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1.3 out of 5, based on 91 ratings and
124 reviews & complaints.
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Empire Today
333 Northwest Avenue
Northlake, IL 60014
800-588-2300 (ph)
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Complaint Against Empire
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- July of 2014, we called Empire Today. The pushy sales lady came to my house the same day. She did not leave until we signed the contract with her. The next day, I called the company and wanted to cancel because their price was very expensive, and they would not cancel. They gave me a couple of hundred dollars off the carpet and tile installation.

We did not have a major problem with the tile people, but we started replacing the carpet August of 2014. The installer was at my house July 28th and inspected my furniture and my house and the flooring to make sure that they have ordered enough carpet and to see how they would move the furniture. There were supposed to install the carpet the next day which would have been Tues July 29th. Based on his suggestion he said for us to start August 1st so that he can bring more people and that they can finish the job sooner on Saturday. I said okay.

They started the replacement of my carpet August 1st 2014. Two people came and literally hostage in my house. They were using laundry room door and front door to come into my house. They put all the heavy furniture with no coverage on my front entry, which is marble which was in perfect condition before they started working. They moved the rest of my other furniture in my kitchen and in my breakfast area and we were held hostage because we couldn't use our kitchen and refrigerator and front entry. So, we were literally living on the front yard or backyard. We were not able to get into the house to see what was going on, or in some case use the restroom.

At 7:30pm on Friday, we were informed that they would be back Saturday and he would bring 4-6 people to finish the job. They put some furniture back and some furniture on my front entry. Saturday Morning they came back around 11am and there were about 4-6 people working. We stayed outside again, and blocked out again hoping that they would finish the job today.

Around 2:30 when my husband left the house to get something to eat, the installer came to me to tell me bad news, that they cannot finish the job today. This was because the carpet he had was different than the carpet he had yesterday. The color is the same, but the lot # is different. He wouldn't be able to match the seam and that I would be unhappy.

All my upstairs furniture, they shoved it in the balconies of my master room and my daughter's balcony, and he said that he feels really bad for us because he has to bring back the furniture to the room, but can't put the furniture back because he will be coming back on Monday to fix the problem. He brought everything from the balcony and shoved them more into the bathrooms and we were all blocked out of our closets and showers, and restrooms and changing clothes. Everything was shoved in a small place.

The only place we were able to use was the downstairs powder room, which has no shower. And we were able to only use the kitchen and family room. He said he feels really bad, but Empire would take care of you and give me some kind of credit, which they did not do that yet.

He came back on Monday August 4th, and he said that he will fix the problem for me. He has the right carpet he said and he left Monday around 8pm and he wanted a signature from my husband, and checked marked for where we would survey him. I told him I am not happy with the carpet change, and furniture was very much damaged and the seam of the carpet all over the house was very much visible. He told me the carpet is not thick enough for my home, and will shed. So basically, Empire needs to re install the carpet again, and he would come do the change.

Knowing that he knew from the beginning that the carpet is not thick enough, and knowing that the carpet they gave him was not the right carpet, and also knowing that he would have to come back and re install new carpet because of this. Saturday August 2nd, 5 people had to sleep in the family room on the floor with no pillow and blanket since we had no access to anything in our house and everything was locked out. We didn't have access to toothpaste and toothbrush and had to go out and buy them since the no access. We had to use the powder room downstairs to brush our teeth.

Based on his suggestion we had to call Empire today and tell them what was going on immediately. And since August 5th 2014, we are calling Empire and letting them know what happened and what's going on and little by little that 4 door stopper were missing in my house, the base board was broader, doors were not closing. Baseboard and walls and paint have been damaged, and also couches. Also formal living room couches, and glass dining table has been chipped at so many places. The house was painted In Nov of 2013, and most of my paint upstairs have been damaged, including the kid's bedrooms, master bedrooms, etc.

All paint is damaged, and all bedroom sets also have been damaged. The installer did not put all the screws on the bed, and the bed was loosened. The formal dining room and buffet which has been covered with sheets since we moved in have also been damaged with scratches and dents. The chairs and coffee table and side table have scratches and also book case and office and room desks have been broken.

Also master place fire place marble have been damaged, and also the casing around the patio door because of the moving of the furniture. He broke the casing of the patio door in front of my husband, and told him he would come back and fix it but never did. All my marble have been scratched and chipped where the carpet meets the marble.

