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Complaining About Eskom
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LAKESIDE PROPER -- Hi, my name is Phila Sibiya residing at Lakeside Proper next to Orange Farm in South Africa.

My house number is 3555 and complaining about my electricity that was cut off by the members of Eskom saying that I fiddled with my electricity since 2007.

Funny enough I got the new house Late last year and it is new developed house and they keep saying that I am using Pre-paid electricity, last time I bought electricity they say it was 2007 and where I am staying I am using Conventional electricity.

I am hereby asking for your help guys, because I have tried everything in my power but not winning, and it is dangerous in my area as I am staying alone as lady, that are so much house breakings and rapes in the area.

You are Welcome to contact me at anytime of the Day
011 559 6339 Work

Worried Client
Phila Sibiya
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Skye on 03/11/2011:
I'm not familiar with your electricity issues. Do you have a legal aid office who may have someone who can help you with your Eskom issues? Have you tried asking for a manager or supervisor who you can discuss your issues with at Eskom? They do have help available on their site.

Since you a woman, living alone, I hope you have some big dogs, and a gun available, if you already do not. Please keep yourself safe.
JANSE VAN RENSBURG on 10/31/2013:
We are farming. Zebediela /polokwane district. We have a hugh milkery on the farm. Not we alone but also our neighbours. 30/10/2013 21:45pm we report the power failure at Eskom call line. We receive a ref nr 106528059 at 31/10/2013 my husband phone me at work around 9-10am power still off. I phone again the call line another ref nr 106554690. The person on the call line tell me that there is no manpower to service us as all people was working through the night and only 2 to assist all the other problems. Again I phone them at 3oclock the person on the call line say that after they give the problem through to the senior people our 1st ref nr was give through to a technician at 1:40 today. This whole problem is all about a link that dropped at the pole near our house on the farm. We cannot by ourselves rectify the problem but what if we decided after so many ours to try to rectify the problem on the link what will happen..who is going to take responsibility. We sit with a mass tenk of milk fully up to the top, but this is nothing for ESKOM. Who is going to take the loss of the milk that we cannot produce to our clients....This is not how it should be. Again how are they treat the farmers. Please if Ekom can look into this matter and see that there is more manpower to look into the problems it will be better. As farmers we are there to deliver a service to the shops and clients, so is Ekom there to deliver service to each and every person on earth. This is a matter of urgency and we can promise that this is not the 1st time this happen and we are now up to the roof. I think everybody out there, that is using Eskom power, will stand after us to say that Eskom's customer service is really BAD....
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