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Vehicle purchased from Enterprise Car Sales in Van Nuys, CA
Posted by on 04/24/2002
VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA -- Re: Vehicle purchased from Enterprise Car Sales in Van Nuys, CA

To whom it may concern:

On 5/12/2001 I bought a Buick Regal at Enterprise Car Sales in Van Nuys, CA.

Unfortunately, the car never performed well. Since purchasing the car I have taken the car in for repairs 6 times. The last time I took in the car for repairs was 4/3/02. The automotive shop told me the transmission had to be replaced. I finally got my car back on 4/10/02. The same problem I took the car in for happed again the next morning 4/11/02. Frustrated with all the car repairs I called the credit union with some advise as to what to do 4/12/02. I was told to call Autoland and see if they could get me into a new car. I immediately called Autoland and spoke with (removed). I set up an appointment for 4/15/02 to see (removed). The next day 4/16/02 (removed) called me to inform me I owed more on my car then it is worth, which I knew already. He advised me to call the credit union loan department and ask for a new car loan and a personal loan for the remainder of the loan. My cars trade-in value was $9,200 and I owed $16,277 on the loan. On 4/17/02 I spoke to (removed) from the loan department. Unfortunately she was not able to help me with any loans, she advised me to call Enterprise car sales and see if there was anything they could help me with. I then called Enterprise car sales in Van Nuys and spoke with (removed), Branch Car Sales Manager. He told me that he could not help me since he had not heard about my problem before and I did have the car now for almost a year. In September 2001 when I started having problems I did go into Enterprise and spoke to (removed). I told him what was going on and he in turn directed me to (removed). Either way, all (removed) could say was for me to take the car back to (removed) Automotive Center and see if they could fix the problem again. I can’t remember if I talked to (removed) again on 4/19 0r 4/20, but she asked if I would consider getting a 2nd Mortgage on my house. I could not see myself doing that. Frustrated with all the car problems I went to see a sales associate at (removed)(4/22/02) and see if they could help me in any way. I was able to trade in the Buick Regal and get into a new car. I now have a new car, my payments doubled, but at least I have the security of driving a dependable car.

I have filed a Better Business Bureau complaint regarding Enterprise Car Sales. After about $3,800 in car payments and $860 (EMRP warranty company covered the bigger cost)in car repairs I have nothing to show for it. I had to pay $2,800 for a down payment on a new car, which I put on a credit card. To pay off that credit card I have taken a loan from my retirement. In no way can I say that I received any help for either the Credit Union or Enterprise Car Sales. I am now in further debt then ever before.

I will never recommended Enterprise Car Sales. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-16:
Let this be a hard lesson. You get what you pay for and buying a car from a rental car company is a huge mistake. The cars are often driven short distances in harsh driving conditions. Although they may, and I stress MAY, have regular maintenance, this is usually not good enough. I am sorry for your losses. Good luck
Posted by Lesson Learned on 2012-10-17:
I will never buy a car from Enterprise Car Sales again! I bought a 2009 chevy impala less then 2 yrs ago and now have to pay close to $3000 to get my transmission replace because its out of warranty!!!!! N yes I kept up with my oil changes n fluids! Soooooo not a happy customer!!!!
Posted by Anon on 2013-04-17:
I am sorry for the trouble you had with your Buick but I do not agree with the two comments. I have bought before from Enterprise and had not one second of trouble and am about to buy again. Also have a family friend that has bought two cars from them and not a problem. Other rental companies may not take car of their cars as well and there may be some lemons but I have always had good luck with Enterprise cars.
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Beware of Enterprise Rent-A-Car Scam
Posted by Baldlars on 10/21/2011
SEATAC, WASHINGTON -- Beware of the 'damage' scam being run by Enterprise ... if anything happens to the car while in your possession, Enterprise will charge you for it. My recent experience involves the steel plate coming loose from under the engine and part of it started to drag on the ground. I stopped and saw what happened and then called Enterprise.

They came out with an exchange vehicle, and almost immediately told me I would be responsible for the damage. The person accused me of hitting something on the road ... when I told him I hadn't, he essentially said "your a liar, and beside the car was fine when it left their office, so any damages that occur after that time are your responsibility."

