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DO NOT BUY!! Buyer Beware
Posted by on
Bought for a Christmas present for my son at Walmart's Black Friday Sale. It crashed within a week. Walmart wouldn't replace or exchange it. Had to fight through three tech's at eMachines to get them to take it back and then had to pay almost $30 to ship it to them through UPS. Still have no idea what they plan on doing but, we will never purchase another one in this household.
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GenuineNerd on 01/06/2010:
You should have gone with an HP. The HP desktop I have also came from Walmart's Black Friday sale, was $100 more than the eMachines, and I am happy so far...no problems whatsoever. HP also does a good job with sending me updates and scheduled defrags/tuneups with the machine so I have no problems. And eMachines has always been a bottom-of-the-line brand. Too many people are having problems with eMachines computers. Sure there are a lot of HP complaints here as well, but so far, I'm happy with my machine.
Anonymous on 01/06/2010:
Yes, an Emachine is a bottom of the line computer, but I'm very surprised that wal mart would not allow you to return it.....If you purchased it at wal mart, you should be able to return it there.
Anonymous on 01/06/2010:
I bought a Compaq Presario at Office Max on Black Friday, and no, I didn't stand in 1000 people line, and I paid $298 for the tower. My last HP lasted (actually, still runs) for 11 years. I just wanted newer and faster. EMachines are the bottom rung of computers, and the fact Gateway bought them doesn't increase their value in my eyes one bit.
Anonymous on 01/06/2010:
I have a 2002 Compaq presario Sherdy. Still works but its slow. has some problems so I’m in the market for a new pc.

I mostly use my little netbook to surf the net.
localgod on 01/06/2010:
This product is outside of WalMart's 30-day electronics policy. The product problem must be resolved through E-Machines. Unfortunately, E-Machines warranties are no better than the paper they're written on...the company is as cheap as the products they produce. Keep at 'em and follow their warranty procedures, stay patient and they will eventually (at great length) deliver. BTW - you will be required to pay for shipping in the process, check the fine print in the warranty. You get what you pay for.
Anonymous on 01/08/2010:
Wally, those are so cool. Fot the work I do, however, those are a bit small for me. I would like on to play on, though. It's been my fortune to have great luck with Presarios.
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Poor Service
Posted by on
I purchased my Emachine computer and was told it had one year manufacture warranty and if I wanted to purchase additional two year warranty, I did. I purchased the PC on October 2008, well present date is in August 2009, the NIC was damaged on my computer. I called the number for the extended warranty I had purchased they told me my warranty will start until October of 2009, currently I should be covered by manufacture e-machine til October of 2009. I called Emachine and gave all the information on my receipt and the customer service was so poor. The first thing they told me when I gave information was "YOUR WARRANTY WAS EXPIRED ON JULY 2009" I asked why if I purchased the computer on October. He replied "WARRANTY STARTS WHEN WE SEND COMPUTER TO STORE NOT WHEN YOU PURCHASED THE COMPUTER". WHAT!!!!! when I purchased computer they did not said that. I gave them a hard time as they were getting me so fraustrated. Finally he said well let me update information call back in 24 hours. I called back 24 hours later and the same person answered me. Well lets restore your computer save all important information on your backup and restore call back in 1 hour. I did. An hour later I call he said "I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS BUT YOU MUST WALK IT IN TO MANUFACTURE. YOU ARE IN TEXAS CORRECT? THE LOCATION IS IN TEMPLE ADDRESS IS ......" HELLO I STAY I IN DALLAS DO YOU KNOW HOW FAR TEMPLE IS FROM WHERE I AM STAYING? "SORRY MAM YOU MUST TAKE IT THERE AND WE CAN NOT PROVIDE YOU WITH A NUMBER TO CALL THEM" Oh My God, and then he said and I don't think we will cover the Network card you will have to pay for card and labor. By this time I was already laughing instead of getting more angry I couldn't get more angry than what I was. I ended up taking my computer to Staples where they repaired my computer and gave me a great service. I now tell everyone I know that Emachine has good products but the WARRANTY IS NOT GOOD. Personally I will never purchase no Emachine products again.
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madconsumer on 08/23/2009:
e-machines suck, great review.

