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Scammed by Erie Construction Salesman
Posted by CJDerf on 08/07/2007
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Beware of these scam artists. A couple of weeks ago in our local paper was an ad: "BE A SHOWCASE HOME AND SAVE ON YOUR ROOF INSTALLATION" Well, I called scheduled an appointment and the salesman came out to our house at 6:00 p.m. He didn't leave until 10:00 p.m. However, we negotiated him down for a roof replacement from 18,000.00 to 13,000.00. I know this sounds steep, but it's a medal shingle style roof that we wanted. We knew it would add to the property value. Had to give him 145.00 down payment, and we signed the deal.

The next day, the finance guy called and came over for us to sign the loan agreement. But the loan amount was now 17,000.00 and while our agreement was 145.00 per month, the loan amount he had written up was 220.00 per month. When I questioned this guy, he said the salesman couldn't have agreed to the figures I stated. I showed him my notes from that meeting, then he said, my credit was the reason the price went up. Then he had the audacity to ask me to just go ahead and sign it. Quite the a#*. Needless to say, I told him to leave and he needed to talk with the salesman and if they did not get their ducks in a row, the deal is off.

So the next day the salesman calls me, and doesn't understand why I didn't sign the loan papers and that the finance guy didn't understand either. To make my review short, I'll just say the salesman, the finance guy and the salesman's supervisor continued to lie to us and I knew it was time to stop payment on the check, which cost me 27.00 to do, but it was well work it.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-08-07:
RUN! Don't walk from these folks. The old "let us use your house as a showplace" scam is one of the oldest out there in the home improvement business.
Posted by shawnp80 on 2007-08-07:
Good job CJ. Most people would have said screw it, signed the papers and complained about it on here after the fact. It only cost you 27 bucks but could have been a lot worse. I voted this review "Very Helpful".
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-07:
I echo my associate shawnp80's view on this one and I too voted it 'Very Helpful'.
Posted by poppapia on 2007-08-08:
You could have received a refund and saved $27 by invoking your three day right-of-recission, which must be given since this sale was made in your home. At least you cancelled the contract when the terms didn't agree with yours.
Posted by Right on the Mark... on 2008-07-14:
I too read about Erie Roofing with the metal roof that looked like a cedar shake roof. I phoned and the company sent out a salesman who did not come until 8:00 and did not leave until 11:00. This guy said he was an ex marine and tried to bully us into signing the contract. He even offered us a $1000.00 prepaid credit card once the contract was financed and processed. I was so taken back by this guys tactics that I had to be firm with him and told him I was sorry if I mislead him by asking him to come out and quote us a price. This company is corrupt. Do not even let them into your home. We had a terrible time getting rid of this salesman and he even started intimadating my husband. Our young children were scared because they knew the situation was something that was not quite right. When I went into the kitchen where our young children were waiting for us our one son asked if he should call the police. I told him not to worry, I would get rid of him. I told the overly aggressive salesman that he would have to leave and that if he did not I would not even consider this company in the future. He finally left. My husband and I felt violated and then we figured it out the next day that this was a scam attempt to sell a roof at a huge price (he didn't even bring samples of the metal roof and attempted to sell us a regular roof). What they do is come late and then wear you down so that you will sign just to get rid of them. I thought about calling Erie Construction to complain, but then I thought this was a much better approach. This company needs exposed and the BBB better do something about it quickly. Don't even let them in your home.
Posted by wsc rg on 2009-02-05:
I will tell you the salesman never lied to you. the banks that this company works with charge different rates depending on your credit score.The salesman quotes you off the banks fact sheet based on an interest rate if 14%. As the salesman probably told you you never have to go with there financing you can always get your own if you do not agree with the terms, wich is always recommended.And im sure you never had a problem getting out of your contract.And as for the sales rep who offered a thousand dollar gift card ,that had to be approved by a sales manager, and is a gift from them to you. sorry if they stay late they are only trying to help YOU with YOUR home. Remember you called them to come out and give you an estimate not the other way around.
Posted by romerje on 2010-01-08:
clearly wsc-rq either works for the company or hasn't been through a beyond pushy salesperson before!
Posted by T1357 on 2010-02-23:
Dec09/Jan10, saw the ad in Buffalo newspaper for eligible homes that need a roof. Called immediately because my roof NEEDS to be replaced and can't get a roofer to do the job in a Bflo winter. Liked that ad said metal roof can be installed in Winter. Made an appt for a Saturday. Friday, girl called to confirm appt. Called her back, she asked to change appt to an hour later same afternoon. Sure. Then she called that evening and said had to cancel, man is sick. Called back to reschedule for following Sat, same time. Got stiffed completely! Called to reschedule (now you're asking yourself if I'm stupid - but I NEED a roof and I'm in a busy residential area and figured mine would be a great showhouse so I could get a great deal!). Girl said most appts are in the evening and they can still measure at night. So I agreed to an evening appt. Young guy shows up on time, cup of coffee in hand. Sits down and I tell him I need an estimate, don't have a lot of time. Had a lot of time last two saturdays that I set aside. He apologizes. Yada yada yada, he needs 3 hours; has to show presentation which he didn't even bring into the house with him. Tells me he can't really measure unless he has all this time (my house is 1200 sq ft) and he can't give me a price. Then why was he there?? He's strictly a marketing guy that must get $$ for hours spent talking. I explained he has a customer in front of him who NEEDS and WANTS a roof, just give me a price. Told him I don't need to be there for him to measure, but he couldn't seem to figure out how he would get a quote to me. I suggested mailing (he's at my house, has address) or phoning, has my number! Then I told him if he wants to see me a roof, he should have sent a salesman not a marketing kid! He stayed behind (outside) when I left the house, pretending to measure, but I've never heard from him again.
Posted by bp7 on 2012-01-20:
Horrible company! I am single mom with two kids, ages two and five. The reps came at 6:30 and didn't leave until 9. My kids were tired, I was tired, and they still didn't leave. They wanted me to sign for the quoted 'reduced price' even though I insisted I wouldn't commit to anything without taking time to think it over. I wonder how long they would have stayed if it hadn't been obvious that my kids were done for the day. I don't know how the people that work for this company can sleep at night.
Posted by Bob on 2012-03-16:
I told them I might want new windows,but not for at least a few years when they said they would inspect and give me a quote. They haven't bothered me since....I guess they knew who they were dealing with.... You don't take 'No' for an answer? You will if you deal with me!
Posted by THoulih on 2012-04-23:
Glad I read these. I think I'll stay clear of this company
Posted by dekrainstaller on 2012-06-18:
This company prays on those who lack knowledge and the elderly. See I used to install these shit roofs for this crap company. Want a quality roof look through your local BBB website. Don't believe the hype that these sales reps feed u.
Posted by D. Masak on 2012-09-09:
Sure glad I read all these complaints on this company. I have a "Metro metal roof" on my home, and it is what I really want, but cannot find anybody to install new roofs on a cottage and garage using this great metal roofing. I finally was about to give up and try some other companies
product. I saw their ad in our small town paper and was just about to call, but decided to check them out first.....Boy , am I glad I did.....
anybody know where I can find a Metro Roof Product
Posted by Intimidator on 2013-02-12:
Whatever the Erie salesmen are trying to give you free they have fluffed into the price 3 times. First time is actual price, and 2nd and 3rd time is so those two cancel eachother out but the orginal price for whatever they are giving you supposively free is still in the price. When they come up with a price ask them if that includes fluffing and kick them to the curb. They are no better than the next compnay. I know first hand due to working for them for a very short time and i was sent to an appointment/lead i didn't have the gas to go to, and then was stranded by them 2 hours away from home with no money or gas. And that was with them knowning i take care of an elderly parent. So..... buyers beware!!
Posted by WiseConsumer on 2013-05-10:
I'm glad I looked into this company before calling the ad in the paper. Definitely will skip them! Thanks all of you for posting your experiences!
Posted by Daniellle D. on 2013-06-13:
Pushy salesman just came to our door. while the children were screaming to be fed. and calling nonstop from home to cell phone. decided to look them up on th internet. read all of you guys reviews...thanks. looks like another HANSONS Windows and construction co,
Posted by BobT on 2013-06-16:
Thanks for the info, saw thier ads and started checking on reviews. Thanks to your site I decided to pass on this company.
Posted by lucy on 2013-07-08:
The guy that came to are home would not leave either. My husband and I kept wanting to talk it over before we make this big decision, but the sales guy wanted it before he left. We finally said it was a good deal and he finally left at 1:00 in the morning. 10 years later the 3 season porch floor is rotting out on all four corners and by the slider. A guy came out to look at it and said it was condensation and they are not responsible for that. This has nothing to do with condensation!! The room leaks and they won't admit to it!!! Big Scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by hacker15 on 2013-07-10:
Just signed up with this organization for a roof replacement. OK - I read the comments above and I must say they do not reflect the experience we had with their sales team. They were professional and very courteous throughout the presentation and negation process. The final price was well within the comparable prices I received for the job entailed. At no time were we pressured or enticed with bogus offers. The price for the work they are to do is fair. I will check back with an update after the project is completed.
Posted by Alec on 2013-07-18:
BUYER BEWARE!!!. Avoid Erie Construction. I had a roof put on by this company 6 months ago. When the salesman arrived, me and my wife where very nice. We dont usually have strangers in our home, so we felt a little unconfortable. We told him we just looking to get an idea of cost. He told no need to look around, Erie is the best priced in town. After 4 hrs of saying they were the best, we mistakingly agreed to $18,758. For our 3 bedroom ranch. After waiting for 3 weeks someone came out and said they need to mesure the roof. I said didnt the salesman measure when he was here?? He said " We don't use tje those measurements these measurements are what we use." This was my first concern that something was wrong. The salesman told us "He was placing the order that night and called the factory at 10:45 pm. Looking back now that call didnt make much sense.. Finally after 13 weeks of waiting, we got a call that our roof was ready. They would be out this week. During the install my nieghbor from a few houses up the street saw the work going on and noticed the brand of shingle they were applying. He stated he has the same shingle on his home. I asked how did you like Eries workmanship. He said Erie didnt do it. You can that shingle anywhere. This almost floored me. The sales guy told me everything that Erie does is custom, and they dont use subcontractors. It was one of the main reasons we bought the roof. My nieghbor explained that we were getting just a plain old lumberyard shingle. Nothing fancy about it. I asked him how much did he spend on his roof? He said $7200.00. WHAT??? I almost passed out. His house is bigger than mine. My wife and i are very upset. Everything that was told to us, was untrue. Erie took advantage of the fact they we dont know anything about roofing. All we knew was what the salesman told us. We paid more than double for our roof. I cringe everyday i pull in the driveway and look at it. Thanks for reading. Just never buy a roof without doing your homework. We never should have just went with the first company. Erie salesman will tell you whatever they want to make a sale. Terrible business. My wife says she doesnt trust any sales people cause of this anymore.
Posted by Erin on 2013-08-02:
Did anybody have any issues with fraud when this was all said and done? Considering we gave soc sec numbers and personal info...I'm scared to death!
Posted by erin on 2013-08-02:
Any issues with fraud after giving out personal info?
Posted by Chelesea on 2013-09-03:
I purchased windows from Erie almost a year ago. They promised me sooo many benefits the windows would provide so I instantly took a liking. Well almost 6 months later when spring came the bugs stated to crawl through my windows, though I was told its bug repellant. The windows don't lock anymore, my energy bill almost doubled, and the company never comes out when I call.

