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Erie Construction
4271 Monroe Street
Toledo, OH 43606
1-800-536-4200 (ph)
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High Pressure Sales Tactics, One Call Close, Over Priced
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Rating: 1/51

HOLT, MICHIGAN -- My wife and I were in the process of replacing our windows, roof, and siding. Erie Construction knocked on our door out of the blue uninvited, and we decided to allow them to come out and give us a price. The experience was horrific. Here is how this company operates. They canvass neighborhoods trespassing on private property and knock on doors after dark. In our case, they showed up on our door step uninvited at 8:30pm! (No permit by the way). After the appointment was scheduled with the canvasser, we were told someone would call to confirm the appointment... (I guess they don't trust the canvasser).

Our phone rang at 9pm and we went through a 10 minute confirmation process that was literally mind blowing. I was asked where I worked, my home value, what my wife did for a living along with numerous additional questions about our personal information and about our home and property. This is not confirmation folks.. this is QUALIFICATION. They want to make sure that you have the income, equity and credit to purchase their products, before they send out a commissioned sales representative.

The next day, a salesman (who reaked of cigarette smoke) showed up 30 minutes late for the estimate. My wife was running late and he refused to talk with me until she arrived home (because they can't close me without my wife there). I asked if he wanted to get started and told him he could begin measuring if he wanted, but instead he became upset and took off!!! He said he would come back in 30 minutes. So he left, my wife came home, and he showed back up.

I will now attempt to make a very long story as short as possible. This man spent almost 4 hours in our house. He spent the first hour warming up to us. Small chat if you will. Then he went through an entire demonstration, measured, more demonstration, and immediately went into monthly payments without telling us the total cost. After spending about 30 minutes trying to get the total cost from him, he finally gave in and told us. The estimate was for windows, siding, and a steel roof. The price was over 40k. Yes.... 40k... and we have a one story ranch home.

Prior to this estimate, we had received 3 other estimates from local contractors for the same products. All 3 prices were MUCH MUCH lower. Anywhere from 10-20k lower!!! Erie Construction is a total rip off that uses outdated high pressure sales tactics. It was a complete nightmare. Now, I could have kicked this guy out of my house, but after an hour or so and realizing we were getting scammed instead, I decided to let the guy run with his scam just for kicks.

I became more interested in how he was going to attempt to scam me than I was in his products and prices.... and let me tell you, it was truly unbelievable how these people will try to trick you into thinking you are getting a lower price by giving you monthly payment information without giving you the total. You should have seen his face after 4 hours of attempting to scam us when I told him no and asked him to leave.

From start to finish, the way this company does business is really sad. They lost a 22k cash deal simply because of the way they approached me and the style of sales tactics they use. I bet they have lost millions of dollars in business because of this, but sadly they have made millions tricking people into monthly payments. I wonder how many of their customers have no clue how much they are really paying. I bet the bulk of their customers are the elderly. It's truly sad. Anyhow, knocking on doors uninvited at 8:30pm should be the first sign to NOT DO BUSINESS with Erie Construction.

Although I wanted to experience the attempted scam, it was still a horrific experience that I would never want to go through again. If you do not believe me, feel free to invite these glorified Kirby vacuum salespeople into your home, and you will see for yourself. It's a total nightmare. Needless to say, we did business with a different, local company. The contractor we bought from simply came out, measured, and put together a detailed proposal for us to review. We did our research, checked references, and then contacted the contractor a week later. He came out, answered our questions and we paid cash for the entire job.

We are extremely satisfied, and VERY GLAD that we were smart enough to not fall for Erie Construction's high pressure, one call close overpriced scam! NEVER EVER do business with Erie... The name alone (Erie) should make you nervous! EEEERY. If you do get a price from them then make sure to get other estimates. Do not EVER sign a contract (or anything for that matter) on the same day you get a price from them or anyone else for that matter.

Always do your research, and always sleep on it no matter what they tell you. Don't fall for their classic scam technique of telling you the price is only good for today. It's all BS, and it's a pressure tactic to get you to buy now, thinking you are getting a better deal. It's all about the money for these guys. Looking at other reviews on the web about this company, I honestly do not understand how they have continued to stay I'm business. Oh by the way, they continue to call us over and over again even after telling them we have everything done and to take us off their call list. We are on the National Do Not Call list, but I guess their high pressure telemarketers don't care.

