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Ernstings Family selling Hazardous Garments with fraudulent oeko tex label
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COESFIELD -- Dear Sir / Madam,

Large German retailer (Ernstings-Family 1350 stores) selling Hazardous Garments with fraudulent oeko tex label

I would like to share an important message with you. Large German discount stores is selling Hazardous garments to innocent customers with Fraudulent Oeko tex labels. Even Children clothing is sold with Hazardous prints, stoens, stud with fraudulent oeko tex label for all the brands including Disney. Customers buy oeko-tex labeled (marked as : Confidence in Textiles) products hoping they are not having any hazardous components.

Researches reveal hazardous components cause diseases including Skin problems, allergy & even cancer. I am writing this letter to all of the health & safety associations to create awareness & your support to combat against such Hazardous products to the customers.

On 4 July 2011, I have sent all details of this fraudulent used to Oeko-Tex association & Hohenstein testing institute along with
Photos of garments with fraudulently used Oeko Tex labels,
Ernstings Bills with reference of the same garments,
Copy of Fraudulent Oeko-tex certificate online verification (number : 09.hin.73486)

Even after a week time, Oeko-Tex association & Hohenstein didn't visit the Ernstings Family stores to collect garments with such fraudulent use of Oeko Tex. They have just forwarded my mail to Ernstings Family and waiting for their reply. After my several reminders & aggressive followup, they said they will wait for the reply from Ernstings Family. They have not yet collected any samples from Ernstings stores. They simply asking the samples with me to test. I feel this will give Ernstings stores enough time to hide such garments. I'm losing the hope on Oeko-tex & hohenstein. They are not so serious about this fraud & seems to be very slow.

Kindly take necessary steps to stop this fraudulent misuse of such Oeko-tex certificate & to keep society from such hazardous components.

Below is the mail which I have sent to oeko-tex & Hohenstein with all details.


Mary Rose


Ernstings selling diseases along with textiles to its customers

I am a long time customer of Ernstings-Family. I always buy Oeko-Tex certified products. I was happy to buy Oeko-Tex certified products in low price at Ernstings & hoping value for money. Last week I purchased a Disney labeled children garment with Oeko-Tex certification from Ernstings. I was surprised to see the print quality on the garment was horrible. It was sticking on to the plain hands and also on other garments as well. I made a detailed investigation and the results are as

Ernstings using oeko-tex label fraudulently on hazardous garments which the particulars or not covered under the oeko tex certificate mentioned on the oeko tex label.

Lot of styles with Glitter print, foil prints, rhine stones and studs having Oeko Tex certificate number 09.hin.73486
fraudulently. I am listing few of the order reference nos (as seen on barcode tickets ) in which Ernstings fraudulently used oeko-tex label.

Ref Nos Label Not covered by Oeko Tex
A-312917 Disney Foil Print
A-310577 Yigga Glitter Print
E-310572 Yigga Glitter Print, Gold and Blue rhine Stones
A-313385 Topolino Glitter Print
E-310579 Yigga Glitter Print, Gold & Silver Studs
308114 Gina Silver Stud
312823 Yigga Silver Stud
E-312904 Disney Worst Print quality. Sticking on hand / other garments

& so on...

When I am asking the same info with the stores, they were not able to respond.

As a conclusion on the above reports, I understand that Ernstings-Family is cheating the customers with the poor quality / illegal use of Oeko tex label due to lack of customer’s awareness.

This Monday 4 July 2011 at 9.30 am, I sent all info to Oeko-tex association, Hohenstein (institute for oeko tex certification) & Disney. I asked them to take necessary actions on the Ernstings-Family for fraudulent use of the Oeko tex label & poor quality on the disney / other labels. I suggest them to go to the stores and see / buy the garments for and take suitable steps. I have requested them to test the fraudulent Oeko tex certified garments for Hazardous chemicals. Innocent customers buy clothing for their children with oeko-tex label from Ernstings Family with trust that it doesn’t contain Hazardous chemicals. Also fraudulent use of the oeko-tex / Disney labels damages the actual value & trust of the Oeko Tex & Disney products.

Almost a week has gone. But still there is no response from Disney. Oeko-tex / Hohenstein is taking very slow steps. I just checked in Oeko-tex website and found still the fraudulent certificate no.: 09.hin.73486 is NOT yet withdrawn by Oeko-tex / Hohenstein.

I am a member of a health club where I noticed from other members that Hazardous garments create lot of skin diseases. As a welfare to the society, we (group of club members) from our association decided to create awareness about Ernstings Family's fraudulent activity on Oeko-Tex. Our members have collected more new style samples with fraudulent oeko tex label with same misused certificate no.: 09.hin.73486. Still we are collecting more styles.

But we feel shocking that no action was taken against Ernstings Familiy's hazardous products in the stores. So our members decided to take this issue in effictive way That's media. If Hohenstien don't test those, then our society will arrange to test the garments with well known lab "Intertek Testing Services" or similar. Also we plan to send the reports to the media and health and safety associations.

