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Pellet Stove installation disaster
Posted by Danacwt on 11/02/2006
WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- Well - I'd written earlier to complain about the lack of communication and unacceptable installation delays of our pellet stove. Finally, on 10/31/06 (7 days AFTER the owner advised us the installer would be calling), the installer showed up with the pellet stove for the installation. And that's where NEW problems arose. See, he stated where we wanted to put the stove couldn't be done without costing more money. I called, very upset, and asked for the owner (who we'd been dealing with from the start). He was with a customer, so I explained it was urgent as we had their installer here saying he couldn't put the stove in where it was supposed to go. Of course, just like their lack of communication in the past, they never called back. I had to call the owner again 40 minutes later. I argued with the owner about the new installation price being $1,000 vs the $500 he had quoted when we put our deposit down on the stove. He kept trying to blame it on the town bldg inspector and stated "well, if that what he wants then there's nothing I can do". I told him, "that's not the way the inspector wants the stove installed, that's the CODE!!! We argued and finally he said he'd refund our money. WHAT??? I've got $600 worth of wood pellets sitting in my basement, we didn't want a refund. So then he kind of yelled and said "I'm not going to argue with you, I mean WHAT TO DO YOU WANT??!!" I replied "What do I WANT??? How about a little customer service, and some good will. We don't buy pellet stoves everyday, but you sell them everyday and should be familiar with the code!". He said "We rely on what you tell us" and I said "Yeah- and I relied in good faith on what YOU told us. I only have 500 set aside for this installation, where am I supposed to come up with another 500 dollars? Should I just leave the stove sitting on my front lawn?!!" So he replied testily "WELL, I'M not going to absorb the total cost of the installation" And I said that I didn't expect him too, but I did expect some good will in the form of money towards the installation.
At that point the installer told my husband that a service rep from the store is supposed to go out to each house and check to make sure everything can be done the way the customer wants PRIOR to the installer going out. We never had anyone come out to our house to check and make sure, before they quoted us the installation cost, that we could put the stove where we wanted it to go. So, the owner spoke to the installer and got the pricing for all the additional piping that would be needed. Final total $500 for the installation plus an additional $460 for the added pipes that were needed to meet code regulations. Of course, we did have to pay for 1/2 of the $460 as he would only take 50% of the blame.
We will NEVER recommend this store too anyone, nor would we ever make another purchase from Enchanted Fireside. No one ever returned our phone calls - we always had to chase them down by calling again and again. The delays were unacceptable from the deposit date until the stove was installed - more than 6 weeks (and the stove and parts were in their store 2 1/2 wks after we deposited!!!). Then they held onto our permit application for almost 2 weeks, and told us we were the ones that had the issue with the permit (uh, no - you guys had the paperwork and didn't send it in until 2 weeks later).
This store and owner is strictly in business to take your money - they don't give 2 cents about customer service or honesty & integrity. What kind of owner tells a customer "there's nothing I can do!" - That's NOT good service!! And you know what? I shouldn't have HAD to ask for money off etc - it should have been offered upfront for all the hassles. BEWARE OF THIS STORE!!! There's more problems, but this is already long enough. Total Cost was supposed to be $3,800 and ended up costing $4,030. And this was to have saved us money this winter on our heating bills. It'll take 2 years to actually realize any savings. I should've listened to my husband and visited Franklin Fireplace (who were cheaper for the SAME stove), but based on Enchanted's negative comments about the other store (highly unprofessional), we unfortunately bought from Enchanted. But I've learned my lesson on this store and plan to tell others looking for woodstoves, pellet stoves etc to STAY AWAY, RUN AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN!!!

