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Elmore Toyota Has No Morals!
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WESTMINSTER, CALIFORNIA -- Was upcharged $3000 because "Toyota was making it 'mandatory' so supply and demand would better match each other." This is B.S. and as such, although I took it to avoid a 6 month wait list, I HAVE BOYCOTTED THIS DEALERSHIP, WHERE I BOUGHT MY FIRST EVER BRAND NEW CAR, FOR *ALL* REASONS!!. I am the member of a prius owner board (http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/prius-2G/) and of the 200+ people that have bought a 2004 Toyota Prius that have listed their sales price before tax, mine is more than $3000 higher than the next highest charge. They also said that the $2000 tax credit worked in that I "got $2000 of the $3000 back at tax time just for buying..." They never mentioned tax tables and what bracket I fell into. I actually got about $400... Great delivery time? Yes. Compentent, HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY? NO! More Q's about this experience? Contact me at brad_21_ca@msn.com
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melissa.messner.ni1q on 06/02/2004:
If I ever have a salesman tell me I have to pay an additional $3000 because a car manufacturer is making it "mandatory," I think I'd fall over laughing as I walked out the door. Why would you agree to pay that much money over cost? Obviously you wanted the car quickly, but sheesh...
justUNbelievable on 06/02/2004:
You just can't trust anybody these days! If it wasn't "mandatory" and they told you it was mandatory...then that is a LIE!! Write a thoroughly detailed complaint with a "c.c. (carbon copy) to: the Attorney General of your state and the Better Business Bureau" and mail a copy to each of them!
Anonymous on 06/02/2004:
MSRP: Manufacturers "SUGGESTTED" Retail Price. A dealership may add "mandatory" additional dealer mark-up (ADM Also known as an after dinner mint) to any vehicle it deems as high demand and low supply. As a consumer it is your option to purchase this vehicle or pass it on. No need to contact the attorney General or BBB because unless I woke up this morning in a communist state everything the dealer did was 100% legal.
justUNbelievable on 06/02/2004:
Actually from someone advising me on this matter: It's unclear what #1 is talking about but I think maybe the writer wound up paying more than invoice cost on the Prius. If s/he thinks the dealer is dishonest, then the forum for that is Toyota's regional office.
Anonymous on 06/02/2004:
OK you guys just are not getting it!!! The dealer did nothing wrong here (with maybe the part about the tax issue, but if you are taking tax advise from a car salesman that is a whole other story)It is the consumers RESPONSIBILITY and DECISION to pay top dollar for limited supplied vehicles, no one held a gun to his head to purchase the PRIUS. This consumer made the decision to purchase the vehicle only to find out through some research that he has paid more for the vehicle than others. Here is a clue OK, pick a vehicle, any vehicle and research values of the vehicle, while doing this your going to be asked what zip code your looking in (secret: book values are higher in California than they are in let's say Kentucky for the exact same car). OK let's try this another way, You own a house that appraises for oh $300,000.00, you want to sell your house for $400,000.00 and you have several people who want to buy your house, Now show me where in any law you can't sell your house for $400,000.00. Is it unethical to sell your house for the higher amount? If you don't know the answer here you just don't get it!!!
econobiker on 06/03/2004:
Sorry dude but the Dealership charged that amount over the list price because THEY COULD. And you went for it. You should have said "whatever" and then knocked the price down $3000 on the final signing contract. There is a schmoe Chevy dealer where I live that always sells its Corvettes for $5000 to $8000 over retail and claims it as a "popular car premium" ie PROFIT. I know no one who would buy this c-rap on the 'Vettes so you shouldn't have with your Prius.
Anonymous on 06/04/2004:
^^^ HOOORAAAHH Someboby gets it!!!!
Anonymous on 06/04/2004:
PeskyKittyButt on 07/08/2004:
Dealers WILL throw numbers at you & you have the choice of accepting them or not. One should NEVER go into a dealership without feeling like one can walk away at any time with no new car. The dealer will play you if you let him/her, so just remember, cars are NOT a necessity in most places. Don't rush, read through EVERYTHING you sign, & ask questions if you don't understand!
honer on 10/15/2004:
Obviously this guy hasn't read to far into what people are paying for this car. There are 2 ways to get this car right now. Wait on a 6-9 month waiting list, or pay a market value. You don't have to pay this amount, but people want to be ahead of the game on new trends. This amount was disclosed up front, and he had the choice to walk away. Every car manufacturer has cars that have this demand at some point. Plus the advise, I know they didn't say that....I was there.
tim999 on 09/14/2007:
What I don't think most of the people commenting on Elmore Toyota realize is that Elmore lies, cheats and pulls this stuff 100 times more than any dealer. When I bought my car there they gave me a good deal but it took me 7 1/2 hours to get them to abide by it. The dealership is more like a freak show then a place of business.

My wife used an oil change coupon there. After the oil change Elmore told her that she had to have $800 in emergency brake work done. After a lot of demanding her car back they finally made her sign a form that she was driving a dangerous car. My local non dealer mechanic checked all the brakes and found them in great shape. good disks, good pads, 25-35% wear.

If you are a car salesman you should want Elmore to go out of business because people like me will always use an auto broker and not a salesman.

Never ever ever go to Elmore Toyota. They are con men who should be in jail.
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