After getting home, I started checking around the internet about Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and I discovered several hundred complaints from across the United States ... on a number of different websites. Almost all of these on-line complaints were very similar to my complaint ... so beware of this scam. If you must rent a car from them, I highly recommend paying for the additional insurance mainly to protect yourself from this scam.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-10-23:
File a complaint about this practice at http://www.atg.wa.gov/FileAComplaint.aspx and at http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml for starters. Also let Enterprise know you're reporting this location's actions to officials and fellow consumers using http://www.enterprise.com/car_rental/contactUs.do
Posted by Enterprise cares on 2011-10-23:
Thank you for your post. I would like to discuss this further. Please email me at care[at]enterprise.com with complete details, exact renting location, and rental agreement number. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

Enterprise Rent a Car
Posted by Old Timer on 2011-10-23:
Charging people for gas when the tank is full and claiming damage after you return a rental car has become big money for these companies. Your case was a bit different as the damage was while you were driving it. You can at least argue your case. The gas and damage scam are hard to fight once they have the rental back.

It sounds like a pain but I take a few pics of a rental car before I take it out and upon return. Try and get someone to sign off on the return as being full and no damage. They can't screw you later on even if they want too.
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Hey how about paying $335.00 for a lost key-that is discounted price from these crooks.
Posted by Apydazes on 07/20/2009
I can't believe Allstate sent me to this terrible company-I have platinum coverage.

I reserved a Mustang, 5 days in advance-was given a Mangnum- (aka hearse). The car was unsafe. The steering wheel shook, the brakes pulsed when you went to stop.

I had the car for the week leading up to and including 4th of July weekend. I lost the car key. I called the 800 number-spoke to very rude individual-and was told that key was a dealer item and that I coudln't get a replacement until Monday, and that the cost was $250.00 for replacement key. I called the local branch, and was told that they didn't have spare key, and that the replacement cost was $250.00 for the key. They called back 20 minutes later and told me the charge was $350.00 for the replacement key. The locksmith called me, and gave me a break-he only charge me $335.00 for the new key. Thank God he didn't decide to charge me $500.00 for the key, because he could have.

Anyway, I returned the car that day, and found the key on the following day. We called and asked for a partial refund-or anything. They never called back.

We got a phone survey call, and told them about our experience. They said they would have someone call us about the experience. They never did.

The bottom line is-don't rent from this company. They really don't care about their customer's. I am contacting my insurance company too, as they sent me to this crooked company. There are much better car rental companies-BUYER BEWARE-these guys are terrible.

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Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-07-20:
Yes, I'm sure that your insurance provider will switch car rental companies based solely on a customer whose main complaint is they couldn't hold on to their key. The fact is that is a standard fee with any car rental company I have ever seen, and would have been stated in your rental agreement. Next time read the fine print in everything you sign and keep a closer eye on the key.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-20:
If I rented a vehicle that had a shaking steering wheel and pulsing brakes you can bet that I would have stopped immediately and had them replace it.
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-07-20:
No doubt, and let me assure that was wrong. But his complaint does not seem to be centered around the safety or quality of the vehicle as it probably should have been. He was more worried about being charged for a key which he admitted he lost.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-20:
Replacing a lost key isn't as easy as it used to be. Many have anti-theft circuitry in them. And once Enterprise has already replaced the key, they certainly wouldn't owe any customer a refund.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-07-20:
You lost the key. You must not have looked very hard to find it. You wanted a replacement key over a holiday weekend when everything is closed. This is Enterprise's fault why?
Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-07-20:
If you loaned me your car and I lost the key and then paid $350 to replace it, then I found the key, would you give me some or all of the $350 back? I doubt it.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-07-20:
If the car was junk, you should have contacted them and changed cars...that's on you. The key replacement is also on you..you lost the key. Why are they at fault?
Posted by Ben There on 2009-07-20:
The key to the car I own would cost $400 to replace directly with my dealership.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-07-20:
Spiderman you comment was fantastic!
Posted by Apydazes on 2009-07-23:
They qouted $250.00 for the replacement key-which is a great deal of money for a key-they charged $335.00 for the key which is a rip off after they quoted a price. I am in sales-I assure you anyone of you would gripe about the price gouging.
Posted by Apydazes on 2009-07-23:
And spiderman-they didn't loan me the car-I paid to rent it. Duh
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-07-23:
I wouldn't be implying that other people here are stupid, you are the one who lost the key.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-07-23:
Apy, I wouldn't be happy with the price either. Our Ford truck keys cost around $125 ea to replace and we don't have all the bells and whistles. Keys prices are whack these days, but what are you going to do?