Still we believe Oeko Tex / Hohenstien will act seriously to save our society. In the meantime we are sending the news to all media & other stores to create awareness of such Fraudulent usage of Oeko Tex label & its dangers. We like the customers to be aware to buy only safety products not only from Ernstings Family. But also from all the stores.

I am attaching you the pictures of few of the garments along with the bills from Ernstings.

I request you to take necessary steps for the welfare of the society.

Together we fight against Hazardous products.

Kindly update me with the outcome.


Mary Rose

Enclosures : 1. Oeko-Tex Validity Check
2. Photos of garments
3. Bills of garments

Due to file size & mail capacity issues, I am posting the files as web links in colour blue.

I have uploaded the files in the websites & given the link for you to download the files. ( This step is due to some mail ids don’t have huge mail box capacity)

Oeko Tex Validity Check jpg

Photos of Garments jpg jpg

Ernstings bill Copy - Click the link & save the pdf file in your computer

Photos of Garments with Oeko Tex Labels ( Full view ) Click the link & save the pdf file in your computer by Press Save


I work only for society welfare.

Ernstings removed three article from shops which meant wrong. Great news.

Oeko-tex & Hohenstein not doing the work. sending false email all articles good.!

To see wrong email from oeko-tex / hohenstein click here =>

Which report proves all article met oeko-tex standard? Do you really have that report? Can you show us?

Thanks for some media good response & understanding.

Within ten days will meet Oeko-tex, Hohenstein, Ernstings with test reports along with my team.


Mary Rose

Company Response 07/22/2011:
Dear Mary Rose,

Thank you very much for your remarks, which we of course followed up immediately. However, you must understand that, before the International OEKO-TEX Association withdraws an OEKO-TEX certificate as you request, and/or stops working with a company, the matter must always be thoroughly investigated. This includes asking the company in question about the charges that have been made. To proceed in any other way would be counter not only to the presumption of innocence but also to the fundamental principle of freedom of speech. Since you are exercising that same right to freedom of expression, I'm sure you can understand our position in this respect.

In the course of our discussions with Ernsting's, they confirmed that, in addition to the testing for compliance with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, they also carry out continuous in-house quality control with the assistance of other test laboratories, as is required for a partnership with OEKO-TEX. During this process, increased concentrations of harmful substances were indeed found in three articles. The batches in question were immediately withdrawn from the shops by Ernsting's and any articles that had been sold were recalled.

We welcome this decisive action by Ernsting's, which we see as clear evidence of the fact that they take their responsibilities with regard to quality control in the interests of their customers very seriously.

Contrary to what you claim, you have in fact received feedback on several occasions since your first contact on 4 July 2011 about the status of the investigation, from OEKO-TEX, the Hohenstein Institute and from Ersting's. Furthermore, samples have been taken in a number of Ernsting's shops in Germany in order to inspect the OEKO-TEX-certified product range again. However, since the laboratory tests routinely take 10-14 working days, the results can only be expected in the next few days. We will decide on the basis of these whether any further action is required, and if so what.

In the meantime, we would be pleased if you would accept our repeated proposal for a face-to-face meeting between the three parties involved

Kindly regards
Jutta Knels
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User Replies:
onlooker on 07/11/2011:
this material should be sent to:

for formal governmental review consumer products with health or safety concerns
Alain on 07/11/2011:
You can also contact the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (Bundesministerian fur Ernahrung, Landwirtschaft und Veraucherschutz-BMELV--apologies for the lack of umlauts) at
maryrose on 07/22/2011:
What Oeko-tex association saying is completely false statement.

On 12 July, Oeko-tex & hohenstein association said " Have checked all test reports. All articles met oeko-tex requirements. You need not to be worry"

But in just few days ernstings publicly declared in a forum that all 3 glitter print articles failed to meet oeko-tex requirements and Ernstings called back all goods from the shops.

How did oeko-tex association / hohenstein sent me a false statement? On which report did they see all articles met oeko tex standard? Can they just show the copy?

Here is the link ( ) Ernstings public Acceptance of all 3 glitter print articles failed to meet oeko-tex requirements.

There is no accurate answer to this question from oeko-tex. All they sent a mail for 2 pages of story. But NO proper straight answer for this question.

If oeko-tex didn't do any fraud, they must answer to the question and show the reports which make them to tell " Have checked all test reports. All articles met oeko-tex requirements. You need not to be worry"
maryrose on 07/22/2011:
An addition web link to prove oeko-tex / hohenstein supporting fraud!

Ernstings removed three article from shops which meant wrong. Great news. To see it visit

Oeko-tex & Hohenstein not doing the work. sending false email all articles good.!

To see wrong email from oeko-tex / hohenstein click here =>

Which report proves all article met oeko-tex standard? Do you really have that report? Can you show us?


Mary Rose
maryrose on 08/09/2011:
More than one million Hazardous garments in Ernstings Shops. Oeko-tex & hohenstein supporting such fraud.

