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Emachine Failure HDD, RAM motherboard
Posted by Ether on 11/11/2007
Simply put: DO NOT BUY AN EMACHINE COMPUTER. It will eventually cost you more in frustration and time that the cost savings.

I have had RAM, motherboard and most recently Hard Drive (0200 Failure Fixed Disk) failure.

And if you own one that is currently working, I STRONGLY recommend that you backup your data immediately and abandon using it for anything critical.

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Posted by killerklown on 2007-11-11:
You bought an eMachine. It was worthless and failed. Where's the surprise?
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2007-11-11:
E-machines are the king of computers (if you like being stuck with a proprietary, non-expandable/modifiable piece of trash.) BUYERS BEWARE!
Posted by killerklown on 2007-11-11:
Whenever I see an eMachine, I look for the "Fisher-Price" branding on it. They should all be called "My First Computer".
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-12:
This time I must agree with JayD!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-11-12:
I looked at one the other day....my first 486 was better
Posted by NickNick on 2007-11-17:
i bet my emachine is faster than yours. i was able to upgrade mine by giving it a better power supply(480 watts switching), a better graffix card(ATi), a second hard drive, and maxed out on mem.....wheres the problem. you all just dont know how to treat a computer if they are breaking on you like that. oh yeah and my motherboard is made by intel! intel is good. i'm very happy with mine. as for the upgading, you can switch out the processor on mine as well. mine is so upgradeable. you all got riped off.
Posted by Tbird668 on 2008-08-21:
I have had my emachine n-10 for 3 years now with no broblems what so ever,all of you need to learn to do updates and learn to defrag your system every now and then,it will save you alot of time and money buying those big bad systems to figure out they will screw up just as much as the cheap e-machines........
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Bad choice
Posted by Billy Endive on 07/20/2010
I needed another laptop, so I went to WalMart. I selected the eMachinee525 laptop with full Windows 7 and a trial version of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007. I had some troubles backing up the system as it would not format the disk. I use an online back so I didn't think much of it. When the Microsoft Office trial expired, I tried to convert it to the full version. The website defaulted to was invalid, so I tried to go directly to Microsoft. I was referred to the new 2010 version, and tried to purchase it. The site would not properly accept my order, so I ordered the product key direct from WalMart for the 2010 version.

After several attempts to install it according to instructions, I had to call Microsoft. After days of wrangling with customer service, I was advised that the Windows 7 had a corrupt Windows Installer file. Even though it was a software problem, Microsoft said I had to go through the equipment manufacturer to get it fixed. I contacted eMachine (Gateway/Acer) for assistance. The service representative referred me to a site for reinstalling VISTA saying it would work the same with Windows 7. The instructions provided were faulty. When I later tried to access the instructions again, the web page had been removed.

I called eMachine support again. I was advised that the machine was still under warranty, but since it was a software problem, not a hardware problem; it would have to be referred to the Pay For Support Team for special handling.

eMachine does not stand behind its warranty and Microsoft will not stand behind its software unless purchased directly from them, even if properly licensed.
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-07-20:
A simple google search found this, it might help:

Posted by Billy Endive on 2010-07-21:
Thank you for the reinstall instructions. They are different than the ones provided by eMachine that did not work. However, the mirror image on the drive has the same fault. In order to reinstall Windows 7, I need to purchase the program from Microsoft to replace the program I paid eMachine for. In other words, I still have to pay extra for a defective Microsoft program that Microsoft refuses to warranty because I bought it with the laptop, and eMachine refuses to warranty because it is a Microsoft program defect.
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EMachines EL1358G-51W
Posted by Bgravit on 09/11/2012
My boys recently purchased one of these computers (New) from our local WalMart. This is a bargain base computer that works well for internet browsing and what not. Not a bad computer for what you pay for it.

After we got it all set up one of my boys started to play Minecraft and were not impressed with its video performance. Even after I tuned down the settings in Minecraft it was still not very good. Needless to say they wanted a new video card to place in it.

We searched and found a Diamond Radeon HD6450 video card, that should meet their needs, but requires 400 Watts to run correctly. The power supply in computer was only rated at 220 Watts, and is a slim design. The largest power supply we could find was 350 Watts.