So my question is what can I do to either get rid of the windows and cut my losses, or what can I do to get my money back? Thanks
Posted by wiserthanuthought on 2013-09-16:
Salesman came out to give me a quote for front door/storm door with installation. Took him what seems like forever to figure the quote. Seemed very high to me. Simple door/storm door for $4199. I said that was too much. Well there's a 50% off installation deal, so price came down $500. Still way too much. Told the guy I wasn't sure, I needed to think about it. He proceeded to go on with the paperwork. asked for my sss#. I told him if I did buy it would be with cash. What the hell do you need my sss# for??? Did not give it to him. Then he proceeded to tell me he needs 20% down. I just got done telling him I had to think about it first. I'm not giving anyone 20% of anything if I don't even know if I want it. I knew at the time the answer was no, but I knew that wasn't going to be acceptable to him. When I told him I wasn't giving him any money he left without saying a goodbye - nothing. I guess it's better than being harassed like some of the reviewers commented. Some kind of scam going on here. Just glad I didn't buy into it. Very rude pushy salesman. Will never do business with them or let another door to door salesman on my property.
Posted by concerned on 2013-09-17:
With all the personal info these people require, including social security number, has anyone experienced any identity theft, safety/security concerns after dealing with this company? I realize they do financing but in my experience as a female, the salesman was awfully interested in my work schedule, who else I lived with, as he was doing figures he kept looking all over the place making comments on things he was looking at in my home like he had ADHD, etc... At first I thought it was casual conversation, but now I'm not so sure.
Posted by ExEmployee on 2013-11-14:
I am an ex-employee of this company. I worked there for 6 months and the only reason is because it took me that long to get another job! They train you to dance around questions and lie if you have to to close a deal. They will jack there price up by 2, 3, 4 thousand dollars or more so they can drop the price 2 times and then act like they are leaving. They will come back and say they spoke with their manager and offer you a 3rd price. They tell you they make all of their products too. That is a lie. They have them made and delivered to them. They then assemble the windows from pieces like a puzzle. Everything about this place is shady and they should not be trusted. Even the people who canvass neighborhoods are tought to lie to set up appointments. When I worked for them, they were paid solely on commission based on what they sold. If you didn't sell, you didn't get a paycheck. STAY AWAY FROM ERIE!
Posted by Rick on 2013-12-01:
I have experience with the companies very shady business practices. They want your S.S # even when you pay cash, because they are going to run your credit anyway without your knowledge or permission. They call it a cash application. If you do not have a satisfactory credit score they will refuse to sell you the product or force you to finance the project even though you have the cash to pay for it. I have extensive experience in the home improvement industry and no other company rejects cash. Cash orders require large deposits. The only reason Erie makes sure they get your S.S # and secure financing so when the installation is complete and you see the horrible job they did, you are unable to hold the completion balance if you are unhappy with the work. They will just send you a bill with a 20% interest rate. This company needs to be SHUT DOWN!!!!. Who is monitoring these organizations anyway...
Posted by Deb on 2014-01-21:
I think I will avoid them. If they get metal roof shingles from a supplier then my local guy can too! I called to inquire last year and they bugged me for six months!
Posted by P DeBoer on 2014-02-25:
If you do have a salesman to your home for any improvements from any company, have 3 envelopes with the names of your salesman's competitors in plain view of where you sit to negotiate.
Have a detailed description of the improvements you are having done to your home for the salesman to see. Explain the envelopes have quotes for exactly what the description sheet reads from the salesman's competitors. Do not let salesman see them, because the envelopes are empty. Tell him he has 1 hour to prepare a detailed quote for you to consider. For effect lean a ladder on the house to imply he is not the first representative at your home that day. Makes sales people nervous to compete.

