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Disappointing Project Experience
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Do not do business with this company. My experience with the company was horrible. I had my roof, soffits, and gutters replaced. Not only did the sales process stress and inconvenience me and my family, but what I was sold is not what they gave the contractor to do. And when the contractor came and did all he was told to do in the contract and the job wasn't done (because what I was sold was not all in the contract given to the installers) I had no choice but to agree that the installers did everything they were asked to do in the contract, which sent them on their way, even though it was not everything that I had been sold.

And on top of it, they would not give me a person to contact for escalation. That said, the work that was done was adequate but required my constant supervision and correction. While replacing my roof there were areas where I could still see the bare decking when they were "done". My new gutters were marred, the wrong lengths, not spouted away from the house, some had dips such that they retained water instead of draining, and in some places the downspouts were hanging loose from the house. The metal wrapping they put on the ends was wavy and not well connected to the house. I had to have a constant list of items for them to correct.

The team littered my yard during the day, but did clean up before leaving. The team smoked/vaped on my property, left butts in the grass, and even at one point blew their exhaled smoke/vapor into my open window onto my children. They did not follow safety protocols - climbing ladders with uneven footing and no assistant holding them, no fall protection etc. When I spoke with the installation manager about it he said it was ok they fall off roofs all the time (!!!).

In the end, everything I wanted done by way of the installation process of what was on the installer's contract was done gladly and cheerfully to the best of the installer's ability, and I have confidence that it was installed adequately. I am not happy with it, though it is contractually complete.

I am highly dissatisfied with several aspects of this project: What I was sold is not what the installers were contracted to install. I was promised that once a job was started it would be worked until it was done (to help me believe the stress would be low) but in reality this '3-day job' took parts of 3 WEEKS during which the crew was scheduled out-of-state leaving my home in a state of disrepair in their absence. My driveway was damaged during the process, which means another project and additional cost on top of it all.

I want to make sure to be clear about this: The quality of the work done is not in question. I cannot speak to it being excellent or inadequate, but it seems fine. The sales team apparently are not to be trusted. The organization and continuity between departments is abysmal. The care for my property, happiness, and purchased product is next to none, but their care for their bottom line is a top priority.

After the initial salespeople came and quoted me super high, the regional guy 'good-cop'ed me into a lower price. After that, everything was installation - no other contact with the company despite requests for escalation. I went with Erie, even though they had a slightly higher price because they were an established organization, not a fly-by-night crew making the rounds. I was assured dedicated attention and fast turn around, I did not get it. I was told I needed certain products, they were included in the quote, but did not end up on the installer's contract, so I did not get what I paid for.

I was promised an opportunity to express myself and a personal visit from the install manager, but that too never came. I am sad that this has been so trying on me and my family, and that I am now dependent on these same people for any warranty repairs for the next 35 years. Please don't make the same mistake I did.

Needed Windows And Sliding Glass Door At The Back Decking.
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Rating: 5/51

MARYSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I needed windows, so we wanted to see how much they would cost. I order 14 windows and a sliding glass door. Salesmen were very polite and pushy (but they are salesmen just doing their job). They just came at the right time! Some of the large windows, we took their word, as they did not have pictures of the widows. I did like the new window in my dining room, but the window in the rec. room is not what I thought it would be. I was hoping for security locks like the rest of the windows. But it is what it is and the installation was just two days.

The kitchen window was the wrong measurements. So they had to order another and come back and install it. The guys who put the windows in were very polite and very quick, removing old windows and replacing new ones. Hopefully they buy some new outfits for their future jobs. They still did a great job!!

Erie Installed My Windows and Gutters
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Rating: 5/51

TOLEDO, OHIO -- Erie installed windows and gutters on my home and all the trim as well. I was shocked that they got 8 windows and gutters all installed in 1 day. They did have to return the second day to finish a few pieces of trim and do some additional cleanup for an hour or so. I am very happy with the job they did and will probably use them to get a few more windows in a few months.

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Rating: 1/51

We had so many issues with Erie. In January 2014, we had ERIE replace our downstairs windows. We had no problems. We decided to use them to do our attic windows and were told we would be getting a discount for being return customers. They missed the next 4 appointments to meet with us.

On May 4 2015, we worked with Dave to order 3 new windows for our attic along with new rain gutters and soffit venting. We told Dave we would be paying cash for the project to be completed; since we were in the process of a home refinance, we did not want to have our credit run. He told us we were required to provide credit related information, due to reporting requirements for the company. ERIE ran our credit and after explaining this to our mortgage company, they requested we get a letter from ERIE showing we were not opening a line of credit with them. It took multiple phone calls after we were promised this letter until we received it.

