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Batteries/Charger Don't Seem To Perform As Advertised
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I liked the concept of the Energizer 'Family-size' charger and had good experience with other brands of NiMH batteries. So, I coughed up about $70 for the charger and an assortment of AAA, AA, and D Energizer NiMH batteries. I plugged the charger in, and charged all of the batteries according to instructions.

I inserted 2-AA batteries into my digital camera and journeyed into the garden to take some snaps. The camera (Canon PowerShot A560) took three pics and began flashing 'low battery'. I inserted the other set of Energizer NiMH AAs...again about 2-4 shots and then a low battery indicator. I inserted another brand of AAs and found I could not exhaust the batteries. (Note: The Energizers were from different lots, the first thing I checked). I also inserted one AAA Energizer NiMH into my digital AM/FM radio...the low battery indicator began flashing immediately. So, I tried charging the Energizers in my other charger...same results. Also, a 'fully charged' cell goes completely dead if it is not inserted into any device...even though Energizer claims storage losses of 0.5% to 1% per day.

I've tried these cells in various items (flashlights, cordless phones, cameras (also my Nikon), portable radios, FRS walkie-talkies, and penlights. Same result...dead in a matter of minutes. Same result with a different charger...dead overnight or in a few minutes of use. I have some 'no-name' NiMH cells I bought at surplus...they perform well. Only the Energizers (all sizes and different lots) fail to hold or maintain a charge.

Any other M3C experience on this?
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