I've learned since, that I can sue them for calling me repeatedly after being told specifically to "take me off your list and please do not call me anymore", and so I am in the midst of a lawsuit against them. Not only will they be fined by the FCC, ($11,000) but it appears they will settle. This whole experience has actually turned out well for us, and I really look forward to purchasing a new truck because of how Erie Construction chose to treat me. Thanks Erie!!

Scammed by Erie Construction Salesman
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Beware of these scam artists. A couple of weeks ago in our local paper was an ad: "BE A SHOWCASE HOME AND SAVE ON YOUR ROOF INSTALLATION". Well, I called scheduled an appointment and the salesman came out to our house at 6:00 p.m. He didn't leave until 10:00 p.m. However, we negotiated him down for a roof replacement from 18,000.00 to 13,000.00. I know this sounds steep, but it's a medal shingle style roof that we wanted. We knew it would add to the property value. Had to give him 145.00 down payment, and we signed the deal.

The next day, the finance guy called and came over for us to sign the loan agreement. But the loan amount was now 17,000.00 and while our agreement was 145.00 per month, the loan amount he had written up was 220.00 per month. When I questioned this guy, he said the salesman couldn't have agreed to the figures I stated. I showed him my notes from that meeting, then he said, my credit was the reason the price went up. Then he had the audacity to ask me to just go ahead and sign it. Quite the **. Needless to say, I told him to leave and he needed to talk with the salesman and if they did not get their ducks in a row, the deal is off.

So the next day the salesman calls me, and doesn't understand why I didn't sign the loan papers and that the finance guy didn't understand either. To make my review short, I'll just say the salesman, the finance guy and the salesman's supervisor continued to lie to us and I knew it was time to stop payment on the check, which cost me 27.00 to do, but it was well work it.

Poor Business Ethics
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Rating: 1/51

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- This is the letter I sent to Erie Construction: I saw one of your ads on the local news and had never seen a metal roof that looked quite like what you sell, so I called the number on the screen. I thought this was a local business that would come out measure my roof, show me a few samples and give me a quote to consider. I had no idea this was a big company that was sending a high pressure sales representative to my home and make me feel like I was talking to a used car salesman.

How and why he got on the subject of how Walmart has hurt the small business I really don't know, but then he turns around and starts making unappreciated remarks about local contractors. His exact words were they are just Bubba in a truck and kept saying this demeaning comment all evening. Well I know many of these so called Bubbas in a truck, they are friends and acquaintances that are hard working people. I found this to be rude and very unprofessional but that was just the beginning!

Over the years I have hired several local contractors and NEVER once did I have to loan them my ladder so they could measure my roof. NEVER once did they say "before I get started do you have anything to drink. NEVER once did I have one of them just get up and go in my bathroom. I have dealt with the public my whole life, in my line of work I enter customer's homes on a daily basis and have never once asked for a drink or just walk in their bathroom, that is just not the way a professional person does business. If a customer offers me a drink "like I was going to do" is one thing but to just blurt it out is not right.

I fully expect to be treated like a used car buyer when I walk in a used car lot, but when I invite someone to my home I don't expect to have to haggle over a price, I've never had to do this with a local contractor. They come and give me a price and then let me think about it. Not this sales rep, he was determined that I was going to purchase a roof package from him that night. When he shot me his price I was a little surprised and he picked up on that then started coming down from there.

His first price was $20,000.00 and he expects me to just say OK, that is a lot of money and I'm not going to just jump up and say "sure" without doing a little research and I'm defiantly not going to just jump on his offer after being disrespectful! Another thing that really bothered me was he asked me where I wanted my payment to be. I had really not thought about that and was not prepared to say, so he shoots me a payment. When I asked him how long that term was he could not answer, I'm certainly not going to say yes to a term I don't know if I'm paying on for 2 years or 20. When I call the bank to get a loan I know the interest rate and the length of the loan!

Upon leaving "which by the way took up 3 hours of my time" he made a comment that he just didn't understand why I would not say yes right then and there. Well he does not know my financial situation and what up coming bills I have. I simply called to get a price so I could go from there and decide what I could afford and wanted to do. He wasn't gone one minute then was knocking on my door telling me he has a cheaper product, by that time he had most defiantly wore out his welcome and I would not have bought it if it was the best deal of the century after all I had encountered.

There was an older gentleman with him that was fairly quite, not sure if he was too embarrassed to say anything or simply amazed at this guy's lack of professionalism. I do want to comment about a lady I spoke with on the phone about my unpleasant encounter. Her name was ** and she was very apologetic and sincere while on the phone with her. The sad thing is this guy walks away from my home wondering why I would not buy his product!

