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Defective Printer
By -

I have two complaints with Epson. We have been using Epson Dot Matrix printers since 1982. We recently purchased two new computers which use the Windows 7, 64 bit, operating system. There are no Epson drivers for our older printers. After being told by Epson that Epson doesn't have drivers for our older printers, I spent hours researching the internet and then purchased a new printer, the Epson 590, which works with Windows 7.

Later, I came across a Microsoft article which describes non-Epson drivers that may work with older Epson printers. Oki generic drivers work with my older printers. Not only doesn't Epson provide the needed drivers, they didn't tell me that some generic non-Epson printer drivers would work. It is an irony that a competing company provides drivers that work while Epson remains completely silent.

My second complaint is that the new printer from Epson is defective. It does not print fully formed letters. I spent several hours with Epson technical support on two occasions diagnosing the problem. At first, the technician blamed Microsoft since they provide the drivers in Windows 7. Finally, after trying the printer with a computer running Windows XP the technician decided that the printer is defective.

I was given two options. 1) Travel 18 miles to a service center for a repair. If the service center could not repair the printer, Epson would provide a replacement. However, the replacement could either be a new printer or a reconditioned printer to be decided by Epson. The technician referred me to the warranty. I reminded the technician that you don't receive the warranty until you buy a printer and that Epson writes the warranty, not the consumer. I asked if Epson would send me a new printer and then let me return the defective printer or let me send them the defective printer first and then receive a new printer from Epson. The answer was no.

2) The technician told me that I could send the printer back to the vendor who sold me the printer. I called the vendor. They would replace the printer if after inspecting it, they agreed that the printer is defective. I would have to put the box that was used to ship the printer to me in a second box to keep it clean, package it back in the box the way it came from the factory, have it inspected by the vendor, pay the return shipping, and pay shipping again if the vendor decides there is no problem with the printer. Or I could return the printer minus a 17% restocking fee.

So much for buying a new printer. Between Epson and the vendor, I have experienced nothing but lost time, lost money, and frustration. In my business, I stand behind my product and service and go out of my way to keep customers happy. The same cannot be said of Epson. My company will not spend money for Epson products in the future.

Epson Artisan 700 Junk!
By -

I bought the Epson 700 printer. What a big big mistake. Stay away - it is junk. I called customer service because it takes 4-5 pages at a time. I was told that I need to use Epson paper only otherwise I would need to put one sheet of paper into the printer at a time to stop it from taking multiple sheets. I told them they were nuts if they thought that I was going to be limited to one paper supplier and hung up.

The next day I called back hoping to speak to someone with a little common sense. Hahahahaha fat chance of that. So I called Tiger Direct where I purchased it and was told that they are sending me another one just in case there was something wrong with the one I received. Kudos to ** at Tiger Direct for his help. So that's not the only problem. The picture printing is absolutely terrible so I called you guessed it Epson customer support and again was told that I need to use their photo paper only. Unbelievable. I have a HP photo printer at home 7960 that I can use any paper and the pix always look great. As for the paper I am using it HP photo.

I am most sorry to say that I did not do any reviews on the printer because I have had a couple Epson printers before and they worked fine. To top this whole thing off I bought this printer for my use at my company and seeing that I have never had a problem with an Epson printer I had the boxes thrown away right after receiving it.

So there are a few things I learned from this experience. I hope this stops people from buying this piece of junk. When I get the replacement from Tiger Direct which should be by 6/8 and if it works any better I will let you know but I really really doubt it. Stay away from this printer. I also hope that Epson will re look into their customer support people because they are not knowledgeable.

Don't Buy Epson Printers!
By -

I purchased an EPSON Artisan 700 on December 6, 2008 as a Christmas gift for my daughter who lives out of state. By the time she received it and tried to set it up, it was early January. The printer would not power up. She tried to return it to the local store of the chain that I had purchased it from but since it was beyond 14 days, she was told she had to deal with EPSON directly. Since I felt bad that it was a gift, I told her to send it back to me and I would deal with them.