We purchased an Ultra 750 Watt power supply and decided to install the eMachine Motherboard, 1 Terra-byte Harddrive and DVD drive into an older tower that I had sitting around. This is where I needed the technical documentation for the motherboard to ensure I connected everything up correctly.

Went to the eMachine's website and could find nothing. Chatted with their tech support(they were very prompt and friendly), but to no avail, nothing is available. What kind of computer company produces a computer and does not have any technical documents on it???

I was able to connect up the cables for the power switch and led, but need the pin outs to see if I can connect the reset switch, HDD indicator, speaker, Firewire and USB ports from the tower.

The Technician said this would void the warranty, but it is a $200.00 dollar computer to begin with.

So...If you want a decent cheap computer, buy it, but if you want something more capable, spend the money and build or buy one. Most decent motherboard manufacturers offer documentation for their motherboards. I will build my next one from scratch.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-09-11:
You would've been fine with the Radeon 6450 with a 220 watt PSU. Video card manufacturers grossly exaggerate their card's power requirements. The 6450 specifically has a TDP of 27 watts. It doesn't take much to power it.

On my work PC I have a Radeon 6570 (SFF case, and my unwillingness to spend more than $50, made it the best choice) installed on it for after hours TF2 smackdowns, and it only has a 240 watt PSU and I have zero issues.

Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-12:
I've never seen a schematic for the computers I have owned. Never had the need for one so I did not inquire. Seems like it would be the rare WallsMart customer who would want to deconstruct one of these low end models. You could reverse engineer the few items that you mentioned.

One Radeon 6450 out there (of many) consumes 145W, so it is possible yours was not sufficient depending on which one you bought.

Posted by MRM on 2012-09-12:
If you want an upgradeable computer, it would be wise to build your own computer, based on a i5 processor. Its also cheaper to build your own as well.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-09-12:
@ Trmn8r. There's no 6450 that consumes 145 watts of power by itself. I could easily see a load of 145 watts on and entire system though. If you look here

You can see that the TDP of the 6450 is either 18 or 27 watts depending on the clock speed of the two possible reference models. The 145 watt figure would be reasonable if you added in the power requirements of the CPU,HDD,optical drive, mobo,etc. But for the card itself, you'd have to step up to something like a 6870 before you got to the point where the video card itself was drawing 145 watts.
Posted by leet60 on 2012-09-12:
With most of these low end machines the same model may have various motherboards depending on what is available when manufactured. The best bet would be to open the case, get the brand and model from the motherboard and contact the company that manufactured it.
Posted by bgravit on 2012-09-18:
Thanks for all the constructive comments.

I should of checked the reviews before I said yes to my boys, but they wanted it...NOW...

Thanks for the info on the actual power consumption of the video card, that would have made things easier and cheaper, but I would still been concerned over the heat dissipation in such a small unit.

The larger 750 watt Ultra power supply should more than meet all their future power needs and help keep the computer temps down since it will not run anywhere near its limit.

I did finally locate a motherboard document on helpowl under EL1351G motherboard document. It had the motherboard connections listed reasonably understandable. I was able to connect the towers HDD LED, Reset switch and extra USB ports.

My boys have yet to test it, but I tested Minecraft on it and it runs fluidly...:)
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The most BS Fked up Crap you will ever buy....Tech Support Is just Hell....
Posted by Emachinehater on 07/16/2009
I have bought a T5212 emachines Computer about 2 Years Ago....I HAD TO REINSTALL MY OS LIKE AT LEAST 100 TIMES NO KIDDING, Always the blue screen, doesn't boot up, Motherboard sucks ass...TECH SUPPORT TALKS TO YOU LIKE YOU OWE THEM $500!!! Like a week ago, My computer wouldn't boot up, so I reinstalled my OS AGAIN!, then it would go up the the windows screen, and then restart, and it keeps doing that... I knew eMachines is BS, but I still took my time to chat with them, I ran out of warranty so they said I had to call some1 and pay $129.99 for 90 Minutes of talk time... Thats how cheap they go for money... DONT BUY FORM eMachines, Unless you want paper bags recycled into metal and being sold.... You are just feeding they money!!

