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Horrible Nursing Home Berkeley California
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This facility located at 2829 shattuck avenue in Berkeley, California is a horrible nursing home that doesn't care about patients. Carpets are old, filthy & disgusting. Patients are frequently seen urinating on the carpets and no cleaning takes place. The curtains in patient rooms have not been washed for years. The floors are dirty, the staff is for the most part fat, old & overweight.

The food is unhealthy & consists of red fruit punch, fried chicken nuggets, white rice, nasty cold slaw, vomit looking side dishes that resemble dog food. No freshly sliced fruit, no bananas, no grapes, no blueberries, no peaches or plums. No vegetables. There is a berkeley bowl directly across the streets and a whole goods 4 blocks away but the dietician is incompetent and unqualified. The dietician only cares about trying to find the cheapest worst foods for these poor frail dick senior citizens. Deserts are full of artificial flavors and colors, high frutose corn syrup, and chemicals.

The staff is filthy, the facility is filthy, they claim to be renovating, this is untrue as this facility has had the same dirty walls & filthy green carpet with a plethora of stains for over 3 years. The staff doesn't talk to patients, the physical
Therapy equipment is old, cobwebs and only for show. You cannot do worse than this facility. This place accepts Medicare & Medicaid but there is mo oversight. A local, state or federal health inspection is needed. Dietary inspection is needed.

No hot chocolate, no hot tea, no hot coffee is served.

Patients are frequently seen laying in bed
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