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Decent learning computer
Posted by on
Well this computer was purchased in 2006, all in all its not that bad the computer was on the very low end side I did not purchase it though my mom did and I bought it from her for 50 bucks but the price she paid for it was almost 300 I found this ridiculous why this low end machine cost close to as much a medium - high end gaming computer cost well over the years I have slowly upgraded it now it has a dual core cpu @ 3.0GHz 2GB RAM geforce 9400gt 1gb graphics card and a new case all that's left is the heatsink fan and motherboard which still limit this computer greatly... the onboard chipset was a ati xpress 200 series which ati does not support the drivers for anymore, the cpu fan is very low end and extremely loud any process you put on the cpu this thing goes off like a helicopter, however for being almost 4 years old the motherboard is still in great shape, (the d101ggc as intel refers to it) this has been my learning computer and it has tought me a lot though.. I would never buy an eMachine again nor any other retail computer.
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madconsumer on 02/21/2010:
you are perhaps one of the few people who have an e-machine that is still working.
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Emachines and Microsoft play finger-pointing at my expense
Posted by on

My hard drive crashed, so I installed a new one. I reinstalled the O. S. (Windows Home) step by step and entered the license key as printed on the official Microsoft hologram tag on the back of the computer.

Online, Microsoft wouldn't accept this key. So I called and used the "authorize by telephone" option, pressing in what seemed like a hundred numbers, and typing other validation numbers into the screen. Still no good.

I then had to call other Microsoft phone numbers and got bounced around until I found someone who said it's an E-machines problem, call them.

I just spent almost an hour chatting online with first, a support rep, and then finally a supervisor at e-machines, who insist I have an invalid serial number (hello, it has their logo and it's stuck on their computer)! They suggest I pay for another copy of Windows at retail pricing or go to Microsoft for help!

HELP is right! I'll never buy another E-machines in my life and I hope no one else out there will.
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Anonymous on 01/14/2010:
Do you have your zeros and Os mixed up?

I can't see how this is not a Microsoft problem. Bad form, Microsoft!
MRM on 01/14/2010:
Search online for "windows activation crack" and your copy of XP will be genuine. Don't need to enter long lines of serial numbers and no need to go through activation hassles. Just use the patch to make your XP genuine. Toodles...

Yours Truly,
The Computer King
PepperElf on 01/14/2010:
if you can't get it to work I have a possible solution for you...and a legal one.


why stick with windows.
there's plenty of free linux options out there that do the same things - even more things really.

and if you have an emachine you're basically using it for light work, like email, a few word processing functions, some web browsing.

pretty much - everything on that list can be performed by a linux-based OS
(and you don't have to pay for it)
madconsumer on 01/14/2010:
if the os was installed by e-machines, this is considered an oem copy. microsoft will not do anything to oem os copies. it falls onto the manufacturer.

downloading any 'crack codes' for any microsoft product is considered theft in its purest form.
PepperElf on 01/14/2010:
yeah that's why I suggested linux =)
GenuineNerd on 01/14/2010:
While the computer was still working, you should have burned a series of "system recovery discs" on blank DVD+R's...my HP system recovery took 3 DVD+R's to do...I have them in case I have issues with my machine...I'm glad I bought an HP...the computer does do diagnostics periodically so I don't have any problems. EMachines is a bottom-of-the-barrel brand. If you can't get your Windows fixed (don't know if you have XP, Vista, or 7), I would suggest going the Linux route...Ubuntu and Xandros are good Linux OS's...I run Xandros on my Asus netbook...it's set up to work almost like Windows.
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Posted by on
We bought 2 Emachines one 2 years ago and the other 3 years ago. Both the computers have blown mother boards. These are not the only Emachines I have owned the first one did the same thing yes you would have thought I would have learned a lesson, but now I have I will never buy another Emachine ...