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Posted by MRM on 2009-07-16:
Since you were able to get to the Windows screen before it restarts, it appears that theres a software conflict after the installation of Windows. Bring your computer to a local computer shop and let them diagnose the problem. This incident can happen to any other brand name PC out there, not just eMachines.
Posted by skelly39 on 2009-07-16:
You get what you pay for. I have purchased, and will continue to purchase, eMachines with the expectation that they will never work properly, but that's all I can afford. And I hope you don't fluctuate between yelling and just talking when you are on the phone with them. I have a headache from reading this post.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2009-07-17:
How much memory do you have? If you only have 1g or less of memory then that may be your problem. You need at least 2g to handle Vista and the other programs you are running. When Vista came out computer mans were kicking out computers that couldn't handle it. It takes 1g just to run Vista alone. You may have to upgrade your memory. When was the last time you cleaned it out, computers come with a lot of crap in them and you'll add a lot more in 2 years.
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No drivers; lousy customer support
Posted by Mitchharold on 05/16/2009
I have an old emachines T2885... hard drive failed. So I restored the OS using the restore CD. Everything installed fine.... except drivers for the ethernet, video, sound....

So I called emachines / checked their web site...

Bottom line.... no drivers since its out of warranty unless I want to pay for support....

Damn, that sux.... looks like its Linux from here on out....
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-05-16:
I agree with you. Companies usually keep drivers for older products in an archive so that they would also be accessible in case your type of situation came up. The fact that they want you to pay for this service is ridiculous, especially since a restore CD (like the one you used) should include these drivers.

Have you explored the restore CD to see if the drivers are hidden somewhere on it?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-16:
Over 1.5 million drivers & firmware. Provides an easy step-by-step process for finding and installing drivers.

Posted by MRM on 2009-05-16:
Even Linux will not have have all the drivers installed on your computer. Go to EMachine website, and look for your PC model to download appropriate drivers for your computer.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-05-16:
I went on the eMachines website. The drivers are not there.

However, this computer is based off of the Intel D845GV chipset, so drivers from Intel's website would likely work for you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-16:
Mitch, here are your drivers: intel_lan_t2885.zip (Driver)

Posted by MRM on 2009-05-16:
Now aint that something that Emachine doesnt have drivers to download. I swear I downloaded some drivers at the website for a client not too long ago.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-16:
Maybe they are on the Gateway site, who knows anymore.
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More than enough
Posted by Jerm on 12/02/2008
ROME, GEORGIA -- I was told by everyone that "EMachines" were cheap and very unreliable computers. I believed them for a while. I did a little research, and found out that "EMachines" was bought by "Gateway" and also merged with "Acer", to become the world's 3rd largest computer manufacturer. Since 2004, "EMachines" started using reputable and reliable hardware and components in their computers. It is true that "EMachines" used to be a "unreliable" computer. It is also true that now "EMachines" is a very reliable computer with good components and one of the very best computers out there. For the money you can't beat it. I paid 523.00 tax and all, for the computer I'm using now. Its a et1641-02w "EMachines". It has a Dual core celeron processor. 2 gb's of ram, and 320 gb harddrive. That is a LOT!

