

Icemaker has not worked in 3 years. They knew it was bad and still sent it anyway. $3600 may not be much to nonexistent Chris but to me it is too much for a defective product.

I will advise anyone not to buy Electrolux products.
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Posted by ctodd3321 on 2013-08-22:
We had the same experience and have had 14 service calls over 2 refrigerators and still no ice. we bought extended warranty and Electrolux has failed to honor their claims.
Posted by Yellowbug12 on 2013-09-19:
Same here. Except, they scammed me into buying extended warranty with a promise that if my fridge cannot be repaired they would replace it under the warranty. It was too good to be true. After four service calls and 7 new parts later, the fridge still does not work. No ice, the inside has puddles of water, freezer is iced up. As a matter of fact, it was deemed unrepairable. Of course, they will not replace the fridge. What else is new! When we still tried to fix it and I asked what would i do without a fridge, one of the customer service reps told me to get a cooler with ice. I have not had a fridge for months now. What really sad is that they know about all this. The know about the problem and they still do not do anything about it. They definitely, do not have integrity. There are so many of us with the same problem. We have to be able to do something about it. Has anyone contacted the Attorney General of NC, yet and filed a complaint?
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Do Not Buy Electrolux Products
Posted by Jenny1072 on 07/10/2013
Over the range Electrolux microwave appears to function normally but does not heat. For several months it had real bad noises and then just stopped working. I hardly used this unit in this house. DO NOT BUY ELECTROLUX products.
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Posted by Chris Polk on 2013-07-10:
Hello jenny1072,

Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. At Electrolux, we value our customers and assure you this is not typical of the quality that we strive to achieve.

I would like to research your appliance and account to determine if there is any more I can do to assist you. Please send your full name, date of purchase, model/serial number, and complete contact information (and preferred method of contact) to chris.polk(at)electrolux.com.

Thank you in advance for your patience and willingness to provide us with this necessary information.

Best regards,

Chris Polk
Online Outreach Representative
Posted by Ronald Coleman on 2013-07-30:
Stay away from Electrolux products . We purchased a side by side refrigerator from Lowes and after 3 years the circuit board went bad and would have cost about 6 hundred dollars for the parts leave alone labor. I will never buy another POS product made by them as it was made in Mexico. Bought a Whirlpool at least they are made in Ohio.
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Electrolux Refrigerator Freezer and Ice Maker Not Working
Posted by Dhumphries on 07/09/2013
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- We purchased an Electrolux refrigerator which was stainless steel and has the two doors on top with freezer below. The ice maker and freezer do not work and even with the extended warranty and 9 visits from the technician, we are still using bagged ice and have had to put a separate freezer in garage as freezer does not work.

After two months we still have no relief. Electrolux does not honor their craftsmanship or their extended warranty and I am now going to file with the BBB and with the action 9 news team in town and write an article for the newspaper as this is ridiculous. I am going to put my English degree to work for me and start being vocal with the media. I am tired of hearing their commercials on the radio as they do not honor their warranty. I own 11 rental houses and have never had this kind of problem with a refrigerator.

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Posted by Chris Polk on 2013-07-09:
Good Morning dhumphries,

Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention. At Electrolux, we value our customers and assure you this is not typical of the quality that we strive to achieve.

I would like to research your appliance and account to determine if there is any more I can do to assist you. Please send your full name, date of purchase, model/serial number, and complete contact information (and preferred method of contact) to chris.polk(at)electrolux.com.

Thank you in advance for your patience and willingness to provide us with this necessary information.

Chris Polk
Online Outreach Representative
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Electrolux - the Sorriest Appliances Ever Made
Posted by 157cowboy on 05/06/2013
I purchased several Electrolux appliances when we remodelled our kitchen in March of 2009, including the frig EI26SS55GSO, wall over and dishwasher. Have had problems with all of them. The frig freezes all my veggies in the veggie tray even when the temp is set on 37 degrees as recommended. Now my Main Power Board relay switch has gone bad and causing power failure to the Circuit Interface board. I called Electrolux and they gave me a number for a service dealer who came to my house and gave me the bad news. He also told me that Electrolux had several problems with the first year of manufacture and had replace several units because of the food freezing problems. He said it was a design flaw of air flow. He said it will cost $600 - $700 to replace both board and panel. I called Electrolux and they refuse to pay any on the repair bill even thought my unit is only 4 years old.