There have been so many damages on the marble that I cannot describe anything. The staircase has been deeply scratched and it is so excessive that I do not know what to do about it. Small picture frames in the hallway fell and damaged the frame and also the wall. And bigger tapestry pictures have been broken due to being fallen.

We have been following all the installers instruction to put things in box, and put the small items away, and I have 3 or 4 days to put things away. He never told us to remove any picture frames. Empire changed my flooring of my 5 bathrooms with the tile, and he also damaged the tile which was connected from my daughter's room to the bathroom. There are so many chips in my kitchen flooring, and breakfast area.

Pieces of the tile are gone, and he came back and shaved some of the pieces of the tile in my kitchen and laundry room to make the pieces straight. He did the same to my daughter's bathroom, and for it to not be noticeable. But, I have more carpet there, more than tile, which you are supposed to have more tile than carpet. Due to the rolling in of the heavy carpet, my washer and dryer have been scratched and paint has been damaged.

We have sent pictures to Empire, they have sent supervisors to my house to look at the damages, and each time they tell me they are going to fix the damages of my kitchen flooring and marble. They said they are going to order marble to replace your chipped marble, and someone is going to come and paint where has been damaged and change the flooring for kitchen and laundry room with the same tile of the bathroom. When the painter came to look at the damages, he said he has to paint the whole house to make it all even.

For the staircase, even with sanding and staining, it will never go back to when it was normal in the beginning, so little by little they changed their mind, after all the promises Howie (installation supervisor), me to directly and Janet (Cus. Serve. Rep), to fix everything, they have only decided to give me 10% of the purchase price, which is about $830 dollars, and I rejected the offer.

They reported this to installer insurance company, and they came over and looked at everything, and rejected the damages due to previous existing damages. What I want to ask them, is if the damages are pre existent, the first of installer should have told me and had me sign some sort of paperwork. The first installer came to inspect my house on July 28th, and if there were any pre existing damages, he should have taken a picture, and sign something like two other installers that came and changed the carpet again.

Most of my furniture were new, and were kept really well since they were covered until the first installment. This tells any logical person, that there were no pre existing damages, and no furniture damaged. If so, he should have said something about it. After the second installer came to inspect the house, and when he was changing the carpet, while he was dissembling my bedroom set, purposely put the foot board and head board in the wrong place for me not to see the damages on my cherry wood furniture. I have trusted Empire due to the false advertisement on TV due to what they have promised.

For the second time the carpet has been changed for the second time in Nov. 12th of 2014. The second carpenter took an hour to look at the furniture and the damages, and let me know the damages have been done previously to show me that they are previous damages, and he would not be held responsible. He did a terrible job of carpet installation. The cuts were horrible and easily seen and it took him 3 days to finish the job. He left the Friday at 4pm and said that this was the best he can do.

Meanwhile we are paying for the carpet every month through Wells Fargo. We asked Wells Fargo to help us to get our money back through them, and Wells Fargo is not helping us and we are disappointed with Wells Fargo because they are telling me to deal with Empire and not them. Wells Fargo is a credit card company, and I don't know why they want us to deal with Empire, and Not Wells Fargo to get my money back for an unfinished job.

Anyhow, now the carpet has been changed for the 3rd time. The supervisor's name is Juan, and he came over. He said that everything is wrong with the carpet and it has to be changed for the third time. On June 10th, the carpet was finished. I called the next day. We still have a problem with the stairs, with the size of the nails, and the carpet is pushing out on both sides.

I hope to never do business with Empire again. My life has been changed since August of 2014. I am still dealing with them and getting nowhere. I am calling them daily. It is frustrating not to get a response from them. I am only getting an email once in a while, and keep getting promises made but not getting any of them.

Empire's Cancellation Policy Is a SCAM
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO -- A customer can sign an order on the sales rep's tablet but try to cancel and one is forced to use USPS (never by fax number or email) and such written notice MUST be received within 3 business days of the rep's visit! One look at Empire's cancellation policy, one can clearly see why it's best NOT to do business with Empire Carpet. If you ignore this warning, DO NOT sign nor pay a deposit, unless you're 100% certain of your order.