When we placed our order, we informed Dave we needed this project completed before mid-July when one owner would be leaving for a month. When the man came for the second measure, he informed us that our windows would not work without structural changes, requiring permitting and a significantly higher price change. On June 12, 2015, Dave came back to our house where we decided on a different size window for the attic that would not require structural changes. We again reiterated that we wanted this completed before the trip in July.

After this event, we had no contact from ERIE on the status of our windows and no call to schedule an install. Multiple phone calls went unanswered and several messages were not returned. Eventually, they tried to schedule the installation for two days before the trip. It was decided we would call after the trip to schedule the install.

Post trip, we called three weeks ahead of time to schedule the install. We called again a week ahead of time to confirm. Erie did not show up on the date confirmed to do the work. We called multiple times to several people with phone calls going unanswered and messages not returned. We eventually called the office. We were informed that our project was not scheduled until the next day, not the date agreed upon. We had requested that the gutter work be done the same day as the windows. The office informed us that the gutter/vent installer had not been scheduled at all.

We decided to have the window installer still come the next day as we were available. One man shows up. He only had two windows with him and showed us that his instructions were to remove 3 windows and install 2. He was unaware that the window openings were to be made larger nor was he aware that this was an attic installation. He alone couldn't do the installation and he didn't have the proper equipment. Later that day, the man who does the gutter installation, called us to schedule a time on Saturday to install gutters. We explained to him that were not available and that we needed to reschedule everything.

On October 20, we called Rich and left a voicemail. Immediately following, we called the office and spoke to Sarah. She transferred us to Dave, who told us we needed to be speaking to Mike "the install manager" since Rich was frequently in the field and couldn't answer or have access to schedules. We do not have a number for Mike nor have we ever been told that he is who we should speak to about scheduling; we've always done it through Rich. Sarah said she would have Mike call us when he was free to do the scheduling.

I emailed Aaron the Regional Sales Manager. His solution was to cancel the project, as he was sure the company had lost our faith at this point. To this, Mike the install manager responded (unaware he was responding to us also), that we were the ones who had been unreachable, hadn't responded to his messages and that we did only order 2 windows. I offered to send the order sheet stating we had ordered three windows as well as our phone records showing our phone calls to them; no response to this was received.

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Rating: 1/51

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- Well, I've read all the previous posts. Mostly bad about this company. I also took the time to read some other reviews before these people came to my house. First the salesperson acted like he was afraid to come into my house. When he did he stood in the doorway and talked to us for about 10 minutes. Then he asks us what we want done. We say windows, okay now he has to go to his car and get his tape measure. Before he does that he has to chat for 10 minutes about the cars we drive and some other nonrelevant stuff. Mmm. Where are we going with this?

Okay, so he gets the tape measure and proceeds to measure the windows. As I stand next to him I think I smell alcohol. Okay, he goes to measure the window in another room with my husband. Now he has to use the bathroom. Strange or is it just me. Well now my husband tells me he also smell alcohol on him.

So he is back from the bathroom. We sit down (finally) to talk numbers. First though he makes small talk about the usual (how long have you lived here, where do you work etc.) Then he goes on and on about how Erie makes all their own stuff, they don't use subcontractors etc. Well long story short. The guy could not stay on task. He was all over the place.

Oh yes, I did ask him if he had been drinking. He said no, but then apologized. Why would you apologize if you didn't do anything wrong? The quote he eventually gave us for 6 windows was $7900. Don't think so. I don't get a good feeling about this company and after the pitiful presentation I would never do business with them.

Company Response 02/17/2016:

Phyllis, thank you for your comments. Though it's disheartening to know the presentation you received fell short of expectations, we can assure you that Erie Construction is an alcohol and drug free corporation and no member of our sales team would attempt to speak to a potential customer under the influence. We will be sure to investigate further on our end to solidify our policies. Please feel free to contact our Rochester office at 585-272-0070 if there is anything at all that we can assist you with.

Would Not Recommend This Company
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Rating: 1/51

TOLEDO, OHIO -- My husband decided to look into a metal roof for our home. The sales person who came out was nothing short of deceitful and talked a good talk. Our experience was horrible to say the least. He promised everything and the job was a disaster from the start. First, the crew that we were promised was not the actual crew our sales person told us that we would get. It was a local sub-contractor who started the job in the rain, left a mess around our home for two days with a covering on the roof that he told my husband would keep any rain/water out until his crew could return and continue the job.

Well, it poured for two straight days and you can imagine what happened. We had water damage to both of our attics. Puddles of water everywhere, on our boxes that we stored in the attic, water stains on the rafters and floor. My husband called our sales person and was told that the sub-contractor and crew were on another job. Unbelievable! Calls were made over and over to our sales person and completely ignored. I emailed him - no response. I then called the company directly and was referred to the Customer Service person who said she never seen the email I sent.

