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Ensil Crooks
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LEWISTON, NEW YORK -- Ensil Crooks. I worked 11/1/10 to 11/17/10 for an outfit called Ensil Technical Services in Lewiston, NY and consider them crooks. I post the details here on 6/17/11. All links below point to pdf files.

  1. Regarding 11/17/10 termination of employment.

  2. Ensil 12/7/10 advertises for my job, NY0959573.

  3. My 12/20/10 letter to OSHA.

  4. Ensil 12/9/11 position statement, OSHA Case No. **. Ensil falsifies my legitimate and proper reply to bullying of Ensil's thug Ilia that "you are not my manager" and presents it to osha as one of reasons to fire.

  5. My 12/27/11 rebuttal to Ensil position.

  6. 1/20/11 Follow up inquiry, osha indicated it's unlikely any be made in next 90 days.

  7. 4/27/11 follow up inquiry, osha indicated they will give me an update when osha have one.

8.07/19/11 osha reply: "Your case is being written up now and will be reviewed by the Regional Supervisory Investigator shortly. You will receive a Secretary's findings in the mail indicating the outcome."

9.09/06/11 osha reply, finding & order:

  1. 09/12/2011 appeal to OSHA findings was sent.

  2. Copy of 11/03/11 OSHA's letter indicating appeal process:

  3. No response from OSHA to my 09/12/2011 appeal, file a civil lawsuit at U.S.District Court on 10/01/2012. **

  4. Court's 12/19/2012 decision and order regarding 10/01/2012 civil case. **

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