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Epathchina.com Is A Scam
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Epathchina is a scam website! They don't really follow their own guidelines and offer no customer support. I contacted them about a product that I believed to be defective. They did not sound interested in the conversation and just said to send it back. We agreed to full refund and return shipping costs. When they get the product, they claim that they have no refund policy and that I would need to pay $80 for repairs plus return shipping to them.

The product is a freakin $45 MP3 Player! Everyone, stay away from epathchina.com, they are total scammers.
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c_c on 07/08/2010:
Is really?!I have online shopping experience with epathchina.com.Generally speaking!I feel this online electronic wholesaler well as for the goods of them.you could get so many more electronics gadgets and digital goods at a low price.
The digital products in my hand mainly from them.It is said that all of their goods have the quality.quote"Approved: CE / FCC. After Sales Service: 1 Year Warranty".though I can't enjoy this rules,because the goods never have the quality problem.
All in all,I want to say what you came across is the particular situation.that is to say there are some communicate problems with you and the company service stuff.
In my opinion.As a big electronics wholesaler.What you bought was only a little MP3 player.they couldn't treat you like that.and they can't treat you.as for me,I trust Epathchina.Credit is the first!
Best wishes!
Yezi on 07/14/2010:
What the first guy said was not real.I am a customer service from Epathchina,so how come that the company doesn't have customer service?We are always there on live chat to help our consumers with all kinds of uuestions or by email and phone calls.And about the returning policy,I need to talk about something,only when the components of an item is damaged by human acts will we ask money from our consumers.What's more,we can change a new one for our customer if we can't fix it.All in all,we are trying our best to offer the best service to each consumer from Epathchina.
stepanstas on 07/30/2010:
Obviously, the comments by "c_c" are from a Chinese person based on the horrible Chinglish. So no doubt that is a fake post from someone who works at Epathchina. Hey c_c, by making such comments here you just show everyone how tricky your company is!!

As to Yezi, maybe your policies are better now than they were in the past, I don't know, I only have my own personal experience to judge. This is a forum for people to share their own experiences and that is what I have done. If you want to carry on this conversation offsite onto Skype or something that would be fine.
SunnieS on 04/02/2011:
I had a good experience with this company. I bought a Windows tablet from them. When I received the parcel, the adapter was missing. My parcel seemed had been opened before, I guess it must be the customs. Then I went to live chat of the site to get help. They sent me a new one at once. Now I have received it and have been enjoying with this tablet. :)
jayzee on 02/11/2014:
They are lying about the Online chat, first of all it is not an online chat, when you click on it its an email submit box so there is nothing online there. Second I placed and order and made the payment (my first time with Epathchina) and after 4 business days I still cannot get any reply from them or any order confirmation. At this point they have my money but they are nowhere to be found, I sent them about 4 emails now with no reply. If they reply or ship my product I will edit this post and share my experiances again but for now they just disappeared with my money
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