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Posted by Timboss on 2006-11-02:
It sounds like a rep should have come to your house to see exactly where you wanted the stove because the owner didn't. But, the price would have gone up anyway, because the stove could not be put "where we wanted to put the stove" without additonal work to meet code. If anything I would go to this company because they actually paid for work on your stove that you should have paid to meet code. When we had a stove installed I checked to see what all the codes were so I knew in advance. You got a deal.
Posted by danacwt on 2006-11-03:
I agree - the price would have gone up to meet the code. But the fact is that we'd relied on the owner's installation quote and set aside that amount of money. If you read the other post I wrote about the delays and runaround we got (them holding onto permit application for 2weeks, pushing us down on the installation queue because of their holding permit app too long, lack of communication, etc)this was just the straw that broke the camel's back. And I don't think we got a deal - I think the owner was obligated to help defray the cost of the new installation amount, due to the fact that they were negligent by quoting us an amount (in writing) and never checking out our house.
Posted by danacwt on 2006-11-03:
Also - this store has 3 complaints against at the BBB, and the other store we were going to go with (before they bad-mouthed it), has no complaints at all.
Posted by bigbangerik on 2006-11-03:
go to lowes! they sell pellet stoves, pellets, installs, and its all cheaper than any fireplace store! good luck :)
Posted by danacwt on 2006-11-03:
Unfortunately, as you can see by my post - the stove's already been installed. Next house, we'll look into Lowe's - always found them to have good customer service.
Posted by bigbangerik on 2006-11-04:
Posted by squeekie on 2007-01-08:
I had no problems with this store, except we had to wait for the install because our hearth was back ordered. we paided 400 100 less than the quote. your problem here also seems to be with the installer, they sub contract from the store itself. and if you had to pay extra to put the stove where you wanted it don't blame the store. the guidelines from the town are very clear on whats needed.
Posted by danacwt on 2007-01-09:
That's fine for you to say that we had a problem with the installer - I understand that they subcontract the installations. However, if you read my post - the store is supposed to send a rep out BEFORE the installation to make sure that the stove can be put where the customer wants it to go, and if not at least the customer knows in advance. We used THEIR contractor who they recommended and he stated that what had happened to us happens very frequently because the store neglects to send someone out to check out the install site before they send the installer. And the installer has to pay the store 1/2 the cost of the installation - so the store IS directly involved and can be blamed. It was their responsibility to check out our home and make sure everything was okay before quoting and installation cost!
Posted by squeekie on 2007-01-10:
I still think its the contractors fault. they should have been able to tell you. It bites that that happened to you and yes you most likely got hosed on installation, but did you tell the store what the installer did, maybe then they will not use this contractor again.
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Horrible stove and very poor customer service
Posted by Rsa06 on 01/04/2013
WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- I bought a quadrafire from enchanted about 3 years ago and have had numerous issues that of course always happen during the winter. After buying it the control box failed and I was down for 3 weeks waiting for a repair person. Last year I had numerous issues that included a defective ignitor that caused me to be down for a week. I could not pay the 80.00 for an ignitor that I could get online for 35.00. Now my pellet stove keeps blowing fuses. I called enchanted and they wanted 15.00 for a 1.00 fuse! I bought a pack of 5 for 5.86 from Granger and guess what the piece of junk keeps blowing fuses. Enchanted can get someone out here in guess......, you got that right 3 weeks!

So if you like being charged excessively for parts and wait weeks for service then buy from these bums. Trust me when your stove breaks, and it will, you will wait 2-3 weeks for anyone to come out. My son bought a Harmin from The Stove Shop in Shrewsbury and has not had a day of problems. Stay away from Enchanted they sell you and do not support them after
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-05:
A pellet stove is a surprisingly sophisticated piece of equipment. I have a Quadrafire woodstove, and of course there is nothing mechanical or electrical to fail.

I'm sorry you are having so many problems with your pellet stove. Quadrafire had a problem with a particular model, which I believe they corrected in later production.

I don't know if the lion's share of the problem is the stove or your local dealer, based on your description. It does sound like you are paying top dollar for repairs. Hope they get you running soon, and that stove becomes more dependable.
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Woodstove purchase and install
Posted by Aaronf30 on 10/06/2010

Read these reviews before I went to fireside and it made me a little nervous, I also looked at BBB (they receive an A+) so that calmed me a little. What really attracted me to them was there 0% for a year financing and the selection they have. On the weekend they are pretty busy they got to me in about 15 minutes, but the second time (after I price shopped) on a weekday it was very easy to get served and they seem to know what they are doing. In the area (MA) they had the best price I could find on a hearthstone shelburne. They told me it would be installed in 2-3 weeks, and it was installed in 2. The installer did good work. They were within 50 dollars on the install cost which I was happy with.

I think, could be wrong, that the store is owned by a married couple who helped me and they were both nice, the woman is good looking, and fairly low pressure. On the first day before I had decided they didn't ask me for a deposit or anything which I appreciate.