When I received it and confirmed the problem, I contacted EPSON. After a brief attempt to troubleshoot the problem, the tech agreed that it was a defect and said they would send me a replacement. HOWEVER, I had to give him my credit card number and if I failed to return the original printer, I would be charged $275. This was more than I even paid for it but agreed as I had no choice.

A few days later, I received the replacement and it was a reconditioned unit. I called to complain stating that I should get a new unit as the original never worked. I was told no and that their warranty states that in order to get a new unit, I had to return the original within 30 days of purchase. While holding for someone in their "customer care" unit, I read the warranty. It has no mention of a 30 day time period. It did state that I would get a new or reconditioned unit based upon the status of the original unit.

When ** got on the line she repeated the non-existent 30 day provision. I pointed out that it was not a provision of the warranty and I demanded a new unit. She said that I was not entitled to a new one and that was that. The fact that they would charge me MORE than the cost of a new one if I failed to return the original broken printer while replacing it with a reconditioned unit is blatantly unfair and illogical. It is borderline fraudulent. Do not buy EPSON products as they will not back their products up. BEWARE!

Epson Cx4700 Printer - Run!!!
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I purchased the Epson CX7400 in Dec 07. The indigo, magenta and yellow ink cartridges are $13 apiece in the BX and the black ink is almost $20.00. I set my computer to print ONLY in black and white!!! And yet within 20 pages of print had to replace the yellow and red cartridges. WHAT!!! I called Epson (562) 276-4382 and asked WHY my colored ink was going down when I wasn't printing in color? The Epson rep said the printer "uses a little color" EVERY time you print even if just black and white. That PHD who wrote a previous review was CORRECT.

I told the rep "A LITTLE COLOR" - it used up all my yellow and red and my blue is half full. My black was only a quarter gone. This rep sent me free of charge 10 ink cartridges (2 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow, 2 black) without my even asking. That folks tells you Epson knows they have a loser. I started over with 4 brand new ink cartridges and counted exactly how many copies i got from each color printing only in black and white. I reached 105 copies before the black ink went out not the 300 promised by the Epson rep.

In fact although the PREVIOUS print job levels had RED FULL and YELLOW at the half way mark, blue just slightly gone and black almost empty, when I printed the next page THE RED, YELLOW AND BLACK INK levels indicated EMPTY!!!

I replaced the black ink with one of the ones the company sent and just took the red and yellow ink cartridges out and put them back in because there was NOTHING wrong with them. When I printed the next copy, LO AND BEHOLD the RED was now a 1/4 down and the yellow down to within a 1/4 from bottom and Black was of course full and blue down about a 1/4.

My old HP color printer NEVER did this. As soon as EPSON opens today, I am calling them and I WANT MY MONEY BACK. THEY CAN TAKE THEIR FREE INK CARTRIDGES and shove them because unless they plan on supplying me with free cartridges for the rest of the life of this printer, it is NOT worth it. What a RIP OFF!

P.S. You all are going to think this is CRAZY but I SCAN all of my tax receipts (back-up) and some of the receipts are yellow or blue or some other color. I did NOT print - just scanned a colored document. When I went to print the so-called "yellow colored" scanned document in BLACK AND WHITE, the yellow ink level FELL more than a 1/4. RUN RUN RUN FROM THIS PRINTER!!!

Complaint About a Repair
By -

ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND -- A client of mine has an Epson CX11NF All-In-One document machine. It is out of warranty. Recently, the Auto Document Feeder (ADF) jammed. Once the paper was removed, the ADF failed to work anymore. Epson Support was contacted and we were told to send it to one of their authorized repair centers, which was MicroCare Inc., located in Maryland. My client paid the $35 to have it looked at by MicroCare and was told it could not be fixed without having to order a whole replacement ADF unit which was in excess of $300. Of course, he decided against having it fixed at that price.

I understand the price of parts, especially when you can't get a particular part out of some of the larger pieces without getting the whole piece. ** from MicroCare explained this to me on the phone. That is fine, and understandable, however, it is not the problem. The problem is this. My client was told that the unit could not be fixed without having to spend over $300 for parts.

