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Vet bill gouging!
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SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Last week the dog jumped out of the new kennel we built and bumped his leg. Which I say he bruised his leg, he will be fine although I am not a vet. But he keeps jumping out of the kennel and he runs and plays with a limp, but other than that is acting perfectly normal. So just like I say with the kids if they can play they aren't sick! Our pet sitter decided that since his leg was getting worse, because he has been playing her dog for the past 3 days & the swelling went up that he needed to go to the vet.

She could not get in touch with either of us so she just took him. Then she called me back and was so upset about the vet taking advantage of her and the cost, she would not even tell me how much the bill was. She had emailed me the clinic, I called them and for them to look at a dog's bruise they x-rayed him and pulled fluid from it only to tell her he has a bruise and nothing was wrong with him!!! She said they took the dog from her and took him into a back room and did everything to him there, she did not see them do anything so she said she does not know if they actually did these things they are charging us for.

I get doing all of that in an emergency! But this was not and they did not have our permission to do all of these tests on him! Who do I turn in a complaint to about this? I feel they totally took advantage of this young girl and just whatever they wanted to the dog to gouge the bill. She had put it on her credit card, I called them and asked them to bill us and remove the debit from her card but they would not unless I gave them my card. I told them I want to see the bill first before I pay them a dime! Especially since they did not bother to call the owners first.

When I called them I asked why the felt the need to x-ray and pull fluid from a hematoma, they said it could have been other things. I said basically you are an emergency facility, our dog walked in and walked out on his own. He was not having an emergency where you needed to do all of this expensive treatment right then without the permission of his owner. All of this could have waited until they could contact us! He was not in a life threatening situation.

All of this for $351.00!!! Which she had put on her credit card! I told her to call her bank and freeze it! That we would deal with them on Tuesday when the business office opened. I do not have an e-mail address for this company but on their website you can send them mail. I copied and pasted this and sent this to them. I also let them know I was forwarding this to everyone I know in the San Jose area with pets so they can choose a vet in an emergency who will not gouge them!

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