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Do NOT stay at this hotel!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Here is a letter I sent to Hilton - not once, not twice, but three times. Three months later, and still no response. Maybe they will see this review and finally get back to me. This hotel will RUIN your vacation easily:

I am writing to express my disappointment with a recent stay at a Hilton family hotel. I sent a message thought the Embassy Suites "Recent Stay Comments" on the website, but have received absolutely no response. I'm not sure if my message was never received, or just ignored.

My husband has been an Hhonors member for quite a few years, and we have been staying at Hilton hotels for quite a bit longer than that. In fact, we stay almost exclusively at Hilton hotels (more specifically Embassy Suites hotels) whenever we can. We have always been more than pleased with the hotel quality as well as service. I have NEVER had a complaint about any of the Embassy Suites we have stayed at in the many years we have been patronizing the hotel chain. In fact, I specifically search out an Embassy Suites when we are beginning our travel plans.

Over the years, I have consistently recommended Embassy Suites - even getting my daughter's entire traveling soccer team to switch from Marriott to Embassy Suites since we had been so pleased with them. This was again the case recently when we were purchasing a hotel package through Universal Studios in Orlando. When given the multitude of hotel options for our package, I found the Embassy Suites on Jamaican Drive, and without hesitation or further research - booked the hotel for four nights.

We arrived at the hotel around 6 pm (two hours after check-in) and were told that that double bed room that we had requested had already been given away, so our family of four (my husband, myself, and our two children - ages 19 and 16) were going to have to share a king suite with a fold-out couch. I asked if we could be moved when a double-queen room was available and was told that there would be nothing available during our stay. So, we went up to the room that was available to get some rest after a long day of traveling. My son immediately folded out the couch, and we went searching in the room for extra linens, but couldn't find any so we called down to request linens for the couch. Two hours later, I called back and finally received the blankets. We went to turn the living room TV on, and it didn't work - a technician was sent up, and fixed it and said that it seems to happen every now and then. So, we unpacked and tried to get some sleep - which turned out to be another feat in itself.

The room had broken furniture, and was so poorly insulated from sound and we were backed up to the freeway, so it felt like we sleeping next to a speedway that night. The ventilation in the room was terrible, and we had condensation all over the windows (which apparently are so infrequently cleaned that there were a number of spider webs in the corners of each window). Throughout the night, young children were running up and down the hall screaming and yelling - which finally subsided around 2 am - and my son's "mattress" on the couch was constantly falling through the framework of the couch.

The next morning, we got up happily left the hotel for the day (not usually the case at Embassy Suites) and went to the theme park. When we returned I checked again to see if we could be moved, as we had never spent that horrible of a night in a hotel. I was told there still weren't any rooms available, but today they could offer us a roll away bed (they had been out the night before) and that we would be put on a "list" to be moved. So - we received a roll away bed and linens - with a blanket that had a large hole in it and was so scratchy I wouldn't put my dog on it. My husband went downstairs to work out, and couldn't get the room key to work in the door. He went to the front desk and was told that he would just have to keep trying, as this happened every now and then (much like the TV). After a second night of sleeplessness, we were considering looking for another hotel if we couldn't be moved.

Finally on the third night - after returning from the park and being told that they "forgot" to hold a room for us - we were moved to a handicap-accessible room with two beds. The room was bigger, but seemed dirty. There was used towel in the bottom drawer of the dresser, and the bathroom seemed unclean. The ventilation seemed to be the same, but it wasn't as noisy as the first room, so finally after two nights we got some sleep. After the fourth night, and for the first time in our history of stays with Embassy Suites we were so happy to leave the hotel.

This stay made me rethink my automatic reflex to stay at Embassy Suites in the future. I feel like I now have to check the hotel recommendations (which after returning - I did, and found that our stay was not that unusual at all for this hotel) - something I never even considered when booking with Embassy. I feel that the $900+ that we spent on the hotel could have easily been cut in half and we could have stayed at a hotel of much lower quality than what I would consider expected from a Hilton-family hotel and received the same type of service and accommodations that we received at the Embassy Suites on Jamaican Drive.

