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2 Desktop (Model EL1352-01e) Both Having Problems
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We have two Emachines (EL1352-01e) desktops purchased at the same time for our family. The computers will shut down and a blue screen will appear indicating a crash dump. Sometimes it will recover on its own but mostly it will not. Sent one of the machines back under warranty twice. They did a Bios update, reseated parts and sent it back. Still had same problem after running the desktop after longer periods than they tested the unit. We are tired of the games that their customer service is playing. They refuse to replace parts at their cost and claim that there is no problem dested by their analysis.

So far we have replaced a power supply on one unit and the RAM on the other. Still experiencing issues. Probably the motherboard... This is the worst product we have ever purchased. I know there are individuals out there that stand behind this computer, however we have experienced nothing but misery.

Emachines/Gateway Products ARE TERRIBLE!
By -

CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased two Emachine desktops within the last 2 years. One for my home & one for my business. It is my pleasure to report that both systems are now fried.

I brought my units into a very high profile repair facility & felt like the biggest loser when everyone began laughing at what I placed on the counter. Yes, Emachine desktops! Before I could say a word, the repair technicians told me not to feel bad b/c they come in all the time for the same malfunctions, they are known for it etc.

To make a long story short: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Go out & spend a few extra dollars & purchase an excellent product. The Emachine defects on both PC's will cost me over $1,000 in repairs...

P.S. I made several calls to Emachines regarding the issues. A lot of good that did. Their products suck, their customer service stinks, etc.

Find any outlet available to blast this crap company or they will keep taking advantage of the consumer!

E-machine will not buy :(
By -

I brought a e-machine at my Wal-Mart up the street from me. I get it home and it did not have any software. it told me to REBOOT ....... Okay so I shut the computer off. Restart it. I do it two times. I call the company, sadly the young man was Indian I had a very hard time understanding him. (side note I help people learn English as a second language ESL, so I understand ascents.) He tell me to shut down the computer, restart it holding the f10 key and alt. I do this two times. He said he will send me new software. I need the computer !!"NOW"!! for my job. I went back to WAL-MART told them the story. The Staff are great people at WAL-MARt. As I was waiting another person came up with the same computer. I replied, let me guess no software?? Yes, and the fan sounds like and airplane. SORRY E-MACHINE BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE MY VOTE. I just wish companies could get people that spoke clearer ENGLISH. We all need jobs in these world however we need to be understood to help others

Emachine with Windows 7 crashes.
By -

The machine froze up twice in the first week and the retail dealer was kind enough to replace the hard drive, which was defective.

The repaired machine simply shut down twice when I tried to start Thunderbird email client. No indication of error, just shutdown.

Windows7 also could not locate a driver for an HP Laser Printer that is about one year old. I don't recall the model, but it is a common printer sold in office and computer stores.

I'm returning th E-Machine and getting a locally built system.
Also going back to WinXP.

Windows 7 is not ready.

Never Ever Buy An Emachine
By -

They say everything happens for a reason and you get what you pay for. I will never buy an emachine again. When I opened the box the monitor did not even work. I called in January and they were supposed to send me a box. Five months passed by and I have still not seen that box. Every time I call I get a different call about the box. The first story they gave me was that the guys that send the boxes are on strike so they could not send me a box. Then they told me that the box was already sent to me and then they told me that they lost the box and then I was told that they could not send me a box because I need to pay first. I informed them that I had a warranty and they said that boxes were not covered under the warranty. I got so frustrated that I just hung the phone up. On top of that the CPU blew out. I had to use my own money to get the computer fixed. Then I just sold the computer for three hundred dollars less than I paid for it. I will never buy an emachine again and if they keep up with this type of service no one will buy from them. I want to give some advice if you are reading this complaint do not let eMachines low price fool you. That is what trapped me. All of those computers are nothing but trash and a bunch of junk. Technical support is lousy, rude, and very disrespectful. They talk to you like you owe them something. Emachines ain't nothing and they never will be anything!!!!!1

By -

I purchased my Emachine from Walmart back in November and have had nothing but problems after the 1st month. The fan ran constantly and sounded like a jet engine taking off. I have been dealing with their tech support since December. Have done 4 destructive restores, and changed settings like they suggested, and still didn't fix the problem. Sent the system in for repair, since its still covered under the 1 yr warranty. Contacted them on the 1st of May to see what they found wrong with it, nobody knew! Received the system from FEDEX on the 3rd. Contacted Emachine to find out what was replaced, the tech didn't know. I hooked the system up last night, and guess what? It sounded the same as before it was sent in for repair. Contacted support again, still wasn't told what was replaced, and today it went back out for repair. This is my 1st and last Emachine. I will never purchase another one, and definitely will not recommend anyone to buy one.

So that's my 3 cents worth!!

Worst Quality Computer
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I bought two eMachines 7 months ago for my daughters. The powersupply blew out on one after 3 months. After contacting the company they refused to offer any help in trying to resove the problem. I am still trying to get my money back. The other one blew out yesterday. I took it to altech computing and they said the entire computer is toast. They have over 15 E-Machines on hand that needed to be repaired. These machines are a total waste of money and time. Spend an extra hundred dollars and get a better quality computer. These computers are a consumer ripoff.

Poor Warranty and Service
By -

I bought eMachines in the past and was not dissatisfied but things have changed. The warranty requires that you return the unit to a center in Texas AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE. They will not supply any shipping materials.

After they returned the computer to me it still did work. They are still refusing to pay postage etc.


No Problems
By -

I have owned an eMachines computer for four years and have had no problems with it. I have had far more problems with Dell and custom built computers.

By -

DANVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I have had nothing but problems since I bought this new emachine. It constantly freezes. About 1 out of 10 times I try to save something it will delete it instead of saving. My computer has to be rebooted 4 or 5 times a day. Once when the little icon came up at the bottom I clicked on it for a Fixit and I couldn't get it to do what it was supposed to, I called the company and the techican I talk to said that the notice I got probably didn't amount to nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep it from freezing up so much.

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