As of 2016-JUNE: "Late Cancellation: I understand that I have 3 business days to cancel this agreement, as described on the Notice of Right to Cancel. I understand that if I want to cancel this agreement after those 3 days, Empire does not have to allow that. If Empire does allow that, however, I agree I will pay to Empire a late cancellation fee of 15% or as otherwise allowed by applicable law, of the agreement's purchase price. However, if I have placed a special order with Empire, Empire will have incurred extra costs in preparing and beginning processing of such special order.

Therefore, I understand that if I want to cancel a special order after those three days, and Empire does let me cancel the special order, I will have to pay to Empire a special order late cancellation fee of 15% or as otherwise allowed by applicable law, of the agreement's purchase price for special order carpet/flooring and 33% or as otherwise allowed by applicable law, for special order window treatments. I also agree that if I do not pay Empire any of the money owed when it is due, I can be charged a late fee of 1.5% or as otherwise allowed by applicable law, on the amount owed for each month the money is owed and not paid.

I also agree that if my payment is returned unpaid by my financial institution, I authorize the electronic debit or use of a bank draft from my account in the amount of the payment plus a service charge of $25, or the maximum allowed by law. I also agree that if I default on my promises under this agreement, and Empire hires an attorney to enforce this agreement, that I will pay Empire its reasonable legal fees and related costs or expenses, as long as it is legal for me to do that."

Poor Customer Service Poor Installation
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Rating: 1/51

CUMMING, GEORGIA -- We have had Empire carpeting out to our house to quote carpeting our first floor and second floor carpeting needs as well as hardwood floors in our entry way and kitchen. We gave Empire the business in two segments due to my wife's inability to help me get the house ready for the installers. She has had three major surgeries in the last year and a half which limits what she can do. We started by having the first floor, stairs, and upstairs hall done. On the first installation we voiced our concern that where they had seamed the carpet was very noticeable to us. We were told that the seams would disappear over time.

We had Empire out again in April to install carpeting in the four bedrooms upstairs, as well as hardwood floors in our entryway. We had told our salesman that we were unhappy with the seams from the first installation. We were told that they could be fixed, so we placed our business with him for the upstairs. The carpet we purchased is the same throughout both floors. After the upstairs installation, there were noticeable seams in every room upstairs as well. The installers just as before said the seams will disappear within two months. They have not.

When I called customer service to get help with this issue, I was told I was out of warranty but they might be able to look at the carpeting that was just installed in April. I still have my Terrace level to carpet, and the hardwood in the kitchen. I am glad I found out about their lack of customer service and poor follow up before buying for the balance of my projects. This was by far my worst experience in home improvement ever. I hope that all who read this come away with a better feel that the deal is not a deal.

Company Response 06/08/2017:

We are disappointed to hear about your installation experience. Please email your concerns and account information to, and mention Yelp/My3cents in the subject line for further assistance.
Thank you.

Cancellation Of Installation Scheduled June 19, 2017 On Notice Of Right To Cancel, But Start Date May 19 And May 20, 2017.
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Rating: 1/51

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- After viewing a TV advertisement - 50/50/50 for flooring installation with Empire I called to schedule an appointment. The appointment had a 2 hour window of 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. The representative arrived at 2:50 p.m.. His greeting was short without offering identification and no visual identification. He was casually dressed and drove an unidentified car (personal vehicle). His introduction was with a first name only. So inquired about his identification as he began rushing through to laying out examples of laments and carpets. He allowed me to photo his driver's license and supposedly CSLB Iicense ID.

He went throughout the house measuring, writing down measurements, and calculating numbers. The price seemed reasonable considering my kitchen floor would be replaced with laminate, 2 staircases, hallway and 2 bedrooms carpeted. However, this scenario fell apart when thoroughly reading the contract. I had to ask for the Right to Cancel contract and what to expect the day of service and how long the job would take. A red flag came to mind. So, following my second reading I discovered the date on the Cancellation agreement (6/19/2017) was a future date from the start date (5/19/2017) of service, nullifying the right to cancel.

So I called to inquire about this mistake, but first asked for license number of contractor. Empire operators on 3 different calls gave me excuses about not knowing who would be contracted for the job. I stated wanting to cancel service agreement for installation. I was transferred to the cancellation department and received a confirmation number. On the contract it stated only a written cancellation would cancel the agreement. However, the operator in the cancellation department stated it wasn't necessary. So I canceled my credit card used and am waiting 10 days to receive credit back on the card.