Our MIS dept told me these computers were junk and I should have listened .. Lesson learned ........
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Anonymous on 09/10/2009:
Unfortunately they are purchased because they're cheap.
Anonymous on 09/10/2009:
If your going to buy a computer, you should really buy a name brand one. They might cost a little more but they are reliable and backed by decent warranty plans. Even the name brands ones are pretty cheap these days.
MRM on 09/10/2009:
Any kind of computers, no matter how cheap they are, are all the same to me.
MRM on 09/10/2009:
PS, after years of repairing computers, I rarely replaced motherboards. It's mostly likely a blown power supply unit, which is why your computer wouldn't turn on.
madconsumer on 09/10/2009:
e-machines ARE junk.

wally, that or have one custom built.

great review.

very helpful.
GenuineNerd on 09/10/2009:
eMachines motherboards do blow. I have a friend who had a 4 year old eMachines PC...the on-off switch won't turn on the machine. I then took the motherboard and other components out of the original eMachines case and put them into a new case, connected the wires and power supply from the new case to the motherboard, and it still wouldn't turn on. A green LED lit up on the motherboard itself, but it wouldn't turn on, so the problem is the motherboard and not the switch. I then took the hard drive out of the machine and threw out everything else except the new case and power supply. He was lucky to get 4 years out of that PC.
JR in Orlando on 09/11/2009:
I have had two E machines which I have used in business probably for 4 or 5 years. Work great, would buy another.
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No drivers; lousy customer support
Posted by on
BURLINGAME, CALIFORNIA -- I have an old eMachines T2885... hard drive failed. So I restored the OS using the restore CD. Everything installed fine.... except drivers for the ethernet, video, sound....

So I called eMachines / checked their web site...

Bottom line.... no drivers since its out of warranty unless I want to pay for support....

Damn, that sux.... looks like its Linux from here on out....
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 05/16/2009:
I agree with you. Companies usually keep drivers for older products in an archive so that they would also be accessible in case your type of situation came up. The fact that they want you to pay for this service is ridiculous, especially since a restore CD (like the one you used) should include these drivers.

Have you explored the restore CD to see if the drivers are hidden somewhere on it?
Anonymous on 05/16/2009:
Over 1.5 million drivers & firmware. Provides an easy step-by-step process for finding and installing drivers.

MRM on 05/16/2009:
Even Linux will not have have all the drivers installed on your computer. Go to EMachine website, and look for your PC model to download appropriate drivers for your computer.
Soaring Consumer on 05/16/2009:
I went on the eMachines website. The drivers are not there.

However, this computer is based on of the Intel D845GV chipset, so drivers from Intel's website would likely work for you.
Anonymous on 05/16/2009:
Mitch, here are your drivers: intel_lan_t2885.zip (Driver)

MRM on 05/16/2009:
Now aint that something that Emachine doesn't have drivers to download. I swear I downloaded some drivers at the website for a client not too long ago.
Anonymous on 05/16/2009:
Maybe they are on the Gateway site, who knows anymore.
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Needed A New Set Of Restore Discs
Posted by on
I called the customer service number on my set of system restore CDs given on the package that came with my e-machine. I was given the telephone number of e-machine.com 408-273-0858 and had to give them all of my registration information, my serial number, all that jazz, after about 30 minutes of answering their questions, I was told that they didn't have them any more for my e-machine. It was one year too old.

I have tried everywhere to find them. Why do they not have a restore disc set that works on all e-machines? They did not offer any help.
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MRM on 08/31/2008:
On your particular model, do you have a recovery partition on your harddrive(D:)? Not all models need a recovery disc.
Anonymous on 08/31/2008:
This might help you. We have used them in a pinch before.

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Extremely poor customer service
Posted by on
SHOREVIEW, MINNESOTA -- The company performed a necessary repair to our computer for which we paid approximately $290. When the computer was returned to us, the original problem was fixed, but the entire system started randomly shutting itself down.

We returned the computer again, to have the new problem fixed. When it was returned to us, the same problem existed - the computer was not reliable to work with, because it would shut itself down in the middle of activities.

We returned the computer a third time, and the problem still was not fixed.

The company's only response is to tell us to continue sending the machine in, and they will continue to try to fix the problem.

We believe that the company should be able to repair this problem, which never existed before the company worked on the computer in the first place. The amount of computing time lost due to this problem, and due to sending the computer in repeatedly for repairs, is ridiculous.