I think you are well within your rights to whine about the price..I would (not that it would do any good).

Where you lost me was wanting them to cover some of the cost after you found the original key. That's when you just grin and bear it.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-07-23:
Am I the only one who's missing something here? A few months ago I had to pay in excess of $350 for new keys for my Mustang. If Apy's lost key was of the same type, a 'locksmith' can't do jack squat about another key, only a dealership can. Finding a 'lost' key can no longer be used for the car--that circuitry has been switched out.

Pulsing brakes? Ever hear of ABS?

Attach the key to a chain around your neck the next time you drive a car that doesn't belong to you, even though you rented it.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-07-23:
Mustang! I wanna joy ride! :D
Posted by Ponie on 2009-07-23:
Be there in 20 minutes, Boki. Have to put the top down fist. But it's raining here, so guess we'll have to postpone and I'll just continue to sit here staring at my computer screen. :)
Posted by Willow363 on 2009-11-10:
Okay where should I begin.
1) Enterprise rent a car openly admits they will not guarantee any make, model, or color of vehicle. The most they can do is put a note of preference on the reservation and then IF that vehicle is available you can obviously have it.
2) If you found the vehicle to be unsafe in ANY way it is your responsibility to call the company and tell them so. They will then exchange your vehicle as soon as they are able.
3) If you lose the key, who do you expect is at fault. YOU!
For them to re-key the car is expensive and they certainly wont just give you the spare key and then allow for a key to their car to be out and about for anyone to have. If you lose the key they have no choice but to re-key the car and that costs money.
4) Why would they refund you any money for a key that no longer works...they re-keyed the car remember!
Grow up and learn how to live in the big boy world!
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Wrongful charge by Enterprise rent-a-car
Posted by Noontide on 07/31/2007

I'm gathering info about Enterprise's wrongful charge in anticipation of a possible law suit. If you have similar experience please respond this post. Please see the details in the following letter to Enterprise.


Dear whom is concerned:

I'm an attorney and I'm writing about a wrongful charge on my account in the amount of $335.42. Here are the details of the transaction:
I rented the car on a Fridy (Feb 9th) for a day, and was told to return the car to the parking lot and drop the key at the dropbox in the parking lot cause the renting office would be closed on Saturday. I returned the car around 3:30pm on Sat, dropped the key as instructed. Later on, i found out i was charged for three days instead of one (Saturday and Sunday and Monday). I called the rental center and they told me they charged for three days cause they "have no proof the car was returned on Sat", and they refuse to take off the extra charge after lengthy explanation.

I hope this is just some misunderstanding, not an outrageous breach of good faith on your part. I have witness who returned the car with me on that day who is willing to testify.

I've been trying to resolve this with you in the span of 5 months but have been simply ignored so far. At this point, I'm willing to pursue this through any possible means. I've already done some research online and I want to inform you there are more than a few reports on this kind of wrongful charges by Enterprise stores. I'm happy to provide the poof if needed. I hope to resolve this amicably but if necessary I'm willing to see into the possibility of bringing a class action. Please response by email at your convenience.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-31:
Since you claim to be an attorney could you please explain why a class action would benefit you better than a small claims suit? As most of us know, a class action makes the lawyers richer while the offended party gets a coupon. Oh, wait a minute. You're an attorney and the offended party. You get both a large fee and the coupon. Very smart.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2007-07-31:
I love the attempted intimidation "I am an attorney." Having worked with attorneys for years, this doesn't seem like a demand letter written by an attorney. "cause they have no proof the car was returned on Sat." How about not using slang and spelling words out. Also, "provide the poof." I hope you provide the loofah too!
Posted by runaway on 2007-07-31:
An attorney who doesn't know enough not to put things on the internet with possible litigation pending? "Poof?" Wow, did you get any chickens with that third world law degree?
Posted by warddw1526 on 2007-07-31:
More importantly, why not show them your proof during the 5 months of dealing with this.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-31:
World needs a lot fewer lawyers and politicians.
What proof do you have that the car was returned?
Posted by Elleoelle on 2007-12-20:
It's likely they'll ignore any letter with the word "poof" in it. So will a judge.

