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No drivers; lousy customer support
By -

BURLINGAME, CALIFORNIA -- I have an old eMachines T2885... hard drive failed. So I restored the OS using the restore CD. Everything installed fine.... except drivers for the ethernet, video, sound....

So I called eMachines / checked their web site...

Bottom line.... no drivers since its out of warranty unless I want to pay for support....

Damn, that sux.... looks like its Linux from here on out....

More than enough
By -

ROME, GEORGIA -- I was told by everyone that "EMachines" were cheap and very unreliable computers. I believed them for a while. I did a little research, and found out that "EMachines" was bought by "Gateway" and also merged with "Acer", to become the world's 3rd largest computer manufacturer. Since 2004, "EMachines" started using reputable and reliable hardware and components in their computers. It is true that "EMachines" used to be a "unreliable" computer. It is also true that now "EMachines" is a very reliable computer with good components and one of the very best computers out there. For the money you can't beat it. I paid 523.00 tax and all, for the computer I'm using now. Its a et1641-02w "EMachines". It has a Dual core celeron processor. 2 gb's of ram, and 320 gb harddrive. That is a LOT!

I have had a very good experience with this computer. Remember, Since the year 2004, "EMachines" took on a new look and way of representation. They are simply a "Gateway" with a "EMachines" logo.

Mixed Experience But Overall Positive
By -

GRANTSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA -- The system is now nearly exactly 3 years old, the only problems currently is that both optical drives trays are reluctant and must be annoyed into opening.

It probably is partly due to less frequent use then after they have once cycled, they become operable.
The AMD Athlon 64 has been satisfactory but I have added another GB of ram to the original 512MB since the software seems to get fatter all the time.

As a retired tech, I had during the operation of a small service shop, advised customers away from the brand as during that period, (mid-90s) they used some proprietary hardware that could not be replaced with readily available 'clone' assemblies so either had to be repaired or bought from eMachines at an inflated price.

When my 2 1/2 year old Compaq notebook ate its hard drive, I decided to go with a desktop PC as my travels were then limited and the notebook not needed.

I researched reliability thoroughly and found that eMachines had gained a solid reputation for just about everything during the intervening years.

Circuit City had a package price for a complete system that after rebate was the system I had planned on assembling myself that came in (after rebates) at $50 less than I could build it and I would not have to use my MS Windows Me OS I had on hand but was nicely loaded with XP and several freebie packages I liked along with a 17" CRT monitor to supplant the older 15" I had planned on using and a second optical drive.
BTW, I did receive every single rebate promised.

The first discrepancy was a 'QWRRTY' keyboard missing the 'E' key, but with two 'Rs.'

I had a new one, without trading, in Fed-Xed in two days.

Then the T6212 refused to complete the prescribed CD backup that was highly recommended in the manual.
A phone call, with little hold time, got me a factory set sent.

The system has not had any problems with operation other than the reluctant drive trays that wasn't caused by MS stuff tripping over itself so I am quite happy with my purchase.

Extremely poor customer service
By -

SHOREVIEW, MINNESOTA -- The company performed a necessary repair to our computer for which we paid approximately $290. When the computer was returned to us, the original problem was fixed, but the entire system started randomly shutting itself down.

We returned the computer again, to have the new problem fixed. When it was returned to us, the same problem existed - the computer was not reliable to work with, because it would shut itself down in the middle of activities.

We returned the computer a third time, and the problem still was not fixed.

The company's only response is to tell us to continue sending the machine in, and they will continue to try to fix the problem.

We believe that the company should be able to repair this problem, which never existed before the company worked on the computer in the first place. The amount of computing time lost due to this problem, and due to sending the computer in repeatedly for repairs, is ridiculous.

Furthermore, when we called the corporate office to complain about the problem, the "customer service" representative with whom we spoke was very rude and condescending. His name was Michael.

We reported this company to the Better Business Bureau and the final rebuttal from eMachines/Gateway blamed me, the owner. Although the original problem may have been my fault, I paid to have this fixed, and the new problem did not develop until the company returned the computer to us the first time.

We were extremely disappointed with the quality of customer service from this company, and with the response of both eMachines and its parent company, Gateway Computers, and we will never again purchase products from either of these companies.