Company Response 03/29/2012:

We'd like to apologize on behalf of our sales staff in Evansville for the unacceptable service you received during your consultation. We expect our team to uphold our high service standards, come to the appointment prepared and approach potential customers with the utmost respect and professionalism. We thank you for bringing your unsatisfactory experience with our representative to our attention. Please rest-assured that we will take this opportunity to speak with our sales team to reinforce Erie Construction's service standards. Again, our sincerest apologies for your poor experience.

Psycho or Pushy?
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Rating: 1/51

MICHIGAN -- So, it is 8pm on a Thursday night and I'd just put my (very sick) kid to bed. I just sit down to start watching the recent episode of Outlander and then, "DING DONG!!!!" OMG! When your sad, tired kid JUST went to bed and you're like "WHEW!" because it has been a long day the last thing you want to hear at 8pm is "DING DONG!!!!!!!" I look through the stained glass and see a human figure barely visible because it is getting dark out, a human figure that is suddenly a very real and very PRESENT bane of my existence.

I mutter obscenities under my breath, stalk to the foyer and wrench at the door open because all the moisture has made my beloved door swell and behave in an unwanted fashion. Regardless, my intense DISMAY over my present situation overrides everything and I rip the door open, AFTER fumbling with the ** up lock, the sort of things you people fix I believe. There before me stands a weird little man wearing a dark green nylon something or other and khaki pants holding a bunch of papers and some other **. He yammers something and I say, "I just put my kid to bed..." and he says, "... I'll talk quietly".

Now, first I want to be very clear; had I not just put my kid to bed (and she weren't present because even though I engage in some behaviors doesn't mean I want her to) I'd of went OFF. You'll talk quieter? Oh, well, you know what else would make you talk quieter? If you were talking in the STREET to my MAILBOX and shoving one of your FLIERS INTO IT. Or are you hard of HEARING? My statement required no REMEDY on your part that didn't involved you REMOVING YOURSELF FROM MY PORCH.

But... I had just put my kid to bed so my brain scrambled for an 'adult' solution. I did nothing. I THOUGHT about LOTS of things but my kiddo had just been put to bed after a long day so I let you babble for a minute. You yammered on about a bathroom job you'd done around the corner, my internal laughing was making it hard for me to focus. You seemed to know when my house was built.

Well, GOODY FOR YOU, SMARTY PANTS. You liked my windows, TERRIFIC! "Your windows look pretty new! Did you put them in in the last four years or so?!" I laughed, and said something about having no idea when the windows were put in, not because I don't know, because I don't care. "Because of the age of your house, there must be projects you're interested in doing!" Nope! Not a one, you self-involved, narcissistic, assumptive little man! Even if I did, "...I have someone to do it." (Which is exactly what I told you, again, laughing.)

I finally cut you off and said, trying not to laugh, "Man, I really have to go..." and you finally hobbled your little self of my porch. I watched you walk away. I immediately wished I'd grabbed one of your stupid fliers because it probably had your stupid name on it. I actually have jobs I want done and plan on doing in the near future, a couple of them require me to hire someone, someone that does the same sort of work your company does. But know this; I'd burn my house to the ground with all the kitten and puppies of the world mewing and yelping inside before I'd let anyone involved with you touch my house.

I'm typing this here because I couldn't say what I wanted to say because I had just put my kid to bed! Furthermore, there was a moment where it flashed through my head that maybe I should be worried about you - and I did make a conscious note as to where a weapon was. You ought to be careful running around after dark, showing up unannounced, over staying your welcome, ringing door bells and bothering people - some people work in or with law enforcement and we take precautions, especially when it comes to our families. Some people are just jumpy. Some people consider a lot of different scenarios and plan accordingly.

You made me a little nervous after it was clear I wanted you to leave... and you didn't. I'm still thinking about it and wished I'd seen your vehicle or gotten literature. I'm also annoyed I have to start considering a NO SOLICITING SIGN. PERHAPS YOU'D LIKE TO OVER-CHARGE ME TO INSTALL IT. Stay away from people with your heavy-handed sales pitches and creepy ** behavior. Your lucky my kid was in bed, her presence forcing me to behave like a grown up, rather than me going off on you and possibly hitting you in the face with a golf club because it is obvious you have a problem with boundaries and don't know when to SHUT UP.