I have had a very good experience with this computer. Remember, Since the year 2004, "EMachines" took on a new look and way of representation. They are simply a "Gateway" with a "EMachines" logo.
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Posted by MRM on 2008-12-02:
"Jerm," thanks for the informative article! I did not know that Acer has merged with Gateway.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-02:
e-machines quality has improved since the merger with ACER. However, they are not Gateway machines in a different box.
Posted by Mario The Great on 2008-12-02:
Jerm - I have had nothing but Emachines or Acer for the last 15 years. I've seen the worst of them and the best of them. For the price, they are unbeatable. If you can deal with a few limitations, they have exceeded my expectations. I have now a Compaq and 2 HP computers that are more than enough and will always purchase an Emachines if needed. VH review!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-02:
"They are simply a "Gateway" with a "EMachines" logo."
That's cool, but I wouldn't buy a Gateway either.
Posted by NickNick on 2008-12-14:
I too really like these computers. i have had one for over 2 years and its totaly fine. those people bad mouthing them must abuse them and should not have a computer then.
Posted by joeyd13903 on 2008-12-29:
I'm not a PC expert by any means, but...for the money this computer is more than I will ever need. After trudging along for years upgrading/repairing/restoring an old IBM that I paid three times more money for this thing is pure joy. I'm not a huge gamer and would probably be labeled a casual user (internet, email, some games, word processing, etc...) but as I said this computer is awesome to me.
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Bad Motherboards
Posted by Dans chat on 12/20/2005
INDIANANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- eMachine motherboards will fail
Do you like to pull your hard earned money from your pocket and buy a computer just to find out that the computer you bought from eMachines Or Gateway has no warranty?
Well this has happened to many of people around the world.
Just remember, you get what you pay for and with eMachines it’s not a lot, expect a lot of lies from them.
I have had 7 eMachines fail with bad motherboards and even had one fail at 10 months old.
They just blew me off till the warranty ran out and then sent me a notice that it was out of warranty and gave me a link to their site to order a new one like I would pay for another board that might not last the 10 months again, I think not.
You just might be one of the people stricken with the eMachine blues like me.
First you might notice that you’re getting a lot of weird errors or system crash reports or the pc just freezes up on you or it will not make it past the eMachines boot screen.
What I found out about these nasty motherboards is that they use bad capacitors on them and they will either leak or just explode inside the case.
I do not like trying to call them because they want to charge you $20.00 to your credit card for each call for service.
They will put you off or just tell you to use the restore discs that came with your pc and just destroy all your data but a lot of the time its your motherboard and doing a restore will just make you loose all your data and will not fix the problem.
If you e mail tech support they will tell you the same thing but some people only have one pc and can not even get on line to do this.
These people at support are nothing but a waste of a skin bag.
The best thing to do is to go buy a aftermarket motherboard non eMachines and install it and re install your windows back on the pc and be done with it, Warning to people that do not know, you will need a new Windows disk for this and not the restore cd.
The restore cd will no longer be any good.
A good motherboard to put in these silver and black cases is a MSI motherboard, If yours has the Intel Processor in it go with the Intel type board from MSI so you can still use your processor.
Or if yours came with a AMD go with it.
Some of the newer ones like I have had the AMD motherboard in it but when my motherboard burnt out it took the processor with it so I just went with a Intel Pentium 4 .
Just remember you will never be satisfied with the support team from eMachines or Gateway.
The best way to hurt a company is not to buy from them and to spread the word not to buy from them.
It is your choice so do a Google search on emachine motherboard defects before you buy one.
I just got off the phone with someone at corporate office and he said that he could not help again so f them.
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Posted by Dans chat on 2005-12-20:
A good motherboard to put in these silver and black cases is a MSI motherboard, If yours has the Intel Processor in it go with the Intel type board from MSI so you can still use your processor.
Or if yours came with a AMD go with it.
Some of the newer ones like I have had the AMD motherboard in it but when my motherboard burnt out it took the processor with it so I just went with a Intel Pentium 4 .
Just remember you will never be satisfied with the support team from eMachines or Gateway.
The best way to hurt a company is not to buy from them and to spread the word not to buy from them.
It is your choice so do a Google search on emachine motherboard defects before you buy one.
I just got off the phone with someone at corporate office and he said that he could not help again so fu$k them.
Posted by Ponie on 2005-12-23:
"The best way to hurt a company is not to buy from them..." But yet you bought 7 eMachines? When are you going to start following your own advice?
Posted by NickNick on 2007-04-06:
what kind of motherboard was in your computers. mine has the intel board with the P4HT 630 processor. I heard the mother boards go bad because of the power supplies they use are very cheap and do not supply enough power to the computer. The powersupply then goes out on you and takes the motherboard allong with it and sometimes the processor....i read about that problem and immediatley replaced my power supply with a 480 watt one. mine came with 300 wats to begin with. try replacing your power supply yourself; i did tis so easy.
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eMachine/Gateway Repairs and Customer Service are the Worst!
Posted by Wlc3 on 10/15/2005
Computer began to experience power problems in late June. After dealing with technical assistance for over three weeks, I was instructed to send my computer tower to the repair depot in Dallas for warranty repair. Computer was shipped to eMachines on 8/1. Inquired on status of repairs on 8/17, and was told they had not received it. Called back on 8/19 and was able to show through FedEx tracking number that it was received by repair depot on 8/2, and they agreed to escalate the problem to a supervisor.