Can't get my computer back
By -

REPAIR DEPOT -- I sent my machine in to be repaired 2/22/06 under the extended warranty, After waiting three weeks for some kind of response I finally called to inquire about the progress. I was told that they replaced the mother board twice and the power supply twice and the CPU and could not get it running and to try back in a week. I called back in two weeks and was given the same story of replacing all the parts again. I mentioned that they had already used that excuses and wanted to know what the problem was. they basically told me I had to wait till it was done and that was it. Two weeks later I called the warranty office about buying a ESP plan and asked how long a worse case repair would take and she said 7-10 days at the very most. When I mentioned they had mine for almost 2 months she instantly switched me to a supervisor whose job it is to get me off the line and told me there is nothing he could do!!!!! PLEASE do not buy a EMACHINE THEY CANNOT FIX THEIR OWN MACHINES AND DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON AN EXTENDED SERVICE PLAN !!! FIND A GOOD LOCAL REPAIR SHOP AND SAVE TIME AND MONEY !!!!! ps (I STILL DON'T HAVE MY COMPUTER BACK)

eMachine/Gateway Repairs and Customer Service are the Worst!
By -

Computer began to experience power problems in late June. After dealing with technical assistance for over three weeks, I was instructed to send my computer tower to the repair depot in Dallas for warranty repair. Computer was shipped to eMachines on 8/1. Inquired on status of repairs on 8/17, and was told they had not received it. Called back on 8/19 and was able to show through FedEx tracking number that it was received by repair depot on 8/2, and they agreed to escalate the problem to a supervisor.

Called again on 8/23 to follow up and was told by supervisor Hiram that supervisor Nathan had reviewed escalation, but there was no record of action. Hiram agreed to call or e-mail in 2-3 days with a status report. When not contacted by 8/31, called again and was told by agent that an unnamed supervisor needed another 2 days to investigate. Called again on 9/2 and was told by supervisor Jacob that there was no information from the repair depot, but he e-mailed me latter that day that they had found the computer, logged it in on 9/1, and would repair it promptly. Called on 9/13 and was informed by agent that supervisor Brian said it was to be shipped out to me on 9/14.

When not received by 9/22, called again and supervisor Lance said that the records were still muddled and that it would have to be referred to a higher level headquarters supervisor who I must call on 9/23. When I spoke to corporate supervisor Don on 9/23, he informed me that my computer had been destroyed (lost or refurbished) by the repair depot and could not be returned to me. He promised to call me the afternoon of 9/26 with a proposed resolution, but failed to. He did call me on 9/27 and informed me that eMachines would only provide a refurbished version of my original model without my upgrades of an 80 GB hard drive and 128 MB video card, even though eMachines did not warn that computer could be destroyed in the repair process, since I no longer had receipts for those items. I was given no recourse, apology, or consideration for my lost equipment, data, and the considerable time and expense I spent attempting to address eMachines error.

The refurbished computer arrived on 9/30. I sent a certified letter to the VP for Customer Care on 9/28 outlining these problems and asking for more appropriate compensation for my damages. A Gateway Executive Response Specialist sent a reply on 10/8 denying my request.

Warranty is a joke
By -

I purchased this computer only a few months ago, and now I am having an issue with the software which runs the USB drivers. I purchased a broadband modem which works perfectly on any other computer. This computer doesn't remember that I already installed this device between uses. I called Emachines technical support, and they confirmed that my computer is still under warranty, yet they want me to pay to even have the problem diagnosed. This is ridiculous, why even say the device has a warranty when you won't cover any of the problems it has.

Warranty is ridiculous
By -

The warranty is so hard to get you will GIVE UP and I'm sure this is what they planned, you cannot get through to a person for love nor money,,I for one am giving up and will just pay for the repair myself,,,

No Complaints - Probably Buying Another One
By -

MANAHAWKIN, NEW JERSEY -- My e-machine died yesterday. I know I didn't pay much for it-can't remember the price. Lasted for what seems around 7 years. Looking online for a replacement. I find myself gravitating towards the e-machines models.

Needed A New Set Of Restore Discs
By -

I called the customer service number on my set of system restore CDs given on the package that came with my e-machine. I was given the telephone number of e-machine.com 408-273-0858 and had to give them all of my registration information, my serial number, all that jazz, after about 30 minutes of answering their questions, I was told that they didn't have them any more for my e-machine. It was one year too old.

I have tried everywhere to find them. Why do they not have a restore disc set that works on all e-machines? They did not offer any help.

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