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Ordered Was Told Monday Delivery, 3 Weeks Ago
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I ordered a phone case for my cell phone and found exactly what I was looking for. I called to place the order, was placed on hold for 20 minutes even though the recording said a one minute hold time. Finally I got through and was told my purchase which arrive on Monday, (I called on a Thursday). I waited to call until a week from Monday. When I called I was then told that the product was on back order, it would be in on Wednesday to call back today which is Friday. According to them the manager has called 3 different vendors and can't locate the case. I cancelled my order and found the product on another site. Hopefully I will get the credit next week as they promised.

IF not I will notify my credit card company. Why didn't they just say the item is on back order to begin with? They did offer the case but only in pink which I am not interested in.
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BokiBean on 05/01/2009:
It sounds like they did try to appease you. They looked for your case w/ 3 different vendors and they offered it in another color. You have to give them credit for that.
imfrmars on 05/01/2009:
I didn't say I didn't appreciate that they tried to appease me what I was upset about is when I ordered the case, I was told it would be delivered on Monday, that was almost 3 weeks ago. When I called a week from that Monday 10 days later I was told the case was on back order. If it was on backorder 10 days after I ordered it, I am quite sure it was also backordered when I did order it so why wasn't I told? That is what I am complaining about. I found a similar case on another site and it is in stock so I ordered it. I did find several complaints re this company!
BokiBean on 05/01/2009:
And I agree and completely understand you being irritated.
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Don't Buy from EliteXtreme
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Just a warning to buyers: after ordering from EliteXtreme, and having them not ship in the time stated on their website (1-3 business days), I started researching the company online and found several very negative reviews.

My experience: they shipped about 10 calendar days after my order. I called their telephone number, but always got a busy signal during the hours they were open (I called several times), and when calling at night, just got a message to call them during the day.

One of the cell phone covers I ordered is NOTHING like the color shown in the picture on the website - I got baby blue instead of aqua. Also I ordered (stupidly) a hands free kit that doesn't't work. I decided to return both items. On their invoice, EliteXtreme says to go to http://www.elitextreme.com/rma.html to find and complete the return form. Guess what? When you type in that address, it simply goes to the EliteXtreme home page. No return form. After searching through the site map, and doing a word search, I couldn't find a return form.

I consider myself lucky that I even receive what I ordered, because there is no way to reach anyone to change or return an order.

They seem to be tied into a lot of websites, but it doesn't't mean they give a good product. I would strongly encourage everyone NOT to purchase from them.
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Anonymous on 02/20/2007:
Have you tried contacting them?


Anonymous on 02/20/2007:
Go back to their home page. Then click on CONTACT US at the top of the page. On that page go to the last line in the center of the page. Click on Customer Information Page. Scroll down to RETURNS. They made their policies very hard to find. Not a business I'd want to deal with.
tekkichick on 10/23/2007:
I ordered items with the 2nd day shipping. Two items did not arrive in the package. One item was identified as on back order and the other had no explanation. Email responses were slow and they did not read them carefully. (e.g. I explained one item did not indicate if it was on back order or not and it took 2 e-mails over 5 days to get a response).

They never shipped the items on back order and when I called them the girl on the phone was rude. She stated they would not refund for the 2nd day shipping in any case, and would not provide me the dollar amount for a credit.

She agreed for a credit over the phone for the items (not the shipping), but then it did not arrive on my credit card. When I emailed them they stated I needed to call to get credits. I explained I had, and 3 days later they responded that they would complete the credit request.

I finally wound up charging back through my credit card rather than working through elite extreme.

Overall: Unresponsive, slow, rude and unable to deliver to expectations.
Suffie on 08/20/2008:
Report EliteXtreme to www.ic3.gov
This company is a fraud.
They have been in the business of ripping people off for too long now.
Boone72 on 11/12/2008:
I bought 2 things from ElietXtrem, costing almost 30 dollars. They didn't even send a e-mail stating that they got my order! Any ways, I was talking to the lady on live chat, which I did many times to see if my things were coming in because the emails listed on the site did not work! I did reprot them to the IC3 website (www.ic3.gov) Now the lady told me that my order is canceled today because I said I was going to report them, now they told me to wait 10 to 15 business days until I can get my money back! Hopefully I get it all back since every thing I ordered was on backorder!
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Ordered Phone Case - So Far No Case!
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FLORIDA -- I ordered a cell phone case on 1-06-09. My card was billed on the same date and so far no case. They will not answer e-mails, and phone calls promise that it would be in (2 weeks ago). If I had done a quick Google search it would be apparent that they are not a company that you should do business with.

Bottom line -- stay away from EliteXtreme!!!
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Looks like I have been robbed!
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KELLER, TEXAS -- I ordered a faceplate for a Nokia cell phone. My money was taken almost immediately. I have yet to receive the faceplate and EliteXtreme will not respond to email. Looks like I have made a donation and have nothing to show for it.
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apond on 03/26/2008:
Did you try calling them or writing?

Elite Products & Technologies, Inc.,
133 Concord Drive, Suite 1001, Casselberry, FL 32707

Phone and Fax
Phone: (407) 331-0546
Fax: (407) 331-1057

Anonymous on 03/29/2008:
If you paid by credit card, you can challenge the charge.
Suffie on 08/20/2008:
Report EliteXtreme to www.ic3.gov

This company is a fraud
hoffmie on 12/19/2008:
Challenge the charge with your credit card...file a complaint with the BBB and ic3.gov
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Unable to Contact about Shipments - Still No Product
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FLORIDA -- I ordered from this company on February 1st. They indicated that they received the order and the money was deducted from my bank account. I have not received the product 15 days later, cannot get through on the customer service line. I have called and called and called. I have sent 3 emails and faxed them. I have received NO RESPONSE. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!!! ELITEXTREME IS BAD BAD BAD.
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Sparticus on 02/16/2007:
A quick Google search shows they are not the most popular company on the internet. They seem to have a sub-par record with the BBB as well... I'm guessing persistence is your only option. Be sure to keep sending them mail at info@elitextreme.com until they respond. From their BBB report, it appears they do respond, but just not consistently.
Cococraze24 on 02/16/2007:
My suggestion is never use your debt card for online purchases,but in any event I would contact my bank and dispute the charges..
Sparticus on 02/16/2007:
Good advice... credit cards are much easier to dispute charges with...
blizlady on 05/08/2007:
Has anyone ever had good results from EliteExtreme? I found several bad comments, but it seems that they are a huge on-line vendor. I purchased a bluetooth earpiece from them a week ago, and it looks like it still hasn't been shipped. I also don't get responses to my e-mails, busy phone, etc., but I don't mind waiting a few extra days. I just don't want to wait a month! Thanks!
duckster91 on 10/25/2007:
I've been fighting with them for five weeks so far. I ordered two cell phone covers from them. When they didn't arrive, I was told they were on back order and would be in that week. Over a week later, they still had not arrived. I contacted them again and they said they were expected in that week and would be shipped out. Again, nothing. At this point I'm working with the BBB. If no satisfaction there, I'll take legal action.
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