very helpful.
Anonymous on 08/23/2009:
The warranty starts when they send the computer to the store???? No No No. The warranty starts when it leaves the factory. In this case that was July 2008 when it departed China. Just kidding. Their own warranty web page, found at Gateway, even states 'from date of purchase'.
bcd on 08/23/2009:
The warranty starts on the date of purchase if the unit was purchased from a sales location authorized by the manufacturer. Poor support. Good review.
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The most BS Fked up Crap you will ever buy....Tech Support Is just Hell....
Posted by on
I have bought a T5212 eMachines Computer about 2 Years Ago....I HAD TO REINSTALL MY OS LIKE AT LEAST 100 TIMES NO KIDDING, Always the blue screen, doesn't boot up, Motherboard sucks ass...TECH SUPPORT TALKS TO YOU LIKE YOU OWE THEM $500!!! Like a week ago, My computer wouldn't boot up, so I reinstalled my OS AGAIN!, then it would go up the windows screen, and then restart, and it keeps doing that... I knew eMachines is BS, but I still took my time to chat with them, I ran out of warranty so they said I had to call some1 and pay $129.99 for 90 Minutes of talk time... That's how cheap they go for money... DON'T BUY FORM eMachines, Unless you want paper bags recycled into metal and being sold.... You are just feeding they money!!

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MRM on 07/16/2009:
Since you were able to get to the Windows screen before it restarts, it appears that theres a software conflict after the installation of Windows. Bring your computer to a local computer shop and let them diagnose the problem. This incident can happen to any other brand name PC out there, not just eMachines.
skelly39 on 07/16/2009:
You get what you pay for. I have purchased, and will continue to purchase, eMachines with the expectation that they will never work properly, but that's all I can afford. And I hope you don't fluctuate between yelling and just talking when you are on the phone with them. I have a headache from reading this post.
CrazyRedHead on 07/17/2009:
How much memory do you have? If you only have 1g or less of memory then that may be your problem. You need at least 2g to handle Vista and the other programs you are running. When Vista came out computer mans were kicking out computers that couldn't handle it. It takes 1g just to run Vista alone. You may have to upgrade your memory. When was the last time you cleaned it out, computers come with a lot of crap in them and you'll add a lot more in 2 years.
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Hard Drive Failure
Posted by on
SHELBY TWP, MICHIGAN -- My 14 month old Emachine is now experiencing Hard Drive failure. I have taken it to 2 computer repair shops each has quoted me approximately $300 to replace the Hard Drive. I called Emachines customer service to inform them of my problem, which was a waste of time. I was told that my 12 month warranty had expired, and if I wanted to complain I could call another number where I could PAY BY THE MINUTE TO COMPLAIN! Are you kidding me? In my opinion this is a very poor product with a terrible customer service department.

I was also told by the repair shop that Emachines are notorious for this type of problem as well as having bad mother boards. Don't waste your money!
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Anonymous on 04/17/2009:
I don't have any advice for your particular situation, but I had a similar experience with e-machines a few years back. They're fairly inexpensive to begin with and end up costing an arm and a leg. I think they're made by Gateway if I'm not mistaken, which I've also heard has less than good products.
Anonymous on 04/17/2009:
Hard drives fail either new, days, weeks, months or years old. Always make backups of anything you wouldn't want to lose. As long as the drive has not completely failed start making backup now. With recovery disks a new drive can be installed yourself. No special tools required. Just read the directions. But if you feel uncomfortable then let a local shop do it for you. Make sure they will reinstall the operating system, otherwise all you get is a blank drive.
LarryDan on 04/17/2009:
$300? You can get a 500 Gigabyte internal drive at a place like Newegg.com for $50 - $60. It should be pretty easy to swap them out. If you have a recovery disc or operating system on a disc, you should be good to go.
Anonymous on 04/17/2009:
Larry is correct. Hard drives are almost chump change. They take about 5 minutes to install. Your owner manual will show you how. Assuming that you made the backup CDs when you got the machine, you can be back up and running in about an hour.
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More than enough
Posted by on
ROME, GEORGIA -- I was told by everyone that "EMachines" were cheap and very unreliable computers. I believed them for a while. I did a little research, and found out that "EMachines" was bought by "Gateway" and also merged with "Acer", to become the world's 3rd largest computer manufacturer. Since 2004, "EMachines" started using reputable and reliable hardware and components in their computers. It is true that "EMachines" used to be a "unreliable" computer. It is also true that now "EMachines" is a very reliable computer with good components and one of the very best computers out there. For the money you can't beat it. I paid 523.00 tax and all, for the computer I'm using now. Its a et1641-02w "EMachines". It has a Dual core celeron processor. 2 gb's of ram, and 320 gb harddrive. That is a LOT!

