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Enterprise Scam
Posted by on
OKLAHOMA CITY -- On October 30, 2006, I rented a car from Enterprise Rental, 7500 S. Shields, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, because that my own personal car, a 2005 Suzuki Forenza, had been hit and damaged by my neighbor while backing out of his driveway. My neighbor was insured by Allstate who covered all the necessary repairs to my vehicle. When settling the claim to my vehicle, Allstate advised me that I could have access to a rental car free of charge to me through their rental agency partnership with Enterprise while my own personal car was being repaired.

I rented this car from Oct. 30, 2006 until Nov. 14, 2006 while my own personal car was being repaired at Legends Auto Body shop in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. When I returned the car on the afternoon of Nov. 14, 2006, I was greeted by a young woman who shook my hand and took the keys and the pink copy of my paperwork, said “thank you” and then walked to the back of the agency. Normally I would have left at this point but I had forgotten to tell her I needed a courtesy ride to the auto body shop where my personal car was being repaired. All of the agents were busy at the time, so I waited about 10 minutes for someone to wait on me. Finally the young woman came back to the counter and seemed confused as to why I was still in the agency. She asked me if there was something else I needed and I told her I needed a courtesy ride. She said, “Oh yeah just a minute while I go take a look at the car you returned” like she had forgotten she needed to do this. She took a clipboard out with her and came back into the agency about sometime later, went up to one of the male rental agents and said something to him. He then proceeded to ask us if we knew anything about the damage to the left side of the car. I told him that damage was already there (as stated in my explanation below) and he disagreed with me. I reminded him that at the time I rented the car, he mentioned the car had some dings, dents and scratches on it and he disagreed with me again. He then asked for the name of my insurance company and my deductible amount, and asked us to sign some paperwork, which I refused to supply to him because I am not responsible for this previous damage. At this point he refused to listen to anything else I had to say, ignoring me and referring another agent to me who explained that Enterprise would be investigating this damage as damage caused by me while the car was in my possession. After waiting about 15 more minutes, I was finally supplied a courtesy ride back to the auto body shop to pick up my personal car.

When I arrived at Enterprise on the morning of Oct. 30, 2006 to pick up my rental car, I was told there were no cars available at the moment but there should be one available soon because one had just come in but was in such a mess, it was having to be cleaned up and would be available, if I would just wait a few minutes inside the rental agency. After about 20 minutes, one of the agents (Agent #104CW) told me my car was ready and gave me a set of keys. He had me go over the standard rental paperwork and initial at the spots where I declined the additional insurance. He told me to come outside the dealership in the parking lot right outside the front door so he could “get me ready to go.” He had a clipboard in his hand and showed me the car that was to drive, a late model 2-door red Chevy Cobalt. He walked around the car making notes on his clipboard. He acted like he was in a hurry and stressed, and it was very cold outside and wind was blowing, so the entire walk around process lasted about 2 minutes.

At the back of the car, he stopped and stated “this car was a mess when it came in and the seats were pretty dirty and stained but we got them cleaned up” and went on further to state “there are some dings and dents and a few scratches on the car but it’s in good shape” while pointing with his hand in a general manner to the car. I made the statement to him “Well as long as it doesn’t break down on me on the highway and it isn’t dangerous to drive,” to which he laughed and said “No not at all.” He had me initial on the paperwork that I accepted his comments about the car, and then handed me the pink copy of my paperwork, told me the car had a ½ tank of gas in it, and started talking to another agent outside while re-entering the rental agency. At no point during the initial process did he go over each and every ding, dent and scratch on the car and have me initial each one, but had me initial a general area that I accepted the car. I have never done this through any previous rental agency so I did not know I should have demanded to go over each and every blemish on the car; I thought his general statement about the car having “dings, dents and scratches” on it covered everything since the damage on the left side was so obvious.

As I started to get inside the car, I did notice there was a dent (the dent I am being accused of causing) on the left side behind the left back window. I neglected to mention the dent because I thought he had already referred to the dent while mentioning the “dings and dents and scratches”. I thought this practice was strange since I have rented cars many times in the past from various rental car agencies such as Alamo, Budget, and Thrifty (never Enterprise) and I have never had a rental agent do this at the time of rental. In the past when I have rented my car, I complete the necessary paperwork, go over the rules and regulations, and the rental agent gives me keys, then tells me where I can pick the car up in their parking lot, they have never physically walked me out to the car. I have never had to go over a car with a rental agent therefore and because I thought he had referred to the “dings, dents and scratches” in his statement, he was including every ding, dent and scratch on the car and I did not specifically point out every one that I noticed. In fact, one of the scratches he pointed to in a general way on the back bumper turned out to be bird manure that came off when I rubbed it with my finger.

The car the rental agent (Agent #104CW) supplied me had keys already in the ignition but as stated above, he had also given me a set of keys. Thinking this was a second pair, I placed them in the glove compartment. After I got home, I opened up the glove compartment to put my Enterprise paperwork in it and I noticed the keys were to a silver Ford Taurus.

I am suggesting that the agent meant to place me in the Taurus but in his haste that morning, he placed me in the Chevy Cobalt. As I stated above, the agent seemed to be in a hurry that morning and confused about which car I was to rent. I also remember there were two or three people coming in at the time I was waiting in the rental agency to return their cars and my speculation is that one of them was the previous renter of the Chevy Cobalt because after they left the agent told me my car was available right outside the door. I think he meant for me to rent a silver Taurus because those are the keys he originally gave me, but he became confused and gave me the red Chevy Cobalt instead. I am suggesting that the previous renter is responsible for the damage to the car and (1) he left before the rental agent discovered the damage, or (2) the rental agent never noticed the damage but noticed it when I returned the car and I am being accused of it unfairly.