Dear All,

I hope you are all aware of the fraudulent oeko-tex used by Ernstings shops (oeko tex certificate nr. 09.hin.73486)& I complained to oeko-tex & Hohenstein. But Oeko-tex / Hohenstein fraudulently said they have proof for all articles met oeko-tex standard (proof of Oeko-tex & Hohenstein Fraud mail To see wrong email from oeko-tex / hohenstein click here => ) . But it is not true. (Proof of Bureau Veritas reports attached in this mail proves all tested articles have hazardous chemicals )

Chemical test done only 3 articles against the complaint of 8 articles & results.

Article nr. Hazardous Chemical found
310572 OrganoTin
310577 OrganoTin
310579 OrganoTin and Extratable Heavy Metals

This clearly shows Oeko-tex & hohenstein is cheating the society.

Also Disney article nr.312904 which stick on plain hands also tested and failed for print bleeding. (Bureau Veritas Lab test nr.98111890118 on 11 July 2011) (Already this article failed with same test in March 2011). But knowingly this Hazardous article was sent to shops & now selling.

All the reports of 310572, 310577, 310579 & 312904 are enclosed for your reference.

Out of 8, tested only 4 articles. All 4 failed. So 100% is failed hazardous clothing from this supplier. Ernsting stores have more than 2 million garments from this supplier. More than 1 million garment is hazardous. Few of the failed articles (From SGS & Bureau Veritas Labs) are given for few articles.

Article nr. How many ? Hazardous Chemical found
313185 5 times Lead Content - Kids article
313186 3 times Lead Content - Kids article
313195 3 times Lead Content, OrganoTin, Baby Article !
314099 3 times Lead Content - Girls.
313771 2 times Azo Dyes, Lead Content, OrganoTin - Baby Article !
314105 2 times Lead Content, - Baby Article. (Sample fraudulently passed third time. But sent Hazardous goods)
313193 1 times Formaldhyde - Baby Article !
314086 1 times Heavy Metal. - Kids Article
314101 1 times Calcium Content - Girls

Still keep getting reports.

Have many test reports of articles failed more than two, three, even five times for hazardous chemicals (Azo, Lead, OrganoTin, Cancerogenic chemicals, Heavy metal,) . But these articles are in Ernstings shops. Many articles not tested for hazardous chemicals with fraudulent oeko tex label. So all flock, foil, glitter, photo prints & Disney prints from that fraudulent supplier is hazardous. Many orders with fraudulent oeko-tex label were identified by Ernstings. But Ernstings just removed the oeko-tex label and selling hazardous articles. (A few of the article nr is here 310604, 309434, 308050, 310489, 309429, 309427 & a lot more. Have complete list)

If you want, all test reports can be mailed or can post in website / forum.

(Many reports & information were sent by workers of Ernstings, Mumbai Agent, Fraudulent Supplier & oeko tex / hohenstein.)

Our club aim is "Ernstings should sell only good quality products. Not sell hazardous products. Oeko-tex & Hohenstein must NOT support hazardous garments sale".

We will release reports in meeting along with media team in Last week of August as already informed. (After I return from HongKong).

Oeko-tex, Hohenstein test reports.

Oeko-tex, hohenstein tested many articles and many failed for hazardous chemicals. Especially print articles. Now Ernstings plan to remove this articles from shops. But oeko-tex, hohenstein, Ernsting not accepting the failure officially. But we got details.

3. Many hazardous orders from this fraudulent supplier with Fraudulent oeko-tex, fraud test reports , hidden reports.

Many Articles are hazardous. ( Flock, foil, glitter, big prints, stones, studs, sequins, disney prints). But Ernstings just removed the oeko-tex label and sell hazardous articles. Have given to Intertek testing of such goods.

If Ernstings really like to sell good garments, we will send all information and reports to Ernsting.

We want oeko-tex, Hohenstein to do the real work (take action against fraudulent use of Oeko-tex label and not to hide the fraud and support fraudulent supplier.


Mary Rose
maryrose on 08/09/2011:
Failed test reports against each article attached.




312904 ( Before complaint) ( After complaint )

**** Ernsting has removed my post (dated 08.08.2011 from the forum to hide the reports )
jktshff1 on 08/09/2011:
Maryr, seems the ball is in your court: "In the meantime, we would be pleased if you would accept our repeated proposal for a face-to-face meeting between the three parties involved" Have you done this yet?
Alain on 08/09/2011:
I agree with Jkt. A face-to-face meeting would be fair and I'd be interested in seeing how it went.
MaryRose on 08/11/2011:
I have informed them about my meeting 2 weeks ago for 25 Aug 2011. I will bring my health club colleagues (who know more details of the danger of hazardous chemicals) and a media team.

I just got their reply this Tuesday that they are not aggreeing. Still I wait for their confirmation on meeting.

Articles failed more than 5 times for hazardous chemicals are being sold. Its very dangerous. I have given lot of proof & test reports. (Many sent by their employees and agents).

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