You've been disputing this directly with Enterprise and not your credit card company? Disputing the charge on your card would have been settled in five months. A company like Enterprise can't take every customer on their "word" or they would no longer be in business. Did you call their toll free number upon returning the car to inform them the car was being returned to a closed office? Due diligence on your part doesn't warrant a class action lawsuit.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-20:
Enterprise in my town doesn't allow returns after hours, most likely for this very reason. Signs are posted on the door and at the counter. Seriously, how does one prove that the car was returned? It sounds to me like you need to re-read the T&C that you signed and see if the error was on your part. It doesn't make any sense why they would tell you it was OK and then charge you - that IS setting themselves up for a lawsuit.
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Charged for Damages I Did Not Cause
Posted by Quality525 on 03/28/2013
ESSEX, MARYLAND -- I had a small mishap with my car. I was told I had to use Enterprise by the insurance company. When the time came to get the rental, I was told by Enterprise that they did not have a car for me. 5 minutes After cancelling an appointment at the local repair shop, they came up with a car for me. It was snowing really hard and the car was covered with snow to where you could not even tell what color the car was. I had the car for 1 week and only put 31 miles on it. Upon returning the car to Enterprise, the person in Enterprise said they had to do a walk around inspection. Before they got to the car, the girl who did the inspection ran up to the cars front end and said I damaged their car. She wasn't even close enough to see it yet. It was like she already knew about the scratch on the bumper. One of her friends was driving it and she called her friend to bring it back because I needed it.

After about 5 weeks later, I got a bill for 800 dollars for the repairs. No investigation was done and the car got fixed before it was reported to my insurance co. Now I have a deductible to pay for someone else's car and still to this minute can't figure out how a company this size can continue to do what ever they want to whomever they want. I guess this is the way they cover their butts so they don't get in trouble. If someone was to hit my car, my insurance company won't let anyone touch it until they assess the damages. The scratch on the bumper could not be seen when I picked the car up because it was covered with snow. They wouldn't even clean it off for me. I was told there was not a thing I could do because they say the damage happened while I had the car because it wasn't discovered before then. Every single business has certain protocol's that they must follow to protect the rights of the customers. Why is Enterprise an exception to the rules. I know I'm not alone because I have read many reviews like mine. How many people are going to get screwed over before something can be done about this? This happens so often, there is actually a category in the complaint section called " charged with damages you did not cause".

Now, my advice to everybody who ever has to deal with Enterprise. Make the representative clean the car so you can inspect it yourself completely. All the way around, underneath, and especially inside. Maybe together we can change the way Enterprise rentals treats the paying customers. The paying customers are the reason Enterprise is still in business. Or is it .........
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Posted by onlooker on 2013-03-28:
Are you going to escalate your complaint?
You do not need to speculate about who or how the damage occurred.
Focus on the pre-rental inspection. Did you sign the papers - that have the inspection results on them? Did you note the snow made the inspection impossible? Did you note that they refused inspection?
When I take out my phone to document the condition of the car, the staff gets attentive.
You can challenge the charge, but focus on your case only.
Posted by BigAl on 2013-03-28:
I agree with you. Something needs to be done. I also believe that $800 was never spent to repair the car. This is out and out thievery and done on a regular basis.
Posted by quality525 on 2013-03-28:
No, It did not cost 800 dollars to fix it. They had lose of use and depreciation values on there also.
Posted by JAKFK on 2013-03-28:
The OP clearly admits fault in the last paragraph by suggesting to all other future customers that they be sure to get a representative to fully clean the car inside & out (including snow), so that the proper pre-trip inspection can be done. The OP failed to do this VERY important step before the initial rental. Another valuable life lesson learned. Thanks for the review and the warning!
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-03-28:
I use Enterprise because they are local, convenient and relatively cheap. That being said, I always make a great show of walking around the car and snapping photos with my phone. They know they aren't going to get away with anything, and I never have any problem.
Posted by Nohandle on 2013-03-28:
I don't know if there will ever be a solution to the "pre-existing" condition on a rental car. Anyone ever rented one in the dark of night from a regional airport when the parking lot wasn't lighted? It happens and until daylight you don't even realize there is a ding anywhere or for that matter major damage on the body of the car. Then, in addition, you notice how nasty the interior is. And we, as consumers are expected to put the rental car back in pristine, like new condition for the benefit of the rental agency?
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2013-03-28:
I had a positive experience with Enterprise. I rented a car, walked around and saw nothing. A day or so later, when I was approaching the car from the front across the parking lot, I saw a trailer ball size hole in the bottom of the bumper. When I returned the vehicle, Enterprise checked their records and found it had been done before and the vehicle was scheduled for repairs.