I then realized that the email sent was intercepted by our sales person and never shared with the Customer Service person or at least that is what I was told. At this point, we were so disgusted with this sales person. Here we have water damage in our attic, dealing with a dishonest sales person and a crew that damaged our siding, sidewalk and worked in the dark and expected us to look at the finished job in the dark. When we finally got in touch with the company again to complain of all the problems, they send someone out when we were not home.

The company representative did finally come out with the sub-contractor and would not fix/pay for the damage to our sidewalk, offered to pay my husband per hour to clean our own attic from the water damage. My husband was so disgusted at that point, that he signed off on the job. They didn't even wait for me to get home so I could go over the damage and inspect what they claimed they corrected. We are now dealing with large amounts of ice hanging from our metal roof that again our sales person said would not happen.

Prior to this, we used heating cables that we can no longer put on due to the metal and roof warranty. We were promised all these things by our sales person, but when it came down to the actual job being done on our roof, it was a complete mess from day one. We are writing this to warn other potential customers of the sales scam.

Shady Company
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Rating: 1/51

RED LION, PENNSYLVANIA -- The salesperson who came out spent over 3 HOURS!!! If he had stayed on track and not told me his life story and his Sunday morning routine with his kids (ugh!), it would/should have taken about 45 minutes. When it came to the price, he presented an astronomical figure of $67,000. But wait... "We can do it for $45,000+/-, but wait, how about if you sign today, we can do it for $35,000."

WHAT??? And, for the life of me, he wouldn't stop pushing when we told him THREE times that we don't make decisions like this without discussing further and sleeping on it. Wasn't good enough - he made me tell him point blank that he needed to respect what we were saying and he wasn't getting an answer that day.

The next week, I received a phone call from someone in their office who said they wanted to come out and give us a better price. WHAT??? I told them they needed to email me their drop-dead price and that this pricing game is shady. He said he'd need to run it by his supervisor.

Next week, another phone call from a different person in their office offering the same thing - a better price. My response was the same - "Give it to me in writing, and in no uncertain terms will you be back at my home." Have we received anything... um... no. I feel badly for whomever has taken them up on their original offers - they overpaid by at least 30%. Shady, shady dealings.

New Roof
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Rating: 4/51

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- My father-in-law saw their advertisement on TV & he called the number. Within a couple of days two sale representatives came to look at his house and evaluate it. The sales reps were very nice and knowledgeable. They gave Dad the estimate and it was a little higher than he had planned. But when they found out that he had served in the Arm Forces and was a WWII vet that offered him a small discount that satisfied him.

They told us that someone would call the next week and they would be here within the next week to put the new roof on. It actually took about 3 weeks but that was faster than anyone else we had inquired with. My father-in-law was very happy. They did a very nice job, finished it that day and had it all cleaned up by 4 pm.

Company Response 04/21/2016:

Mary, Thank you for choosing Erie Construction. It's excellent to know how pleased your father-in-law is with his new roof, and we appreciate you taking the time to share such great feedback. Please keep us in mind for any future home improvement needs.

No show - No call (X4)
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Rating: 1/51

HOLLAND, MICHIGAN -- Several years back a sales representative came to our door. They said they were working in the area and asked if we were interested in any home improving. Definitely windows, made an appt, no one called (like they said would happen), and no on ever showed up. OK fine!

2 years later, another representative at the door - no thank you, we're broke. But about 2 weeks later we start receiving phone calls on our land line about making an appt. "A representative was recently in your area & we have previous information on file that you were interested in window replacement at one time". To which I replied, "You're correct. At one time, but your company stood us up & now we're not set financially to worry about windows. Please remove our name & info and refrain from calling anymore. Thank you!" But the calls kept coming so I changed my phone number.

7 years later, after a divorce, death of 7 family members, loss of a job, a new marriage, a brand new baby, and a terminal cancer diagnosis (which is just part of life happening) and things are going pretty well and adjustments have been made.

It's December of 2013, dark outside, winter, cold & about 6:30pm, there's a knock at our door. It's a pair of best friends selling for Erie Construction. I tell them no thank you & why and the pair proceed to inform my husband and I all about the new mgt and the changes that have been made and how the old mgt ran the company into the ground... Bla bla bla. They just wanted to meet their scheduling quota so would we make an appt for an estimate and consider giving new mgt a chance. I invited them into the entry way, gave them some fresh baked cookies, & made an appt. OMGosh!!! How stupid were we? Another no confirmation call & no show for the appointment.

April 2, 2014... I just get home from getting groceries, a kid approaches me (I'm not even out of my truck...) & wants to sell, sell, sell. I thought it was lawn care but as soon as I saw Erie I asked him to leave. I was polite but let him know his company "sucked"! He called his manager right over so he could hear my complaint. The manager said he would give me a 50% discount on install, $99 back per window, plus a supervisor special. So, I said OK give me a price. "Well is the Mr. home also?", "Nope. But this is my house. I owned it before I met & married him, if I want windows, you'll have to deal with me and give me a price"!