Posted by Al on 2014-03-22:
I wish I read the complaints before I called this company. Like most, had seen an ad in the local paper. My appointment is today and the sales rep is two hours late, which if and when he does show will be told to leave!
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Beware of this company
Posted by Colleen12 on 06/30/2010
TOLEDO, OHIO -- My husband & I decided to check into Erie construction for a new metal roof. We called and scheduled an in-home appointment. The salesman came to our home one evening and sat down with us to go over the types of roofing materials and costs. He first went outside (in the dark) and "measured". He had a wonderful presentation and when it finally got down to price, he quoted $21,750 or $325 a month. However, we would be eligible for a "showcase discount" because there was no other roof in our neighborhood like this. That brought it down to $17,750 or $222 month. Well, we decided our budget would not allow that much. So, he offered us a different type roof for $13,985 or $174 a month. But again with the "showcase discount" if brought it down to $137. That, we felt, was more reasonable. So, we gave him a deposit of $137 and signed a contract. The subcontractors came out and installed the roof, bound and determined to get it done in a couple of days. They worked into the night on the final day and wanted us to sign off on the work. We said we would not sign off until we could look at the workmanship during daylight hours. So, the next day we signed off on it. The roof appears to be good. I would like to add here that we did not actually need a new roof, ours was structurally sound, we were just missing some shingles. Anyway, they failed to clean up. The roof was put on in December so during the spring yard cleanup we continued to find roofing nails, pieces of roofing materials, all around, even though our salesman told us they would thoroughly pick up. We didn't worry about the clean up. Roof was good, we were happy. Then we got our first billing statement. Instead of the $137 a month, it was $250!! After numerous calls, Erie personnel finally worked out a lower interest rate and got it down to $200 a month. They sent us a check to make up the difference between $137 and $200 for 12 months ($750). I was told to call back in 6 months to re-negotiate a new interest rate to try to lower the payments once again to get back to the original contract price. When I finally spoke to someone (after notifying the BBB), I was told that they could not work out a new interest rate and that the check which I cashed was a "settlement" and done in good faith and they didn't even have to do that. This company is not honest. From the initial contact with the sales person right through to the company headquarters. I would not recommend using them for any roofing jobs.
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Posted by skelly39 on 2010-06-30:
They didn't have you sign a financing contract before the work was done? I'm curious...
Posted by saj80 on 2010-06-30:
What did the contract you sign specify? It should have given a price and monthly payment amount.
Posted by Fus on 2010-08-30:
My mother won a "free estimate" at the one fair a few years ago,first off who would honestly pay for an estimate these days? The sales rep came in at an absurd price for replacing a large sliding glass door leading to our deck. It was something like 5K, however, I believe she was offered the same "showcase" status mentioned by the OP. Which lowered it considerably along with some other thing.... bringing it down to the 3K neighborhood. HOWEVER, that price is only good if you sign the contract right then and there before he leaves..... at which point my mother thanked him for his time and tossed him out, citing the fact she needed to run the purchase past my father who wouldn't be home for a few days and that if he wanted the job it was going to be 3K no matter if she signed right then or called him back in two weeks. Well he left, and contacted her later letting her know that he would be willing to let her use his "employee discount" or something of that nature to keep the price at what it was. We ended up turning to another company that didn't use such questionable tactics.
Posted by N.A.H. on 2011-12-22:
I was actually the sales rep on this job. I first want to say that this was an extremely nice and respectable customer of mine and I am dissapointed in the outcome of this situation.
I did nothing intentionally to deceive this customer. As far as the financing situation, the only finance company I had ever used with this company was with GE. The finance plan that I quoted was based on GE financing. It turned out the customer wasnt approved through GE. My company then tells me that they were approved through another lender(Wells Fargo) and for me to get new paperwork signed. I did that assuming that all the terms were the same. My company told me no different. It turns out there was a difference in the 2 plans. When I found out this info weeks later, I was upset with my company for not explaining this to me. I demanded that they make it right because I really respected this customer. I was told later by manager that he did in fact take care of the difference in financing terms but apparently that wasnt true and that is dissapointing.
I am no longer with this company due to a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that alot of what I was trained to tell customers was in fact not the truth. This company is asking their sales reps to basically deceive the customers and say anything in order to get the sale. Unfortunately, I was also deceived.
Posted by Jay on 2014-01-14:
Thanks for being honest NAH.
This is a very good quality.
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Over priced predatory sales
Posted by DJLund on 10/07/2010
TOLEDO, OHIO -- My 80 year old parents recently responded to an ad from Erie Construction to get a quote on a new roof. They were quoted $56,000 with a $4,000 discount to be a "show home for their product". My main complaint is is the high pressure tactics that the salesman used to attempt to rush them into signing papers for a grossly overpriced roof. They refused to sign until I reviewed it which really annoyed the salesman.