I would and probably will shop there again if I live in the area.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-06:
Good looking always helps.
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Onsided Fireside
Posted by Mattyd007 on 02/20/2009
WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- I should have known from the second I ordered my two gas fireplaces from Enchanted Fireside that this was not a company built for service. They mandated that I pay in full before I could schedule an installation in January of 2008. They don't have their own technicians and the sub contractor was so busy that he didn't install them until March! He didn't even complete the wiring of them at that time. I constantly called Enchanted Fireside and the sub contractor and finally after I contacted the manufacturer directly to complain the wiring was completed in October of 2008! In January of 2009 the wiring failed. I contacted the service dept. of Enchanted Fireside and they said they would order the replacement part. They had never been to my house to inspect the problem so I asked them how they knew that it was the appropriate fix. They said that it was a common issue. It took 1 month to get the parts. Needless to say when the sales manager got to my house, it was NOT the issue. So here I am on Feb. 20th, 2009, 2 1/2 weeks later waiting for the part. I have constantly called and they "yes" you to death on the phone. So there goes another Winter!

Bottom line is stay away from this company at all costs!

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Posted by Slimjim on 2009-02-21:
Their contractor choice is 95% of the problem here. This is a good review, but really only for those who live in your region and need installation. A builder would use his own subs and someone living in NH would get a different installer, who frankly, can only be better. Still, the blame here is on Enchanted for not being able to send a reliable contractor.
Posted by squeekie on 2009-10-01:
I had no problems with Enchanted Fireside when we got our pellet stove. and we had no problems with the guy who installed it either.
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by Not too keen on 01/26/2009
Let's just start off by saying they knew that they had me in a corner when I was buying my stove. Last summer when oil prices were $4+ a gallon I wanted to by a stove and every place I went to were sold out and had a back order of at least 6 months. Now I had done some shopping around and the average price for the mount vernon was around 4,000 except for enchanted fireside, they were 4,800!!!(before installation costs). After doing the math for oil for one year @ the current prices(4.75), my wife and I decided to buy it anyway. So we put down our 50% and applied for low interest payment plan through their lender. Meanwhile they had told us it would take about 2 months before the stove would be in. that was fine because it still was summer. But about 2 weeks before the stove was to come in they informed us that our application was denied because they had decided to go with a different lending company and that we were responsible to come up with the rest of the money before they can install it. TOTAL BS!!! It took them 6 weeks to tell us this. then only 2 weeks to come up with 2,500. Then once it was installed had some problems with the stove and took them 2 weeks to get back to me. And even them they tried to blow me off!! It finally took me yelling at them to get someone to fix my stove. You should not have to yell at someone to get something fixed that they warranty!!!!