I have pictures documenting our hotel stay, if anyone is interested in seeing them.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/08/2013:
Did you address any of your issues with the hotel's management and give them the chance to make things right?
trmn8r on 03/08/2013:
The reviews on TripAdvisor do reflect what you found. It is interesting, because the reviews are mostly positive. However, the negative ones Echo your experience.
Rochelll on 03/08/2013:
From now on, I'm going to log on to 'Trip Advisor' before booking any hotel.
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Worst experience in a hotel
Posted by on
We reserved a city-view suite online, during check-in and with much excitement, we inquired as to whether city- or logan square-view was better, ONLY then we were told that neither was available! This was a huge disappointment, since we reserved the room as a surprise for a special occasion and the city-view was specifically asked for. And the question is raised- what if we wouldn't have asked? would the mix up have been brought to our attention?

We were offered a reduced rate, but that didn't compensate for the expectations of our one night stay there. We were promised that it was still a great suite. With open minds, we settled into our room. During the night, the suite felt warm so we turned on the air, only to discover that it made obnoxious and loud noises- obviously needing maintenance. But certainly not at 3am! After an uncomfortable nights sleep, we made our way to breakfast, but soon realized that the elevators were packed and extremely slow, so we ended up having to take the stairs from the 9th floor! Upon our return to the room, and to top off our experience at Embassy Suites, our room key didn't work! What else could go wrong??

A few days later, after reviewing the bank account used to pay for the room, it was showing that we were charged for two nights!! A phone call to a Embassy Suites representative, left us to believe that it was the deposit that was charged to our account and will be refunded within 5 days. I have never heard of such a thing! Usually, a hotel will take a credit card number down to secure the deposit, but won't actually charge the card! And for one night?!?!

I've stayed in an Embassy Suites before with much pleasure. Unfortunately, our special occasion, and what was supposed to be a wonderful surprise, was overshadowed and dampened by our experience with your hotel that night.
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User Replies:
leet60 on 09/28/2011:
Quite often hotels will take your credit card information and not only charge for the room but also "incidentals" (I.e. mini bar, room service etc.) They may request a hold be placed on a specified amount and then once the charges are tallied submit the actual charge.
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Canceled reservations but charged cancellation fee
Posted by on

On January 22, 2010, I planned a trip to Philadelphia for the students in our program on my job. I called Embassy Suites at 1776 Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, PA. I was told that I would have to hold the rooms with a credit or debit card which I did. I explained that we do not have a credit card for our program and that the payment would come from the university once I submit the invoice.

On Monday, February 1, 2010, I called and canceled all the rooms. The cancellation number was 37652158. However on Monday, May 3, 2010 while checking my account I discovered that Embassy Suites had authorized $528.77 out of my checking account. I was very upset because I had paid all my bills online with my Credit Union from my accounts. When I noticed this it was around 10:00 P.M. and the debit was appearing in the view details area.
I quickly pulled up the phone number for Embassy Suites and called them. I was told by a lady that she did not see any cancellations. I asked to speak to a manager and was told there was not one available. I explained the situation and was told to call back in the morning and talk to the accounting department.
May 4, 2010 at 8a. m., I called and asked for the name of the supervisor in accounting. I was told that there was no supervisor over accounting. I was told that I would have to talk to Mr. Horwitz. I called several times and left several messages.
As I was looking in a folder from my office I found the information above with the cancellation information. I called Embassy Suites back gave them the cancellation number and date and was still told that they did not have that number. I requested a manager and again was told I had to talk to Mr. Horwitz. Finally Mr. Horwitz answered the phone I explained as I explained on several messages and he also said he did not see the cancellation number. He said he would check and call me back. He checked and called me back but by the time he called the bank had posted the amount to my account. He said sorry and faxed me a sheet showing that he returned the money. However as of today May 7, 2010 the money is still not in my accoun. I am angry.
I planned to go see my daughter and new grand baby in Augusta, Georgia. However due to the hardship, unjust treatment, disregard, hurtful treatment enforced on me by Embassy Suites I can’t go anywhere and my mortgage has not been paid.
No one from Embassy Suites tried to call my office nor did they try to email me for payment or tried to see what happened before May 1, 2010. If someone had called I would have given them the confirmation number and date before all this happened.
Because of the total disregard, hardship, disrespect, bad policy, messed up Mother’s Day, 4 days of worry and dismay I feel they owe me.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- We stayed at the Embassy suites in Las Vegas on July 20th through July 22nd, we had a flood on the 3rd floor and some of the water came into our room, they brought a big fan to our suite which needed to be on all night as per the workers that were cleaning the mess, I asked if they could move us to a different suite and the front desk person said it would not be necessary.