Company Response 05/15/2017:

Dear Customer,
We sincerely apologize for your experience and assure you that your concerns are important to us. We would like to follow up with you to further discuss your concerns, but unfortunately are unable to locate your account information. Please email your concerns and account information to, and mention my3cents in the subject line.
Thank you.

Worst Company Ever!!
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Rating: 1/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- What a HORRIFIC Company. Run away!!! I ordered new carpet and the salesperson was super nice, not pushy and I decided to purchase the carpet. Got a great price. After that, all went downhill. They were supposed to install the carpet at 8:30 a.m. Didn't show up. I called and spoke to a manager who said they'd be at my home between 9-11. Didn't show up. Then I got an automated message from them saying they'd be there "sometime in the afternoon." What? No time frame? Then I called and spoke to another manager. He was rude, nasty, and couldn't care less that I was waiting all day for carpet installation. Told me "too bad lady." Unreal.

Finally showed up at 1:30 and the installers had no idea about my job. They took 6 hours to complete the job and were at my house until 7:30 p.m. RIDICULOUS! I also ordered a runner. They didn't have it (big surprise). Two days later I get a call from a Manager saying my runner would be delivered the next day. That morning I got an automated call saying the runner would be delivered later in the day. 5:00... no runner. 6:00... no runner. I called customer service. They said they couldn't reach the installer. 7:00... no runner.

Called again. They told me the installer was busy until 10:00 p.m. and that I could get my runner after that or wait two weeks. I did not want to wait the two weeks since at this point I IN NO WAY trust these people. 10:30 p.m. runner is delivered to my house and it's not bound correctly! I took it anyway just so I could be done with these people.

I posted a review on Yelp two days later and apparently, they have people watching Yelp. I received a message saying they never want their customers to be upset and they'd like to talk to me and asked me to reply to their email. I replied to their email. It's two days later, nobody has contacted me! Thus confirming this company doesn't give a damn about their customers! I'd RUN AWAY and NEVER use them again.

Company Response 04/24/2017:

Dear Lisa,
We appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention, and sincerely regret to hear that you were inconvenienced by this matter. We will continue to follow up until a solution is reached.
Thank you.

Baseboard Installation
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Rating: 1/51

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -- I wish I could give Empire a zero rating. The experience began well enough with a knowledgeable sales representative but immediately went downhill with the installation of expensive (5-figure price range) hardwood flooring, part of a large scale home renovation. The flooring is beautiful but the installers did not bring the requested baseboards and I was told I did not order them - this is not true. I wanted the baseboards to match other, newer ones in my home and the installers simply covered up old, discolored baseboards with shoe moulding.

The installers did not cover any surface in my home with plastic so there was dirt, sand and dust everywhere - not only on my floors and walls, but also all over my furniture. When I asked that my coats be covered with plastic, the installer took an old, paint stained piece discarded by my construction crew and threw it over 3 of 12 coats in my closet. Wood shavings were all over my balcony, many behind and on top of the equipment being used by my construction crew. When I called to complain about the baseboards and the filth and debris left behind, I was offered a reduced price to install new baseboards, and given a date and time frame for the work.

I told the representative it would have to be a morning appointment; my work was scheduled for the afternoon causing yet ANOTHER setback. If I had not PAID IN FULL upfront BEFORE the work was completed (as mandated by Empire), I would have held out enough $$ to hire someone else to install baseboards in a very small room. I am disgusted and dismayed by the entire Empire experience, and I will never recommend them nor use them for any other needs. Totally distressing experience.

Company Response 02/24/2017:

Dear Mary,
We appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention, and sincerely regret to hear that your installation experience did not meet your expectations. We will be in contact with you shortly to learn more and start working towards a solution.
Thank you for your patience.
-ET Customer Support

Poor Quality Carpet
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Rating: 2/51

VISTA, CALIFORNIA -- Their salesmen are slick, promise high quality, etc. etc. etc., for discount prices. We agreed to a contract with Empire Carpet in Vista, CA to install wood veneer flooring and carpeting in several rooms. All in all, the installers were on time and generally professional. They did the wood flooring first. It was a challenging job with adjacent stone tile steps/flooring (sunken living room) which doesn't exactly lend itself to the wood veneer trim straight lines. There were some floor cables in one room that required some extra work to hide and they did this. That's the good.

