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Elite Personal Search. SCAM.
Posted by Zbtaldo on 10/04/2009
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I was pressured by the "loose with the truth" saleswoman into writing her a check. The next day I decided to back out and called to tell her not to cash my check (which was a cashiers check, so I couldn't cancel it myself). She ignored my phone calls for 3 days (just long enough to cash check) and then got back to me saying sorry she had already cashed it. I have pursued a refund since that time without using the service at all. I am still pursuing the refund.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-04:
Sigh. No comment. The fact that you were 'pressured' into obtaining a cashier's check from your bank says enough.
Posted by zbtaldo on 2009-10-05:
What does it say? I made this post 10 hours ago, so clearly you are an employee trolling the web for reviews.

DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. If they followed their own protocol and did what they said they were going to do (i.e run background checks, not distribute my personal info, etc) I would have used the service. The fact that they would not return the funds says enough. Why, if they are a reputable service, do they need to keep $6,000 for doing nothing?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-05:
Why is it that every time someone doesn't agree with a review we have to be working for the company?! NO I WORK FOR WALMART.

Now that we have cleared that up. My point is that you claim you were pressured into 'writing a check'. NO...You went to your bank, had time to request a cashier's check, and gave your money away. The time you spent waiting for the bank teller to process your cashier's check could have been spent thinking about what you were going to do.

Aside from that, you paid for the service. It is no one's fault but yours that you haven't used it.
Posted by Sparticus on 2009-10-05:
I think I've been sold on something I really didn't need or want more than a few times in my life. It sucks. Only advice I can add is to give yourself some time to think about it next time, and do some research online. Don't fall for the line when they say the deal/price/discount whatever is only good if you buy it now. 9/10 when you come back the next day, you can still get that same price if you really want it.
Posted by Skye on 2009-10-05:
The fact she pressured you into getting a cashiers check, should of put up red flags.

Buyers remore, and buyer beware.

Good luck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-05:
Skye, I don't think she was pressured into a cashiers check. She said she was pressured into 'writing a check'. You don't write cashier's checks. So she had time to leave the business, go to the bank, request the check, drive back and hand it over. ALL without once thinking...humm...should I do this.

I am beginning to wonder if maybe the guys she met were not all she expected and wants her money back.
Posted by Skye on 2009-10-05:
She says she went and got a cashiers check.
Posted by Skye on 2009-10-05:
Again, I stand by my words, buyers remorse.
Posted by Skye on 2009-10-05:
OP, how much money was involved?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-05:
Posted by Skye on 2009-10-05:
MM, for $6000, they better have promised her a few husbands, lol.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-05:
Try craigslist its free.
Posted by Skye on 2009-10-05:
Posted by zbtaldo on 2009-10-06:
I am still dealing with the company, I will let you know how it turns out.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-06:
Skye, this is what I meant "I was pressured by the "loose with the truth" saleswoman into writing her a check"

The OP says she was pressured into writing a check, then says it was a cashiers check. My point is if she had written a check there, I could almost see the 'pressured' part of the complaint. But the fact that she had time to go to the bank, get the cashier's check, go back and give it to the salesperson tells a different story. This amount of time was plenty to change her mind.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-06:
that's an excellent point lady s

sometimes you have to be able to tell them "no"
and getting a cashier's check takes a bit more effort than just writing a check out.

but how much "pressure" is really pressure?
hard sell isn't actually illegal

annoying yes, but not illegal
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Dating Fraud
Posted by Elite Client on 07/13/2010
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Elite Personal Search is a scam service for which I pay $7000 and urge others to look into this company at www.bbb.org to inform themselves of the reasons why this company has an 'F' rating and the current lawsuit going on in Orange County.

I met with CEO Louie Felix who took $7000 from me for a year long membership and will rob you in the same manner in his expensive suit and his promise to help you find somebody special without dating a million. I only met one person in my year long contract because of the twenty profiles they sent via email (it is not personal at all) none of them called or became unavailable out of the sudden. You will receive cold answers and service from their front desk manager who spends her time on facebook Chrystina Dahl and you will get a cold shoulder from their matchmaker Jen Turner when trying to find out what happened to all the wonderful matches they sent your way. A former employee says Elite Personal Search maintains a large database of inactive profiles of people who are no longer clients and they are still in their system. A scam from all angles. There are other agencies in Los Angeles area that will give you the personalized service you deserved for what you have paid.