I would also like to point out that Enterprise utilizes elderly drivers to pick up renters and take them to Enterprise to rent cars. One of them picked me up in a van the morning I rented the car, but the afternoon I returned the car, one of them took me to the auto body shop to pick up my personal car that was being repaired and he transported me in the same car (the Chevy Cobalt) that I had rented. On the way to the auto body shop, the elderly driver almost ran a red light at S.W. 74th and Shields and would have had my husband not been riding in the front seat and reminded him to stop. The driver seemed confused about almost running the light as if he never saw it. I am suggesting that this same car (the Chevy Cobalt) could have been damaged in the transporting of renters back and forth by negligence or accident on the driver’s part with or without him being aware of it, due to the elderly nature of the drivers. Also I noticed Enterprise rental cars are parked in an uncovered parking lot and this car could have been damaged by vandalism or an object striking the car in the parking lot.

I am not responsible for the damage to the car of which Enterprise is accusing me; responsibility for the damage is due to negligence by Enterprise in not adequately documenting damage done by a previous renter, vandalism or natural accident; therefore, Enterprise is attempting to coerce an innocent party, Debbie Gardner, and/or her insurance company to pay for the damage when there is no conclusive proof that she is responsible.
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User Replies:
CaptainSpaulding on 11/20/2006:
It's getting to the point where the renter will have to take pictures of the rental vehicle before accepting it from the rental company! A lot of these car rental agents are incompetent boobs who blame the next renter of a vehicle for damage inflicted by the previous renter because, for whatever reason, they didn't spot the damage (or didn't bother to look at the vehicle) when the renter returned the car. If I were you, I'd write to the CEO of Enterprise Rent-A-Car explaining your experience with the agents that this location.
GWbiker on 11/20/2006:
For future use: In this age of time-stamp Digital photography, it might be a good idea to photograph the car damage prior to accepting the rental. Then download the photo onto a computer for printing. Might prevent a person from getting a big headache when returning the rental.
Shakra on 11/20/2006:
When you take the pictures, make sure you do it right in front of the agent. They started asking me the same questions and I became suspicious. I will NEVER rent from Enterprise again. They are shady.
CaptainSpaulding on 11/21/2006:
GWbiker: Didn't I post the exact same suggestion before you did? For future use: Reading previous dicussion posts will prevent redundancy, and will prevent you from looking like a copycatting doofus!
GWbiker on 11/21/2006:
Hey Heywood: Your public post to me didn't prevent you from looking like an immature brat.
bsk20719 on 12/07/2006:
I am just now going through the same darn thing I didn't notice a very low dent before I left with it and there trying to blame me, also may I add it was my second car because the first ones inspection and registration was outdated. I want to fight this but I don't know how. Does anyone have any suggestions?
webigail on 09/19/2007:
I will NEVER rent from Enterprise again. I am experiencing the same problem. Ironically, I only used them this time, because I had a 50% coupon, which was the result of a class action lawsuit.

Their unethical practices are beyond belief.
CoopersDad on 01/15/2010:
Hi there,

I worked for a rental car company for 8 years, and this kind of thing was, unfortunately, common. I have written a couple of articles that outline a) how to prevent this from happening and b) what to do if something likes this happens to you. I hope that this is helpful to you and other readers:

How to prevent rental car damage claims:

How to dispute rental car damage claims:

Good luck.
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
I have heard of this type of thing, and my husband is anal about walking an agent around a car we are renting and making him write down every thing he can see about the car and refuses to sign the contract unless all the things he sees is in the contract.
Charlie61 on 03/23/2010:
It is now 2010 and I have just been victimized by Enterprise Rental Car. I rented a car in Philadelphia on a rainy, cold day and did not get out of the car to inspect. When I returned the car, the agent found 2 dents on the roof of the car which she accused me of causing. I can assure you, I would have known if I had rolled over or if something had fallen on the car that caused dents on the roof. She asked me to sign a paper taking responsibility which I refused to do. I asked to see all the prior rental damage reports to make sure this had not been reported before. She said she was unable to do that. As soon as I got home, I cancelled my credit card so they couldn't automatically charge me. Do not rent from Enterprise, they are hounding me via mail every other day.
truthhurt on 08/01/2010:
Next time, check the car over before you leave, if there is damage and you do not report it when you see it, then how is enterprise supposed to know you didn't do it???
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Do Not Rent From Enterprise
Posted by on
DO NOT RENT FROM ENTERPRISE: My uncle and grandmother rented a car from Enterprise rental to drive my two small children ages 5 and 7 home from Michigan, they got about an hour past Charleston WV and got a flat, Enterprise refused to bring them a new car out to the location they were at(like they say they do), instead made them wait over an hour for a tow truck which then drove them an hour back to Charleston. The kids rode in the tow truck and my uncle and grandmother were forced to ride in the car on top of the flatbed truck. Which stranded them in Charleston until they can somehow get a new car from Enterprise sometime tomorrow(hopefully)!!!! They have to stay at a hotel overnight in Charleston due to the poor customer service from Enterprise. If it were me I would make them pay for the hotel stay!!!! Plus the mechanic that towed them back said that metal was coming through on all the tires and the vehicle is MECHANICALLY UNSAFE TO DRIVE AT ALL!!!
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User Replies:
Ben There on 08/13/2010:
Enterprise will come get you within a certain zone of their office, not hundreds of miles away in another state. As far as I know there are no rental cars that offer that service as they simply don't have the staffing to quickly dispatch two drivers in two cars to the side of the road anywhere in the USA. A contract with a local towing companies is pretty much the norm for roadside assistance.
ticia232 on 08/14/2010:
Ummm, It is ILLEGAL to let anyone ride in a car being towed (even on a flatbed). It is also ILLEGAL that any minor be transported without at least one legal adult in the cab with the driver. (To prevent lawsuits.)

