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Be careful when buying from eBay seller Emilyandlily
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY -- I have been a very trusted buyer on eBay and have done quite a lot of shopping on eBay. Due to some disappointments faced when I was a newbie on eBay, now I do a lot of review when purchasing from eBay.

Coming ahead is my 2nd Wedding Anniversary and to make the vivid memories last, I wanted to take the photography session at home since I am a passionate photographer. So I was looking for a quality lighting system and had been searching eBay for few weeks and decided to buy one on 25th May 2012. Package which made pulled my attention included 3 Strobe Lights, 2 Soft Boxes, 2 Studio umbrellas, 1 transmitter with cable, 1 barn door, 3 stands for the strobe lights, and some more necessary stuffs. All that costed just $245.90 which I thought was a superb deal. I quickly had a look at their seller rating. 99.2% positive was awesome compared to the number of feedback they had received which was close to 700 thousand.

The mistake on my side was, I was too impressed with the amount of feedback and did not wait to see how much negative feedback and neutral feedback did they receive during the last one month (which counted over 116 negatives and 152 neutrals along with 14321 positive feedback just in the past one month). I thought some stupid buyers might have given negative feedback just randomly but I turned out to be wrong. Slow Shipping, Broken Items, Non-Working Items were popular among the negative feedback. This is when I felt upset about my decision to purchase from the seller.

I purchased close to 10 items on 25th May, and by 27th May, all the items were marked as shipped, but not this lighting kit. That depressed me even more. I messaged the seller. They replied to my message after about 12 hours which said:


Thanks for your contact, sorry for this incovenience, we are check this order with our shipping dept now, and will update you once we get any details.
Thanks for your kind patience in advance.


I messaged them every night and they kept giving me the same message regardless what information I demand for, in the message. For instance, I asked why they are taking such a long time to update a tracking info, and they kept saying they are trying to contact their "shipping department". This was as I thought gone to a very frustrating level by then. I was so upset. I use a Mail Forwarding address and I kept getting notifications that all the items I bought had been delivered to my address but this very item did not get any shipping update but the same message about, which says they are contacting the shipping department.

My messages kept growing rude. But I got same old messages everyday.

On 30th May, frustrated over the fact that shipping info was not updated and seller is not helping, I wanted to check an online forum about the seller which suggested the seller may be indicating item location as "USA" but shipping from a dropshipper in the UK. This seller is indeed a renowned seller in the UK.

I noticed one thing, for all the negative and neutral feedback they received, they respond saying "We will help, neg does not, pls contact us first!" For almost all the negative feedback, this was the response from the seller. But now I am 100% sure, all those buyers would have contacted them over and over again seeking help before leaving the negative feedback.

This was a message I received from them on 30th May.

"thanks for your email. I am sorry to reply you so late. since these days are Memorial Day, our us warehouse staff may have not updated the tracking info in time. but please do not worry about it we have sent your item out on 5.26, it is still in transit. I have contracted with the shipping department. once get the tracking info, we will email back asap.
thanks for your understanding and patience in advance.

They said it was shipped on 26th May. After one day though, they "emailed" to my email address saying that they could not print the shipping label and item wasn't shipped. They offered a refund but it was too late by then and I needed the package urgently. And from then on again, they kept telling me the same old story about getting the tracking info from their shipping department.

The big picture feedback checkers will see then is, "I think this seller is great. Look they've got thousands of positives. May be these buyers didn't seek help and just left negative feedback".

On 5th June, I demanded refund. And I got a reply:
Thanks for your contact, we sincerely apologize
for this problem, we have inform one of my colleague to give you a call,
she will call you within 24 business hours.
Thanks for your kind patience
in advance.
Regards "

In response, nothing about the refund I demanded.

Worst communication and customer service I have ever experienced on eBay.

Customers, please beware.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 06/06/2012:
Drop Ebay and use Webstore.com instead. I left Ebay when they made so many changes which seemed to be all against the seller.

I went to Webstore.com and started selling AND buying on there. It's absolutely free for sellers and the format is very much like Ebay, so there's not a whole lot to learn over.

Happy Anniversary!!!
raven2010 on 06/06/2012:
And if you are going to continue to buy on eBay, check this site first:


You can enter a user ID and see every negative feedback they have ever received
trmn8r on 06/06/2012:
That is a neat feature, raven. I ALWAYS page through feedback to read the negatives prior to bidding. The seller in this case has negatives that would have caused me not to deal with them, as the OP discovered too late.

Feedback isn't foolproof. In the old days (2002) I got stung by someone with 100% feedback and hundreds of feedbacks.
DebtorBasher on 06/06/2012:
Thanks Raven!!!
raven2010 on 06/07/2012:
Yeah, I love that website--good way to see patterns, you can also use it to see negative feedback LEFT by any user ID.

This way if you are a seller you can see what kind of feedback your bidders usually leave
marino5143 on 04/29/2013:
Stay away from Emilyandlily or Newstar Inc as they may be called. They keep sending you emails that don't say crap. They also lie about shipping tracking numbers, shipping, etc. Don't trust them.
weaverly45 on 07/28/2013:
I had a similar experience with EmilyandLily. I received a broken item (lens hood shipped in a thin plastic envelope). I contacted them and they said they'd refund but then I never heard from them again. By the time I realized they weren't going to respond it was too late to post even a bad review.
sandra James on 08/16/2013:
I was over charged by 100$ and they still haven't paid me back, they are thieves, I have tried to cantact eBay about them but to no luck , any ideas of what to do ?
Sara on 10/31/2013:
I came across this when looking for info on Emilyandlily and I agree with you. I placed an order on 10/18 because they said it was coming from NJ. I don't live far, so I figured it would get here quick. I still don't have it. I emailed them on the 22nd asking where it is and they said it shipped but they don't have tracking because they use a private carrier. Yeah, OK. Then I got an email on the 28th that my item shipped. 10 days later!!! I emailed them again and they said it shipped on the 25th. So now I have three possible shipment dates. The tracking number I finally received says its in NJ today. 13 days later and its still where they SAY it originates from? I won't let them get away with this.
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