This taught me not to just stand up and look at the car, but squat down and look at the bottom of bumpers, doors, etc. Good review by OP.
Posted by JAKFK on 2013-03-28:
Obsfucation> I feel better knowing I'm not the only one that walks around the vehicle with my phone taking photos:p
Posted by Enterprise cares on 2013-03-30:
quality525 ,
We’ve taken note of your concern and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to care[at]enterprise.com including the exact rental location information, your contact information, your rental agreement and any further information regarding your experience with us.
When emailing, please list Reference Number 130330-001014 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.
Carol H.
Social Media
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Posted by OM on 2013-05-06:
The same scenario but with additional scam, when I called to reserve car I was quoted a low rate but when I went to pick up the contract I signed was 10.00 more, the agent refused to mark the dents, dings and scratches on the contract cause she assured me they would never charge for tiny dings. upon returning the original agent happens to not be available and new agent refused to let me leave without signing damage report with ding. she also charged credit card full amount, two days later my insurance company sent them a check for the same rental agreement and now company is refusing to reimburse the duplicate payment stating they can't find it in system. they also sent letter one month later to pay for the ding that was already there when the agent refused to mark it on the contract. I urge everyone to file a class action complaint on classaction.com under consumer fraud. it does not cost anything and scammed victims may get rewarded with penalties and interest on the amount that enterprise scammed. if they are not stopped they will continue to do this 365 days through out the country ultimately increasing our insurance cost, I have rented from hertz and avis and have never had a single issue with rates or damage or double payment scams. anyone else out there that has been triple scammed?
Posted by Enterprise Cares on 2013-07-03:
We’ve taken note of your concern and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send a detailed email to care@enterprise.com including the exact rental location information, your contact information, your rental agreement or claims number and any further information regarding your experience with us.
When emailing, please list Reference Number 130703-001608 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.
Carol H.
Social Media
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
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Customer Service
Posted by on 03/09/2012
-- I would just like to say I feel it is a shame that people take advantage of a company by complaining about things just to get money off of their car rental. They seem to forget that the people they are screaming at or yelling about actually have a life of their own that they pay for by dealing with your outrageous egotistical mannerisms. I ask that the next time you are in a situation where you are not getting the outcome you would desire that you become a little more understanding. After all isn't part of our national debt crisis because of people feeling entitled to everything for very little. Seriously, you are not the only person alive.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-03-11:
Yes, some customers are trying to get a better deal by using bluster and ego. Others, however, have legitimate complaints. Either way, they may become frustrated and the customer service person is going to hear about it. More civility is always welcome, though. When it doesn't happen, a few choice words out of the customers sight and hearing is sometimes helpful. Or, if it really gets unbearable, a new job can be the solution.
Posted by here here! on 2012-03-11:
yes indeed.

awesome review.
people need to remember that employees are not punching bags

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$250 For what?
Posted by Smtiffan on 01/09/2012
Enterprise charged me a $250 deposit even though I had all my insurance stuff, having just left my new truck for repair 100 yds away, despite calls from my insurance company and myself, and several lies later about my bank taking so long to credit me. I had even returned their vehicle 7 days later they finally credited my account with the money they never should have taken.
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Posted by trp2hevn on 2012-01-09:
I believe most rental companies take a deposit when you rent a car. Did you use a debit card or a regular credit card? It does make a difference when renting a car. I think they take a deposit in case you might come back late or don't have enough gas or things like that.
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Very Dishonest!!!
Posted by QS on 03/23/2011
BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- Enterprise: 1575 Nicholson Drive, Baton Rouge, LA

Scheduled a rental a week in advance for 8:00 A.M. The day comes when I need my rental and the vehicle was not even at the location. I had to wait almost 30 min for it to arrive. They did a half-assed wash and the vehicle still had dried insect splats on the windshield. Once I returned the vehicle, I was charged 4 times over the quoted price. The staff tried to come up with lame excuses about the size of the vehicle determines the price but size was never mentioned when I called to schedule the rental. They even had the nerve to try to give me a "free rental" when I rent next time. Why not just make this rental "free." If they try to pull a stunt by ripping me off, what makes them think that I will go for the "free" next rental? I guess they offered because they know I will never use them again. Talk about adding insult to injury. NEVER RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE.