Anonymous on 08/14/2010:
Wow, that seems pretty aggravating. I guess next time I'll be sure to check the tire tread before I go anywhere!
AussieMan on 08/14/2010:
life is never perfect, flat tyres happen. You had roadside assist, they did everyhting in their power to assist you. What more did you want. They do not have a pool of staff to drive to every flat tyre that may arise. BTW I find it appaling that anyone would drive a vehicle anywhere without being able to to the basics (ie change a tyre) especially with kids.
However, if the tyres were as badly worn as you say, then that is inexcusable.
I am unsure of the law in th US but in Australia, the driver is solely responsible for the condition of the car. If I was to be pulled over by police in a rental car which wasn't roadworthy, then I would be the one copping the fine. That's why I will always check a rental car before driving off thoroughly.
Enterprise cares on 08/16/2010:
Sorry to hear about the issues your uncle and grandmother experienced. We'd like to address them directly with the rental location but need more information to do so.

Please email care[at]enterprise.com with your full name, contact information, the name of the person whom the rental was under along with the exact location where they picked up the car and the rental agreement number (this is 6 or 9 numbers found at top right of pink rental agreement slip).

If emailing, please list reference #100816-001852 in the subject line.

- Elizabeth with Enterprise Rent-A-Car
James on 10/01/2012:
Most of the cars they rent have poor tire tread or bad steering issues.
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Bait & Switch to small cheap Kia
Posted by on
ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- Buyer Beware of Enterprise's Bait & Switch tactics.
Last weekend, I had a terrible rental experience with Enterprise at the Rochester, NY airport location.

I reserved a "standard size SUV" online with Enterprise 3 weeks in advance. Enterprise describes this car class as 6 cylinder and gives examples of Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Explorer, Nissan Pathfinder. I reserved a standard size SUV because I needed ample cargo space to move my son from Vermont to Rochester, NY. When I arrived to pick up the vehicle at 8:30am on Saturday, I asked if I would be getting a Cherokee. I was told no, I was getting a Kia Sportage. I questioned the adequacy of the cargo space and the rental agent reassured me that it was the same as the Cherokee. When I saw the Kia, I spoke with the branch manager, Chris Barnes and again described my need and questioned the cargo capacity of the Kia in comparison to the Cherokee or Explorer. Barnes again assured me that the Kia was the same class as the Cherokee and had the same cargo space. I questioned his opinion and asked what other standard size SUVs were available. He said none.

The Kia turned out to be totally inadequate for my needs and I had to leave some of my son's belongings in storage in Vermont. When I got home, I did some research online and learned that the Kia Sportage is classified by Kia, Consumer Reports and Edmunds as a "small SUV" not a "standard/midsized SUV" I further learned that the Kia Sportage is the smallest and cheapest Kia SUV and is 4 cylinders not six. The 4 cylinder Kia had poor highway performance on a 12 hour trip. Kia lists its competitors to the Sportage as the Honda CR-V, Ford Escape and Nissan Rogue...all "small SUVs". Furthermore, the Kia Sportage has the smallest cargo space (26.1 cu. ft.) compared to the three other small SUV competitors, which have up to 35.1 cu. ft. When comparing the Kia Sportage to true "intermediate/midsized" SUVs, the cargo space difference is even more dramatic.
When I returned the Kia to Enterprise on Sunday, I expressed my complaints to an agent and Chris Barnes, manager. I found the agent to be professional and responsive but the manager was very unprofessional...telling me that the Kia was a "standard size" SUV and if I was unhappy with it, I should have asked for another vehicle yesterday. I reminded him that I did ask him for another car and he said there were none. I also told him the Kia Sportage is the smallest SUV that Kia make and is a 4 cylinder not a 6 cylinder as advertised. Barnes walked away and left me with the agent who made a price adjustment.

My advice to all the other families, who are renting vehicles from Enterprise to move your college children...BEWARE. Enterprise won't commit to reserving specific vehicles. The vehicle examples listed on their website doesn't match what you will receive. They "bait" you with their advertisement listing bigger, more expensive cars and "switch" you to small, cheap Kias with inadequate cargo space and engines when you pick up your rental.
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User Replies:
bob932304 on 08/17/2010:
Some Sportages have 4 cylinders others have 6 cylinders. Not ALL Sportages have only 4. Sorry for your problem, I'd be mad too.
Enterprise cares on 08/18/2010:
While we are unable to specify the exact make and model, I apologize that a standard size SUV was not available for your rental. We'd like to look into this matter further but need more information to do so.

Please email me, care[at]enterprise.com with your full name, contact information, reservation number and rental agreement number.

When emailing please list reference #100818-002649 in the subject line.