Do your bbb research and join the law suit if you have been a victim of this scam.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2010-07-13:
$7000 for a dating service? I think I'd rather stay single.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-07-13:
I don't think this was posted for anyone to critique the OP on why they chose to pay for a dating service, but rather that EPS is expensive and seems to be nothing more than a sham. I did a Google search and while I didn't find anything regarding a lawsuit, there are a ton of negative reviews.

Posted by momsey on 2010-07-13:
I think everyone here is lucky that they've never felt the need to use a dating service. I never have felt that need either, and I was lucky enough to find a great guy at a bar. But I just feel a little bad for the OP, who seems to have gotten taken for $7,000 when she just wanted to find love, and then everyone here is kind of laughing a little at her.
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Elite Personal Search Great Reviews No Complaints
Posted by LillianYourFriend on 05/26/2009
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- For a long time, I was interested in possibly signing up with Elite Personal Search. I did research for a long time and spoke to many people who knew first hand exactly how they work. After hearing nothing but positive reviews, I decided to check Elite Personal Search out.

One day I walk into the Elite Personal Search office they have set up in Boston. I told them that I was interested in becoming a member. I asked all the necessary questions and got all the info. The next day I came back and met with Suzanne. I liked her from the start. She was very friendly and even offered me a slice of pizza that the people at the front desk had ordered. I said “no” because I felt it wasn’t right for me to take it since the people there paid for it but just the fact that she offered showed me that I came to the right place.

We walk down the hall past a few rooms. We then stepped into her office and sat down in the most comfortable chairs ever. She didn’t start the interview with “so tell me about yourself “, or “let’s begin”. Instead she told me a little bit about herself just to make me feel comfortable and that I wasn’t about to tell my life story to a stranger. I liked that a lot. For about three hours, I talked about myself and about the kind of guys I was looking for. I was really pleased at the fact that she gave me the feeling that she was actually interested in what I had to say and not that she was just there to make money and go home.

About a week later, my FRIEND Suzanne called me up and said “Lillian, I can’t wait to tell you about the guys I found for you”. I was so surprised and shocked that it only took her a week to find four different guys who met my exact criteria. I put down the very yummy mac and cheese and ran into my bedroom, slammed the door and locked it like a little girl. That’s how excited I was. Every guy she told me about sounded great. She even e-mailed me pictures of them instead of making me come down to her office to see them. Not only did they sound great, they also looked great. I couldn’t decide which one to date first. I especially like Shawn. He was the best. I told Suzanne to set it up. After we hung up, I called all my friends to brag about my awesome luck.

For two and a half weeks, I counted down the min till I finally would be able to meet Shawn. The moment finally came. I knew how good looking he was from the pictures and knew his favorite color was blue based on what Suzanne told me so I put on my favorite blue blouse. I put my hair down, curled it and put on my make-up and left my apt. We met at this really fancy Chinese restaurant. By coincidence, he ordered my favorite dish and I ordered his favorite dish. We just sat there for five hours eating off each other’s plates laughing and talking and just enjoying each other’s company. Eventually, we had to call it a night because they wanted to close. We were the last ones to leave the place.

The next day, Suzanne already called me with the feedback from Shawn. She said, “Shawn had an amazing night with you and really wants to go out again if you’re willing”. To make a long story short, Shawn and I have been dating for five months and are moving in together. To this day, Suzanne still calls me to see how things are going.