Called again on 8/23 to follow up and was told by supervisor Hiram that supervisor Nathan had reviewed escalation, but there was no record of action. Hiram agreed to call or e-mail in 2-3 days with a status report. When not contacted by 8/31, called again and was told by agent that an unnamed supervisor needed another 2 days to investigate. Called again on 9/2 and was told by supervisor Jacob that there was no information from the repair depot, but he e-mailed me latter that day that they had found the computer, logged it in on 9/1, and would repair it promptly. Called on 9/13 and was informed by agent that supervisor Brian said it was to be shipped out to me on 9/14.

When not received by 9/22, called again and supervisor Lance said that the records were still muddled and that it would have to be referred to a higher level headquarters supervisor who I must call on 9/23. When I spoke to corporate supervisor Don on 9/23, he informed me that my computer had been destroyed (lost or refurbished) by the repair depot and could not be returned to me. He promised to call me the afternoon of 9/26 with a proposed resolution, but failed to. He did call me on 9/27 and informed me that eMachines would only provide a refurbished version of my original model without my upgrades of an 80 GB hard drive and 128 MB video card, even though eMachines did not warn that computer could be destroyed in the repair process, since I no longer had receipts for those items. I was given no recourse, apology, or consideration for my lost equipment, data, and the considerable time and expense I spent attempting to address eMachines error.

The refurbished computer arrived on 9/30. I sent a certified letter to the VP for Customer Care on 9/28 outlining these problems and asking for more appropriate compensation for my damages. A Gateway Executive Response Specialist sent a reply on 10/8 denying my request.
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Posted by drb on 2005-11-18:

I worked for Emachine and Gateway call-center (Alorica Magna Utah)doing tech support. I was more qualified to the help there customers, then I would say at least 75% of there employee's. I went to school to get A+, and Network+ certifications. I had my A+ Hardware. Getting ready to take Software test. Most employee's that work there have had no tech support training except for the 3 week crash training course they give you. If wonder why your on hold alot because your tech has to ask someone else then someone else again. And even then you don't get problem solved. There repair center don't even repair computers sometimes till after you sent back 2 to three times then it's might get repaired right.

Bottom line is Don't buy a Gateway or Emachine unless you don't mind being without your computer for more 15 to 30 days at a times everytime you have a issue. Still come back with same problem.
Posted by Mr. MJ on 2006-03-30:
I must say congrats for losing your eMachines sytem in the mail by non other than emachines themselves! You are very fortunate to have lost that crappy equipment!
What should I do? I have 2 emachine pc's, bought them a year apart, have them at different locations (one at home & the other at my business)& the motherboards & power supply on them is SHOT! FRIED! Whatever you'd like to call it! eMachines/Gateway could care less. I need over $1,000 to fix them & I am forced to pay over $500 in repairs for the unit i have at home b/c it had over 300 pictures in it of my children! emachine/Gateway sucks! Go out & but yourself a top notch system, check out all the review, & make a wise decision next time. We got burnt bad with this emachines garbage!!!! Emachines is garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage, garbage! Did I mention the emachines/Gateway is garbage? If I didnt mention it, please allow me to express my feelings towards emachines/gateway- GARBAGE!
Posted by CJSim on 2006-12-07:
i did not relise that eMachines were that bad. i have one of their computers and i hope that i never have a problem with it, well i do have minor problems that i can fix, but no serious problems, coz if they are that bad i am better off leaving it and buying a new computer from scratch!
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Emachine HORRID Customer and Tech Support
Posted by Arcolatv on 01/26/2012
IRVIN, CALIFORNIA -- This is by far the worst company ever. I got this computer for a present last February and am now having problem with the windows installer and downloading. msi files. I called Microsoft and they told me that the windows was purchased from Emachines and I have to talk to them.