The address is Enterprise located at 1575 Nicholson Drive, Baton Rouge, LA. Yes, I am adding the address so that you will know to never rent from these scumbags.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-23:
Often times, it is not the rental company that is directly responsible for these types of situations. The person that rented the car before doesn't always return it on time, therefore you were made to wait. They cleaned it as quickly as possible since you seemed inconvenienced. Furthermore, they even offered to make things right by giving you a free rental. What more do you want?
Posted by Whiteduck on 2011-03-23:
I think the main complaint was 4 times the cost...

Which was never explained in the post.
Posted by Enterprise cares on 2011-03-23:
I apologize for any frustration with this rental and would like to address things further. Please email me at care[at]enterprise.com with your full name, the reservation number and the rental agreement number.

When emailing, please list reference #110323-003037 in the subject line.

- Elizabeth with Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-03-23:
Whiteduck - I agree with you completely. What was the quoted rate, for what class of car? How much was actually charged per day, and what is the explanation given for charging 4x the quoted price.

Insects on the windshield, while undesirable, would pale in comparison. unless the car was being used to drape models over for a swimsuit photo shoot...
Posted by bruce2954 on 2011-11-29:
What size car did you ask for? If you make the reservation online, it tell you all of the prices.
Posted by honestypays on 2013-02-10:
To the person who posted the complaint- Thank you for actually posting the physical address of the company that you rented from. I've read several complaints where the person posted the city of where the company is located. Just posting the city without the physical address is not helping anyone. Thank you!
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Enterprise rip off
Posted by Crrider1 on 01/19/2011
KAILUA KONA, HAWAII -- My wife and I went on vacation to the big island of Hawaii for a few days (after visiting Maui) and returned the Chevy Aveo on 1-18-11 to the airport by Kona HI. We pulled up to return the car and the employee (Nick) did his inspection. He squatted down aways from the car and said we had a problem on the passenger side. My wife and I went over there to look and the rocker panel under the front passenger seat had a dent on the bottom of it. He checked the paperwork and said it was not noted when we picked it up and we needed to go inside and double check the original paper work, I said it was not listed on there or I would have known about it when we picked the Aveo up. When we picked the car up on 1-15-11 we thought it was odd but the employee asked us who our auto insurance was thru and also wanted to know what our deductible on our plan was. He even wrote these 2 items by hand on the rental contract (we noticed this later). He also asked us twice if we wanted to buy their special insurance so there would be no out of pocket expenses in case there was any damage. When we picked the car up the only inspections on the car that were done by us or the employee were done standing next to the car looking down, not 12 feet away squatting down looking underneath it. When he told us we needed to go inside and double check the original paperwork I told the employee (Nick) I wanted to take my own pictures of the damage and he said that was fine that they even encouraged that. Well guess what, when I came back out the car was gone and it took about 10 minutes for him to bring it back. I've been driving for 34 years now and have never put a dent in a rocker panel and I never put this dent on this car. I let my guard down, trusted Enterprise and unfortunately I had to learn another lesson the hard way. Enterprise, you can fool me once but you will never get the chance to do it twice.
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Posted by biomajor on 2011-01-19:
I rent from Enterprise a lot, and they always ask me about my insurance and deductible. i usually just make a copy of my card for them :)
Posted by ok4now on 2011-01-20:
This sounds highly suspicious that they would focus so intently on the rocker panel. It's almost like they knew the damage was there and wanted to bag you with it. I recently needed a rental from Enterprise due to an auto accident. The agent spent over 10 minutes pushing the optional $18.00 dollars a day insurance. Big sales pitch to save the $500.00 deductible. I flatly refused. This is high profit for them and the agent probably gets a cut or commission. Renter beware!!
Posted by enterprise scam on 2011-02-24:
Same thing happened to me....they are blaming me for damage underneath the front bumper and that area was not looked at during the inspection when we rented the car. My advice..get on all fours and take pics when you rent a car.
Posted by wyatt1881 on 2011-08-21:
Always, but ALWAYS put the car rental charge on a good quality credit card, like AMEX, which will stand behind you. Dispute the BS charge, and you will almost always win.