No show - No call (X4)
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Rating: 1/51

HOLLAND, MICHIGAN -- Several years back a sales representative came to our door. They said they were working in the area and asked if we were interested in any home improving. Definitely windows, made an appt, no one called (like they said would happen), and no on ever showed up. OK fine!

2 years later, another representative at the door - no thank you, we're broke. But about 2 weeks later we start receiving phone calls on our land line about making an appt. "A representative was recently in your area & we have previous information on file that you were interested in window replacement at one time". To which I replied, "You're correct. At one time, but your company stood us up & now we're not set financially to worry about windows. Please remove our name & info and refrain from calling anymore. Thank you!" But the calls kept coming so I changed my phone number.

7 years later, after a divorce, death of 7 family members, loss of a job, a new marriage, a brand new baby, and a terminal cancer diagnosis (which is just part of life happening) and things are going pretty well and adjustments have been made.

It's December of 2013, dark outside, winter, cold & about 6:30pm, there's a knock at our door. It's a pair of best friends selling for Erie Construction. I tell them no thank you & why and the pair proceed to inform my husband and I all about the new mgt and the changes that have been made and how the old mgt ran the company into the ground... Bla bla bla. They just wanted to meet their scheduling quota so would we make an appt for an estimate and consider giving new mgt a chance. I invited them into the entry way, gave them some fresh baked cookies, & made an appt. OMGosh!!! How stupid were we? Another no confirmation call & no show for the appointment.

April 2, 2014... I just get home from getting groceries, a kid approaches me (I'm not even out of my truck...) & wants to sell, sell, sell. I thought it was lawn care but as soon as I saw Erie I asked him to leave. I was polite but let him know his company "sucked"! He called his manager right over so he could hear my complaint. The manager said he would give me a 50% discount on install, $99 back per window, plus a supervisor special. So, I said OK give me a price. "Well is the Mr. home also?", "Nope. But this is my house. I owned it before I met & married him, if I want windows, you'll have to deal with me and give me a price"!

They made an appt for when we'd both be available.... But I was not worried, they did NOT let us down... No confirmation call & no show on their appt yet again! I should get some free windows by now, lol. Never trust them!

Avoid This Company!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

MIDDLETOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- Two young girls came to my door one day and offered a free estimate on window replacement. Since I was planning to replace my windows in the near future, I gave them my information and agreed to get a quote. Someone called to set up an appointment, but I realized the day before the scheduled appointment that I would not be available, so I called to cancel. They showed up anyway, claiming that nobody informed them, and I had to practically slam the door on them to get them to leave.

I could tell that if I rescheduled, I was going to be in for an endless high pressure sales pitch instead of the simple quote that I was looking for, so when they called again I told them that I found someone else to do the job and was no longer interested. That was 5 months ago and they're still calling me. After repeatedly telling them that I'm not interested, I got a call from "corporate headquarters" profusely apologizing for missing an appointment that I never made and offering me all sorts of special discounts. I again explained that I was not interested and was tired of the calls. I was told that they wouldn't be calling again.

A week later I got another call. I finally lost my cool and told the person that I would never ever consider using Erie Construction for anything because they had been calling me for months after I made it clear that I wasn't interested. That was a couple weeks ago. Guess what? Today they called again. I was telling my neighbor about this and it turns out that he got a quote himself. He said he practically had to kick the salesman out of his house. This is a pushy, high pressure sales outfit that doesn't seem to understand the word no. I would be very, very wary of getting involved with them in any way. You may find it difficult to get rid of them.

Would NEVER Hire This Company!
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Rating: 1/51

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- A salesman came to the door wanting my husband to make an appointment about getting a new roof. He said they had an opening Tuesday and my husband told him he would check with me and let him know to which the salesman replied what plans works you have on a Tuesday. They called and we scheduled for Friday at 7pm the representative went out in the dark to measure, went in our attic, informed us it was full of mold and proceeded to tell us while tearing up about his friend that moved in my his girlfriend had died from mold which our daughter heard and flipped out about after he left.

He gave us his presentation and after over 2 hours here comes the bottom line, first informing us that even though the estimate sheet says contract is not a contract (yeah right). The price $21,000 then asked if we would be paying cash to which I replied looking at my husband absolutely I will take myself outside to the tree in the back and pick it off! Then he proceeds to give us a monthly payment of $841.00 & asks how does that sound? Really how do you think it sounds!!!

