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Enterprise Rent-A-Car
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Discovered Damage Scam with Enterprise
By -

CHELMSFORD, MASSACHUSETTS -- Enterprise Episode 8-31-09 - My husband and I went to pick up a rental car while visiting MA from FL on Weds. 8-26-09 at 10:30 am at Enterprise Car Rental on 290 Littleton Road, Unit 9, Chelmsford, MA 01824-3300. We followed ** around vehicle for walk around to check for damage or scratches. I mentioned a scratch on driver's side panel near door handle and was told by ** that they were only concerned with 5"€ or longer scratches that went all the way through the paint. So nothing was noted on paperwork in regards to any damage. He was put back by the deal we receive€™d online mentioning he did not know if he could give it to us.

I explained we have a confirmation for that price. He said he would have to modify several things to come close. He asked for my paperwork. I handed him the confirmation page and he asked for more. I explained that I had left that at home and he should be able to find the same thing looking up the confirmation number I had handed him. When we explained that there were approximately 10 of us renting cars from them that week he found a way to work it out. We went to return vehicle on Monday, August 31st, 2009 at 10:20 am. Paperwork was started and he ran out to inspect vehicle.

He walked around and when Mr. ** got to the driver's door he dropped to one knee and inspected the undercarriage. He then lifted his head and looked again and then dropped to 2 knees and looked again. He quickly returned to the lobby and mentioned he had detected damage to the underside of driver's side rocker panel. I said "We had not done any damage to the car." He went out and looked again and again returned with the same story. I said "We did no damage to the vehicle as it was parked at in my mother's yard most of the week."

He mentioned that we had put on 241 miles. I said, "Yes, that'€™s why you rent a car but we had not caused any damage to the 2009 Ford Fusion." He said he would have to look up any previous damage reports and of course there were none. I mentioned that ** had at no time dropped to his knees and inspected the undercarriage of the car (as my husband and I walked behind him inspecting the car). He said that that was procedure and couldn'€™t know if ** had in fact looked under the car but that is procedure. He asked what my deductible was, $1000 or $500 which I responded $500. He said he was required to immediately take this off my credit card.

I said "Do not file a claim with our insurance because no damage was done while the car was in our possession." He said "This is required" and that there was nothing he could do. My mother who had given me a ride to return the car came in to the lobby and asked what was taking so long. I explained about suspicious damage to undercarriage and she said, "The car has been in the driveway all week, except for us attending a wedding and reception across state." I took paperwork and went back to Mom'€™s apt in Westford, MA. I immediately phone my insurance company, Geico, and explained this suspicious episode.

After I got off the phone with Geico, my sister-in-law, who is an attorney, who advised me to return to Enterprise and take pictures for our adjuster. My husband and I returned to Enterprise and drove around the area but did not see the Ford Fusion. I entered the lobby and I asked Mr. ** where the car was so that I can take pictures for our adjuster and attorney. He said the car had been rented out (All within 45 minutes). He seemed a little nervous. ** said that I didn'€™t think we needed a lift to inspect the vehicle before leaving the lot and "Are you going to also charge the next people renting this same car??" This smells like a scam all the way around.

We have rented vehicles before but never have been expected to drop to our knees to inspect the undercarriage prior to accepting a vehicle. When did this become "€œstandard practice?" I need advise or help writing a letter to Enterprise corporate office. Any will help. Thanks

Damage Recovery Unit Incompetent and Harassment!
By -

When I returned my rental car the Enterprise Rent-A-Car rental office representative made me spend 30 to 40 minutes filing a claim with my insurance company to cover for the hail damage on the rental car. He also made me wait while he called the insurance company back to make sure he had all the insurance information. I paid the rental fees, my deductible (for my insurance claim) and left, thinking that was the end of that! A few weeks later I got a letter in the mail from the Damage Recovery Unit asking for my insurance information. I called them up and was told that yes they did have the insurance information.

But that was not the end of it; Yesterday (which was a few weeks after the first letter) I got another letter in the mail - only this time in addition to saying they did NOT have the insurance company information, they also enclosed the invoice for the repair done on the car. When I called my insurance company they told me that Enterprise NEVER did get back to them. The representative at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car rental office OBVIOUSLY had no problem contacting my insurance company, so either the DRU is very incompetent or they have no clue how to use the phone.