- Elizabeth with Enterprise Rent-A-Car
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False Accusations, extremely rude behavior, very very disappointed
Posted by on
GERMANTOWN, MARYLAND -- I am having a very similar bad experience with ENTERPRISE. Now I have no doubt they totally blame customers for their own faults and make customers pay for the damages caused by whoever earlier. Recently, I had to rent a car because my car was in for repairs due to Hit and Run damages. They gave me a car which had a small dent on passenger side, but the representative told me it is considered minor wear and tear. Very next day, my own car was fixed so around 4:00 I returned the rental car to Enterprise. I asked the cashier 3 times if she wanted to go out or have someone check the car to see if it is in good shape, and she said all three times, no it looks fine and not to worry about anything. So I drop the car with them, and asked them for some notification of this upon which they gave me a paper that stated Rental Car Return date/time etc. More than a week later, I receive a letter from Enterprise Damage Control Dept that there was some damage to the vehicle returned and I am liable for that. Damage estimate is stated yet to be made. I was shocked as nothing had happened to the vehicle at all during the one day I had it and even when I returned it. It was totally as I rented with not even a single scratch. I double checked it myself before I gave it to them.
So I called the Enterprise guy who helped me with rental. His name is Mike Kenny, he is located in Montrose Automotive, Germantown, MD. He told me there were some scratches on passenger side. During the whole conversation, he was so so unprofessional and extremely rude. He told me he had left a message for me next morning, Such a liar as I never received any messages from them. If I would have, why wouldn't I get back to them the same day. Then he tells me though I dropped the car around 4:00 pm a day before, he did not walked out and checked it until 8:00 or 9:00 am next morning, so any damage that had occurred during that time frame is my responsibility. This is such a ridiculous claim. How I am responsible if you did not check the car for 16 hours since I dropped it off. I mean I did not have the keys to the car, it was not in my parking lot or possession, I have a paper from you all that I returned it fine, then how in the world is is my responsibility? I told him that anyone during those 16 hrs may have done something and how can you blame this on me. I wanted to talk to his manager, and he tells me he is the manager. WOW To Enterprise for having such unprofessional, rude, ill talking, and careless managers in their locations. I am thinking that may be he himself is in trouble for not checking it for so long hours and not knowing for whom the damage was done by, and that is why he threw it on me in first place. He never notified me same day because then I would want to go check it and talk with him, but he lied that he left a message. Then he is not even willing to talk to me to explain anything. He literally was ready to hang up the phone and told me he cannot do anything about it..That's it, it is your fault. I am so upset for being accused of something so wrong and false, and then receiving such mistreatment from him.

Anyway, I called my insurance and notified them of whole situation. Hopefully they will work something out. Otherwise I am going to go file a claim in court, and sue both Enterprise and this guy for such trouble, ridiculous customer service, false accusation, and harassment. I would not take blame for something that I did not do or I am not responsible for. For sure, no one in my circle is ever going to rent from Enterprise ever again. So Beware, don't be fooled by Enterprise reps.
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User Replies:
Enterprise cares on 05/17/2010:
We apologize for any frustration with this situation and would like to address it with the area manager over the location. However, we need some more information in order to do so.

Please email: care[at]enterprise.com with your full name, contact information, the rental agreement number ("D" followed by six digits, all numbers).

When emailing, list reference #100517-002157 in the subject line.

- Elizabeth with Enterprise Rent-A-Car
RK10 on 05/18/2010:
Thanks Elizabeth, I have already emailed my details and the documented copy of the complaint to care@enterprise.com. I hope to hear back from you all soon, and get the matter resolved. Thanks.
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Will Find Any Way to Steal Your Money
Posted by on
CATONSVILLE, MARYLAND -- I was involved in an accident for which I was not at fault. Since there were so many parties involved, I had to use my own coverage to get a rental car. My insurance made an appointment for me and since I was busy, my mom went to pick it up with my brother. At first, they gave us a car that reeked of so many awful smells, I couldn't even make out what it was. It was hard to breathe and I felt dirty just sitting in the car and would feel the need to wash my hands as soon as I got out. We had them switch the car for us after one day since we could not stand the smell.

We brought the other car home (this was the only time we drove it) and it literally sat in our driveway for 9 days because of a huge snow storm. Oh so conveniently, the day the storm ended, we got a call from Enterprise asking if we were content with our coverage. I had no idea what he was talking about. He kindly informed me that we were getting billed $18/day for insurance on the car which our insurance company did not cover but would come out of our own pocket. I asked my mom about it and she said Enterprise specified that everything would be covered by our insurance company.

After arguing with them for a very long time, the manager told me if I came into the center by the next day, he would stop the charges on my credit card. When I went in the next day, I found out that he had already charged us for the 9 days that our car just sat in our driveway. He kept saying that we were informed of the charges and we had signed off on it. However, my mom and brother recall a different story. They say they were told by Enterprise that everything was covered by our insurance; the only thing that Enterprise would charge us was a $100 deposit, which would be returned after we returned the rental car.

After a very long time of arguing, the manager did not budge at all. He refused to take off any charges, even though we told him it was a misunderstanding. He finally removed one day of charges, acting as if he was doing us a huge favor. All in all, we were charged $160 for renting a car that sat in our driveway for 9 days and was never even used. The managers and employees were rude, were not understanding, and showed no compassion for our situation. It seemed to me like the employee lied to his manager just to make money. My mother and brother swear they were told the insurance company would cover all charges and no other charges were discussed. I am convinced that the employee lied just to make some extra money.

Unfortunately for us, we were involved in an accident that was not our fault, but ended up costing us money out of our own pocket aside from the disgust of driving their dirty used cars. Thanks, Enterprise.
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User Replies:
yoke on 02/12/2010:
When you returned the first car did you get the exact same type of car or did you upgrade? If the car was upgraded you may be responsible for the difference in price.
It does not matter that the car sat for 9 days in your driveway, you still had the car.
Sarah1022 on 02/12/2010:
No, we did not get the same car. In fact, at first they gave us this ugly looking boxed car because that was all they had. And this was after waiting for a day for a rental. Then we opted for a compact car because I did not feel comfortable driving around that huge box.

I understand that we were responsible for the 9 days; yes my mom did sign off for it AND we did pay for it. However, Enterprise employees should not be lying just to make some profit. If they told my mom that the insurance company was going to pay for it and changed their story later, I cannot accept that as our fault and our financial responsibility.
yoke on 02/12/2010:
Your complaint is with your insurance company and not the car company. They got paid a certain amount from the insurance and if there is a difference then you pay the difference. I know we are allowed $50 a day. If the car is more than that we pay the difference.
Sarah1022 on 02/12/2010:
My complaint is NOT with my insurance company. My insurance company covers more than what enterprise charges for their daily rental.
Anonymous on 02/13/2010:
I would say this depends on whatever paperwork your mom or brother signed when they picked up the car. Is the box for insurance checked? Or is there an insurance Acceptance area that is initialed by the person who signed?