We finally heard enough and he was expecting us to sign veggie, he left finally told him that wasn't going to happen. He said price is good for 30 days and then gave us a lower price of $19,600 good for 14 days. We had made our mind up after he left that there was no way we would ever hire a company that is so aggressive and that takes advantage of people who know little about the construction business! I wish I would have read the comments before scheduling an appointment could have saved us a lot of time!

No Respect for Women
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Rating: 1/51

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- Door to door guy came, made appt, they had to cancel because their roofing contractor was unavailable, so we had to make a new appt. Was told on the phone by a sales girl, that she couldn't make the appt, unless my husband was home for this free quote. Responded by saying you got lucky the first time, for the quote why does he need to be here? No answer from her.

Then I just got a call back from a sales representative told him I don't want anything from them because of the way I was treated and that it wasn't the 1800 hundreds anymore and women know a thing or two about home improvements. So he hangs up on me, no thanks, have a good day nothing, what a joke this company is.

Beware of This Company
By -

TOLEDO, OHIO -- My husband & I decided to check into Erie Construction for a new metal roof. We called and scheduled an in-home appointment. The salesman came to our home one evening and sat down with us to go over the types of roofing materials and costs. He first went outside (in the dark) and "measured". He had a wonderful presentation and when it finally got down to price, he quoted $21,750 or $325 a month. However, we would be eligible for a "showcase discount" because there was no other roof in our neighborhood like this. That brought it down to $17,750 or $222 month.

Well, we decided our budget would not allow that much. So, he offered us a different type roof for $13,985 or $174 a month. But again with the "showcase discount" if brought it down to $137. That, we felt, was more reasonable. So, we gave him a deposit of $137 and signed a contract. The subcontractors came out and installed the roof, bound and determined to get it done in a couple of days. They worked into the night on the final day and wanted us to sign off on the work. We said we would not sign off until we could look at the workmanship during daylight hours. So, the next day we signed off on it. The roof appears to be good.

I would like to add here that we did not actually need a new roof, ours was structurally sound, we were just missing some shingles. Anyway, they failed to clean up. The roof was put on in December so during the spring yard cleanup we continued to find roofing nails, pieces of roofing materials, all around, even though our salesman told us they would thoroughly pick up. We didn't worry about the clean up. Roof was good, we were happy. Then we got our first billing statement. Instead of the $137 a month, it was $250!! After numerous calls, Erie personnel finally worked out a lower interest rate and got it down to $200 a month.

They sent us a check to make up the difference between $137 and $200 for 12 months ($750). I was told to call back in 6 months to re-negotiate a new interest rate to try to lower the payments once again to get back to the original contract price. When I finally spoke to someone (after notifying the BBB), I was told that they could not work out a new interest rate and that the check which I cashed was a "settlement" and done in good faith and they didn't even have to do that. This company is not honest. From the initial contact with the sales person right through to the company headquarters. I would not recommend using them for any roofing jobs.

Erie Has Pushy Scam Salesmen
By -

A young guy knocked on my door and asked if I was interested in a quote for a new roof. I told him no and he gave me a sob story about he was going to lose his job if he didn't book appointments and I could just book and tell them no at the door and they would not come in. Feeling sorry for the guy I did. The next day a guy came and I told him I wasn't interested. He said he already looked at the roof and could give me an estimate in under 30 min. I said OK to the estimate. He came in looked at my attic and said I didn't need a roof (after he just told me I did from the outside) but I needed insulation.

Their "great product" was over ten times more expensive than Home Depot sells a comparable (same energy dept rated) product for. The salesmen was pushy and would not leave. I told him I wasn't interested in the insulation. He kept sitting down after I told him many times I wasn't interested. Their price of $5100 came down to $2900 when I kept telling him no. I finally told him I had to leave and he got real nasty with me. He was telling me I wasted his time and money for coming out. I told him about the door to door guy and he told me I was lying.

After almost two hours of telling me how nice my house was and telling me he liked different things around my house he began telling me that my improvements were cheap and I wasted my money. I told him I would never buy anything from him and demanded that he leave. As he walked out the door he continued to insult me and my home and called me a cheap skate because I wouldn't buy his overpriced insulation.

This company makes me sick. I read the reviews the day after he left and if you look around the internet all you find is upset customers. The only place you find a good review is on Erie's website, which they tell you they will give you $250 off if you write 2 testimonials. 1 for them and 1 for the dept of energy. Stay away from them and don't give in to their pushy tactics. Don't even let them in!

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