Furthermore, when we called the corporate office to complain about the problem, the "customer service" representative with whom we spoke was very rude and condescending. His name was Michael.

We reported this company to the Better Business Bureau and the final rebuttal from eMachines/Gateway blamed me, the owner. Although the original problem may have been my fault, I paid to have this fixed, and the new problem did not develop until the company returned the computer to us the first time.

We were extremely disappointed with the quality of customer service from this company, and with the response of both eMachines and its parent company, Gateway Computers, and we will never again purchase products from either of these companies.
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User Replies:
dmjar863 on 06/20/2006:
I had a problem like this with one of my laptops. The unit was overheating and would just shut down. Turned out to be a bad fan. Also eMachines is known to be one of the cheapest PC makers out there. So they use the cheapest parts possible. But it seems every PC manufacture is doing that now.
beanbagbritches on 06/20/2006:
I wasn't impressed with their customer service overall when I had some issues with my computer. When I called to troubleshoot, the rep was nice, but I still had to mail out my computer & shipping to Utah was over $100!! eMachines isn't the best company in the world, at least the computers aren't bad.
Anonymous on 06/20/2006:
dmjar - (off topic, sorry) If you were going to buy a laptop under $1000 what would you buy? (internet, email, office)
dmjar863 on 06/20/2006:
Hard to name a specific model since they change every three months, but in my opinion Toshiba makes the best laptop overall. Your demands aren't much so any new model will meet your requirements. If you are not in a hurry wait until Vista is about to be released (Around Nov 30th supposedly) All laptops with XP will go on clearance and will drop in price. But you asked what I would buy. I would wait for a good sale on a Compaq or Hp (because it always seems to be those brands) one of those $399-$499 deals that pop up every once in a while and get there when they open so I don’t miss out. Use it until I can’t fix it anymore and move to a new model when it dies. And make copies of all those UPC codes and rebate forms before I mail it.
tander on 06/21/2006:
Stew, HP's are good laptops and desktops, I've had 3 desktops now and a laptop, but the laptops are a bit more expensive, but you could probably get by cheaper if you aren't going to use it for gaming.
Anonymous on 06/21/2006:
fyi: http://clarkhoward.com/shownotes/category/8/24/231/
Anonymous on 06/21/2006:
Great input! Thanks guys & gals.
Krystal on 02/25/2007:
My first computer was a Gateway and I loved it, so for my second I automatically purchased one. It was a nightmare! It never worked from the day it arrived. Phone calls lasted up to 6 hours. It took nearly 3 weeks for them to take it back and then I had to fight for them to take all the shipping charges off, which took another 2 weeks. I am sick of my time not being worth a dime! I wish we could have business back that cared about the consumer and the products they were selling. In my opinion it would be worth it to spend a little more money to know there was actually a LIVE person willing to speak to me and who was willing to take care of the problem so I didn't have to!
kitten-nyc on 06/21/2007:
I am experencing simular problems with this company. I got a remanufactured laptop and they insist that thou it arrived today I had it sense January. the thing is they seemed more interested in 'warranty' then customer satification. What I do not understand is if I'm paying for the phone call why does it matter. I like many it would seem will not buy a gateway again. I just wish like some I could afford to fight this.
joseph03565 on 07/28/2007:
Who did you buy it from? According to Tiger Direct buying a refurbished laptop is risky anyway - and they sell them!
Connoisseur on 08/24/2010:
Bought my Acer desktop 2009 today turned it on the monitor does not go on(2010)......it is exactly 5 months out of the lousy year warranty. The Indian techys are sorry but ...hey too bad can't help you. I have at least SIX computer that all died within 2 years(Dell/HP/ToshibaX2/ACER and just after the warranty. Is it my imagination that these phenomena is deliberate? Is this why the stores want to push on you an extended warranty because they know that the longevity of PCs is only 2/3 years? If that is the case(which seems plausible)....wow what a cash cow to the companies who will fix it for another $200+.
This is not acceptable considering that EACH of those defunct computers are a toxic hazard. ALL computers should last at least TEN years so that there is NO highrate of turn over of these hardwares, therefore more manufactured toxic material into the environment.
