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Very unprofessional and neglectful
Posted by on
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CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- I was treated like I was not important at all. The ER Dr. Would not look at my neck nor my MRI which would have told them I am in excruciating pain. They could have given me a shot. Or something. All they gave me was an ultram and that was three hours ago and I'm still in tears due to how bad I am hurting. My blood pressure was 172/104 which should have been the first clue to how bad I'm hurting. But everything I said was ignored and I'm still hurting extremely bad. Not usually one to complain, I do apologize.
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madconsumer on 04/19/2014:
knowing how ER's operate, they go by medical necessity, not by pain level.
The Trauma Medic on 04/20/2014:
Madconsumer is right. I work in a busy ER, and we cannot always tell why someone is in pain. Ultram is an excellent pain reliever, but too many people want heavy narcotics, especially when we cannot find a reason for pain. Look at it from our point of view....if you are really in pain, you'll take anything to relieve it, including a NSAID. Every day, we see many people that are drug-seeking and patients that use the ER for every need. You need to get to your provider and get a pain specialist. Use the ER for true emergencies
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Pathetic and Unprofessional
Posted by on

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Hugh_Jorgen on 06/11/2009:
"...I realize the south isn't a hive of intellectuals..."

At least we can spell.
Principissa on 06/11/2009:
I feel your pain in so many ways. I live an hour from Nashville and unless we're dying or have no choice, we'll drive to Nashville or Evansville. But only if it's not a life threatening emergency. You'd probably find more competent doctors in a back alley than you would in our hospital.
Anonymous on 06/11/2009:
It's that bad!
....And to think that this new regime wants to take over the health care system. Watch out!!
BokiBean on 06/11/2009:
Dr B, I wish you had included some details and not just dissed the south in general, I would have taken your post a little more seriously. As it is, its very easy to dismiss.
madconsumer on 06/11/2009:
I used erlanger for an emergency, and it was far better than the hospital in dallas I once had to go to.
budget_sucks on 08/21/2009:
It isn't just the south--it's doctors and health care in general. Cruise some of these sites about doctors: DrScorecard is a good one. See if you really want to be sickened by the medical industry. Being a doctor these days isn't about helping people, it is about getting rich at the expense of sick people.
BokiBean on 08/21/2009: is about ONE doctor who abused the system and his patients. Don't generalize..
BokiBean on 08/21/2009:
If you ever work around doctors, you'll find that they work harder and longer than almost anyone else you know. Most of them have ungodly hours and they're stretched as thin as they can be.

Anything they get paid is pretty well "earned" by the amount of time they spend working and away from their families.
Anonymous on 08/21/2009:
Just because one doctor screwed you, Budget, doesn't mean all doctors are out to screw you. My mother's doctor is amazing.
goduke on 08/21/2009:
I know many docs. They are very caring guys and gals who work exceptionally hard for their patients, and grieve when they can't heal someone.
jengayle on 09/15/2009:
Dr. B???, I find it ludicrous that you are supposed to be a doctor and have no understanding of how the medical system works!! Erlanger is a Level I trauma center that serves a tri-state area. The staff is professional and competent. They deal with hundreds of patients every week, the majority of whom truly need medical care, especially the trauma, heart and stroke patients. Then, being the "county" hospital, they deal with the whiners, complainers, deadbeats and lowlifes. They also deal with the patients who are mad at their docs, didn't want to make an appointment with their doctor, or just thought the emergency room would be quicker!! Then, of course, you have the patient population that shows up because they never intend to pay for medical care or they're in the country illegally and know that they cannot be refused care. The hospital staff handles all of these patients professionally, competently and courteously. So, is your complaint really about long waits, unprofessional care and 3rd class patient communication, or is it about having to wait with all the "regular" patients until it was your turn instead of being put on the fast track because you're a doc?? Believe me, if I or a loved one has a life threatening emergency, we're going to Erlanger. Otherwise, I'm going to make an appointment and see my GP.
mommyplusoneandbun on 03/14/2010:
I am 14 weeks pregnant and started bleeding heavily so I went to Erlanger on Wednesday. I had to sit in the waiting room with only 2 people ahead of me for over an hour. I finally got into the back and continued to wait. When I went to the bathroom and there was a commode full of blood my husband called a nurse to look to prove we were not exaggerating. The doctor came in and checked my cervix and said he needed to call someone in who knew what they were doing. Apparently he was not up to par with his maternity skills. My doctor was not on call and his partner told the doctor to tell me to go home and not have sex (it had been 2 weeks thanks). When I stood up there was blood all over the bed and I looked at the doctor and told him that the on call OB was not there to see and may think I am over reacting but he is there and sees that this is not normal. He put up his hands and said that he is just repeating what the OB said. I went home in tears bc I felt like they did not care about my baby or me. I then went to Parkridge and they did a battery of tests and put me on IVs and did blood work. They determined I am having a threatened miscarriage. I consider it to be not only the hospitals negligence but my OB. I changed doctors because I refuse to trust my precious babys life to someone who obviously does not care. I have had 3 bad experiences with Erlanger now. I have made 2 complaints. One was when they sent my daughter home saying she had allergies and 6 days later she was in NICU for 6 days with RSV and almost died. Needless to say they had a crew of doctors and I had administration calling constantly to make sure I didn't sue. The second was when she had Camplobactor and they sent her home with a fever of 104.6 (it had gone up the 3 times they checked). I called when it reached 105.6 and they said they allow temps in babies to go upward of 106 now. I took her to her reg doctor that morning and they put her on antibiotics bc they were pretty sure what it was since you could smell the infection in her poop and she was passing blood. The doctor and I both made complaints on the hospital and yet again they called to make sure I didn't sue. This time with the baby I am carrying I am going to speak to a lawyer because this can not keep happening to people. Someone will end up dying. Doctors don't seem to care anymore.
Anonymous on 03/14/2010:
Not all doctors are trained in maternity so that is probably why you needed an OB/GYN. Also, keep in mind, that unless you are dying, when you drive yourself to the ER, you are going to wait. The fastest way to get care is by calling 911 for an ambulance. And if you were heavily bleeding during pregnancy, it would have been better to do so.