Thing is, folks can be verbally told one thing, but sign for something completely different.
yoke on 02/13/2010:
Well your mom signed for something that the insurance company did not cover and enterprise has a right to get paid for it. Did your mom agree to insurance on the car, if so that is not going to be covered by your own insurance.
madconsumer on 02/13/2010:
rental agencies do not give rentals to a person who is not a listed driver on the rental agreement. is your mother on the agreement?
PepperElf on 02/13/2010:
did you contact the insurance company to find out whether or not this was a covered charge?

that way, with proof from the insurance I would think you could have easily taken care of the rental extra charges
Sarah1022 on 02/13/2010:
My whole point in writing this was to relay how they verbally told us one thing, but on paper, had us sign for another.

No, our insurance company does not cover for this, but since this just happened yesterday and is an ongoing rental, I will definitely contact my insurance company and let them know of this scenario since they set us up with them.

Madconsumer, I'm not sure what it means to be convered on the rental listing. If it means that she is also on my insurance policy, yes, we are covered by the same insurance policy. However, since I was not available to pick it up, she did take my license because that is what they asked for.
Anonymous on 02/13/2010:
Sarah, your mother clearly has life experience. What would possess her to sign without reading? Not only that, your brother allowed this to occur.

yes, there are slimy companies out there. however, your best defense is a good offense. Clearly, two reasonably intelligent people failed to read, and just made like lemmings and followed the concept of "sign here, and initial here, here and here" without reading.
PepperElf on 02/13/2010:
I can explain what it means
On my first car I chose to not have rental option

So if I was in an accident and the car was in the shop for a couple of days, I would have to pay the daily rental fee out of my own pocket.

I could still use my insurance as coverage - in case I got in an accident with the rental - but it would NOT cover the daily fee.

Sarah1022 on 02/13/2010:
Raven, my whole point is that he VERBALLY LIED to us. It's okay, though; they got their money anyway. It's not like we refused to pay them, but I now that I have read other reviews on them, VERY FEW of which are good ones, I have realized what kind of company it really is. It is rare that anyone in my family gets into a car accident. Even though it wasn't my fault, it happened, and unfortunately we had to deal with this situation that we have not had much experience with before. But now, at least I know I will never use Enterprise again.

Pepperelf, thanks for explaining. It makes more sense that way!
Anonymous on 02/13/2010:
Sarah, verbal issues mean ZERO when there is a signed contract. ou can scream to high heaven about what the employee "said". Two adults chose not to READ what they signed...as well as you choosing not to find out PERZACTLY what your insurance company covered before sending mom and bro to pick up said car.

Look, I am NOT a fan of unscrupulous business practices. I AM a fan of arming oneself and going into an issue educated and prepared. Scammers prey on you otherwise.
Sarah1022 on 02/13/2010:
yeah, and that's exactly what happened to us. never trust their employees is all I have to say
Anonymous on 02/13/2010:
110% accurate, Sarah. Maybe, just maybe, you will be able to shame them into doing what's right. Either way, I bet no member of your family ever gets taken by fine print again.