Their quote was to go over the existing roofing. This would have yielded a very substandard job as there are some problems with the sub roofing.

A local contractor quoted $12K total for the 36 square roof including tear off, sub roof repairs, drip edge, ice shield, felt, installation, ridge vent, disposal, and cleanup. I've done a lot of roofing in the past and feel that this is a reasonable. This price was for 50 year dimensional shingles. The stone coated steel that Erie quoted would add about $3600 to the quote. Erie also quoted them $26000 for 30 year dimensional shingles over the existing roof.

I feel that this company preys on elderly clients with high pressure sales tactics that people should be made aware of.

Thanks, Dave...
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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-10-08:
Even the elderly would know that $56,000 for a roof is way out of line. We had our roof replaced with 50-year dimensional shingles, including removal of the old roof, vent, gutters/leaders and cleanup and it was only $8,000. I don't think there was much repair needed to the sub roof, and I'm not sure about drip edge, ice shield or felt, but we got a great roof, excellent professional service and haven't had a day's trouble with it so far.

They might have used high pressured sales tactics, but I think your parents should have known immediately that $56,000 was ridiculous. I wonder what kind of estimates this company gives to younger people. Perhaps they prey on anyone who seems likely to fall for it.
Posted by bp7 on 2012-01-21:
They are equally pushy for younger people
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Erie has pushy scam salesmen
Posted by Justhelpingothers on 01/21/2010
A young guy knocked on my door and asked if I was interested in a quote for a new roof. I told him no and he gave me a sob story about he was going to lose his job if he didn't book appointments and I could just book and tell them no at the door and they would not come in. Feeling sorry for the guy I did. The next day a guy came and I told him I wasn't interested. He said he already looked at the roof and could give me an estimate in under 30 min. I said ok to the estimate. He came in looked and my attic and said I didn't need a roof (after he ust told me I did from the outside) but I needed insulation. Their "great product was over ten times more expensive than Home Depot sells a comparable (same energy dept rated) product for. The salesmen was pushy and would not leave. I told him I wasn't interested in the insulation. He kept sitting down after I told him many times I wasn't interested. Their price of $5100 came down to $2900 when I kept telling him no. I finally told him I had to leave and he got real nasty with me. He was telling me I wasted his time and money for coming out. I told him about the door to door guy and he told me I was lying. After almost two hours of telling me how nce my house was and telling me he liked different things around my house he began telling me that my improvements were cheap and I wasted my money. I told him I would never buy anything thing from him and demanded that he leave. As he walked out the door he continued to insult me and my home and called me a cheap skate because I wouldn't buy his overpriced insulation. This company makes me sick. I read the reviews the day after he left and if you look around the internet all you find is upset customers. The only place you find a good review is on Erie's website, which they tell you they will give you $250 off if you write 2 testimonials. 1 for them and 1 for the dept of energy. Stay away from them and don't give in to their pushy tactics. Don't even let them in!
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Posted by Slimjim on 2010-01-21:
Great review. It's one thing to be a bit pushy, as laid back sales people won't close much on cold calls like these, but this is far beyond acceptable. To come to your house, be difficult to get out, and then becoming insulting, no way. All while on the way out so you couldn't get the police over in time for trespassing. File a complaint with your local BBB and maybe even see if a local news agency has an interest. Local tradesmen rely on credibility, and this place needs to get exposed a bit.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-21:
Assuming that the OP is a female because a real man would have thrown this jerk out on his ear the moment that he got testy.
Years ago I had a guy over trying to dump some overpriced burglar alarm system on me. To this day I wish I had decked him! (VH)
Posted by Rick Milton on 2013-12-16:
I am reading some of these complaints, and I have to add mine. I wish I researched this company before I allowed a very disturbed young men into my home. I am very concerned that this company knows where I live now. I needed to get a simple estimate on some damage occurring on my roof. I spoke with what i thought was a very nice women from Erie Construction. She said she would have represrntative from Erie Construction come out to my house next day. I explained that the damage has been there for some time and there was no need to rush. She insisted that he come at 5:00pm next day. He would just be by quick to take a look. 5:50pm next day, this very raggy looking two men approach my house. Tim and i forget the other mans name. They came right into my open door and were telling me where i needed to sit in my own home?? I quickly took control, asked "why are the two of you in my house?" The damage is on my roof, it is not leaking, i just do not want the shingles to coming loose." They both went out, looked at the roof, no where even close to where it was damaged and stated "you need you new roof asap" I said i dont want a new roof. This one needs to last a few more years until i retire, sell the property and move south. I asked them if they could get thier ladder and really examine what i called them out here to do. They replied, we dont have a ladder we are salesguys. WHAT???? How the hell can you stand there with a straight face and tell me i need a roof, without getting up and examining to old one. That would be like putting a cast on your leg without an x-ray. I knew right then i had to get these two away from home immediatly. They had no badges or identification stating they were from Erie, or any company at all. All i know is they were in my house and now know where i live. What kind of roofing company would send two men to your house with ladders, no identification to give you an esitmate on repairs. I took down there lincense plate and have since notified my freind in the sheriffs department. Sorry i went on for so long. I just wanted to explain the damgers surrounding this company. Erie Construction is not a construction company. There motives are still unclear to me. I am in fear i have not seen the last of this. I am forgoing my x-mas holiday trip south to keep watchon my property.
Posted by Concerned neighbor on 2013-12-28:
Suspicious group of people from this company were in our neighborhood at night traveling on foot without vehicles. When confronted by concerned neighborhood residents they became rude, aggressive and refused to show permits or identification...8 people piled into an old beat up minivan with out of state plates. Police were called and they handled the situation immediately.
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No Respect for Women
Posted by Babymonster613 on 10/18/2012
ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- Door to door guy came, made appt, they had to cancel because their roofing contractor was unavailable, so we had to make a new appt. Was told on the phone by a sales girl, that she couldn't make the appt, unless my husband was home for this free quote. Responded by saying you got lucky the first time, for the quote why does he need to be here? No answer from her. Then I just got a call back from a sales representative told him I don't want anything from them because of the way I was treated and that it wasn't the 1800 hundreds anymore and women know a thing or two about home improvements, so he hangs up on me, no thanks, have a good day nothing, what a joke this company is.
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Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2012-10-18:
I've had a few door to door salespeople come to my house before and they generally want to talk to both the husband and wife. So I couldn't have a person come to pitch something without my wife being there and vise versa.
Posted by unhappy999 on 2012-10-18:
Its because they want you to sign up for the work right away before you have time to think about it or get other estimates. Usually, if both people aren't there, the other person isn't going to sign a deal for a big project. They know that, so they want both of you there. Most construction companies work like this.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-19:
I interpret this much differently - not disrespect for you as a woman, but wanting you both present so you can commit to the job.
Posted by Mdc79 on 2013-07-05:
They just rang my door bell and I told them not interested, he still tried to sell me their snake oil windows and roof. Ghost thing my dog scared the crap out of him
Posted by Nathan on 2014-04-16:
Your husband needs to be there because reps make a trip using their own gas and usually the spouse has questions go unanswered about the product. Thus, your husband knows nothing about the appt and would not allow someone to come over without knowing about it and then the rep just wasted his money. It has nothing to do with your gender
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Pushing, Insulting Salesman
Posted by JerkReport on 05/18/2011
MICHIGAN -- I just closed the door on an Erie Construction "marketing person" who didn't carry a business card. He tried to hard sell a free estimate to me. He told me that I could only get my free estimate if I signed up today. When I told him I would research Erie Construction and get back with him, he became upset and arrogant. He said that I could research all day if I wanted I still wouldn't get the free estimate later. I told that was fine and told him to go when he became openly angry. I ended up closing the door in his face while he was insulting me. I don't appreciate the behavior, being insulting in my own home, or being made to act rudely myself. I haven't found any good/reliable reviews of this company.