The bad: Nearly all the veneer to stone transition pieces, mostly quarter round, were conspicuously uneven against the stone tiles. There was a brick fireplace in the living room, surrounded by flat transition pieces, with conspicuous gaps between the brick and veneer transitions. This was done with a premium on speed rather than quality.

Fortunately, we had them leave enough surplus planks and trim so that I could go back and redo most all the transitions properly. I used an angle grinder with a sandpaper disk to "level" the stone at the transition joints. I had to COMPLETELY redo the fireplace transition as it was inadequate. There is one area in the living room with 3 adjacent, identical veneer planks - a no no when installing veneer.

Now to the carpet. They installed carpeting in 3 rooms, promising it to be stain free, durable, easy clean, pet proof, et al. It has been none of that. In the 5 months since installation, the carpet in the most used room (library area) has serious stains (which don't clean up), obvious carpet tracks, and an area where the carpet underlay has apparently failed causing a flattening of the carpet in this area.

My wife has been on the phone with Empire Carpet over a dozen times regarding the carpet deficiencies. They have sent two representatives to "inspect/take pictures" and now have apparently contacted the carpeting manufacturer to arrange for a "3rd party inspection". Her interaction with Empire representatives varies from "everyone is gone for the day, we'll have someone call you (not)" to reasonable customer service reps. We're now awaiting the 3rd party rep.

Company Response 09/21/2016:

Dear Customer,
We regret to hear about your experience. We assure you that concerns are important to us, and we want to help. Unfortunately, we are unable to locate your account with the information provided. Please email your concerns along with your contact and account information to so that we can further assist, and mention my3cents in the subject line.
Thank you.

DO NOT HIRE Empire Today--Save Your Money and Time. Worse Experience Ever.
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Rating: 1/51

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- I was comparing prices for my project and the only reason I hired Empire Today is because the sales representative assured me that if anything goes wrong Empire will make sure that they FIX it. Even if it is a wood color that I didn't like. I had my floor installed a couple of months back. I was told that they only work weekdays and the project will take 6-7 hours.

The installers didn't show up until 10:30 am. They didn't finish the work and started packing up without even telling me that they are leaving at 4 pm. When I asked they said they will come back tomorrow, like I DO NOT HAVE A JOB??? They were supposed to show up at 8 am the next day and I got a call at 6:45 am that "HE" is standing outside my door. I told him that his appointment was at 8 am and he didn't respond. Two other installers showed up later and they were just rushing to "FINISH" the job. When I did the inspection I told them that the installation is not right and the quarter rounds have nails visible. They said "this is the best they can do".

I called the sales representative and he assured me that it will be taken care of. Another day, another appointment and the installer comes in to inspect the floor and realized it is not glued properly, it creaks when you walk on it. He said he will need to order more wood and needs to schedule another day for installation. He scheduled a Sunday on a long weekend since he can not work on Saturdays. We didn't make any plans for the weekend since we had this appointment and sent a text to my sales guy to confirm the appointment on Friday evening. I was told that my appointment is on Saturday - SURPRISE!!!

I got a call from Empire today on Saturday morning at 8 am that the installer had a family emergency and they will need to reschedule. I told her that my original appointment was on Sunday and she said that she will call the installer and call me right back to confirm. Have not heard back from her yet -- been a week already.

I wish I would have read reviews online before trusting them. This 6-7 hours job has tuned into few months and I am still waiting for a resolution. Take my advice do not hire them. Just go to Lowe's or Home Depot. At least they stand behind their work. I have hired them for other projects in past and never had an issue.