Instead of trying to contact my insurance company, they harass me by sending letters after letters asking for the SAME information. What is unbelievable is to think their business comes mostly from people who need rental cars while the cars in the shop and so they deal with insurance companies constantly. Why won't they contact my insurance company or RETURN my insurance company call? I am aggravated and do not appreciate the harassment and will NEVER rent from Enterprise Rent-A-Car anymore and will advise anyone to seek rental cars elsewhere. There are BETTER alternatives than Enterprise Rent-A-Car out there!

The Car Dealer Paid for the Rental but I Would Have Been Better [Off] Walking to Work.
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Rating: 5/51 - Consumer improved rating by 4 stars

AUSTINTOWN, OHIO -- The car dealership paid for the rental but still I would have been better off walking to work. I recommend walking over renting a car from Enterprise even if the dealer is paying for it. The car smelled like cigarette smoke, and no one even bothered to to press the button on the dash that shuts off the recirculation of the air mode. I was in a rush to get to work so I didn't have time to say anything about that. I had an appointment to drop off my car to be repaired at 9 AM and I had to be a work by 10 AM. I just opened the windows, turned the air recirculation off and went to work.

Even though the car dealer paid for the rental itself, Enterprise still tries to get you to pay around $14 because if a scratch gets on the car you will have to pay for it unless you pay the $14. I decided not to pay the $14 because all I needed the car for was to go to work and back one time. Since I didn't pay the $14 they recommended that I bring the car directly back to them instead of bringing it to the dealer, because If something happened to the car between the time when I brought it back to the dealer and when they received the car I would still be held accountable for it. I brought it back directly to them without a scratch and I got a ride back to the dealer and my wife was now with me.

I asked if my wife could be dropped off at a location on the way between Enterprise and the dealer. They said that they couldn't do that. Then I told them about the car smelling like smoke. They said that it doesn't do any good to tell them about the smoke after I have already dropped off the car. Apparently, they're not interested in airing out the car for the next person who might get in the car either. My advise to you is just walk. The exercise will be good for you, and avoiding the stress of being a Enterprise customer will be even better for you.

Car Rental Nightmare/Potential Ins. Fraud
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Rating: 1/51

LAKEWOOD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- We were picking up a new vehicle in Lakewood, New Jersey. Closest we could fly into was LaGuardia so we rented a one way to drop off in Lakewood following morning. This was a $200 rental. Picked up car as per usual, did walk around etc… The following morning, as I dropped it off I was informed I had had an accident. Obviously I was surprised, would have thought I might have known that. Went out to car and they showed me a piece of plastic popped away from car body, no scratches, nothing, but glue was clearly visible under the plastic. I pointed out this wasn't an accident, but a defective repair. They didn't care, I had to pay.

Called roadside, they confirmed the car had recently been in an accident and repaired, same spot. They said "Put me on with manager", I did, manager listened, said "ok", hung up, looked at me with a grin and said, "You are paying anyway". I said "Call the police", he said "No, you call the police". I called my insurance company, relayed the story, they said, "Put me on with the manager". They told him "you do not move that car until we get an adjuster there", and then told me "Go ahead and leave after signing". Upshot, the Enterprise location then billed me, immediately, without the car being looked at, for $480 for the “regluing” of this part.

I called Amex and stopped payment, called Enterprise, anyone ever try to get customer service in corporate? There is none. The damage department said they would not step in, even though they also could see that this was previous damage. There was absolutely no assistance. Regional representative would not do anything, told me he would get back to me and didn't, although he was also pretty useless, said he backed his employees, and that they “did the right thing”.

Finally called NJ AG's office, they started investigation and suddenly Enterprise couldn't wait to credit the money back to my card. Funny how that worked. Never want to use Enterprise again. They have some real crooks working for them, and no recourse within company.

Company Response 08/26/2014:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, John. As customer service is of the utmost importance to us, we would like the opportunity to look into this for you. Please contact us at care@Enterprise.com with the complete details. Include the exact rental location, your contact information, rental agreement or reservation number, claim number, and any further information regarding your experience with us that you would like to add.

When emailing, please place reference number 140826-002715 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.

Social Media Coordinator
Enterprise Rent A Car

Enterprise Is a Shady Third-Rate Off Brand Rental Car Company
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Rating: 1/51

OCEANSIDE, CA, CALIFORNIA -- My car was hit in an accident. The driver responsible claimed to be insured, but could not present any information. In the interests of time, I chose to work through my insurance and have them collect from the other driver. My insurance includes 80% of $500 towards a rental car. I was told, by State Farm that I could get a car to $21.95 or $24.95 per day. However, when I got dropped off at Enterprise by the auto body shop, all they could offer me was $37.95 per day - which is a little more than the basic rate I can get on the Enterprise web site.

