Emerald Towing And Ikan Auto Wrecking

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Tow Companies That Are A Front For Auto Theft
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SPANAWAY, WASHINGTON -- When two towing companies work together and conspire to steal personal property of individuals. It is easy to do in Washington state because police do nothing about it. I had a vehicle stolen and then later located in the possession of parties connected with Ikan Auto Wrecking and Black Lake Towing. when police ordered the return of this property these individuals did not comply, but rather had another tow company pick-up the property and impound at emerald towing of spanaway, Washington.

the first party had removed the identification tag from the personal property so the second party avoids contacting the rightful legal owner and keeps it..........in answer to questions...car was stolen in 06 and when found police did not use search warrant like they should have , they told the owner of bldg where it was at to contact/return to me. he did not...he called his buddy and had it impounded, in violation of a police directive....yet no charges filed..no further action...they just say they are out of it now, and wsp, and fbi, and sheriffs, which leaves mr. smith and mr. wesson
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