So I called Emachines and they told me that I would have to pay either a one time fee of 99.99 or a fee of 149 for a year of support I just choose the 99 for a 72 hour tech support that was yesterday.

I talked to a tech and the first thing they did was blame it on a corrupt file or link. We tried several different programs that were. msi format, one download out of 4 so he said that the others were bad. Really? Java is corrupt, Microsoft is corrupt??

So he proceeds and after the call I try downloading the program on another Emachines computer I have had for about three years. Low and behold it downloads....those corrupt files...download no problem.

I called them this morning and they want me to pay them again. AGAIN? I happily reminded them that I have 72 hours with this one time payment I already paid they put me on hold and never came back I called again b*tching to the next person that answered and you know what her solution was??

System restore and recovery. Really? I paid you 100 dollars for you to tell me something that I already know how to do. I asked them why I am doing this and not REPAIRING the problem to me restore is like a covering up it can happen again. They promptly told me that it happens ever blue moon and that a program change some files or corrupted them on my hardware.

See the change here, first download files are corrupted now my hardware is corrupted! (BS. plain and simple, BS in all it's glory. ) I told them then that if I restore without knowing what programs did it in the first place what makes you think it will not happen again...their reply: Because it happens every blue moon.

WOW, 100.00 for that, its ridiculous and this company's tech support is a joke. I am in the middle of a dispute with my credit card company as we speak. PLEASE PLEASE never get a Emachines computer YOU WILL REGRET IT!
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Posted by Alain on 2012-01-28:
You might try giving Acer America corporate HQ (333 W. San Carlos St., Ste. 1500, San Jose, CA 95110) a call (since Emachines are an Acer product) at (408) 533-7700. They might help. Appreciate the warning, though. Unfortunately, customer/tech support with a lot of companies has become pretty bad in recent years and the trend looks like it's just getting worse.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-02-01:
E-Machines are kind of a cheaply made product; of that I can agree. But computers have corrupt files. That's the nature of a computer. And the tech was correct, after exploring other possible solutions, to suggest a full restoration.

I might suggest getting a backup hard drive. You can purchase them for under $100. Invest in a copy of a program called Acronis True Image. Have it automatically do a backup so when an issue like this comes up, you can restore your system back with very little effort.
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Poor Warranty Service
Posted by Dmorin112 on 11/23/2010
I bought an eMachine desktop computer just under a year ago. Why did I buy an eMachine? Simple, I have a 10 year old one that my son to this day is still using, a bit slow but it's never had an issue. So I figured I couldn't go wrong. Boy was I wrong.

Started out fine when I bought the computer. Then it would randomly lock up, then not only did it lock up it would randomly shut off by itself. So I took it to my computer repair man. He did a diagnostic, contacted eMachine as the computer was still under warranty told them what he had done and what he felt was wrong with it. We shipped it to them, my cost of shipping of course. They had it a week, shipped it back stating it was the power source and that had been replaced and they had booted the computer up and it worked fine. When he got the computer back, computer wouldn't boot. Imagine memory modules were not locked into place but yet they had booted it at the company. My computer man returned the computer to me and I had it three days. Guess what? Locking up again.

So my computer repair man contacted them again. We shipped the computer back again to Texas, this time at their cost. Got the computer back yesterday, after two weeks, this time they replaced the hard drive and said it's working fine. Plugged it in, booted it up and it LOCKED again! Not fixed. Contacted them again this morning. It is now back on it's way again to Texas for a third repair. Thank God it's under warranty and thank God for my computer repair man dealing with eMachine company because so far he has made them pay, except for the first time, all shipping costs. For the amount of money they have spent shipping this computer between Texas and Miane they could have replaced the entire thing for less money.

I will never recommend an eMachine to anyone again nor will I ever purchase another one. Makes me wonder now why the place I bought the eMachine stopped carrying them?????? Think they might have known something?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-23:
Emachine brand computers is a low quality brand computer, as for the reason why you got it so cheap. I wouldnt expect 5 star quality service from a low budget brand computer.
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