As my car was going to be in for repairs for 3-4 weeks, I asked if I could get a weekly rate instead. This is available on the website and is about $122 a week. I was told no, as the insurance company rates are only daily rates and are negotiated. This has to be a lie. Why would State Farm negotiate rates worse than the standard rates available on the website? What I got for my $37.95 was a stinky (seriously bad odor covered by that rental car scent) Prius with the "requires maintenance" indicator on. The car has never driven like any other Prius I have ever driven. It seems that engine is always running - it never runs on battery, even if I inch forward.

I tried to explain this to the agent and he told me that it's working fine. He didn't even go to the car to check this out. Apparently, he has magic powers to diagnose cars from the counter. Essentially he told me I was stupid. Right now I'm going to use up my $500 allowance in two weeks. My car's repair has been extended to five weeks. So, at this time, I am going to be stuck with an additional $600 in rental charges for a lousy car replacing my car that was in an accident that was not my fault. NEVER EVER USE ENTERPRISE. THEY LOOK LIKE A THIRD RATE OFF-BRAND CAR RENTAL OUTFIT AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE

Company Response 06/18/2014:

Grant, we've taken note of your comments and would like the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to care@enterprise.com including the exact rental location, your contact information, your rental agreement or reservation number and any further information regarding your experience with us.

Please reference number 140618-005557 in the subject line of your email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Zachary A.
Social Media Coordinator
Enterprise Rent-A-Car

No Customer Service. They Won't Always Pick You Up.
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Rating: 1/51

CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I first tried to reserve a car online at the location closest to me on Wilma Rudolph. The website said the location had cars but when I called to arrange a ride, the woman told me they were completely out of cars. Turns out cars that are broken or "in the shop" are counted as available online when they actually aren't. So she gave me the number to the next nearest location, but they too were out of cars.

They sent me to the location on Ft. Campbell. This location had cars but because I lived closer to the other locations, I was too far to come pick up. I wasn't offered any other options, just told they could not come get me. I called around for a ride, and called a cab for a quote and they said it would be $20 to drive me to that location across town. So I began looking for closer rental car companies. I called Hertz and they offered me a similar price ($8 more but a much nicer car) and said they would gladly come pick me up, even though they were further away than this location.

When I called this location to cancel my online reservation, the woman told me "they could work something out and come get me anyway." Where was this customer service before? As soon as I said I would take my business elsewhere, suddenly options started opening up. Enterprise lied to me on their website, made me call around looking for a car, then made me call around looking for a ride, then expected me to call Hertz back to cancel after I found what I needed...

The whole thing took an hour. They said they would not give me a discount for my trouble if I still choose them, and would have to come pick me up right now, not at noon when I needed. I called Hertz and they had a car, would call as a courtesy before they came to pick me up, and it took less than 5 mins. I'll be working with them from now on. When a company is trying to get my business and money, I expect better cooperation.

Company Response 03/25/2014:

Carolee, our team would like to make the proper management aware of your concerns. Please email us at: Care@Enterprise.com. Please include your contact information, rental agreement number and any additional details you would like to share about your experience. Please attach reference #140325-002808 to your email. Thank You. -Christina

Problems Plural
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Rating: 1/51

BENTON HARBOR, MICHIGAN -- My insurance company got this car for me when mine was totaled. I was broadside when the other person lost control in bad weather. I was given the choice at the rental company of a huge pickup truck or the Hyundai Santa Fe (bigger). As I was injured in the accident, I drove only when necessary until the end of the rental when I tried to find a replacement car and drove approx 150 miles.

On returning to my home, the service light went on. I could not find how to open the glove box. I called the rental office. He said the button had to be there. He seemed totally unconcerned about the service light. I had to go around to the passenger door and leave it open to see the button, vehicle had all-black interior. The button was all the way to the left of the glove box deep in shadow. Not an easy thing to do with a badly sprained ankle in very cold weather. The manual was not there.

I decided to take the car back a day early. Went to fill it with gas as they charge more than a dollar a gallon over pump price if you don't. Could not figure out how to open the gas cover. Asked a stranger, it stumped him, too. Called Enterprise, remember no service manual in vehicle. Female clerk gave me 2 options. Release button was in neither place. She said "bring the car back and I will not charge you for the refuel."