They made an appt for when we'd both be available.... But I was not worried, they did NOT let us down... No confirmation call & no show on their appt yet again! I should get some free windows by now, lol. Never trust them!

High Pressure Sales Tactics, One Call Close, Over Priced
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Rating: 1/51

HOLT, MICHIGAN -- My wife and I were in the process of replacing our windows, roof, and siding. Erie Construction knocked on our door out of the blue uninvited, and we decided to allow them to come out and give us a price. The experience was horrific. Here is how this company operates. They canvass neighborhoods trespassing on private property and knock on doors after dark. In our case, they showed up on our door step uninvited at 8:30pm! (No permit by the way). After the appointment was scheduled with the canvasser, we were told someone would call to confirm the appointment... (I guess they don't trust the canvasser).

Our phone rang at 9pm and we went through a 10 minute confirmation process that was literally mind blowing. I was asked where I worked, my home value, what my wife did for a living along with numerous additional questions about our personal information and about our home and property. This is not confirmation folks.. this is QUALIFICATION. They want to make sure that you have the income, equity and credit to purchase their products, before they send out a commissioned sales representative.

The next day, a salesman (who reaked of cigarette smoke) showed up 30 minutes late for the estimate. My wife was running late and he refused to talk with me until she arrived home (because they can't close me without my wife there). I asked if he wanted to get started and told him he could begin measuring if he wanted, but instead he became upset and took off!!! He said he would come back in 30 minutes. So he left, my wife came home, and he showed back up.

I will now attempt to make a very long story as short as possible. This man spent almost 4 hours in our house. He spent the first hour warming up to us. Small chat if you will. Then he went through an entire demonstration, measured, more demonstration, and immediately went into monthly payments without telling us the total cost. After spending about 30 minutes trying to get the total cost from him, he finally gave in and told us. The estimate was for windows, siding, and a steel roof. The price was over 40k. Yes.... 40k... and we have a one story ranch home.

Prior to this estimate, we had received 3 other estimates from local contractors for the same products. All 3 prices were MUCH MUCH lower. Anywhere from 10-20k lower!!! Erie Construction is a total rip off that uses outdated high pressure sales tactics. It was a complete nightmare. Now, I could have kicked this guy out of my house, but after an hour or so and realizing we were getting scammed instead, I decided to let the guy run with his scam just for kicks.

I became more interested in how he was going to attempt to scam me than I was in his products and prices.... and let me tell you, it was truly unbelievable how these people will try to trick you into thinking you are getting a lower price by giving you monthly payment information without giving you the total. You should have seen his face after 4 hours of attempting to scam us when I told him no and asked him to leave.

From start to finish, the way this company does business is really sad. They lost a 22k cash deal simply because of the way they approached me and the style of sales tactics they use. I bet they have lost millions of dollars in business because of this, but sadly they have made millions tricking people into monthly payments. I wonder how many of their customers have no clue how much they are really paying. I bet the bulk of their customers are the elderly. It's truly sad. Anyhow, knocking on doors uninvited at 8:30pm should be the first sign to NOT DO BUSINESS with Erie Construction.

Although I wanted to experience the attempted scam, it was still a horrific experience that I would never want to go through again. If you do not believe me, feel free to invite these glorified Kirby vacuum salespeople into your home, and you will see for yourself. It's a total nightmare. Needless to say, we did business with a different, local company. The contractor we bought from simply came out, measured, and put together a detailed proposal for us to review. We did our research, checked references, and then contacted the contractor a week later. He came out, answered our questions and we paid cash for the entire job.

We are extremely satisfied, and VERY GLAD that we were smart enough to not fall for Erie Construction's high pressure, one call close overpriced scam! NEVER EVER do business with Erie... The name alone (Erie) should make you nervous! EEEERY. If you do get a price from them then make sure to get other estimates. Do not EVER sign a contract (or anything for that matter) on the same day you get a price from them or anyone else for that matter.

Always do your research, and always sleep on it no matter what they tell you. Don't fall for their classic scam technique of telling you the price is only good for today. It's all BS, and it's a pressure tactic to get you to buy now, thinking you are getting a better deal. It's all about the money for these guys. Looking at other reviews on the web about this company, I honestly do not understand how they have continued to stay I'm business. Oh by the way, they continue to call us over and over again even after telling them we have everything done and to take us off their call list. We are on the National Do Not Call list, but I guess their high pressure telemarketers don't care.

I've learned since, that I can sue them for calling me repeatedly after being told specifically to "take me off your list and please do not call me anymore", and so I am in the midst of a lawsuit against them. Not only will they be fined by the FCC, ($11,000) but it appears they will settle. This whole experience has actually turned out well for us, and I really look forward to purchasing a new truck because of how Erie Construction chose to treat me. Thanks Erie!!

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