I have had a very good experience with this computer. Remember, Since the year 2004, "EMachines" took on a new look and way of representation. They are simply a "Gateway" with a "EMachines" logo.
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User Replies:
MRM on 12/02/2008:
"Jerm," thanks for the informative article! I did not know that Acer has merged with Gateway.
Anonymous on 12/02/2008:
e-machines quality has improved since the merger with ACER. However, they are not Gateway machines in a different box.
Mario The Great on 12/02/2008:
Jerm - I have had nothing but Emachines or Acer for the last 15 years. I've seen the worst of them and the best of them. For the price, they are unbeatable. If you can deal with a few limitations, they have exceeded my expectations. I have now a Compaq and 2 HP computers that are more than enough and will always purchase an Emachines if needed. VH review!
Anonymous on 12/02/2008:
"They are simply a "Gateway" with a "EMachines" logo."
That's cool, but I wouldn't buy a Gateway either.
NickNick on 12/14/2008:
I too really like these computers. I have had one for over 2 years and its totaly fine. those people bad mouthing them must abuse them and should not have a computer then.
joeyd13903 on 12/29/2008:
I'm not a PC expert by any means, but...for the money this computer is more than I will ever need. After trudging along for years upgrading/repairing/restoring an old IBM that I paid three times more money for this thing is pure joy. I'm not a huge gamer and would probably be labeled a casual user (internet, email, some games, word processing, etc...) but as I said this computer is awesome to me.
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Mixed Experience But Overall Positive
Posted by on
GRANTSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA -- The system is now nearly exactly 3 years old, the only problems currently is that both optical drives trays are reluctant and must be annoyed into opening.

It probably is partly due to less frequent use then after they have once cycled, they become operable.
The AMD Athlon 64 has been satisfactory but I have added another GB of ram to the original 512MB since the software seems to get fatter all the time.

As a retired tech, I had during the operation of a small service shop, advised customers away from the brand as during that period, (mid-90s) they used some proprietary hardware that could not be replaced with readily available 'clone' assemblies so either had to be repaired or bought from eMachines at an inflated price.

When my 2 1/2 year old Compaq notebook ate its hard drive, I decided to go with a desktop PC as my travels were then limited and the notebook not needed.

I researched reliability thoroughly and found that eMachines had gained a solid reputation for just about everything during the intervening years.

Circuit City had a package price for a complete system that after rebate was the system I had planned on assembling myself that came in (after rebates) at $50 less than I could build it and I would not have to use my MS Windows Me OS I had on hand but was nicely loaded with XP and several freebie packages I liked along with a 17" CRT monitor to supplant the older 15" I had planned on using and a second optical drive.
BTW, I did receive every single rebate promised.

The first discrepancy was a 'QWRRTY' keyboard missing the 'E' key, but with two 'Rs.'

I had a new one, without trading, in Fed-Xed in two days.

Then the T6212 refused to complete the prescribed CD backup that was highly recommended in the manual.
A phone call, with little hold time, got me a factory set sent.

The system has not had any problems with operation other than the reluctant drive trays that wasn't caused by MS stuff tripping over itself so I am quite happy with my purchase.
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eMachine/Gateway Repairs and Customer Service are the Worst!
Posted by on
Computer began to experience power problems in late June. After dealing with technical assistance for over three weeks, I was instructed to send my computer tower to the repair depot in Dallas for warranty repair. Computer was shipped to eMachines on 8/1. Inquired on status of repairs on 8/17, and was told they had not received it. Called back on 8/19 and was able to show through FedEx tracking number that it was received by repair depot on 8/2, and they agreed to escalate the problem to a supervisor.

Called again on 8/23 to follow up and was told by supervisor Hiram that supervisor Nathan had reviewed escalation, but there was no record of action. Hiram agreed to call or e-mail in 2-3 days with a status report. When not contacted by 8/31, called again and was told by agent that an unnamed supervisor needed another 2 days to investigate. Called again on 9/2 and was told by supervisor Jacob that there was no information from the repair depot, but he e-mailed me latter that day that they had found the computer, logged it in on 9/1, and would repair it promptly. Called on 9/13 and was informed by agent that supervisor Brian said it was to be shipped out to me on 9/14.

When not received by 9/22, called again and supervisor Lance said that the records were still muddled and that it would have to be referred to a higher level headquarters supervisor who I must call on 9/23. When I spoke to corporate supervisor Don on 9/23, he informed me that my computer had been destroyed (lost or refurbished) by the repair depot and could not be returned to me. He promised to call me the afternoon of 9/26 with a proposed resolution, but failed to. He did call me on 9/27 and informed me that eMachines would only provide a refurbished version of my original model without my upgrades of an 80 GB hard drive and 128 MB video card, even though eMachines did not warn that computer could be destroyed in the repair process, since I no longer had receipts for those items. I was given no recourse, apology, or consideration for my lost equipment, data, and the considerable time and expense I spent attempting to address eMachines error.