I took the unit apart, found a piece that was out of place, put it back into place, put it back together, and now everything is working just fine. I don't even have an education or proper training to repair these things, but I had no trouble finding the real problem and fixing it, in less than an hour it was already back together and scanning. That means that the unit could in fact be fixed, and without any parts required at all. So my client was misinformed. Had he proceeded to get service with MicroCare as instructed by EPSON, he would have spent an additional excess of $300 on top of the $35 he had already spent to be misinformed in the first place.

I called EPSON to tell them about the problem with MicroCare, and guess what? They don't care. They explained to me that the unit was out of warranty and that it is not their responsibility. However, because they were the ones who referred me to this company in the first place, I thought they should know what kind of service I got, especially since EPSON referred them. Well, they don't care. There is nothing they can do they said, except to call MicroCare.

I called MicroCare. They tried to explain to me the cost of replacing a broken part - basically, they can't get a single part, they have to order a larger piece containing the parts, therefore, they have to charge accordingly. Once again, I explained to them that was not my problem. I DON'T need parts. They had incorrectly told me that I needed to order these parts, that the unit could not be fixed otherwise.

I fixed the unit myself without parts. I told them I was concerned about how many other people might be a victim. They ignored my concerns and wouldn't even refund my client the $35 he spent to be mislead and misinformed. He almost lost an additional excess of $300. What kind of justice is this? They told me to write them a letter and they'd discuss it with their boss. I think I should just call and talk to the boss myself.

NIGHTMARE! Forced to Buy Ink Cartridges to Use the Printer.
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

This printer has been a nightmare from day 1. It does make copies and print but the hassles are not worth it. And, on principle, I don't like that they design the printer to lock up if you don't buy new full in cartridges. Definitely regret this purchase and look forward to the day I can throw it in the trash.

Epson -- The Worst Printer I Have Ever Owned
By -

It seems most printers don't seem to last beyond a year or two (particularly the all-in-ones). In the past few years I have been through 2 HPs, a Lexmark, and soon to be an Epson. I purchased the Epson in October 2009 and soon realized it is not user friendly. The design is poor -- paper loader jams constantly, and the printer has to be restarted after every issue. When I tried to scan something to my Mac, it became so confused that it stopped communicating with my computer (never scanned, either). When I finally got tech support, assistance was provided to fix the problem.

I write this now with ink all over my hands after trying to unjam the printer. Unlike HP, the inferior design does not allow you open a rear door and access the jammed paper. After ripping and tugging, alas, a piece remains jammed that I cannot see. I tried to get help on the Epson site, but the apparently the word "jam" yields nothing on the troubleshooting section. Hmmm. The site has no customer service email or contact info aside from a contact to tech support. Overall, poor design, poor quality, poor company. This time I am buying an office quality laser printer. Never again, Epson.

Premium Bright White Is No More Than Cheap, Thin Copy Paper
By -

I bought a box of Premium Bright White Paper online at Epson thinking it would be good for proofing. Previously I had used a regular weight matte paper for my proofing, and it saved me a lot of money. I couldn't find this at Staples anymore though, so I went to Epson directly for it. The box says "Smooth, bright white, non-glare finish for crisp text and colorful images, plus brilliant two-sided printing." This was the closest I could find for the other paper, and being that it was designed for inkjets, I bought it.

When I took it out of the box, it appeared to be plain copy paper, like you get for a few bucks at any office superstore or Wal-Mart. It was neither smooth nor bright white. When I printed my images, they were neither brilliant nor crisp. And because of the high absorption and bleed through, I can't imagine using this for two-sided printing. So there was no true statement in their claim, other than "white." No problem, I thought; there's a money back guarantee which states "If you are not fully satisfied with the output, Epson will refund the purchase price." Since I wasn't fully satisfied, nor even partially satisfied, I picked up the phone to get the refund.

