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The Most BS ** Up Crap You Will Ever Buy... Tech Support Is Just Hell...
By -

I have bought a T5212 eMachines Computer about 2 Years Ago... I HAD TO REINSTALL MY OS LIKE AT LEAST 100 TIMES - NO KIDDING. Always the blue screen, doesn't boot up, Motherboard sucks ass... TECH SUPPORT TALKS TO YOU LIKE YOU OWE THEM $500!!! Like a week ago, my computer wouldn't boot up, so I reinstalled my OS AGAIN! Then it would go up the Windows screen, and then restart, and it keeps doing that...

I knew eMachines is BS, but I still took my time to chat with them. I ran out of warranty so they said I had to call someone and pay $129.99 for 90 Minutes of talk time... That's how cheap they go for money... DON'T BUY FROM eMachines, unless you want paper bags recycled into metal and being sold... You are just feeding them money!! GET ON YOUR FEET AND SAY NO!

Hard Drive Failure
By -

SHELBY TWP, MICHIGAN -- My 14 month old eMachines is now experiencing Hard Drive failure. I have taken it to 2 computer repair shops - each has quoted me approximately $300 to replace the Hard Drive. I called eMachines customer service to inform them of my problem, which was a waste of time. I was told that my 12 month warranty had expired, and if I wanted to complain I could call another number where I could PAY BY THE MINUTE TO COMPLAIN! Are you kidding me?

In my opinion this is a very poor product with a terrible customer service department. I was also told by the repair shop that eMachines are notorious for this type of problem as well as having bad motherboards. Don't waste your money!

Bad Motherboards
By -

INDIANANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- eMachines motherboards will fail. Do you like to pull your hard earned money from your pocket and buy a computer just to find out that the computer you bought from eMachines or Gateway has no warranty? Well this has happened to many of people around the world. Just remember, you get what you pay for and with eMachines it's not a lot, expect a lot of lies from them.

I have had 7 eMachines fail with bad motherboards and even had one fail at 10 months old. They just blew me off till the warranty ran out and then sent me a notice that it was out of warranty and gave me a link to their site to order a new one like I would pay for another board that might not last the 10 months again, I think not. You just might be one of the people stricken with the eMachines blues like me.

First you might notice that you're getting a lot of weird errors or system crash reports or the PC just freezes up on you or it will not make it past the eMachines boot screen. What I found out about these nasty motherboards is that they use bad capacitors on them and they will either leak or just explode inside the case. I do not like trying to call them because they want to charge you $20.00 to your credit card for each call for service. They will put you off or just tell you to use the restore discs that came with your pc and just destroy all your data but a lot of the time it's your motherboard and doing a restore will just make you lose all your data and will not fix the problem.

If you e mail tech support they will tell you the same thing but some people only have one pc and can not even get online to do this. These people at support are nothing but a waste of a skin bag. The best thing to do is to go buy a aftermarket motherboard non eMachines and install it and reinstall your Windows back on the pc and be done with it. Warning to people that do not know, you will need a new Windows disk for this and not the restore cd. The restore cd will no longer be any good.

A good motherboard to put in these silver and black cases is a MSI motherboard. If yours has the Intel Processor in it go with the Intel type board from MSI so you can still use your processor. Or if yours came with a AMD go with it. Some of the newer ones like I have had the AMD motherboard in it but when my motherboard burnt out it took the processor with it so I just went with a Intel Pentium 4.

Just remember you will never be satisfied with the support team from eMachines or Gateway. The best way to hurt a company is not to buy from them and to spread the word not to buy from them. It is your choice so do a Google search on eMachines motherboard defects before you buy one. I just got off the phone with someone at corporate office and he said that he could not help again so ** them. DON'T BUY A EMACHINES OR GATEWAY COMPUTER.

eMachines E527 Not Reliable
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I had three models of the E527 and none of them were fast in games. They would lag a lot and I can't use the internet because of this. Don't buy any of their products.

eMachines Stop Working After 2 Months
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a eMachines on sale at Target, in Fairfield, CA in October 2009. By February 2010, the CD went out, then the sound. It was still under warranty. The company said I need to delete all my added programs, send it to them at my expense and they would fix it. Well since I only paid $345.00 for the computer and it cost around $45.00 to send and my programs I added were around $200.00 it wasn't in my opinion worth me sending them it. They should have replaced it. To this day I have a messed up system still under warranty that stinks, won't be repaired. I guess the old saying is true - you pay for what you get.

Garbage Right Out of the Box
By -

Bought an eMachines from Wal-Mart back in Nov 09. Volume has not stayed up since day one. "D" drive has failed twice. eMachines customer service is a joke. After repeated e-mails and phone calls to their hack technicians in India, I am told machine must be packed up and shipped (on my dime of course) to Texas for repair.

This computer started giving me problems after only 3 weeks out of the box. Wal-Mart will only stand behind their computer for 15 days from date of purchase. Evidently they know they sell junk. I urge everyone reading this to run - don't walk away from eMachines computers. I have also come to the conclusion that Wal-Mart cannot be trusted for quality merchandise.

Decent Learning Computer
By -

Well this computer was purchased in 2006, all in all it's not that bad. The computer was on the very low end side. I did not purchase it though - my mom did and I bought it from her for 50 bucks but the price she paid for it was almost 300. I found this ridiculous why this low end machine cost close to as much a medium-high end gaming computer cost well over the years.

I have slowly upgraded it. Now it has a dual core cpu @ 3.0GHz, 2GB RAM, GeForce 9400gt 1gb graphics card, and a new case. All that's left is the heat sink fan and motherboard which still limit this computer greatly... The onboard chipset was a ATI Xpress 200 series which ATI does not support the drivers for anymore. The cpu fan is very low end and extremely loud - any process you put on the cpu this thing goes off like a helicopter.

However for being almost 4 years old the motherboard is still in great shape (the d101ggc as Intel refers to it). This has been my learning computer and it has taught me a lot though.. I would never buy an eMachines again nor any other retail computer.

eMachines and Microsoft Play Finger-Pointing at My Expense
By -

Unbelievable! My hard drive crashed, so I installed a new one. I reinstalled the O.S. (Windows Home) step by step and entered the license key as printed on the official Microsoft hologram tag on the back of the computer. Online, Microsoft wouldn't accept this key. So I called and used the "authorize by telephone" option, pressing in what seemed like a hundred numbers, and typing other validation numbers into the screen. Still no good. I then had to call other Microsoft phone numbers and got bounced around until I found someone who said it's an eMachines problem, call them.

I just spent almost an hour chatting online with first, a support rep, and then finally a supervisor at eMachines, who insist I have an invalid serial number (hello, it has their logo and it's stuck on their computer)! They suggest I pay for another copy of Windows at retail pricing or go to Microsoft for help! HELP is right! I'll never buy another eMachines in my life and I hope no one else out there will.

DO NOT BUY!! Buyer Beware
By -

Bought for a Christmas present for my son at Wal-Mart's Black Friday Sale. It crashed within a week. Wal-Mart wouldn't replace or exchange it. Had to fight through three tech's at eMachines to get them to take it back and then had to pay almost $30 to ship it to them through UPS. Still have no idea what they plan on doing but, we will never purchase another one in this household.

By -

We bought 2 eMachines - one 2 years ago and the other 3 years ago. Both the computers have blown motherboards. These are not the only eMachines I have owned - the first one did the same thing. Yes you would have thought I would have learned a lesson, but now I have I will never buy another eMachines... Our MIS dept told me these computers were junk and I should have listened.. Lesson learned...

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