I wish you luck, and please do keep us posted.
Ponie on 02/13/2010:
Did you check with your insurance company whether you had this coverage before you rented the car? My coverage page clearly states for how many days they'll pay for a rental at what limit per day.
How would the employee know if you had this coverage? Did your mother have the policy with her? Did you bother contacting your insurance company regarding rentals? No way would I believe the statement of a car rental employee over what my insurance company told me. But you didn't check, did you?
Ponie on 02/13/2010:
Ooops! My apologies, Sarah. I just reread your complaint and see it's not about the rental fee, it's about coverage on your rental. In this case, hate to say it, but place the blame squarely on your mother. I know she 'believed' what the employee told her, but she's the one who signed the contract.
Sarah1022 on 02/13/2010:
I will reiterate once again. Yes, it was completely my moms fault for signing it without reading it. No doubt, that's what a contract is and you don't sign without reading it. My point in writing this is to make other customers aware that they should not just flat out trust the employees. The employee seemed like a nice guy, he said our insurance would pay for it and my mom fell for it. After reading other reviews on this company, I realize that this is not a one time misunderstanding, but it seems like it happens too often. I just want other customers to be aware of this before they end up in the same situation
Anonymous on 02/13/2010:
Everything *was* covered by your insurance company, I.e. they paid the daily rate for the rental.
jktshff1 on 02/13/2010:
All this points to READ THE CONTRACT unfortunately we live is a day and age where a person's word has no meaning anymore.
louisamj73 on 05/17/2013:
The same scam with me happened at enterprise salina ks. By the branch manager himself. He talked down to me bullied me and said you know I told you all about damage coverage. Lie, lie and when I told him I never would have signed that he got hostile and said I'll give you one more chance to remember. He was dangling my deposit and he had billed me and AMF insurance then got mad cause I called them. Never in my life been treated so bad in a business. Don't expect your deposit back you won't get it. They'll find every thing wrong with the car you brought back too. I am just sick cause they are charging me 300 for insurance I never check marked on. LMH 785-577-4976
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Discovered Damage Scam with Enterprise
Posted by on
CHELMSFORD, MASSACHUSETTS -- Enterprise Episode 8-31-09
My husband and I went to pick up a rental car while visiting MA from FL on Weds. 8-26-09 at 10:30 am at Enterprise Car Rental on 290 Littleton Road, Unit 9, Chelmsford, MA 01824-3300. We followed Pete around vehicle for walk around to check for damage or scratches. I mentioned a scratch on drivers side panel near door handle and was told by Pete that they were only concerned with 5” or longer scratches that went all the way through the paint. So nothing was noted on paperwork in regards to any damage. He was put back by the deal we recv’d on line mentioning he did not know if he could give it to us. I explained we have a confirmation for that price. He said he would have to modify several things to come close. He asked for my paperwork. I handed him the confirmation page and he asked for more. I explained that I had left that at home and he should be able to find the same thing looking up the confirmation number I had handed him. When we explained that there were approximately 10 of us renting cars from them that week he found a way to work it out.
We went to return vehicle on Monday, August 31st, 2009 at 10:20 am. Paperwork was started and he ran out to inspect vehicle. He walked around and when Mr. Nel got to the drivers door he dropped to one knee and inspected the undercarriage. He then lifted his head and looked again and then dropped to 2 knees and looked again. He quickly returned to the lobby and mentioned he had detected damage to the underside of drivers side rocker panel. I said we had not done any damage to the car. He went out and looked again and again returned with the same story. I said we did not damage to the vehicle as it was parked at in my mothers yard most of the week. He mentioned that we had put on 241 miles. I said, “ Yes, that’s why you rent a car but we had not caused any damage”, to the 2009 Ford Fusion. He said he would have to look up any previous damage reports and of course there were none. I mentioned that Pete had at no time dropped to his knees and inspected the undercarriage of the car (as my husband and I walked behind him inspecting the car). He said that that was procedure and couldn’t know if Pete had in fact looked under the car but that is procedure. He asked what my deductible was, $1000 or $500 which I responded $500. He said he was required to immediately take this off my credit card. I said do not file a claim with our insurance because no damage was done while the car was in our possession. He said this is required and that there was nothing he could do.
My mother who had given me a ride to return the car came in to the lobby and asked what was taking so long. I explained about suspicious damage to undercarriage and she said, “the car has been in the driveway all week, except for us attending a wedding and reception across state.” I took paperwork and went back to Mom’s at in Westford, MA.
I immediately phone my insurance company, Geico, and explained this suspicious episode. After I got off the phone with Geico my sister-in-law, who is an attorney, who advised me to return to Enterprise and take pictures for our adjuster. My husband and I returned to Enterprise and drove around the area but did not see the Ford Fusion. I entered the lobby and I asked Mr. Nel where the car was so that I can take pictures for our adjuster and attorney. He said the car had been rented out. (All within 45 minutes) He seemed a little nervous. Alex said that I didn’t think we needed a lift to inspect the vehicle before leaving the lot and are you going to also charge the next people renting this same car??
This smells like a scam all the way around. We have rented vehicles before but never have been expected to drop to our knees to inspect the undercarriage prior to accepting a vehicle. When did this become “standard practice?”
I need advise or help writing a letter to Enterprise corporate office. Any will help. Thanks
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User Replies:
bargod on 09/02/2009:
*sniffs air* yep definitely a scam I smell here. That or my famous noodle kaboodle.
Anonymous on 09/02/2009:
You are getting scammed!
MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/02/2009:
I agree...this is a scam. You should have your attorney send a letter to Enterprise Corp outlining the events precisely and consisely. Inform them that you are disputing the claim. If they continue with the charge, then file a small claims suit.
JR in Orlando on 09/02/2009:
I rented a car from enterprise, returned it and there was a bumper hitch size hole in the front plastic bumper. They checked the past reports and there was a record of it. No problem. I would assume it is this agency and not the company itself which is doing the scam.

Write corporate Enterprise, explain your suspicions, tell them when you checked it in, and demand a copy of the rental agreement for the following renter with the name, address and identifying information redacted. (send letter certified, return receipt requested) If damage not recorded on the following rental contract, this indicates the damage claim is a scam.
Anonymous on 09/02/2009:
Yeah, what everyone else said.
Anonymous on 09/02/2009:
What MundoCani said.
bcgrad on 09/02/2009:
Enterprise tried to pull this stunt on me several years ago when I rented a VW Passat for a few days following my wife's accident. Upon returning the vehicle they checked the car out and said that everything was fine. About an hour later I got a phone call from the branch manager telling me that part of the tail-light casing was broken. I informed her that the car was inspected by one of her associates and that everything was fine. How could I possibly be blamed for something that occurred an hour after I returned the vehicle? Thankfully nothing came out of it, possibly because I hinted to her that the next call she would be receiving would be from my attorney if any action was taken against me. Rule of thumb for any of you renting from Enterprise, ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS check the ENTIRE vehicle for even a paint chip because they will try to nail you for it.
enterprise scam on 02/24/2011:
This must be an Enterprise scam....I just returned a car and the clerk said there was damage underneath the front bumper. When I rented the car neither the clerk or myself bent upside down to look underneath the car. We just did a walk around and I pointed out marks and he said they were too small and not to worry. If I had hit something I would have felt it and I always park forward facing. It looks like you can take liquid paper and paint over it..but the clerk claims this area is cracked.
I don't have a credit card and only left a deposit of $75 so the clerk asked me for $500.00 up front. I told him no way but he is calling my insurance in the AM.
Any steps that I should take?
Ytropious on 02/24/2011:
These are OLD THREADS, the people who originally wrote them are never going to come back.
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Damage Recovery Unit Incompetent and Harassment!
Posted by on
When I returned my rental car the Enterprise Rent-A-Car rental office representative made me spend 30 to 40 minutes filing a claim with my insurance company to cover for the hail damage on the rental car. He also made me wait while he called the insurance company back to make sure he had all the insurance information. I paid the rental fees, my deductible (for my insurance claim) and left, thinking that was the end of that!

A few weeks later I got a letter in the mail from the Damage Recovery Unit asking for my insurance information. I called them up and was told that yes they did have the insurance information. But that was not the end of it; Yesterday (which was a few weeks after the first letter) I got another letter in the mail - only this time in addition to saying they did NOT have the insurance company information, they also enclosed the invoice for the repair done on the car.

When I called my insurance company they told me that Enterprise NEVER did get back to them.

