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Encompass Home Warranty
300 - 2680 Matheson Blvd. E.
Mississauga, ON L4W 0A5
1-866-552-5575 (ph)
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Home Warranty
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CAMBRIDGE, MICHIGAN -- This product is a rip. I would not recommend getting the home warranty service though First National Financial unless you plan on having your heating or cooling systems blow up. I recently had a lead in my plumbing of my new home and was about to fix the problem myself when I thought I would give my warranty a shot and see what happens. I called on a Sat morning and was informed that if I wanted it repaired on the weekend I would have to pay for it myself or wait till Monday and they would take care of it. Thankfully it was a leak on a drain that we could go without using for a couple days. Come Monday I was contacted again that they would be sending out a contractor. The local contractor was quick and fast but sadly had to cut a hole in my ceiling to make the repair. When I asked about who would fix the hole I was informed that I would have to contact my warranty company. When I did get a hold of the agent I was inform that they did not cover anything that was a result of the repair. Nice to know, cause the cost of fixing the ceiling will be much more than just replace and section of drain.

On the web site they give a situation about a three way switch not working in someone's home and how they paid over $1000 to have it rewired for the home owner, I'm just wondering now how many walls they have to rip out to run the wires.....

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