He didn't leave any information with me. I can only say he said was based out of Lansing, MI.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2011-05-18:
make sure to contact the main office and verify if anyone was in your neighborhood going door to door. it has been reported before that sometimes these people are casing your house for a later breakin. if the main office denies them, call and make a police report.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-18:
That was a lame pitch about only getting a free estimate if you signed up then and there. Every window company I have ever heard of gives free estimates. What a slimeball.
Posted by Whiteduck on 2011-05-19:
Sounds like you dodged a bullet. Would you like to be stuck in a contract with a company whose employees act this way? Imagine how bad they are AFTER they get your money..
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-19:
GREAAAT REVIEW! The TOS prevents describing this salesperson honestly, but you did exactly the right thing.

To think he probably does that all day long. Gives me shivers.
Posted by Lu Mira on 2011-05-27:
I just had a similarly unfavorable experience just yesterday (05/26/2011) with a couple of guys from Erie Construction. I'm considering having windows and doors on the breezeway upgraded. They were an hour late for an appointment but they came from out of town.

But what didn't go over well with me in the encounter was their pushy insistence that I purchase their service, at the end of their presentation, without hearing from other home construction companies in the area and fully researching Erie. I call this my due diligence part when entering into any sort of contract.

The pair basically tried to get me to sign up right then and there and appeared upset when I refused. For the record, the price for the entire project--$5800 for 4 windws and 2 doors, medium-rated for energy efficiency--seemed in line with what I can be expected to spend.

But then they offered a sort of off-script deal for the same originally quoted price but with better-rated materials. And finally they offered an unsolicited discount of $800 off the base price just to get the sale. I said no. I'm wary about deals that sound under-the-table and maybe too good to be true. I'm uneasy about springing for suprisingly favorable terms that deviate from standard pitch. No one gets a free lunch, right?

The two guys didn't make a good impression. I would have been really interested in knowing more about the quality of their finished work. That may not happen.

Posted by Disgruntled worker on 2012-06-29:
In the workers defense they are forced very hard to meet a quota of appointments or lose there job. Have you looked for a job in Michigan lately? The company is down right awful, but however bad you think the customers have it, the marketing team has it worse. They get minimum wage to walk around for miles throughout there 9 hour day and have doors repeated slammed in there face because of things there company has done to customers in the past. then the commission they are told they get is NEVER ONCE on any pay check when they finally get a sale. They also work close to fifty hours a week and get paid for 38 at the max because they don't have time cards for the employees due to the fact that they are on the road so much. is it a scam? I promise the customers don't go through nearly as much as the employees, but until the economy gets better we have no choice. i had been investigating how this is legal all night with no luck against this multi billion dollar company
Posted by Cn on 2013-12-28:
Suspicious group of people from this company were in our neighborhood at night traveling on foot without vehicles. When confronted by concerned neighborhood residents they became rude, aggressive and refused to show permits or identification...8 people piled into an old beat up minivan with out of state plates. Police were called and they handled the situation immediately. We have had several break-ins in our neighborhood recently, with one neighbor having their car stolen by two men that claimed to be working for another door-to-door sales company, so better safe than sorry.
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Poor Business Ethics
Posted by Copcars1 on 03/25/2012
EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- This is the letter I sent to Erie Construction:

I saw one of your ads on the local news and had never seen a metal roof that looked quite like what you sell, so I called the number on the screen. I thought this was a local business that would come out measure my roof, show me a few samples and give me a quote to consider. I had no idea this was a big company that was sending a high pressure sales representative to my home and make me feel like I was talking to a used car salesman.

How and why he got on the subject of how Walmart has hurt the small business I really don't know, but then he turns around and starts making unappreciated remarks about local contractors. His exact words were they are just Bubba in a truck and kept saying this demeaning comment all evening. Well I know many of these so called Bubbas in a truck, they are friends and acquaintances that are hard working people. I found this to be rude and very unprofessional but that was just the beginning! Over the years I have hired several local contractors and NEVER once did I have to loan them my ladder so they could measure my roof, NEVER once did they say "before I get started do you have anything to drink, NEVER once did I have one of them just get up and go in my bathroom. I have dealt with the public my whole life, in my line of work I enter customers homes on a daily basis and have never once asked for a drink or just walk in their bathroom, that is just not the way a professional person does business. If a customer offers me a drink "like I was going to do" is one thing but to just blurt it out is not right.