The representative at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car rental office OBVIOUSLY had no problem contacting my insurance company, so either the DRU is very incompetent or they have no clue how to use the phone. Instead of trying to contact my insurance company, they harass me by sending letters after letters asking for the SAME information. What is unbelievable is to think their business comes mostly from people who need rental cars while the cars in the shop and so they deal with insurance companies constantly. Why won't they contact my insurance company or RETURN my insurance company call?

I am aggravated and do not appreciate the harassment and will NEVER rent from Enterprise Rent-A-Car anymore and will advise anyone to seek rental cars elsewhere. There are BETTER alternatives than Enterprise Rent-A-Car out there!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/18/2009:
I wasn't aware insurance companies are responsible for hail damage. Hail would damage the car even if its sitting in their lot.
rayzehrung on 07/09/2012:
M3C, Exactly! That is what I think happened to me. They had damage when it was returned and stabbed me for the damages. Here's what happened to me:

For years, I have been a good customer of Enterprise Rent A Car. I fly into DC every month to see my girls who live in the DC area. This past time, I dealt with a young black man who seemed to have it in for me. He showed me an upgraded car (I have been VIP for years, so I am used to upgrades from Enterprise) and asked me if it was OK. I took a walk around the car and did not notice anything glaring about the condition of the vehicle. It was a Dodge crossover SUV type vehicle with just over 14K miles.

I kept the car for the six days, returning it at 4 am, as I had promised. Since nobody was there (at the Enterprise area of DCA), I left the car and went to catch my flight.

Two days later, I received a letter stating the the vehicle had suffered "damage to the roof due to hail" and that I was responsible for 2300 in damages. I called and said that I did not look on the very roof of the vehicle when I checked it out, since it is an SUV and I am a senior citizen and did not feel comfortable climbing up on the wheel well and looking at the top roof. After all, I had never thought to look at the top roof of any SUV I rented in the past.

Enterprise insisted that the car had been damaged whist in my possession, a finding that I found difficult, since I could not remember any hail coming down while I was in the DC area.

I went to the NOAA (National Oceanographic and Aerospace Agency) and looked up the storm reports for the week I had the car. There were no reports of hail within 300 miles of where I was. Since I had only driven the car for 225 miles, I figured this was proof positive that the care did NOT receive any hail damage whilst I had it in my possession. I even emailed the link to the NOAA to the claims people at Enterprise.

They continued to deny my claim that the vehicle was damaged before or after I had possession and insisted that I either have my insurance company (AAA) pay for the damage or that I pay for the damage myself.

I am very angry at the way I was treated. Even after I provided absolute PROOF that no hail had occurred while I was in possession (an impossibility), they continued to insist that I was responsible.

My take on this is that the young black radical who helped me had it in for me. I am a successful businessman and he had an attitude from the get go. I cannot prove he purposefully gave me a car he knew was damaged, but I feel I was set up.

Now...since I have not listed his name, I am not committing libel, but the real kicker is that even with POSITIVE PROOF from the main storm SCIENTIFIC center for the USA, Enterprise continued to claim the car had been damaged while in my possession.

My insurance company is going to pay the claim, minus my deductible, but the absolute crappy way I was treated has firmed up my resolve to NEVER again rent from Enterprise, or their sister companies, Alamo, or National. I spend about 6K a year on just my DC trips with them, but now...I just booked a six day rental with Hertz, my old car company, who for some reason, I quit using (I think Enterprise is cheaper, now I know why, jerks).

So, here you have it. An unscrupulous company claiming damages to a vehicle by a loyal customer, even after proof has been provided.

I almost thought about suing them, but finally, just decided to let my insurance pay and leave as many bad reviews for them as possible.

Caveat Emptor.
Unhappy Customer on 08/05/2012:
I just received notification from the Enterprise Damage Recovery Unit that I "damaged" their vehicle during my 3 day rental. Absolutely rediculious, the vehicle was in same condition when I returned it as when I picked it up. After some research this appears to be a recurring theme with Enterprise, I think a class action lawsuit is in order!!
faryal on 03/23/2013:
This happened to me too!Class action suit is definitely in order.
Deepti on 07/29/2013:
Same thing happened to me! I have credit hold against renting cars right now.. and they have reported me to a collections company. All the while, when they haven't provided documentation proof to my insurance company. Ashley L Harris from the Damage Recovery Unit is the one incharge of my case and is probably the worst thing that happened to any customer service related job. The case has been pending since September 2012 and it has still not been resolved- can only speak of her incompetence in providing two simple documents to the insurance company.
Ramen on 09/27/2013:
I got a car with enterprise a person hit me n the back there were no dents only a scratch. I offered to fix it my self. They refuse and took my deposit. Then they say I had the car for an extra day . I got the car at 12 noon Friday they say I got it 7 in the morning. Now they no I got it at 12 n they still want give me my money. I hate them
Enterprise cares on 10/14/2013:
Thank you for your post and making us aware of your experience. My name is Kat and I am a Social Monitoring Coordinator for Enterprise Rent A Car and would like to assist you. Please email Care@Enterprise.com with your contact information, rental agreement number, and exact branch location so we can follow up with you directly. Please also type reference number 131014-001950 in the subject line of your email.