And my kids had to sleep in the room with that noise, we couldn't. Watch TV, and there was no TV in our room either, the noise of the fan was very loud!!! When we were checking out of the hotel the clerk asked how was our stay and when we started telling him how our night was he said oh yeah honey everybody has been complaining about that, but not everybody experience what we experienced, he told us to go into the gift shop and grab a bag of chips and a soda for the inconvinience, I asked if I could talk to the manager on duty and he said, why would you want to do that?????

And he dismissed us and said thank you for staying at the Embassy suites, he didn't even let me talk to the manager, I'm very disappointed on them I wrote 2 e-mails complaining about this and no one has called or e-mailed back. It's already been 2 weeks and haven't gotten any response from them.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 08/03/2012:
I would have insisted on being moved to a different room. I certainly wouldn't have taken their word for it that it wouldn't be necessary. Failing that, upon checkout,I would have demanded to speak to the manager and would have had corporate's number dialed and ready to go if the little clerk-person kept refusing me access to him or her.
bhskittykatt on 08/04/2012:
Sounds like the big fan was probably one of those carpet blowers. Those things ARE loud! I would have insisted a move, and if they couldn't do that, I would have wanted more compensation than a bag of chips and soda! That kind of issue is either a room move, or a free night.
jonthethird on 08/04/2012:
with all the hotel rooms available in Las Vegas for cheap, I would have just moved hotels.

From experience, Hilton is fairly responsive to complaints and comments. Get ahold of them and let corporate know: they will let the hotel know and want a response. Also, go to TripAdvisor and let others know.
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Hilton / Embassy Suites Out of Control
Posted by on
As a business traveler I log 100,000 miles a year and stay at numerous hotel chains. Embassy Suites by Hilton used to be a very enjoyable experience. Unfortunately I have noticed a decline, especially on the weekends when Party Groups and Sports Teams seem to descend on the hotels.
You are typically awoke in the middle of the night with kids screaming and running down the hallways. Where are the parents, according to security, they are partying in the lobby and the hotels appear to be at a loss for a solution. Do they alienate the weekend rowdies or lose the business travelers business. As I write this letter, I am listening to someone banging on drums in the room next door. "I kid you not" ! Despite my Gold Level Status, I will be looking at Marriott or Sheraton for my lodging needs.
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User Replies:
olie on 01/14/2012:
As a former wrestling and gymnastics parent, I can tell you that not ALL team parents let their kids run up and down the hallways all night. (That's the hockey parents.)

I do recall that we really liked hotels that had suites at a terrific price. That allowed more families to share the expense. Or, unfortunately, to let one parent take a bunch of kids.

In the future, you might try asking the hotel's reservations clerk if there are any "blocks" set aside for sports groups. You'd have to phone the hotel directly, as an 800 reservations line or online booking site might not have this information.

