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Unauthorized $500 Fraudulent Charge. Stealing, Time Share Pushers
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PORT CLINTON, OHIO -- This was supposed to be my wife of 16 years, Mother's Day present. We checked in, security came in the first 10 minute of checking in, and came into the room as we stepped out to get a bite to eat and get the rest of your stuff. We came back, they had entered out room, said they can smell marijuana by our door. They promptly called the sheriff, humiliated me and my wife in front of guest and staff for 1 hour in the hallway. We legally have our license and all that was needed was for them to ask us to take it out or leave the resort. The Sheriff left with no issues/arrest/tickets.

Security walked out our stuff and then they charged me $500. And we were in the room 8 minutes and never smoked or even unpacked our things. So what was to be a great 2 day Mother's Day card within 8 minutes of getting there turn into police embarrassment and $600 taken out of my account and no answers to emails. And you can only talk to security guard, no management. Was told Security guard handles all complaints. What a joke. This was the worst experience for me and my wife in 20 years. We stayed at over 200 hotels by far, this was the worst thing we ever experienced.

Reading all the other complaints, you can see these people have no conscience on how to treat people like people. They create the smoking or smelling excuses (YET READ 2 OTHER COMPLAINTS OF HOW THEIR ROOMS SMELLED LIKE ROTTEN EGGS, SO IT'S OK FOR THIS SO CALLED RESORT TO MAKE YOU SMELL ROTTEN EGGS AND CHARGE YOU?) to enter your room and kick you out even if it's in the middle of the night. Never, ever seen a place that KICKS people out immediately for something you will have to pay $250 for. There whole objective is to sell you a timeshare. If you do not fit their profile, out you go.

Also read all the reviews. All the same thing, DIRTY, NASTY, and their website shows you lake setting resort with beautiful rooms and cottages. All the rooms and cottages are OUTDATED and NASTY. Their guidelines section on their site does not work as well so no way to know what lies ahead as well. SCANDALOUS RESORT. Stay away or they will RIP YOU OFF. And watch our for their over zealous security guards as well. Check ** for more complaints and the BBB in Ohio where they have NOT answered my complaints as well as them being discredited in 2011 in Florida.

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