Best Regards,
Social Monitoring Coordinator
Enterprise Rent A Car
rob cosby on 10/28/2013:
this also happened to my family. Enterprise lied and said we damaged their vehicle. I not only have integrity but many safe driving awards. never rent from Enterprise- they blatantly LIED- the location I rented from was in Midlothian,Virginia in April 2010
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The Car Dealer Paid for the Rental but I Would Have Been Better [Off] Walking to Work.
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51 - Consumer improved rating by 4 stars
AUSTINTOWN, OHIO -- The car dealership paid for the rental but still I would have been better off walking to work. I recommend walking over renting a car from Enterprise even if the dealer is paying for it. The car smelled like cigarette smoke, and no one even bothered to to press the button on the dash that shuts off the re circulation of the air mode. I was in a rush to get to work so I didn't have time to say anything about that. I had an appointment to drop off my car to be repaired at 9AM and I had to be a work by 10AM. I just opened the windows, turned the air-recurculation off and went to work. Even though the car dealer paid for the rental itself, Enterprise still tries to get you to pay around $14 because if a scratch gets on the car you will have to pay for it unless you pay the $14. I decided not to pay the $14 because all I needed the car for was to go to work and back one time. Since I didn't pay the $14 they recommended that I bring the car directly back to them instead of bringing it to the dealer, because If something happened to the car between the time when I brought it back to the dealer and when they received the car I would still be held accountable for it. I brought it back directly to them without a scratch and I got a ride back to the dealer and my wife was now with me. I asked if my wife could be dropped off at a location on the way between Enterprise and the dealer. They said that they couldn't do that. Then I told them about the car smelling like smoke. They said that it doesn't do any good to tell them about the smoke after I have already dropped off the car. Apparently, there not interested in airing out the car for the next person who might get in the car either. My advise to you is just walk. The exercise will be good for you, and avoiding the stress of being a Enterprise customer will be even better for you.
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User Replies:
Enterprise Cares on 09/29/2014:
Jared, Customer service and satisfaction are very important to us at Enterprise. I would like to follow up with you. Please email me at care@enterprise.com with the complete details, exact renting location, contact information and any rental agreement numbers. Also reference #140929-002634in the subject. I look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you. Chris, Social Media Monitor, Enterprise Rent-A-Car
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Car Rental Nightmare/Potential Ins. Fraud
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Rating: 1/51
LAKEWOOD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- We were picking up a new vehicle in Lakewood, New Jersey. Closest we could fly into was LaGuardia so we rented a one way to drop off in Lakewood following morning. This was a $200 rental. Picked up car as per usual, did walk around etc… The following morning, as I dropped it off I was informed I had had an accident. Obviously I was surprised, would have thought I might have known that. Went out to car and they showed me a piece of plastic popped away from car body, no scratches, nothing, but glue was clearly visible under the plastic. I pointed out this wasn’t an accident, but a defective repair, they didn’t care, I had to pay. Called roadside, they confirmed the car had recently been in an accident and repaired, same spot. They said put me on with manager, I did, manager listened, said ok, hung up, looked at me with a grin and said, you are paying anyway. I said call the police, he said no, you call the police. I called my insurance company, relayed the story, they said, put me on with the manager, they told him "you do not move that car until we get an adjuster there", and then told me go ahead and leave after signing. Upshot, the Enterprise location then billed me, immediately, without the car being looked at, for $480 for the “re-gluing” of this part. I called Amex and stopped payment, called Enterprise, anyone ever try to get customer service in corporate? There is none. The damage department said they would not step in, even though they also could see that this was previous damage. There was absolutely no assistance, regional representative would not do anything, told me he would get back to me and didn’t, although he was also pretty useless, said he backed his employees, and that they “did the right thing”. Finally called NJ AG’s office, they started investigation and suddenly Enterprise couldn’t wait to credit the money back to my card. Funny how that worked. Never want to use Enterprise again, they have some real crooks working for them, and no recourse within company . First image shows glue behind the plastic panel, second the outside after being "popped in" not a scratch
Company Response 08/26/2014:
Thank you for bringing this to our attention, John. As customer service is of the utmost importance to us, we would like the opportunity to look into this for you. Please contact us at care@Enterprise.com with the complete details. Include the exact rental location, your contact information, rental agreement or reservation number, claim number, and any further information regarding your experience with us that you would like to add.

When emailing, please place reference number 140826-002715 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.

Social Media Coordinator
Enterprise Rent A Car
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Peter on 08/14/2014:
I cannot prove it but I am certain the rental companies do not fix damages immediately. The charge unsuspecting customers time and again for the same damage. Budget tried that on me and yelled loud enough they knew I wasn't going to roll over and pay $500 for damage I did not do and they gave me a pass on that. Good for you for fighting!!
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Enterprise Is a Shady Third-Rate Off Brand Rental Car Company
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Rating: 1/51
OCEANSIDE, CA, CALIFORNIA -- My car was hit in an accident. The driver responsible claimed to be insured, but could not present any information.

In the interests of time, I chose to work through my insurance and have them collect from the other driver. My insurance includes 80% of $500 towards a rental car. I was told, by State Farm that I could get a car to $21.95 or $24.95 per day.

However, when I got dropped off at Enterprise by the auto body shop, all they could offer me was $37.95 per day - which is a little more than the basic rate I can get on the Enterprise web site. As my car was going to be in for repairs for 3-4 weeks, I asked if I could get a weekly rate instead. This is available on the website and is about $122 a week. I was told no, as the insurance company rates are only daily rates and are negotiated.

This has to be a lie. Why would State Farm negotiate rates worse that the standard rates available on the website? What I got for my $37.95 was a stinky (seriously bad odor covered by that rental car scent) Prius with the "requires maintenance" indicator on.

The car has never driven like any other Prius I have ever driven. It seems that engine is always running - it never runs on battery, even if I inch forward. I tried to explain this to the agent and he told me that it's working fine. He didn't even go to the car to check this out. Apparently, he has magic powers to diagnose cars from the counter. Essentially he told me I was stupid.

Right now I'm going to use up my $500 allowance in two weeks. My car's repair has been extended to five weeks. So, at this time, I am going to be stuck with an additional $600 in rental charges for a lousy car replacing my car that was in an accident that was not my fault.

Company Response 06/18/2014:
Grant, we’ve taken note of your comments and would like the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to care@enterprise.com including the exact rental location, your contact information, your rental agreement or reservation number and any further information regarding your experience with us.

Please reference number 140618-005557 in the subject line of your email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Zachary A.
Social Media Coordinator
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
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