The refurbished computer arrived on 9/30. I sent a certified letter to the VP for Customer Care on 9/28 outlining these problems and asking for more appropriate compensation for my damages. A Gateway Executive Response Specialist sent a reply on 10/8 denying my request.
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User Replies:
drb on 11/18/2005:

I worked for Emachine and Gateway call-center (Alorica Magna Utah)doing tech support. I was more qualified to the help there customers, then I would say at least 75% of there employee's. I went to school to get A+, and Network+ certifications. I had my A+ Hardware. Getting ready to take Software test. Most employee's that work there have had no tech support training except for the 3 week crash training course they give you. If wonder why your on hold a lot because your tech has to ask someone else then someone else again. And even then you don't get problem solved. There repair center don't even repair computers sometimes till after you sent back 2 to three times then it's might get repaired right.

Bottom line is Don't buy a Gateway or Emachine unless you don't mind being without your computer for more 15 to 30 days at a times every time you have an issue. Still come back with same problem.
Mr. MJ on 03/30/2006:
I must say congrats for losing your eMachines system in the mail by non other than eMachines themselves! You are very fortunate to have lost that crappy equipment!
What should I do? I have 2 emachine pc's, bought them a year apart, have them at different locations (one at home & the other at my business)& the motherboards & power supply on them is SHOT! FRIED! Whatever you'd like to call it! eMachines/Gateway couldn't care less. I need over $1,000 to fix them & I am forced to pay over $500 in repairs for the unit I have at home b/c it had over 300 pictures in it of my children! emachine/Gateway sucks! Go out & but yourself a top notch system, check out all the review, & make a wise decision next time. We got burnt bad with this eMachines garbage!!!! Emachines is garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage! Did I mention the eMachines/Gateway is garbage? If I didn't mention it, please allow me to express my feelings towards eMachines/gateway- GARBAGE!
CJSim on 12/07/2006:
I did not relise that eMachines were that bad. I have one of their computers and I hope that I never have a problem with it, well I do have minor problems that I can fix, but no serious problems, coz if they are that bad I am better off leaving it and buying a new computer from scratch!
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Emachines E527 Not Reliable
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I had three models of the E527 and none of them were fast in games. They would lag a lot and I can't use the internet because of this. Don't buy any of their products.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 09/03/2014:
It's a very inexpensive laptop. I think your expectations were too high. You can't reasonably expect a laptop with a single core Celeron, 2 GB of RAM and integrated graphics to be capable of running any modern or even semi-modern game. A decent gaming laptop is going to set you back at least $800 on the low end and around $1500 for nicer one. The E527 was only meant for the most basic of tasks.
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E-Machine Stop working after 2 months
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a E machine on sale at Target, in Fairfield, CA in October 2009 by February 2010, the CD went out, then the sound, it was still under warranty the company said I need to delete all my added programs, send it to them at my expense and they would fix it, well since I only paid $345.00 for the computer and it cost around $45.00 to send and my programs I added were around $200.00 it wasn't in my opinion worth me sending them it they should have replaced it, to this day I have a messed up system still under warranty that stinks, won't be repaired, I guess the old saying is true you Pay for what you Get.
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User Replies:
Helpful on 07/24/2010:
What difference would the programs you've added make in the cost of service? You can just as easily reinstall them.

To me, this sounds like it could be a software related issue and should be somewhat easy to fix with someone that has a little computer background. Find someone offering the service within your area and have them fix it for you.
simplyfeedup on 02/07/2012:
eMachine customer service along with their products stink. I am thinking about filing a class action lawsuit againt them. contact me.
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Garbage right out of the box
Posted by on
Bought an E-machine from Wal-Mart back in Nov 09. Volume has not stayed up since day one. "D" drive has failed twice. E-machione customer service is a joke. After repeated e-mails and phone calls to their hack technicians in India, I am told machine must be packed up and shipped(on my dime of course) to Texas for repair. This computer started giving me problems after only 3 weeks out of the box. Wal-mart will only stand behind their computer for 15 days from date of purchase. Evidently they know they sell junk.
I urge everyone reading this to run - don't walk away from E-Machine computers. I have also come to the conclusion that Wal-Mart cannot be trusted for quality merchandise.
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bcd on 04/01/2010:
“Volume has not stayed up since day one. … This computer started giving me problems after only 3 weeks out of the box.”

That is a contradictory statement.

“Wal-mart will only stand behind their computer for 15 days from date of purchase.”

What did you ask Wal-Mart to do? The sign at Wal-Mart reads 90-day return. Is it different for computers?
GenuineNerd on 04/02/2010:
On Black Friday last year, for only $100 more, you could have got an HP from Walmart. I bought the HP, mainly due to a friend's past bad experiences with an eMachines computer. The eMachines was $299, while the HP was $399. So far, no problems with my HP, and HP's periodic diagnostics is excellent.
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