The outsourced customer service rep on the phone refused, saying the paper was not defective, and that it was only supposed to be used for correspondence. I protested, and he gave me the number of the online store at Epson. I called them, and got the same runaround. That person wanted me to call the first number again.

Then when she found out I had purchased using a coupon code from the class action suit over the ink cartridges, she said no refund or credit was due at all. I told her that the coupon was like money, and if I didn't buy this paper, I would have bought something else. What BS and poor customer service, not to mention false advertising and false guarantees.

DO NOT BUY this paper! You can get a ream for less than half the cost at any office superstore. There is NOTHING SPECIAL about it. It is simply cheap copy paper they are passing off as some kind of premium bright white. When I tried to find an email address for customer support, I discovered that not only do they not have any emails at all listed on their website, but they don't even have a contact category for customer support.

Epson in Deceitful Practices
By -

QUEENS, NY, CALIFORNIA -- I had gotten a Class Action Lawsuit settlement from Epson of $ store credit regarding their practices on: Epson Ink Cartridge Cases, Judicial Council Coordination Proceeding No. 4347, Los Angeles Superior Court, State of California.

I used the $ store credit to buy a Epson Stylus C88+ - Refurbished on the Epson store website ( 1/28/08. The item they had sent me had a hardware defect (broken) and I requested for a return on their website. They responded my return request via e-mail telling me to call their number. I call their number - talk with the customer service rep. She tells me that in order for me to return my broken item, I will need to talk to a technical support agent first to get a reference number.

They transfer me and gave me a reference # to give to the tech support agent and then I get disconnected from their phone line. I call back once again to talk with a tech support staff, where he quickly told me that my printer has a hardware problem then gave me another reference number.

I call back the main number and once again speak with another customer service rep. He tells me that he will replace my broken printer but then tells me that the printer is out of stock. He then tells me to order another item on Epson store and he will refund my $ once I call him back after I order another item. He also tells me to return my broken C88+ printer and gives me a FedEx slip for me to print via e-mail.

I had bought a printer for the purpose of printing, and now they want me to print a packing slip to return a broken printer? Plus I have to drop the broken printer to a FedEx store that is not within closeness from my location. I am furious at this system. I believe that they are purposely using deceitful tactics in their business. Their offered resolution had upset me even more.

By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I just wanted to edit my original post to make it more readable. I bought an Epson 2580 scanner and an Epson PictureMate with $50 and $20 rebates. My purchase was made based on these rebates, so their competitors have a legitimate complaint as well. Well I followed all of the directions. One required the original bar code and the other a photocopy of the bar code, just to show you how they try to make it difficult, so they don't have to honor the rebate to begin with!

I made copies of everything and sent them both certified mail. The one rebate they never received, even though I have a return receipt signed by ** saying that they DID get the rebate. I called their 1-800 # three times to resolve the issue and kept being told to wait more time. Finally I received an email about the $50 rebate, which I saved, saying it was in the mail. Well I never received either rebate. I complained to the BBB in Strongsville OH where the rebate center is located. The BBB says that Epson has a poor track record with customer complaints and I was no different.

I filed a complaint with California's Attorney General, because it's false advertising plain and simple. I hope they get fined thousands of dollars! I will also start a small claims case on principal. They lied to me and their competitors. I think that mail in rebates should be made illegal and Epson illustrates my reasoning. They call their product 'Epson Perfection', but I prefer to call it the 'Epson Deception' or an 'Epson Misconception'. The bottom line is buy an Epson product with a rebate with great trepidation!

I want to update this post and complaint. I complained to the California Attorney General's office and within 48 hours a woman named ** for Epson called me. She requested that I refax her the information, which I did from Kinko's costing me even more money. She then called back and said that one was an Epson rebate and the other was a Circuit City rebate, even though they both went to the same place and were signed by the same **. She did a great job and after more than a year I finally received BOTH rebates. Thank you **.

I still am a little miffed, because one shouldn't have to go through so much trouble to receive a promised and advertised rebate and my net dollars were less than they should have been, but at least they were honored... finally.

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