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Beware of false claims
Posted by Ladydi2004 on 07/01/2009
TOMBALL, TEXAS -- I recently totaled my vehicle and rented a car through Enterprise. I had taken out their insurance at first but not knowing how long I would have the car and at $15.00 a day, the bill was addding up. I Dropped the extra coverage after 2 days. I found a new car and I was told I could leave my rental car at the car dealership and someone would pick it up from there. DON'T EVER DO THIS!!!!!!! I received a letter from Enterprise's Damage Recovery Dept. a week later saying that there was damage to the car in the amount of $546.00 and they wanted me to pay it. I had never been informed that there was damage to the car. When they closed out my ticket, nothing was said about damage and I talked to them a couple of times. I was livid. I know I did not damage the car and I left the car in the same condition I rented it in. The real kicker is that they are claiming that the car had front end damage. I parked the rental car up against a curb with the front of the car facing a grassy area. There is no way it could have received front end damage. I feel like the Driver from Enterprise either damaged the car on the way back to the lot or he parked it where it got hit. I am a very honest person and if I had done the damage, I would be more than happy to pay. I feel like Enterprise has me trapped because it does say on the paperwork that I am responsible for any damage until the car gets back to the rental office. That is so unfair. I have been reading forums and there are hunDreds of claims regarding the same thing. Why wasn't I notified of the damage? I would like to hear from anyone else who this has happened to. Maybe we can get something done about this fraudulent practice. Now my credit is going to be ruined unless I pay these people the money.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-01:
They're not going to ruin your credit. The thieves will most likely take it from the credit card you provided when you rented the vehicle.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-01:
They have to note the damage at the time you return the car. Once it is out of your possession you can't be held responsible for damages. How could they prove that the $4/hour high school dropout who cleans the cars didn't do it while moving the car around?
Posted by ladydi2004 on 2009-07-01:
They are trying to file a claim with my insurance company. My deductible is $500.00 and the damage is $549.00. It should be against the law for them to do that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-01:
Make sure that both your credit card company and your insurance company are aware that you are disputing the claim, and that the car was not damaged when they accepted it back.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-07-01:
Best answer Ken.
Posted by trp2hevn on 2009-07-02:
You left the car at the dealership instead of returning it to the rental office, but where did you leave the keys? If you left them with the dealership, is it possible someone there may have driven the car and damaged it before Enterprise picked it up?
Posted by ladydi2004 on 2009-07-02:
It's possible someone at the dealership moved it but how are you going to prove that? I'm screwed!!!!
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-07-02:
I looked online about this, because my husband has to rent cars to travel sometimes and I was interested. Of course, one of the prime things they recommend is that you take pics before and after the rental..we haven't done that before, and I know you didn't either. The site is:


There's a little checklist on it that has some ideas for you..even thought no pictures were taken.

1. Ask for specific information about the damage, including pictures. Ask when the damage was discovered and by whom. Take good notes, including the name and number of anyone you speak with. (Don’t tell anyone yet that you have your own pictures.)

2.Let the company know you are disputing the claim. However, do not be adversarial or angry. You will get more helpful information if you keep your cool.
3.Notify your credit card company that you are disputing the claim; some rental agreements allow companies to bill you for damage without even asking your permission.
4.Review the information the company sends you about the claim. Send a copy of the drop-off receipt and any pictures you have supporting your side of the claim.
5.Even if you aren’t really willing to fly back to vacationland, tell the rental company you will be on their doorstep, have lots of free time, and are willing to fight the claim as long as it takes.
Faced with your proof, your documentation, and your commitment to fight…most rental companies would rethink a questionable claim.


One of the most interesting items on the list (to me) was you asking them for documentation of the damage, notifying your insurance and credit card people that you're disputing it (like Ken said) and letting them know, politely, that you are in this for the long fight and won't give up.

Hope this works out for you!
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