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Multifunction Printer and Ink
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Rating: 1/51

FRESH MEADOWS, NEW YORK -- Epson Stylus NX210 replaced cyan ink less than 2 months ago, now it says it does not recognize cartridge. I probably printed 3 color pages since installing new cartridge. Now, I replaced cartridge and printers says ALL cartridges are bad. Went to store to buy another ink and NONE of Epson ink boxes tell you how much ink they carry. Do not buy Epson printer. I understand they make money with ink but they should not abuse us, Let's NOT buy Epson. Customer service 562-276-4382 ignore me, how? Told me to hold on and never came backā€¦ I held for 20 minutes.

Epson Printers Suck
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Rating: 1/51

The Epson Printers, WF-3540 in my case which is typical of all of the Epson Printers, is the dirtiest lowdown operation I have ever seen. If one of the 4 cartridges is deemed bad by the computer the entire printer locks up, which means no more scanning or faxing let alone no more printing. There is a chip in each ink cartridge that decides whether it is low, and most of the time there is a lot of ink left. But it gets worse with this bunch of ripoff gangsters. If you replace with an Epson brand cartridge and have 3 cheaper brand cartridges the printer locks up. Many times non-Epson cartridges won't work.

Epson ink is expensive as heck, replace 4 cartridges and you are looking at about $100, it's cheaper to throw the printer away than to keep replacing cartridges. Buy these rotten Epson printers and you are no longer in control of anything, including probably your frustration which usually grows into rage. So here we are with a wonderful printer designed by dirty rotten lowdown miserable egg sucking ripoff gangsters who suck you in with a wonderful printer and nowhere does it ever tell you how you will go bankrupt and crazy trying to make the damned cartridges work. Nuts to Epson!

Worst Customer Service Ever
By -

As a customer I am completely tire of dealing with people who can not help or will make you believe on their world for nothing. On October 1st I placed an order through your web page. Inks for my printer CX 6000. I was preventing to ran out of ink.

On October 9th worried about my order, I went to check on the status, "Shipment information sent to FedEx.
Please check back later for shipment status or subscribe for e-mail notifications." copied from Fedex web page today, October 27. I decided to called the called center and find out what happened. The person I talked told me to cancel the order and place a new one. I told him that I ordered preventing ran out of ink, and I had run out on ink the day before, so I was not able to wait. I canceled my order and he told me that my credit card was going to be credited in 48 hrs.

On October 19 I called, my credit card was not credited. At this time I was getting already upset, but probably a good explanation and a quick resolve was going to be given by the customer service representative in this called. ** was may CSR, and he told me not to worried, I spent probably around 40 minutes between conversation and waiting while he resolved my problem. At the end he told me that the accounting/finance department will process the charge back to my credit card in not more than 48 hours.

Today October 27, 8 days later with my conversation with **, I called, upset, because it proved that my 40 minutes on October 19 was just a lie, probably each time I was on hold he was helping someone else, and at the end ** who gave me his word that I was going to be reimbursed my MONEY, just lie to me. Of course I called one more time now to have another CSR name this time **. ** hear me one more time, and now he blame the bank, who will supposed to credit the money, but I had talked 2 times with my credit card holder, and they told me that until Epson do not submit a credit to my account they could not do anything.

I request ** to pass me his supervisor, but after 10 minutes waiting he told me that MR. ** in accounting was busy and he was going to returned my called a ASAP. Until now I had spent 34 minutes on the phone, again for nothing... My money in somewhere between Epson account, and non of the CSR can do anything, because they blame on accounting.

I am waiting to talked to MR. **, which I believe will not call at all, and again was another CSR trying to just pass the call to somebody else. Hopefully someone by mail will get my message, and at least let me know why I still waiting for my money if I did not get my products, by the way in some places it is stealing to take someone money and not give his product.

Complaint About a Repair
By -

ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND -- A client of mine has an Epson CX11NF All-In-One document machine. It is out of warranty. Recently, the Auto Document Feeder (ADF) jammed. Once the paper was removed, the ADF failed to work anymore. Epson Support was contacted and we were told to send it to one of their authorized repair centers, which was MicroCare Inc., located in Maryland. My client paid the $35 to have it looked at by MicroCare and was told it could not be fixed without having to order a whole replacement ADF unit which was in excess of $300. Of course, he decided against having it fixed at that price.