P.S. I also like when you call them and how they direct you call..... existing customers get and voice mail, but if your a new customer, you get to talk to someone directly in the showroom. Maybe you should take care of the people that have already given you business!!!!!
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Pellet Stove & Installation
Posted by Danacwt on 10/26/2006
WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- We purchased a pellet stove from this store on 9/16/06, and deposited $2,000. We were told that we'd be contacted by the installer that Enchanted uses, and the stove would be installed within 5 weeks. 3 weeks ago Enchanted called to advise us that the stove and all the parts were in, and we'd been placed on the "call to install" queue.To date, 10/26/06 we have NEVER received a call from the installer and it has now been 6 weeks from the date we deposited. I called numerous times, but my calls weren't returned - until I stated I was considering cancelling the sale and going somewhere else (Total of $3,800).
Finally, on 10/25/06 the owner called my husband and stated that the reason we've had to wait so long is because there was an issue with the permit application - the issue was that it took 2 weeks longer than expected to get the permit. My husband replied that it didn't take "US" 2 weeks to get the permit, he had brought the paperwork, per the advice of Enchanted, to Enchanted on Saturday 9/23/06 to have them fill out the applications. He stated at that time that I (his wife) would be in the next Saturday 9/30/06 to pick it up. When I got to the store the next Saturday (1 week later)I was advised that the paperwork was still being filled out and the store would mail it to the town directly. They could have called to let me know, seeing as they knew I was coming to pick it up - it would've saved me a one hour roundtrip drive. Basically, the paperwork sat at the store for almost 2 weeks before it was completely filled out and mailed to the town building inspector on 10/5/06! It was the store that didn't get the paperwork in timely. So, the owner advised us because of the 2 week lapse we had been pushed back 2 weeks in the installation queue, but that the installer would be calling us that night. As of now, the next day 10/26/06 -we have yet to hear from the installer. Funny thing is, the day before we put a deposit on the stove, I was advised that if we bought the stove from Enchanted Fireside, the installation would be done in 2 weeks. The next day when we came in to deposit the stove, it was suddenly now going to take 5 weeks to have it put in. We've never had this kind of service from any other place we've bought household items for. This stove was ordered to save us money on our gas bills. As of now it looks like IF the installer EVER calls, it will probably be at least 1 week before he can get here to put it in, and THEN we have to wait till the building inspector comes out to check it out before we can even light the stove! You'd think for as much money as we spent at the store, they'd be more upfront and willing to help - at this point I think they should refund some of the commission they're making on this sale.
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Excellent service
Posted by Squeekie on 08/28/2006
WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- We had been shopping around for a pellet stove checked out a few places, most of the people we talked to were rude and acted as if we were wasting their time. We originally decided on one company. something about the place turned me off, so I kept shopping, came across this Enchanted Fyreside , called, very friendly husband and wife run. They didn't try and sell us stuff we didn't want and the cost was about $700 les than the other store for a better product and service (this price included installation and delivery) so that 700.00 will pay for our 3 tons of pellets.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-08-28:
Boy I feel out of it, but what is a Pellet Stove?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-28:
Hey Spart...
As the name suggests, pellet stoves burn "pellets." These actually are recycled sawdust, wood shavings, corn, walnut and peanut shells, and similar biomass wastes that are ground up, compressed and extruded. The 3/8-inch to 1-inch-long pellets look like rabbet feed, and they're sold in manageable 40-pound bags. Some pellet stoves are also designed to burn corn kernels, nutshells, and wood chips.
Try this: http://hometips.com/csprotected/guides/pellet.html
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-28:
Interesting, I'll have to consider something like this for the new house.
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-08-28:
Thanks for the info Lidman. I've never heard of these stoves. With the cost of gas and electric going up I may need one of these someday...=)
Posted by SHELLBY on 2006-08-28:
I would be concerned of the recycled sawdust and woodshavings, because it is porous, where was it recycled from? I wouldnt want to burn anything that has been exposed to chemicals or toxic waste. It sounds like a great idea besides that.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-08-28:
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-28:
DB Do you see dead people?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-08-28:
Dead people see me!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-08-28:
I can feel them staring at me allllll the time!
Posted by squeekie on 2006-08-29:
Hey guys, if you are considering a pellet stove. here is what you need to know. Do I need a fire place? Nope, but they do have fireplace inserts if you do have one. Cost stove itself probobly costs around 1500 to start, (maybe more maybe less depends what you want) install about another 400.00 you can get neat extras like fake logs, looks pretty. piping and all will be about another $100. pellets are about 250-300 a ton . a 1300 Sq ft house will use about 2-3 tons a heationg season
Posted by squeekie on 2006-08-29:
No the pellets are completely safe, but if concerned you can do corn instead, just make sure the stove accomodated both.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-29:
Hey squeekie, they make gas out of corn.
Posted by squeekie on 2006-08-29:
Hi Lidman,
Thats my next project... To distil my own ethenol.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-29:
You will save lots of money and a side thing is corn wiskey
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-08-30:
I'm having corn on the cob for lunch ... would you like me to save the cobs for you?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-30:
Is that a TP joke? DB
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-08-30:
No, but the thought crossed my mind.
Posted by squeekie on 2006-08-30:
DB, sure why not. But with the cost of a tank of gas you might want to brew your own too.
Posted by danacwt on 2006-10-26:
See complaint on this store- may be nice in the "slow" summer months. But our experience was this store's staff badmouthing another stove dealer we were considering (who was less money by $400). They stated the other store did "poor installation and had numerous complaints", and so when we decided to buy from Enchanted they promised an installation time frame that they haven't kept to date! Ordered 9/16/06 - still waiting for stove to be installed as of 10/26/06!
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