There's no guarantee that the hotel would provide this information to you, though.
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Poor Quality
Posted by on
DUBLIN, OHIO -- I recently stayed at the Dublin Embassy Suites. Cold food, over booked, very loud, and the pool was closed. . Management refused to do anything about any of the problems. I took my grandkids who were not happy at all. When I complained about these problems it was shrugged off and said well we are sorry. Sorry does not help with crying kids no sleep and a poor quality food. I would have at least have expected a discount. This will be my last stay at embassy. When you pay over a hundred dollars for a bed you expect more than oh well as an excuse for a poorly managed hotel.. You can't survive on sorry it leaves a bad taste. If I gave this as a response at my job there would be heads rolling. I guess all they care about is we are making money. Poor Management, Poor quality, and if thinhs are as I expect there will not even be an apology even though I took the time to complain.
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User Replies:
getoverit on 04/28/2011:
It was a number of years ago but I stayed at the Embassy Suites in Atlanta a few times. They used to have this little placard on the table in the room that said if you weren't satisfied, they would refund your money.

One time, the hot water heater in the whole place went south - cold showers for everybody that morning.

When I checked out, I asked to have one night comped. The woman at the desk had a real attitude about it, but sure enough, they wrote one night off the bill.

I guess those days are gone.

Be that as it may, I always liked staying there.
olie on 04/29/2011:
Regarding the pool: I've learned, when the pool is an extremely important aspect to my stay, to ask when making the reservation. We, too, have had instances when a pool has been closed due to a scheduled cleaning, or a renovation, or an urgent situation. What are they supposed to do about that?

On the other hand, there are plenty of times we travel where the pool is of no importance at all.
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Stay left a bad taste ...
Posted by on
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- Staff at Embassy Suites at 300 S Congress in Austin left me with such a bad taste that I wouldn't return if given a free weekend. Our room's couch cushions were flat, springs were broken and the fabric was dirty. The couch was a hideabed and the support bar dug into guests legs. Guests must roll to remove themselves. I was embarrasssed by the condition of the furniture. Walls are very thin, through which I could hear my neighbors at night. Their front desk and service staff stood around talking rather than assisting guests. Parking is charged at a daily rate, the valet rate unless the guest specifies self-parking (about $20.00 per day). One of the worst inconveniences, the Embassy Suites' front entrance, though billed as wide enough to accommodate 3 cars, is usually blocked on one side by their vans and on the other side by "e-cars" leaving no space to off-load and load bags. Don't expect assistance loading and off-loading. After we checked out, the entire front desk staff watched while cars behind us honked and yelled as we struggled to maneuver a wheeled luggage carts off of a sidewalk with no ramp. No one offered assistance. One bellperson named Ricardo had the audacity to ask us to move forward onto the street while we were still loading luggage into the car. I asked to speak to the manager and was told that he was occupied "taking care of issues for another guest upstairs." I can only imagine... We left having been treated like homeless lepers rather than paying guests. After calling back later that day, I reached the manager Damien, who apologized and promised to make changes. I was so upset and disgusted that I wouldn't chance ruining my trip by staying there again. They may bill themselves as a 3 star stay but I took away the message that the hospitality of the 300 S Congress Embassy Suites staff is limited to when the managers Damien and Jody are in sight on the premises. If you want to ensure your family or colleagues enjoy a peaceful, trouble-free stay in Austin, Texas, learn from my unfortunate experience and pass over this hotel. I was beyond dissatisfied. I would be happy to provide proof of my stay to confirm myself as a guest.
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Kicked out for absurd policy at embassy suites hotel
Posted by on
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Ytropious on 01/22/2010:
#1, Why were you having a sleepover at a hotel?
#2. Unsupervised children are against hotel rules, whether it was a mistake or not
#3, Isn't there some sort of rule regarding keeping kids who aren't yours in hotel rooms?
#4 Kids make mess and kids make noise, how do you know they weren't being a nusince to other hotel patrons?
#5 Try Chuck E. Cheese next time
bunnyhead on 01/22/2010:
The kids were obviously not eating pizza and watching a movie, they were causing a ruckus in the hallway. The manager probably got complaints from other patrons and that is why he came to the room. If you were in the bedroom, you were not supervising the children and that is why you neither heard them in the hallway nor the manager when he came calling.
If you were truly paying attention to what was going on in the room you would have heard the manager when he knocked on the door and talked to the kids.
I would have kicked you out too.

