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I Cannot Believe the Ordeal I Have Been Through
By -

I feel like I need a mental vacation after dealing with the customer service people with the Emerald Card you get when H & R Block handles your taxes! I am seriously having anxiety right now. I am still on hold right now with them. I have been dealing with it for 3 hours now... And that is just today!! I got the Emerald Card after having my 2009 taxes done. My refund was applied to the card, but so was a $37.00 debit.

I called customer service and was told "No isss credit"! Four times I went online and checked. I even ended up doing my own spreadsheet just to make sure I wasn't losing it... Every time I told them "No it is a debit. You took money from me. You didn't give me money." Four separate people told me it was a credit!!! Finally the fifth person said "OOOHH yeah isss debit"! But guess what she didn't know what for... at all! So I get transferred, then disconnected. So I have to go through the whole thing again! OMG!

Finally I get someone that I can understand and understands me. She tried to figure it out, but no luck. They had absolutely no idea why! Well after about the 10th call I made in a matter of 8 days to them, I was told it was a balance of overdraft I had from the Emerald Card I had the previous year. So I say "OK let me look online to see what happened." Of course, if they can't bring anything up, why would I be able to!

But it being only $37.00, was not even the point anymore. The last lady opens a case and has it sent up to the "specialists" to try to figure out. Well today being the 13th day and no word from Emerald I call them to see what had been found out. It is 3.5 hours since I have made that initial call!! No one had even looked at my case yet. 13 days go by and not even a "sorry we are not refunding you."

So the lady I get today, well she can't figure it out and says she is going to hand it to a supervisor, this girl was NOT a supervisor. When I am having to explain to her the difference between a debit and a credit... I just wanted to cry and was feeling a bit "GOING POSTAL" like. lol End result is that ANOTHER case has been opened because all of the figures I got from the "supervisor" today, made as much sense as to why nothing has ever been done about the mentality of the customer service support over there.

I tried and tried to tell them that it's not adding up... If they can't supply documentation on a debit, then I am not going to just take it in the ** and say OK!! No do your job and do it correctly! I think I will get in touch with the Head of Human Resources, because they obviously need help!! Unbelievable!! All of them!! THEY NEED TO LISTEN TO THE CUSTOMER, THAT WOULD BE ME, BECAUSE IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. It's merely addition and subtraction... 3rd grade stuff!!!

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