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Nasty Room, Poor R.N. Response /Dr. Aloof, Not Caring, or Even Competent Concerning My Condition.
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Rating: 1/51

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- This room had obviously not been cleaned, food particles in sink, mirror very dirty, urinal had no lid, probably used. Commode lid filthy with urine all over seat, floor actually black from not being wet mopped. I spilled some water on floor trying to clean out urinal, used a washcloth to wipe up water, actually black when I turned washcloth over, nastier than the worst motel I have ever stayed in. Room floor also dirty.

Asked for some pain RX at 11:15p.m for 4 broken ribs. R.N. didn't come to bring any med. for one and one half hrs. I could not even roll over onto my side due to severe pain, when x-ray person came to my room with a wheel chair and said "Get up and get in w/c alone with no assistance." Impossible to do physically.

Wife went out to nurses station to request help. R.N. said to wait and she would request a portable chest x-ray. She then came back to my room and said the Dr. would not allow, must get into w/c. P.T. never came to room to assist or even evaluate if I could get out of bed. Dr. said "Go home, come back for another chest x-ray in one week to see if internal bleeding had gotten worse."

I just had an arteriogram four days before auto accident, on blood thinners with a stent into R. coronary artery. Worst hospital experience EVER!!! The only bright spot in the Erlanger Hosp. experience was a student nurse, "Ester" from Collegedale School of Nursing. She was excellent, concerned and caring and helped in any way she could.

Very unprofessional and neglectful
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Rating: 1/51

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- I was treated like I was not important at all. The ER Dr. would not look at my neck nor my MRI which would have told them I am in excruciating pain. They could have given me a shot. Or something. All they gave me was an ultram and that was three hours ago and I'm still in tears due to how bad I am hurting. My blood pressure was 172/104 which should have been the first clue to how bad I'm hurting. But everything I said was ignored and I'm still hurting extremely bad. Not usually one to complain, I do apologize.

While In Chattanooga... Avoid Erlanger North!!
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CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- Recently I had a horrible experience at Erlanger hospital, (Erlanger North), in Chattanooga, TN. After almost two full weeks of stress and depression, mainly due to work and general issues, I had a breakdown one night and needed a doctor badly. Well, after waiting for almost 3 hours I was admitted, only to be ridiculed and told that they "weren't a psych ward for the crazies!"

As I explained to them I had never had these symptoms persist like this and the anxiety attacks and depression felt like I was dying, they told me to take 1 or 2 Benadryl and try to sleep. Well it was 4:00 am by now and I was irate. I have heard many other complaints about this hospital and now I know the truth... if you really are in need of a doctor, DO NOT visit Erlanger North.

Pathetic and Unprofessional
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CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- It is sad to say but in the southern part of the United States Chattanooga is served by Erlanger... supposedly their best Hospital. I realize the south isn't a hive of intellectuals, but ERLANGER HOSPITAL is still in the 19th century! Long waits, unprofessional care and 3rd class patient communication. I found myself in need of medical care and was treated in a less than competent manner. I would have been better to fly out of there and to a real city with state of the art care. Don't get sick in Tennessee.

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