Unfortunately, I have been in a hotel when people's children were making a ruckus in the hallway and I can tell you that it is annoying and rude.
The Hurricane on 01/22/2010:
Part of this story is missing.

1. What were the children doing in the hallway? Most likely they were causing a disturbance as unattended children tend to do. You failed to mention what, exactly, the reason was that the manager had to pay you a visit in the first place.

2. How were YOU behaving that caused the manager to decide not to deal with you anymore and refuse you a copy of the signed form?

Until more details are given, we can only assume that this is how it happened: You weren't doing a good job of watching the children and they were running up and down the hallway raising cane and causing a disturbance. When the manager approached you about it, you gave him a bad attitude (which is probably why they decided to kick you out rather than just give you a warning... or did they give you a warning first and then you STILL didn't keep an eye on the kids?). Your anger and attitude finally escalated to the point that the manager decided he wasn't going to cooperate with you any more and refused the form.
Venice09 on 01/22/2010:
I agree with the others. And I too am wondering why you would be staying at a hotel with your son and his friends. It seems a little weird. Was it a special occasion or some sort of party? Were you attending an event that required an overnight stay?

I think it was your behavior that ultimately caused you to be asked to leave. The boys were probably just being boys, and you weren't doing your job as chaperon. When you didn't take responsibility for their actions and instead became defensive, it probably prompted the call to the sheriff.

This is a one-sided rendition of what happened, and I'm sure there is a lot missing from the story that you would rather not share.
let me see? on 01/23/2010:
You missed your calling, you should write drama for the stage or screen. Something is fishy with this complaint as others have noted. Was this suite so big that you couldn't hear or see children a few feet away? And you didn't hear his knock on the door? This is my theory, you checked into a hotel with your kids of some of their friends, you stepped out to where ever (bar) and the kids went wild. He called you on your cell phone (not there to answer room phone?) and you went back to room and were confronted by sheriff department, blah blah blah. But by all means spend thousands on a court case. I am sure the case you tell the lawyer is that you and your children are so emotionaly upset the only thing that will help is a huge amount of money. Made for TV movie!!!
localgod on 01/23/2010:
I certainly do not want to spend a night at an Embassy Suites in a room next door to four 10-year-olds. Put yourself in our shoes. If they were loitering in the halls, they were unsupervised. The hotel is private property and owes you no explanation nor refund, your actions as a customer made you a trespasser.
jktshff1 on 01/23/2010:
nowadays, 10yr old kids have no business in any hotel, in the hallways by themselves.
yoke on 01/23/2010:
There is a lot more to this story than what we are being told.
My biggest concern is why the manager had to call you on your cell phone if you were in the room? Why did you not answer your room phone?
Hotels don't ask you to leave because the kids are int he hallway. Which hallway were they in? I have a feeling while the OP was "relaxing" the kids were running wild through the hotel. Maybe the OP should ask the kids what they really were doing.
Ytropious on 01/23/2010:
Also I just thought of something, there are 5 people in the hotel room. If she only checked in 1 adult and one child and there's one adult and 4 children, that could be considered grounds for being asked to leave.
Anonymous on 01/23/2010:
I looked around a bit, didn't find anything about not being able to keep kids that are not your own in a hotel room.My mom used to take 3-4 of us girls to Cedar Point all the time. Our girl scout troop traveled a few times, so did the soccer team. My best friends parents took us to Hocking Hills a couple times.

That said, it sounds very much like people on both side needed to dial down the testosterone and dial up the common sense. And yes, you are legally permited to a full and complete copy of anything you sign (not just a signature page like my former employer tried to get away with, LOL)
Ben There on 01/23/2010:
Finally a hotel manager does something about kids roaming the halls. This complaint would be a compliment if written by any of the other guests at the hotel

Have a party at your own house.
Skye on 01/23/2010:
The hotel did the right thing.