Update 06/18/2016:

UPDATE - June 17, 2016

I had someone contact me from customer service after I wrote my review. They scheduled an appointment to fix the installation issue on June 17, 2016 (two weeks from the day we got a call from customer service). I asked them for a Sunday appointment and they insisted that I make an appointment on Saturday so they can track if someone doesn't show up. I agreed to the appointment and was hoping to have this resolved. I got a text from my sales person on June 15, 2016 begging me to change my appointment to Sunday so the installer who was scheduled last time can come to fix the issue. I told him that Empire customer service specifically told me not to schedule Sunday so they can track the progress. He kept on insisting to move my appointment to Sunday and I stopped responding. On June 16th around 11 am I got a call from the local empire office just telling me that my appointment for June 17th has been cancelled and an installer will be at our house on Sunday. I called the local office back and told them that they can't keep on cancelling my appointments like this and the guy who was talking to me said "this is the only day the installer who is qualified to fix your floor can work". I told him that they have done this to me on numerous occasions and I am tired of wasting my time like this. Besides I made plans for Sunday since my appointment was on Saturday, and your customer service specifically told me not to schedule Sunday. He said that customer service and the people talking to me have no idea what is going on and I should listen to him.

At this point I am sick and tired of dealing with Empire and I just want a refund. The wood was never installed right to begin with and now I have to hire someone to take it out and reinstall.

Bad Experience
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Rating: 1/51

ROWLETT, TEXAS -- I cannot recommend Empire Today Flooring to anyone. We had a number of problems with this company. The salesperson told us all we had to do was to pack up everything on our shelves etc. and the installers would move those along with the furniture. When the installers came they said "oh, we don't do that."

I gave them my husband's phone number since he would be home not me but they called me over and over despite repeatedly telling them to call him. One customer service person actually said "oh, we have that number, I guess no one is reading." Customer service people who don't read, nice.

We had both flooring and carpet installed. The flooring people were supposed to come at 10am but did not show up until 2pm and did not call. They were there till after 11pm. I worked all day and then came home to ½ finished flooring and nowhere to put everything from other rooms that were to be carpeted. The next day, we ended up having to put everything on the porches and rain was coming. We had to buy tarps to cover everything.

The flooring people brought white quarter round trim to put on brown flooring against wood walls. The salesman said nothing about choosing quarter round. The next day the carpet installers come and don't have enough carpet to do the job.

I call customer service and after a big hassle get a supervisor who tells me they have had problems with that particular salesman in the past. Nice. I tell her my complaints and she says "ok we'll get that carpet in on Monday." I say "NO my stuff is on the porch and it's going to rain." She says "ok we can do it SAT, the next day." "No I'm sorry. What can we do to make this right." I end up having to ask for a discount.

She agrees to 10% which of course did not show up on my first bill. Just 10% of the carpeting not the whole job. I am still trying to get the rest of that discount. They won't give me a number to connect with the supervisor directly. When the carpets came there were only of them and a supervisor who was there intermittently. It took forever. They ended up coming back on Sunday to finish up. It took 3 days for what was supposed to be a one day job. The floors and carpet looks nice and the installers did a good job and worked hard but there were not enough of them.

Horrible, I Would Never Recommend It Anyone
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Rating: 1/51

CAMERON, NORTH CAROLINA -- Empire Today is trying to have me pay for their mistakes. I had no idea my carpet was installed wrong until I paid for Empire to send out some guys to fix a few things. Now I find out that bad install has void the warranty on the carpet and padding. They keep telling me it's my fault because I did not call within the year. I did not like how these guys had installed the carpet. When I told them that and they told me that's how it has to be. I am not the kind of person who will tell a tradesman he doesn't know what he's doing. I believed Empire had hired competent workers. This company has continually blamed me for the issues with my carpet and padding.

They continue to try to make me pay for their bad install. I have been talked in circles, by the customer service team who assures me that I just need to pay for it and start over. Also I was told that the warranty was prorated that's how they came up with the 1,000$ price. My carpet is four years old. We paid 2,100$ for three rooms four years ago and that's prorated? There is a twenty-year warranty on these products. I am not to blame for the install or the defective padding. They are using my circumstances against me. I didn't call Empire until recently because my husband, a US soldier, was sick and needed my full attention, and in that time I have had to put him to rest.

Yes life got in the way and Empire is heartless enough to try and pin their employee's fault on me. I am being taken advantage of. I am a retired veteran's widow living on a small military pension. I do not have my husband to support me with the stress or the responsibility this company has put upon me. I feel they are taking advantage of me and my situation.

Company Response 11/19/2015:

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We understand that we've been in contact with you and agreed upon a resolution. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any additional questions or concerns. Thank you. Bill Allivato, National Customer Service Manager

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