My $1800 (2009 price) wall over is a piece of junk. It takes 30-40 minutes to bake a small pan of biscuits - like I said a piece of junk. The lower heating element is buried in the bottom panel and it has to heat the entire bottom section before any heat ever reaches the oven space much less the biscuits. The stupid engineer that designed this unit should be hung by the 'you know what' til he or she gets some common sense. Too stupid to get in out of the rain.

Thirdly, my dishwasher stinks to high heavens apparently from food not being properly flushed out of the unit, however the smell is more like a plastic foul odor. Not sure and I'm sure the tech reps that answer the phone for Electrolux don't have a clue as to how to correct the problem and if they did it would be your fault and your expense. Like one other customer said, Electrolux considers themselves above the LEMON LAW!!!
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Posted by Chris Polk on 2013-05-13:
Hello 157cowboy,

On behalf of Electrolux, please accept my sincerest apologies for this rare but unfortunate experience. I assure you that we value our consumers like you and our appliances are designed to work proficiently, providing years of useful service to you and your family. We have a passion for extending quality customer service on every level and I would like to connect with you to see if there is anything that we can do to speed up the process of resolving this situation.

Please email chris.polk @ electrolux.com with your full name, serial number, phone number and date of purchase so that I can research your history to determine what best way to assist you at this time. If you can provide any additional service details, that would be helpful, too.

157cowboy, I do appreciate every opportunity to serve consumers like you and am grateful for the ability to hopefully make a positive impact and regain your customer loyalty.

I look forward to helping you!


Chris Polk
Outline Outreach Representative
Electrolux Major Appliances, North America
Posted by Theresa Guidry on 2013-05-20:
I have the same problem with my refrigerator and at just 4 years old this is rediculous to have to spend $600-700 to repair it. Tech came out Sat. and broke this news to me. Over $2000 for a refrigerator to last 4 years. is unacceptable. EI26SS55GSO
Posted by PJ Dunn on 2013-06-12:
We purchased a Simpson washer Mod# SWT 554 on 6 march, 2013.
It was delivered the next day, was immediately put into commission and has been sitting over a film of water since about the 8th of March.
Indeed, it leaks – is somehow bleeding water internally.

Today is the 12th of June and Electolux’s local warranty agent has visited, looked at the machine – told us that there is a ‘design fault’ or two (or maybe a combination of faults) that cause the problem.

I put to him that the object should never have been offered to us for purchase with any design faults as obvious and detrimental so as to cause splashing water to reach the ‘dry side’interior of the machine which consists mainly (after all) of electric and electronic components – the remainder being corrosion prone metal.
I put it to him that we’d been sold a ‘lemon’.

Apparently, according to the Simpson warranty chain of command, electricity and water DO mix.
At least the sparky was good enough to give me a contact phone number which Simpson for some reason no longer prints on their manuals.
For some reason ‘Jenny’ on ‘1300 363 640’ flat refused to enter into any argument or patch me through to some more reasonable person.

So this is what we have –
• A three month old machine with two years warranty that has been leaking (go figure) for three months which means even if the design fault/s can be fixed the water damage unquestionably remains.
• A warrantor that refuses to replace a day one lemon with a new appliance
• An ‘authorised service agent’ who can’t work out that electricity and water DO NOT MIX!

This, as any reasonable person can see, means that Electrolux don’t seem to care too much about their customers getting zapped.
As an engineer with his quality assurance diploma in his files since 1989, I find this scenario quite remarkable and the posture taken by Electrolux overweeningly arrogant, insupportable at law and for a corporate entity wanting to retain customers and return dividends to stakeholders, incredibly delinquent.

All of which is a vastly different story to the spin on their pages –
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Wave Goodbye to the Electrolux Wave Series of Appliances
Posted by SaltyIV on 04/17/2013
I have a kitchen that I remodeled during the summer of 2012 with four Wave Series Electrolux appliances. Without hesitation, I can say they are the WORST appliances I have had in a kitchen. I have contacted the corporate offices after contacting my local seller. I have been told these appliances are up to manufacturing standards. After repeated calls to customer service and repeated service calls for two out of the four appliances, I am contacting Consumer Fraud. I will never purchase another Electrolux product.
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Posted by Chris on 2013-05-07:
Same experience with Electrolux. We remodeled our kitchen with high end Electrolux double wall oven, side by side frig, and dishwasher. Dishwasher went twice on us, both times about 15 months after we purchased it and then repaired it. Top oven stopped working after we used the self cleaning feature for the first time. Now the water dispenser isn't working on the frig. Their customer service is awful,...they just don't care. Do your self a favor and buy low tech and another brand. I'd rather have the icebox from the "Honeymooners" than an Electrolux refrigerator!
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