I am more than happy and satisfied with my decision to join Elite Personal Search and very grateful for Suzanne because without her, I’d still be sitting at home begging the Lord to give me the right one already.
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Posted by Ponie on 2009-05-26:
Have you already submitted Chapter I to Harlequin Romances--or whoever the publisher du jour is? Will book #2 cover the travails of a 'single' mother? So glad things worked out for you.
Posted by old fart on 2009-05-26:
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-05-26:
sounds like a good start...

just remember though, you can't always rely on Suzanne to tell you how the men felt... eventually they'll have to tell you directly.

if any of guys don't seem as good without her spicing it up for you, then he's not the one.

but good luck =)
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2009-05-26:
"After we left the chinese restaurant, in the parking lot Shawn pulled out a dull axe and began to chop off my limbs. With each thud of the bone crushing axe, I laid there in a state of bliss thinking about the free pizza slice offer and wondering and hoping that Suzanne has a couple of outlets in heaven so that the free slice offer can continue into eternity!"
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-26:
DC, you've been watching too many horror flicks! lol
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-26:
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2009-05-26:
This just sounds like someone placing a nice ad for themselves to me. So why not have some fun with it?
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-26:
Ponie - bingo! LOL
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-26:
Notice that Shawn is smart enough not to marry! Why buy the whole pie when you can have a piece of it anytime you want? LOL!
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-26:
you are moving in with this dude after only 5 months?? what is wrong with you??

next thing this poster will be telling us is how good the divorce lawyer was.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-26:
Glad to hear this online dating thing worked out for you..jkt,why get married after only five months of dating? I waited four years before I popped the question...
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-26:
jkt, good point. maybe shawn and suzanne are criminals and are casing you.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-26:
This story was more about food than love..it started out with pizza, ran right into some "yummy mac and cheese" and they ended up happily ever after eating off each other's plates. I guess dessert is the private stuff..
Posted by Ponie on 2009-05-26:
You're right, Boki. The dessert will be the tart next door or in his office Shawn runs off with. I hope he's found out she wears a wig. She put her 'hair down, curled it and...'
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-26:
Hahaha! I was waiting for the part about his "manly chest" and "disheveled hair" and "rakish scar" and how his "steed whinnied in the distance"!

Chapter two.. oh heck, just go buy Bridge Jones Diary.
Posted by old fart on 2009-05-26:
How do you know what is written in those lurid novels...?
For shame, for shame...That's like hiding the Playboy under the matress..
Posted by Ponie on 2009-05-26:
Isn't that how Fabio, the 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter' man got his start--on paperback covers? Seems I remember seeing him making the rounds of the talk shows. Maybe Lillian and Shawn's story is the beginning of a new TV reality series.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-26:
LOL OF, hey, I was 13 years old once~! And I quickly graduated to stuff that was even steamier. I remember passing around The Godfather with some of my girlfriends with the pages turned down to the steamy parts..ah Sonny, what a man.

Ponie, it would probably be better than some of that drek that's out there now! :D
Posted by old fart on 2009-05-26:
Boki... now are you into novels that start out with the phrase, "WHIP ME, BEAT ME, MAKE ME WRITE BAD CHECKS, it feels sooo goood!"!!!???
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-26:
LOL! Hey! I'm one of the few people left in the free world who still writes checks. :D

Has to be a reason...
Posted by old fart on 2009-05-26:
I'll see you in my dreams....
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-05-26:
i just re-read the last paragraphs. I must have missed them before.

Hey... it sounds like you're happy with him and that Suzanne isn't the one telling you how he feels after all. It's sweet that she sounds like she cares about your relationship.

I will offer you one point of advice however, something Mom told me all of my life... When it comes to making a life-altering decision, wait 6 months. If you still feel the same way then it is probably what you really want.

But if the two of you are truly happy together and feel you'll end up growing old with each other, and feel you'll still be in love in 20 or 40 years.. then I'm happy for you. =)
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-26:
No, but Boki's into the old song
"bend me, shake me any, way you want me"!!LOL
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-26:
Hahaha@jktshff, I didn't take ballet and gymnastics fer nuttin'!
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Their Contract Is A Trap
Posted by Jwm on 02/16/2009
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I would like to share this court experience about suing Elite Personal Search.