I understand the price of parts, especially when you can't get a particular part out of some of the larger pieces without getting the whole piece. ** from MicroCare explained this to me on the phone. That is fine, and understandable, however, it is not the problem. The problem is this. My client was told that the unit could not be fixed without having to spend over $300 for parts.

I took the unit apart, found a piece that was out of place, put it back into place, put it back together, and now everything is working just fine. I don't even have an education or proper training to repair these things, but I had no trouble finding the real problem and fixing it, in less than an hour it was already back together and scanning. That means that the unit could in fact be fixed, and without any parts required at all. So my client was misinformed. Had he proceeded to get service with MicroCare as instructed by EPSON, he would have spent an additional excess of $300 on top of the $35 he had already spent to be misinformed in the first place.

I called EPSON to tell them about the problem with MicroCare, and guess what? They don't care. They explained to me that the unit was out of warranty and that it is not their responsibility. However, because they were the ones who referred me to this company in the first place, I thought they should know what kind of service I got, especially since EPSON referred them. Well, they don't care. There is nothing they can do they said, except to call MicroCare.

I called MicroCare. They tried to explain to me the cost of replacing a broken part - basically, they can't get a single part, they have to order a larger piece containing the parts, therefore, they have to charge accordingly. Once again, I explained to them that was not my problem. I DON'T need parts. They had incorrectly told me that I needed to order these parts, that the unit could not be fixed otherwise.

I fixed the unit myself without parts. I told them I was concerned about how many other people might be a victim. They ignored my concerns and wouldn't even refund my client the $35 he spent to be mislead and misinformed. He almost lost an additional excess of $300. What kind of justice is this? They told me to write them a letter and they'd discuss it with their boss. I think I should just call and talk to the boss myself.

Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax Review
By -

This is an All-In-One Color Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax with 4 separate ink cartridges. "Scan" has never worked unless the source is 100% flat, IE. it WILL NOT scan books or anything else with a binding that lifts part of the page away from the glass. My old Lexmark would scan ANYTHING readably. "FAX" has never worked in a reasonable manner. It WILL NOT fax anything in electronic form. You MUST print the page first, and then scan the PRINTED page into the FAX function. It is nearly impossible to send a multi-page FAX: It requires about 20 minutes menu-hopping, all settings of which will be LOST when completed or the slightest mis-entry.

The ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) has never worked. It either loads multiple pages at once, or crumples a page in the transport mechanism. In addition it recently FELL OFF during an ink cartridge change: the plastic attaching tabs had just crumbled away.

I almost NEVER print anything except black text. Nonetheless this piece of fecal matter requires that I put in one or more new color ink cartridges every few weeks. Clearly there is a TIMER to "decide" when the customer shall be shafted into requiring new ink cartridges. I have 24 extra ink cartridges. I do not have a "Cyan" cartridge however. So this morning this piece of ** became totally and entirely USELESS. In the South Seattle area you may purchase this from me for one dollar by calling ** and leaving a message on my Google Voice.

Epson used to make the very best video and printer equipment on the market for U.S. civilians. My first Epson products each cost less than half the price of ONE of the fraudulent/malicious ink-cartridges they are requiring for this printer.

Every single one of my calls and emails sent to Epson over the past 2 years about this piece of crap resulted in a "Buy Only Epson Ink Cartridges" (4 required) being sent to my email address. Nothing more. Clearly this malicious design and function is well-known to Epson, and was intentional and deliberate.

I will never ever buy another Epson product, not even a USB cable. I suggest anyone reading this also avoid Epson like the plague. With this kind of customer abuse, they will not be in business much longer. I sincerely hope!

Epson Cx4700 Printer - Run!!!
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I purchased the Epson CX7400 in Dec 07. The indigo, magenta and yellow ink cartridges are $13 apiece in the BX and the black ink is almost $20.00. I set my computer to print ONLY in black and white!!! And yet within 20 pages of print had to replace the yellow and red cartridges. WHAT!!! I called Epson (562) 276-4382 and asked WHY my colored ink was going down when I wasn't printing in color? The Epson rep said the printer "uses a little color" EVERY time you print even if just black and white. That PHD who wrote a previous review was CORRECT.