Please complain as much as possible to the Attorney General with regards to the computer hardware industry and its high rate of "throw away toxic hardware." This would not be the case if the PC companies produced hardware that LASTED for a number of years.
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Can't get my computer back
Posted by on
REPAIR DEPOT -- I sent my machine in to be repaired 2/22/06 under the extended warranty, After waiting three weeks for some kind of response I finally called to inquire about the progress. I was told that they replaced the mother board twice and the power supply twice and the CPU and could not get it running and to try back in a week. I called back in two weeks and was given the same story of replacing all the parts again. I mentioned that they had already used that excuses and wanted to know what the problem was. they basically told me I had to wait till it was done and that was it. Two weeks later I called the warranty office about buying a ESP plan and asked how long a worse case repair would take and she said 7-10 days at the very most. When I mentioned they had mine for almost 2 months she instantly switched me to a supervisor whose job it is to get me off the line and told me there is nothing he could do!!!!! PLEASE do not buy a EMACHINE THEY CANNOT FIX THEIR OWN MACHINES AND DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON AN EXTENDED SERVICE PLAN !!! FIND A GOOD LOCAL REPAIR SHOP AND SAVE TIME AND MONEY !!!!! ps (I STILL DON'T HAVE MY COMPUTER BACK)
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/16/2006:
Sounds like "A" real pain in the rear. "B"efore I did anything else, I would "C" what "D" warranty says in the fine print. Then, call "E" machines and tell them to go "F" themselves. G whiz. Don't go to HH Gregg either. "I" mean it. I'd rather be arrested for "J" walking then to buy an emachine. It'll all be O"K" soon. It's "L"ementry, dealing with "M" people. But glad I'm not "N" your boat. Do you "O" any money on this? I bet you're "P"eed off. That last pun was right on "Q". "R" you "S"timating when the warran "T" will pay off for "U"? Continue to argue "V"hemently, maybe they will honor the "W" money-back. If not ask the "X" wife if you can use her comnputer. "Y" not, it's worth a try. I don't think there is an E "Z" way out of this. GOOD LUCK.
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Warranty is a joke
Posted by on
I purchased this computer only a few months ago, and now I am having an issue with the software which runs the USB drivers. I purchased a broadband modem which works perfectly on any other computer. This computer doesn't remember that I already installed this device between uses. I called Emachines technical support, and they confirmed that my computer is still under warranty, yet they want me to pay to even have the problem diagnosed. This is ridiculous, why even say the device has a warranty when you won't cover any of the problems it has.
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User Replies:
bcd on 05/13/2010:
It is an industry standard that software problems are not covered under warranty.
Scorpi0wonder on 05/14/2010:
I know that it is considered a software problem, and that those are not generally covered under warranty. However, they did nothing to diagnose the problem with my computer. As far as anyone knows it may be as simple as some sort of setting needing to be changed in order for this installation to work properly. As far as I know it is considered a good act of "customer care" to at least make sure all the settings are appropriate, and that it isn't in fact an issue with the USB hardware its-self before making a customer pay for what they assume is a software issue. This is where customer service has gone bad these days. Besides that, when I purchased this computer I was supposed to be being sold a computer whose USB ports worked properly with all compatible devices. If those "UNIVERSAL" serial bus ports don't work properly with all devices plugged into them, then obviously I didn't get what I paid for when I bought this device, and I think it should be replaced with one does work properly without me having to pay for it.
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Warranty is ridiculous
Posted by on
The warranty is so hard to get you will GIVE UP and I'm sure this is what they planned, you cannot get through to a person for love nor money,,I for one am giving up and will just pay for the repair myself,,,
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No Complaints - Probably Buying Another One
Posted by on
MANAHAWKIN, NEW JERSEY -- My e-machine died yesterday. I know I didn't pay much for it-can't remember the price. Lasted for what seems around 7 years. Looking online for a replacement. I find myself gravitating towards the e-machines models.
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