Let me also say, that if your body was rejecting the baby already and you were bleeding that much, you can't really blame the hospital. Telling a patient not to have sex in relation to gestational bleeding is pretty standard so why you were offended by that I can't figure out.

RSV symptoms pretty much do mimic a cold or allergies. From the RSV website:
Symptoms and Care

Illness usually begins 4 to 6 days after exposure (range: 2 to 8 days) with a runny nose and decrease in appetite. Coughing, sneezing, and fever typically develop 1 to 3 days later. Wheezing may also occur. In very young infants, irritability, decreased activity, and breathing difficulties may be the only symptoms of infection. Most otherwise healthy infants infected with RSV do not require hospitalization. In most cases, including among those who need to be hospitalized, full recovery from illness occurs in about 1 to 2 weeks.

Visits to a healthcare provider for an RSV infection are very common. During such visits, the healthcare provider will assess the severity of disease to determine if the patient should be hospitalized. In the most severe cases of disease, infants may require supplemental oxygen, suctioning of mucus from the airways, or intubation (have breathing tubes inserted) with mechanical ventilation. There is no specific treatment for RSV infection.

Your other complaint, Camplobactor, is actually spelled Campylobacter, and the info is way too much to post here, but here is a link to your daughter's food poisoning illness:

I am not trying to make light of your issues, but doctors are not God, and work with the info they have on hand. Both illnesses in your children were illnesses that have symptoms that can mimic many other sicknesses. Unless the obvious is present, they most always go with the most common treatment and work backwards from there. So if you have a kid that acts like it has an allergy, you diagnose and treat allergy until you have reason to suspect something else.

No I am not a doctor nor do I work for the hospital. I only know how to research, look up and read.

Hey Princi, where do you live? I am also nearly an hour from Nashville at Campbell.
Anonymous on 03/14/2010:
Nobody, exactly which part did I get wrong? I researched both illnesses on webmd and the RSV website AND I have had a miscarriage, as well as have been in the ER and hospital for many different reasons and observe.
raven2010 on 03/14/2010:
Both times I went to the ER for possible miscarriages, the OB/GYN on call was paged. Both times, I was told not to have sex. In fact, when I went in the first time, the doc even pulled aside my then-husband and told him no sex.

In my own experience, I see nothing unusual about the on call OB/GYN being brought in, nor being told no sex. Didn't help me either time, sadly, however, IMHO, the actions your ER took make sense.
Anonymous on 03/14/2010:
Sadly, in a miscarriage situation, the only thing they can do, is tell you to have no sex and bed rest and not to lift anything. The body is going to reject the baby or not. There is not much that be done to stop it.
raven2010 on 03/14/2010:
Lady, the first time, I had no restrictions other than no sex and no lifting anything over 20 pounds. I went to work every day and waited for the inevitable. The second time, I made it to 16 weeks and we thought we were in the clear. They had me on lock down so fast it made my head spin.

Only allowed out of bed to pee, no stress, no nothing. Didn't help. I have had friends who were able to deliver after early onset bleeding, but only one or two. I agree with you. If its going to happen, its going to happen.
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While In Chattanooga... Avoid Erlanger North!!
Posted by on
CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- Recently I had a horrible experience at Erlanger hospital, (Erlanger North), in Chattanooga, TN. After almost two full weeks of stress and depression, mainly due to work and general issues, I had a breakdown one night and needed a doctor badly. Well, after waiting for almost 3 hours I was admitted, only to be ridiculed and told that they "weren't a psych ward for the crazies"!!!

As I explained to them I had never had these symptoms persist like this and the anxiety attacks and depression felt like I was dying, they told me to take 1 or 2 Benadryl and try to sleep. Well it was 4:00am by now and I was irate.

I have heard many other complaints about this hospital and now I know the truth... if you really are in need of a doctor, DO NOT visit Erlanger North.
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User Replies:
bargod on 02/21/2008:
You were in need of a psychyatrist. What was a doctor going to do for you other than prescribe some pills to help you sleep? At 4am there probably was not a pysch doctor on duty.
madconsumer on 02/21/2008:
I take insult at your comments. I live in chattanooga, and have used erlanger several times. both emergency and day patient.

did you go to the hospital or the walk-in clinic? if you went to the emergency room, then yes, you were not in the appropriate area for mental issues. with all the drug dealings, and stealing from the hospital, they are cutting down on freely giving out heavy duty mind altering drugs.

now had you intended to hurt yourself or someone else, that would have sent you straight to a room with arm and leg tie-downs.
Principissa on 02/21/2008:
I looked up Erlanger and it is not a psychiatric facility. It is a hospital. A hospital cannot give anyone meds because they claim to be suffering a "psychotic break", a regular doctor is not allowed to prescribe a drug like that on a walk-in basis without risking the loss of his/her license. Those drugs are controlled substances and can only be dispensed and prescribed by a licensed psychiatrist. The only way they would have been able to help you is if you threatened to harm other's or yourself and in that case you would have been transported to a mental facility.
thetruth007 on 06/07/2008:
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