I told the rep "A LITTLE COLOR" - it used up all my yellow and red and my blue is half full. My black was only a quarter gone. This rep sent me free of charge 10 ink cartridges (2 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow, 2 black) without my even asking. That folks tells you Epson knows they have a loser. I started over with 4 brand new ink cartridges and counted exactly how many copies i got from each color printing only in black and white. I reached 105 copies before the black ink went out not the 300 promised by the Epson rep.

In fact although the PREVIOUS print job levels had RED FULL and YELLOW at the half way mark, blue just slightly gone and black almost empty, when I printed the next page THE RED, YELLOW AND BLACK INK levels indicated EMPTY!!!

I replaced the black ink with one of the ones the company sent and just took the red and yellow ink cartridges out and put them back in because there was NOTHING wrong with them. When I printed the next copy, LO AND BEHOLD the RED was now a 1/4 down and the yellow down to within a 1/4 from bottom and Black was of course full and blue down about a 1/4.

My old HP color printer NEVER did this. As soon as EPSON opens today, I am calling them and I WANT MY MONEY BACK. THEY CAN TAKE THEIR FREE INK CARTRIDGES and shove them because unless they plan on supplying me with free cartridges for the rest of the life of this printer, it is NOT worth it. What a RIP OFF!

P.S. You all are going to think this is CRAZY but I SCAN all of my tax receipts (back-up) and some of the receipts are yellow or blue or some other color. I did NOT print - just scanned a colored document. When I went to print the so-called "yellow colored" scanned document in BLACK AND WHITE, the yellow ink level FELL more than a 1/4. RUN RUN RUN FROM THIS PRINTER!!!

Worst, Most Difficult to Understand People EVER!
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Rating: 1/51

My Workforce 645 Multi function printer print quality got increasingly bad so I called Tech Support. They ran me through clean, clean and clean again... print "quality" still bad. Sooo, as this printer was still under warranty, I was told EPSON would send me a new printer. I had to give them my credit card info so a "hold" could be placed on it to ensure that I would return the defective unit. OK, I get it.

Out of curiosity, I sent an email today asking for shipping information of the replacement unit. 6 hours later I received a response saying that there hadn't been a replacement order made so I had to call back in to Tech No Support and again talk with yet another barely understandable "English" speaking tech no support person. ** confirmed that there wasn't an order placed for the replacement unit.

So, after he placed me on hold so he could read the confirmation number info. After a while he returned to the call and in his best broken English said that he'd placed an order and needed my credit card number (again) for a hold to ensure the return of the defective unit. OK, one last time. Again, a hold... then he returned to the phone to say it was ordered. I asked if shipping info would be emailed to me and he said I could track the order on FedEx's website by EPSON's reference number. OK, I'll give it a try.

Then he said that I'd have the replacement in 3-7 days. I asked if EPSON could expedite the shipping as this printer was used in my business and needed it now. Back on hold... When ** came back on the line he needed to know WHY I needed it sooner! WAAA??? Geez, remind me to NEVER buy another EPSON product!!! (By the way, new print cartridges [4] cost over $72.) I paid $89 for the printer originally.

Epson NX420 Good and Bad
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Rating: 4/51

SMYRNA, TENNESSEE -- We purchased the Epson NX420 to use at home as a wireless printer/scanner/copier and to take with us on road trips. It was very easy to set up, and the wireless works great with our Windows 7 home network. The unit prints clean crisp documents, and the ink dries quickly and does not smear. The copier works okay with full 8-1/2 x 11 documents. It does not work so well with pictures, as it tries to resize the picture in automatic mode, but often cuts part of it off by enlarging too much.

The scanner works well as to quality, but the setup isn't as straightforward, and we often can not find the scanned documents on our computer without considerable searching. And somehow it has created multiple "My Documents" folders in my "Documents" library. Even though I have moved everything and these extra folders are empty, it still will not allow me to delete them.

The portability is reasonably good, and we have taken it on research trips, and were able to quickly set it up and plug it in and go. When traveling, we connect it to our computer with a USB printer cable, and it works fine, going back and forth between wireless at home and wired while traveling. That's all automatic, we don't have to change anything except to select the printer either on the network or not on the network.