I signed contract with Active Single LLC / DBA Elite Personal Search about two years ago. They claimed they were local in San Jose, the sales representative named Louis promised me they would have local office and local people (esp. him) would work with closely me to find my life time partner. He spent 2 hours explaining how wonderful their services are. Well, hoping someone could do what they are paid for, I paid them $7900 for a 18-month service, which Elite claimed to be the lowest rate they had. Elite’s San Jose office was closed one month after the interview and Louis never contacted me after taking my money. During the past 2 years, they never set up any date for me – yes, 0 date for two years. I complained but their management never cared to respond. I decided to take it to Santa Clara small claim court to look for justice.

Elite flew somebody to the bay area from LA to attend the court. Before we stood in front of judge, a mediator talked to both of us, Elite agreed to offer $1500 plus another two-year extension of the contract. The mediator used to be a contract attorney, he said the contract would make me look really bad, because there is a “non-refundable” term, so I may leave the court without getting anything. I wanted to know what the court would do, so decided not to take that offer. The mediator was right, the court ruled that Elite did not owe me any money.

I want to say to all who have not signed Elite Personal Search’s contract, people’s complaints on this website are true. More importantly, if you sign this contract with Elite, you are throwing your money away and without getting any protection, not even from court!!! Why? Because Elite spent their money on the attorney fee to draft a contract which will NOT be reversible – UNDER ANY CONDITION.

Although I lost the case, I am glad I did it. if more people go to court and have our voices heard, it will cause Court’s attention.

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-02-16:
This isn't right. Non-refundable or not, they did not provide the contracted service.

I suggest that you attempt to appeal the verdict with the court system, and consult an attorney for advice.
Posted by Hillman on 2009-05-11:
How about looking at it this way. They knew 100% that they were going to win the case in the next half an hour yet they were nice enough to offer you $1500 plus another two-year extension of the contract. That seem pretty respectful.

Also I do not believe that you were never set up on any dates, I think you must be hiding some piece of information.
Posted by LillianYourFriend on 2009-05-26:
I also signed up with them and saw great results. See my full story that I posted in a separate review.
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Blood Sucking Vampires With No Integrity
Posted by HotMamaEE on 01/06/2009
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I am a successful, educated, beautiful woman who has difficulty meeting great men because I am a single mother who spends my time mothering. I thought that Elite would be able to help me meet men of equal caliber who met my preferences and religious requirements. My matchmaker Summer was able to set me up on a date with a very nice gentleman for my first date who I got along very well with, but later found did not meet my explicit requirements that were outlined in my matchmaking profile. Elite continued to send proposed matches of men who did not remotely meet my requests, so I questioned them again as to whether they had the men that I was looking for. Their blatant disregard of my parameters caused me to question whether there was any intention whatsoever to match me up with someone who met my criteria. I asked for a refund and they refused, and when I talked to their Director she assured me that they had many men who met my criteria. I have not received any contact from them in 5 months, and believe that Elite is just a scam to collect large service fees from individuals with the intent of haphazardly throwing "matches" at them hoping something will stick.

I am a single mother who made an investment to help facilitate a dating life that would offer safety through background checks, and efficiency through effective matchmaking. What I received was a monthly payment that I have continued to pay, and the absence of any service whatsoever. I have seen several other clients mentioning working with attorneys but believe that the most effective way to battle a corporate entity with no integrity is via a combined effort class action. [solicitation snip] I just believe that if they are unwilling to offer their services, the LEAST they could do is refund money for services unrendered.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-06:
Dating services...I didn't think, with all of the Internet venues, that they would still exist. You are right. They do exist soley to make money, and the more the better. I had a friend whose dating service told him he was a "loser" if he didn't cough up another $3000 for his dream woman, this after spending $3000 for nothing. Oh, and Great Expectations sent my dad their information five days after they read my mother's obituary in the paper. Classy, huh. I know of people who have found love through Match.com, Yahoo Personnels, and the like, but not one who did through these so called dating services.
Posted by Zillow on 2009-05-11:
Interesting, I also had Summer as my matchmaker. I did not get married from her matches but neither can I complain in the slightest way.

They do a good job, I got set up many times during my 2 year contract. They are an excellent service.
Posted by LillianYourFriend on 2009-05-26:
'HotMamaEE' sounds very haughty in her self image, no wonder it did not work for her. I also signed up with them and saw great results. See my full story that I posted in a separate review.
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