I returned the car. She informed me that the release button was underneath the door handle where I could not see it. She did charge me for 2 gallons of gas. Also charged the account for 6 days although I had it less than 5. Rent from someone else if you have a choice. Oh, one of the last things said to me was, "We try to give the very best customer service."

Dirty Car - Inside and Out
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Rating: 2/51

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- I recently rented a car through my insurance company while my truck was being repaired. I was contacted by Enterprise once they received notification from my USAA insurance and I was told everything would be ready once I got there. However.. they could not find my reservation once I was there, which caused a delay. While I was waiting for them to find the information 2 ladies came in to return their car, eating a bag of popcorn. After a 15 min delay they found my reservation and handed me the keys to my rental car. The sales men walked me around the car and I noted that there was no damage, but the windshield was dirty, my comment was ignored.

The salesman opened the car door and checked the gas which he told me was 5/8 of a tank, asked me to bring it back the same and handed me a paper to sign. Then he promptly walked into the store. I got into the car, late for work and noticed popcorn on the floor of the car, then more in the back seat, and more in the console. That combined with the dirty exterior led me to believe that they just gave me the car that the ladies dropped off, not cleaned!! I called and asked to speak with someone and asked if I could take it to a car wash and be reimbursed, I was told no. I had to bring it back to them, which was not at all near my work.

They were not that busy, it seems just lazy. I had my husband take the car back and he again informed them that I received a dirty car. Nothing was said, or addressed, just a shrug of the shoulders. I fully expected to receive a survey or a phone call of apology, but it has been 3 weeks and NOTHING. Very disappointing. I have reported this to USAA, maybe they should reconsider who they use.

Disgusting Service - Stranded Without A Car
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Rating: 1/51

LAURDERDALE LAKES, FLORIDA -- These jerks left us stranded without a car! We flew in to FLL airport and rented from an off site location. The flight was late and we were pulled aside for addition customs check so we were running late. I asked the airport kiosk to call our rental location to tell them we were running late as it was almost 6 - their closing time, but we would be there as soon as we got a cab.

As we pulled up to the location a bunch of cars turned on their lights and left, leaving me STRANDED in an unknown city, in a rather not nice area of town, with no car! After being told we would be there in 15 minutes they closed up shop and left for the night. I ended up stuck with an $89 cab fare, no car and my trip delayed.

Naive me, thought hey, "the manager would surely make this horrible, stressful incident up to me" - but HA, I was sadly mistaken! The jerk offered me $30 off my reservation price which accounted for having the car one less day, as my fee was $28-29 already! Then the manager wouldn't even send someone to pick us up so we could go in to discuss it because the hotel we were at was outside of his "range".

STAY AWAY FROM THIS LOCATION! Horrible service. Disgusting practices. I ended up calling Hertz who send someone to get me, gave me a better price than my reservation with Enterprise AND threw in coverage because of how upset and stressed the whole situation made me and my family! Customer service is non existent for this company. I have emailed them twice about this and gotten NO response at all. After being a loyal Enterprise customer for years I will NEVER rent from them again! Do yourself a favor and avoid this company or at least this location like the plague!

Items Left in Car
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Rating: 1/51

CENTRALIA, ILLINOIS -- I rented a car for a week and a half, from the office in Centralia il and left a box of items in the trunk worth 150 dollars. I went right up to the office to find that the car had been rented out already but the guy apparently could not remember which car I was in, when he had just took me back to my car in it, his story changed several times and gave me the run around. When I called the corporate office, they took my information and was so nice to me even said they would reimburse me but he had to notify the vice president first. He then called me a few days later telling me there really is nothing he could do, that his team of employers was honest people.

I knew the girl that rented the car after me and she is a very sweet honest person so I know for a fact she didn't take them. When I told that to the president - he basically called me a liar, said again "my team are honest. At this point, we don't know if there was even a box in the trunk." Wouldn't offer me any reimbursement, only offered me a 50 dollar voucher for my next rental..

I told the man clearly that I do not rent cars and the only reason why I did this time is because mine had gotten hit and the insurance paid for it. He still refused to do anything else for me and continued to call me a liar when I got upset. This company is horrible, their workers are liars, and thieves. If I am to ever need to rent a car again I will never use this company again. People need to know what to expect before going through them.

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