The worst issue is that this printer will not accept high capacity ink cartridges, and when one of the 4 cartridges gets low, the unit is disabled until a new cartridge is installed. It will not scan, print, anything until a new cartridge is installed. Mind you I said "low", not out. In fact there is sometimes as much as 20% to 30% of the initial ink volume left when it shuts the unit down. This is very frustrating and expensive. To replace all 4 cartridges costs as much as the printer cost new. Epson has faced a class action lawsuit over this very issue, as they are ripping consumers off. If it were not for that issue, this would be a great unit for the money.

Epson Printer
By -

I am angry to the point of being fed up with the underhanded sneaky way you folks cheat me on my ink refills. I own a cx6000 printer. Twice I've replaced ink cartridges and both times I've encountered the identical problem. When I put in the new cartridges and run through the replacement procedure on the printer everything comes up OK on the printer display. The printer readout reads 100% full. But when I check the levels on my default Epson computer program all the ink levels are depleted by almost a quarter. This with brand new, never used cartridges!

I put in a brand new double capacity black ink cartridge several months ago. Since I don't use the printer regularly, due to the exorbitant price of your ink, I checked the level the other day when I replaced the color cartridges. The printer readout says 100% but the default computer program reads 3/4. AND I NEVER EVEN PRINTED A SINGLE PAGE! I feel like this is a very deliberate, underhanded and dishonest ploy on your part to force me to buy your overpriced cartridges long before they are actually empty.

I feel I have been cheated by your company. What will you folks offer me to keep me as a customer? I ask this, because the way things stand now, when my program tells me these cartridges are empty (long before they are actually empty) I intend to throw your printer in the rubbish and go to another more honest manufacturer. I have already spread the word about this ink level scam among my friends and in some chat rooms and have told them I intended to email you folks about this problem. Both I and others, are interested in your reply. What you say and do about this printer/program discrepancy will tell us a lot about the business ethics of your company.

My email was directed to a technical support page where a notice told me that in order to process my complaint and speak with a technical representative I would have to pay $38! So much for customer support, refundable if I am not satisfied. What do I think about a company that charges you to submit a complaint? Don't ask. I should have expected something like that, but the blatant audacity of the greed surprised me anyhow. When the ink levels are "empty" this printer goes in the rubbish, and from this day I refuse to buy anything Epson anymore.

Defective Printer
By -

I have two complaints with Epson. We have been using Epson Dot Matrix printers since 1982. We recently purchased two new computers which use the Windows 7, 64 bit, operating system. There are no Epson drivers for our older printers. After being told by Epson that Epson doesn't have drivers for our older printers, I spent hours researching the internet and then purchased a new printer, the Epson 590, which works with Windows 7.

Later, I came across a Microsoft article which describes non-Epson drivers that may work with older Epson printers. Oki generic drivers work with my older printers. Not only doesn't Epson provide the needed drivers, they didn't tell me that some generic non-Epson printer drivers would work. It is an irony that a competing company provides drivers that work while Epson remains completely silent.

My second complaint is that the new printer from Epson is defective. It does not print fully formed letters. I spent several hours with Epson technical support on two occasions diagnosing the problem. At first, the technician blamed Microsoft since they provide the drivers in Windows 7. Finally, after trying the printer with a computer running Windows XP the technician decided that the printer is defective.

I was given two options. 1) Travel 18 miles to a service center for a repair. If the service center could not repair the printer, Epson would provide a replacement. However, the replacement could either be a new printer or a reconditioned printer to be decided by Epson. The technician referred me to the warranty. I reminded the technician that you don't receive the warranty until you buy a printer and that Epson writes the warranty, not the consumer. I asked if Epson would send me a new printer and then let me return the defective printer or let me send them the defective printer first and then receive a new printer from Epson. The answer was no.

2) The technician told me that I could send the printer back to the vendor who sold me the printer. I called the vendor. They would replace the printer if after inspecting it, they agreed that the printer is defective. I would have to put the box that was used to ship the printer to me in a second box to keep it clean, package it back in the box the way it came from the factory, have it inspected by the vendor, pay the return shipping, and pay shipping again if the vendor decides there is no problem with the printer. Or I could return the printer minus a 17% restocking fee.

So much for buying a new printer. Between Epson and the vendor, I have experienced nothing but lost time, lost money, and frustration. In my business, I stand behind my product and service and go out of my way to keep customers happy. The same cannot be said of Epson. My company will not spend money for Epson products in the future.

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