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Substandard Products and No Support From Company or Wal-Mart
By -

After we endured the hassle of Wal-Mart's "Black Friday" sale, we bought an eMachines laptop for $198. It worked for about 3 months and then the display went dark and something looking like an ink spot was noticed in the lower right hand corner of the display. We phone the company after having to search for their phone number online (using a Compaq laptop) - we contacted the company.

Immediately the person on the phone began to tell us that the display must have been damaged by us or we are using it in extreme weather conditions. It was not damaged because when we turn off the computer, the spot was not there which indicates it was in the machine itself. And the ridiculous explanation of operating the unit in extreme weather conditions was equally silly because it never left our home.

After this we called Wal-Mart and they too brushed us aside telling us we need to ship the unit back to the company. We believe Wal-Mart should be responsible for the laptops since it was purchased from them and they knowingly sold inferior products they ought to have known to be defective in materials and possible workmanship. Shame on Wal-Mart for continuing to sell these products. If a class Action lawsuit is in the works, I am in. I am considering taking legal action against the company and Wal-Mart myself. I don't think they should get away with this.

Low Cost Laptop
By -

STOCKTON, CA -- We bought an eMachines from Best Buy, and we loved the cost and we have had NO problems as of yet with the product. We recommend it.

Customer Service Is as Bad as the Product
By -

I've contacted Customer Service to order recovery CD to reinstall operating system. The customer reps were really rude. Moreover, they were out of the recovery CDs. I contacted them two weeks later. The same thing: customer representative is rude and no recovery cd in the stock. That was crazy. STAY AWAY FROM eMachines period.

Poorest, Rudest, and a Piece of Junk
By -

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased an eMachines laptop for my daughter for Christmas - in 3 months the monitor just went black. I called Gateway Tech, they tried to fix it - could not. Told me to mail it back to them, which I did - cost me about $25, insurance, etc. I received the computer back in about a month, same condition except they mailed it back with the back off of it. I called them again to see what was up. They did not give me an English speaking person - I could not understand them, finally was told the problem was due to customer abuse.

I explained to them that I was the one using the laptop when it went black and it was on my lap, there was no customer abuse. They refused to help. I paid $450 plus tax for the piece of junk and was told they would fix it for $495.95, big of them. I had a computer guy look at it and he said it looked like the plasma inside the monitor overheated and cracked the screen. I would highly recommend that no one purchase anything from GATEWAY. Buy a DELL, they always stand by their products and will even send a tech out to your house if necessary.

Don't buy
By -

NORWICH, CONNECTICUT -- The other reviews you read are true! The power supply gets so hot you have to remove the battery when on AC or you will either burn out the battery or you end up having issues. I was getting these white lines all across the screen and tech support suggested removing the battery when on AC. As if that isn't admitting to a problem they know about. I've only had it a year and now I can't get it to boot! It started crashing and I restored it using the disk, got a hal error on reboot, did a full wipe and install using the disk. While downloading Windows updates it crashed and got another Windows file error on reboot.

Wiped again and it locked up on installing applications. Now it gives a can't read disk error. I knew it was a cheaper laptop and didn't expect it to be fast and powerful. I just bought it to use office, simple enough. But I did expect it to last longer than a year! I should have just bought an old Dell D600, it is slow but I know some that are working over 4 years.

Laptop e725
By -

I bought this laptop 3 months ago and have had zero problems - a joy to use, fast, reliable. Crappy speakers is my only complaint.

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