Why weren't you supervising these kids? God forbid, something had happened to one of them, abduction, getting hurt, etc. then you would be writing a complaint about the hotels security.

You seem to be hung up the the rules and regulations, the copy you signed, but did not receive. Do you think in it, it says its OK for 10 year old children to be roaming around the hotel unsupervised??

You were responsible for these kids. Do their parents know you lost track of them?
PepperElf on 01/23/2010:
I don't see what the hotel did wrong.

you signed the rules
regardless of getting your own copy or not you had the ability to read it before signing

"apparently some of them went into the hallways for a few minutes without me"
which tells me right there they weren't really being supervised
nor did the adult in charge make it clear to them that they weren't supposed to wander off.

I don't see where the hotel did anything wrong.
other than enforcing the rules that you signed an agreement for
Inat on 01/23/2010:
I guess I don't understand why you were at a hotel for a sleep over - using the pool? just seems weird to me...
Anonymous on 01/23/2010:
Some kids can be trusted to behave, others cannot. In my opinion kids that age (especially four of them at one time) should not be left unattended for any reason. Especially in unfamiliar surroundings. That is just asking for trouble. I am not saying the way the hotel management handled the situation was approriate, but you should have been immediately available to have a conversation. They shouldn't have had to call your cell phone to reach you.
Anonymous on 01/23/2010:
Inat, maybe it was a birthday celebration, they wanted the fun of a pool, excitement, etc. Why doesn't matter, IMHO.

What matters is the OP refuses to take accountability for not watching the children.
The Hurricane on 01/25/2010:
LOL @ Ben There.
jackturner on 09/11/2010:
don't you guys have kids? every time I go to embassy suites there is kids having a party including my kids. its fun kids love it! swimming hot tub pizza at night for dinner all you can eat breakfast we do it every year my daughter invites her friends for her bday I know a ton of other people that do this to. its not unusual!
Anonymous on 09/11/2010:
Jackturner, hey thanks! Because of you, I know to avoid Embassy Suites.
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Unsatisfied Customer
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I recently booked a weekend for our 10 yr. anniversary at the Embassy Suites Dallas Hotel (North Dallas). The hotel included the sweetheart pckge. with our stay which included chocolates, wine, etc. When we got there late that evening the clerk at the front desk was not very helpful. We carried our luggage to our rm. but the door wouldn't open. We had to go back down to the desk to have the key fixed and went to the rm again but the door still wouldn't open. We went to the front desk a third time (carrying our luggage back and forth each time mind you). He had security go back w/ us again to open w/a master key and found the battery in the lock had died. They had to move us to another rm. & wasn't able to bring the wine, etc. to the new rm. Our whole night was ruined. I went to take a shower & there was hair all over the wash cloth that I grabbed to use. My hubby & I decided to go swimming but the pool was so murky it looked like they had filled it half with milk and there was big globs of hair that I had to fish out w/the net. Every time we would go to the front desk for something it would take several minutes to get their attention. There were other people there also complaining. There was only 1 clerk that tried to fix our problems but after I left I still wanted to call and make a formal complaint. I had also taken pictures of the pool, etc. The customer service dept. representative took the info and said she would be in touch.

All I got was an email a wk. later saying it looked like the hotel had called me and adjusted my bill for the inconvenience but no one had called. I called customer service back & the same lady that took my initial report answered my call. She wasn't very friendly & immediately got defensive. She said the hotel said they had called me & apologized. I asked to speak to a supervisor about the situation & she said I couldn't. I told her I would contact the hotel manager myself and hung up. For $120+/night I should get better service than this. I won't stay at Embassy Suites again.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/22/2009:
I would call my credit card company and file a chargeback.
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Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- For the price the food was terrible... The clue was how fast came out... The rice was undercooked and the chicken tasted like frozen food microwaved! The pizza was very oily.
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User Replies:
Alain on 04/16/2012:
Notify Embassy Suites of this via http://embassysuites1.hilton.com/en_US/es/index.do Click on 'customer support' in the small print at the bottom left of the web page.
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