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Elmore Toyota Has No Morals!
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WESTMINSTER, CALIFORNIA -- Was upcharged $3000 because "Toyota was making it 'mandatory' so supply and demand would better match each other." This is B.S. and as such, although I took it to avoid a 6 month wait list, I HAVE BOYCOTTED THIS DEALERSHIP, WHERE I BOUGHT MY FIRST EVER BRAND NEW CAR, FOR *ALL* REASONS!!. I am the member of a prius owner board (http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/prius-2G/) and of the 200+ people that have bought a 2004 Toyota Prius that have listed their sales price before tax, mine is more than $3000 higher than the next highest charge. They also said that the $2000 tax credit worked in that I "got $2000 of the $3000 back at tax time just for buying..." They never mentioned tax tables and what bracket I fell into. I actually got about $400... Great delivery time? Yes. Compentent, HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY? NO! More Q's about this experience? Contact me at brad_21_ca@msn.com
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