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Dog had Terrible Reaction to Trifexis
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GREENFIELD, INDIANA -- On January 28th 2013 my veterinarian recommended that I try a new heart-worm pill for my dog called Trifexis. The next day I gave it to my 9 Pound one year old Shih Tzu. First there was mild diarrhea, then by 6:00 there she started vomiting. By the time I got her to the emergency clinic we literally thought she was going to die. We would be yelling her name and she could barely lift her head up. So after the night in the emergency clinic intravenous fluids, numerous tests and an $802.00 bill thankfully she was OK the next day. I called the manufacturer (Eli Lilly/Elanco) the next day and they asked me to send them all of the medical records and the bill. Well one month later they sent me a check for $82.00. Truthfully, after the terrible reaction my dog had to their product and scaring the heck out of my family, you would think that they would of reimbursed us for the entire bill.

Now, to be fair, the warning label does say that these symptoms can be some of the side effects of this medication. But you know what, something tells me if I had that kind of allergic reaction to a medication, the company would be one heck of a lot more sensitive than they were over "just a dog".
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User Replies:
Obsfucation on 04/11/2013:
Frankly, I am surprised that they sent you anything at all. I think it was a nice gesture. Anyone or any animal can react badly to a medication, and you yourself note that they warn you of the possible side effects. If someone were to be held liable, why would Lilly be any more responsible than your vet? Did he offer to reimburse you? After all, he prescribed it.
ok4now on 04/12/2013:
I use Heart Guard and my lab has never had a problem. This has a good reputation as being safe so I stay with it.
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