I fully expect to be treated like a used car buyer when I walk in a used car lot, but when I invite someone to my home I don't expect to have to haggle over a price, I've never had to do this with a local contractor. They come and give me a price and then let me think about it. Not this sales rep, he was determined that I was going to purchase a roof package from him that night. When he shot me his price I was a little surprised and he picked up on that then started coming down from there. His first price was $20,000.00 and he expects me to just say ok, that's is a lot of money and I'm not going to just jump up and say "sure" without doing a little research and I'm defiantly not going to just jump on his offer after being disrespectful!

Another thing that really bothered me was he asked me where I wanted my payment to be, I had really not thought about that and was not prepared to say, so he shoots me a payment. When I asked him how long that term was he could not answer, I'm certainly not going to say yes to a term I don't know if I'm paying on for 2 years or 20. When I call the bank to get a loan I know the interest rate and the length of the loan!

Upon leaving "which by the way took up 3 hours of my time" he made a comment that he just didn't understand why I would not say yes right then and there. Well He does not know my financial situation and what up coming bills I have. I simply called to get a price so I could go from there and decide what I could afford and wanted to do.

He wasn't gone one minute then was knocking on my door telling me he has a cheaper product, by that time he had most defiantly wore out his welcome and I would not have bought it if it was the best deal of the century after all I had encountered.

There was an older gentleman with him that was fairly quite, not sure if he was too embarrassed to say anything or simply amazed at this guys lack of of professionalism. I do want to comment about a lady I spoke with on the phone about my unpleasant encounter. Her name was Danielle and she was very apologetic and sincere while on the phone with her.

The sad thing is this guy walks away from my home wondering why I would not buy his product!
Read Company Response
Company Response on 03/29/2012:
We’d like to apologize on behalf of our sales staff in Evansville for the unacceptable service you received during your consultation. We expect our team to uphold our high service standards, come to the appointment prepared and approach potential customers with the utmost respect and professionalism. We thank you for bringing your unsatisfactory experience with our representative to our attention. Please rest-assured that we will take this opportunity to speak with our sales team to reinforce Erie Construction’s service standards. Again, our sincerest apologies for your poor experience.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-03-26:
There is a website for Erie Construction Metal Roofs, and it looks a little odd. There are hard to read links for several locations at the bottom of the screen, and when you click them they all take you to a generic page with that location's city pasted in - kind of unprofessional.

You point out several things that would make me say "no thank you, please leave" as well. It sounds like a bad experience with a vacuum salesman.

And they do FINANCING? Well, the lucky customer! I pay for my roof, and I want my "payment" to be whatever the total is - not give the company additional profit like "Bubba" might do. How frickin rude is that term?

Great review! By the way, it does look like an interesting product, but those sales tactics aren't consistent with this being the right company.
Posted by Cheryl on 2012-12-17:
We had seen their ad on tv a few years back so i called and the woman asked where we lived and if i knew the value of our home and i said not off hand i don't well she set up an appointment for a saturday morning the salesman showed up and he looked a litle confused he asked us if we said our home was worth $ 100,000's we said no come to find out the woman i talked to put that in herself so it went down hill after that so to make a long story short our home was not worthy enough and that is what we where told by the salesman and he come out and said to just put a regular roof on so the way i see it you discrimanate against homes that are not worth your product.
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Posted by Sherbug on 10/12/2007
Erie Construction installed siding. We refused their financing and paid cash. Our siding is warped and popping off the house. All the caulking is awful. Have had them return to fix every thing 3 times. After the last visit caulk was removed and left on the ground. No one ever came back. Phone calls are useless! No one in this company knows what is going on with their people. We are going to sue for our money back.


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Overpriced and dishonest
Posted by Utica on 02/05/2010
Every home is told that they are getting a special price if they agree to be a showcase home. They are way overpriced and will say anything to get you to sign. Don't give them the time of day!
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Erie Construction - NO WAY! They Cannot Even Tell Time.
Posted by Hrussmyers on 10/12/2012
My wife and I are shopping for a new roof. Erie Construction had placed an ad in our local paper and we gave them a call. Three appointments later and not one person has shown up, we told them no way for a fourth attempt!

Mary says that they have been in business for 40 years. Good luck with the next 4 days when you cannot even tell time!
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Posted by Anne on 2013-07-18:
Thats funny that you couldn't get anyone from Erie to your house. My 82 year old mother had someone knock on her door and pushed into trying to get some sort of tub, that was on t.v. Two guys showed up and stayed for three hours trying to say that she needed a new tub for $16,000 dollars. Yes. A tub for that. Good thing she called me and i asked them to leave. She did not even pay 16,000 for her whole house. Does anyone even buy a tub for that. How do they stay in business with prices like that. You gotta be a millionaire or something.
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