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Experience with Esperanza Klee Kai Breeders in California
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ALPINE, CALIFORNIA -- After researching the breed and breeders for months, I finally chose to go with Esperanza Klee Kai breeders from Alpine, CA. My dog, Bruin, is a great dog and we love him very much, but I want other consumers out there to know that these breeders do send out sick dogs. Within 12 hours of having Bruin, he was vomiting and having severe diarrhhea so I took him to the vet and found out he had round worm. Since this is a very common parasite and is easily cured (and apparently can be done cheaply), then there is no excuse for sending a dog to new owners like this. I contacted the breeder to let them know what happened immediately, and was asked to wait a month until other breeder returned home. Once the month had passed, I emailed asking again for a reimbursement for the large vet bill that had accumulated from this problem. The breeder had excuses for each item and now doesn't respond to my emails.

Great dogs but don't be fooled by their "health guarantee" - it has nothing to do with the health of the dog upon receipt!

Final issue - was told dog would come with all shots up to one year (picked him up as a 6 month old) and this was false as well. The few vaccines that had been done were not timed appropriately and thus the series had to be started over. Many other things were promised as well and fell far short of expectations.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/24/2010:
Boycott breeders.
goduke on 08/24/2010:
Agreed, Alex.

Laulick, email just really doesn't work for most true service issues. You might want to pick up the phone and call them, or go visit them on your next day off.
MDSasquatch on 08/24/2010:
Every animal in my house (5 of them) was rescued in one way or another; with all the animals needing good homes, there is absolutely no reason to pay a breeder or pet store for a pet. NONE
Mrs. V on 08/24/2010:
While I agree that it's better to get a rescue animal (every animal that I have ever owned has been rescue or stray), I can understand why someone that wants a purebreed goes to a breeder. Still check the shelters first, you can sometimes get a purebreed at one. Or check to see if the breed you wish has an animal rescue group that may have purebreeds.

If you do get a pet from a breeder, it's always a good idea to check them out really well. Ask vets in their area for info on them (to see if they get a lot of animals from that breeder). Check the BBB (for complaints). Also ask area shelters/resques (do the get a lot of drop offs, ill or not 'perfit' animals from the breeder-this may indicate a puppy mill).

No matter where you get your animal, just love it and care for it ^_^
Anonymous on 08/24/2010:
Excellent advice Mrs. V.
azspots on 08/24/2010:
Our doberman was a rescue and he is the sweetest animal ever. I will ALWAYS seek out a rescue/shelter animal before ever going to a breeder.
SaMoore on 08/24/2010:
I'm so glad when I see posts alerting to bad breeder behavior. I spent a lot of money on my Golden Retriever and found a good breeder respected among groups who show their goldens. It's always good to know beforehand if there are any complaints. I would suggest you find the foremost site online among owners of your dog's breed and post this there as well. Buying a pup as a whelp there are so many things that are supposed to go into breeding, conformation, long term life span etc. Your dogs parents are supposed to meet standards to breed them in order to give a health guarantee for your pup. I can promise that if your pup did not have his basic shots slated or was not wormed the rest was by the wayside as well-- these things that have to do with the quality of like this pup will have. That's why you pay so much for a purebred at a reputable breeder.
Anonymous on 08/24/2010:
MD Sas, azspots +++
EsperanzaKleeKai on 07/03/2011:
For those reading the review and comments:

1. Round worm is one of the most common intestinal parasites in existence and even from the best breeders and homes, this happens.

2. The dog was up to date on all vaccines at the time of purchase and were timed appropriately. I still have the vaccine records. The claim by the vet that they were incorrect and needed to be done over is completely false on the part of the vet.

3. I'm not willing to pay an outrageous vet bill because they were gouged for every penny. The dog showed no signs and symptoms prior to leaving our home.

4. When looking for a pet, go to your local shelter or rescue FIRST. Even though we are breeders, we encourage people to first go to shelters or rescue and in fact are VERY involved in our own national Alaskan Klee Kai rescue group and have taken in a fostered and subsequently adopted out numerous dogs who were neglected and unwanted.

5. We breed for the purpose of bettering the breed, not to sell puppies or to produce pets. We show our dogs, we health test our dogs. We stay in contact with owners to help and support for the life of the dog and write stringent contracts to ensure the preservation of the breed and to ensure no dog from us ever ends up in a shelter or rescue.

Many of you reading this won't care because you already have a negative bias toward breeders. Others, please consider the points I have listed. Our dogs are our pets and a part of our family first and we do what we do because we love the breed and want what is best of the breed.

Thank you.
lil_miss_zebra91 on 03/14/2013:
I also adopted an Alaskan Klee Kai from Esperanza Klee Kai, I was so happy that I found a breeder that sounded like they care so much about their dogs and finding a home for them to go to. They agreed to let me make monthly payments via Paypal and had him flown up to me in MN after the 3-4th payment. All went as planned, they kept great contact and informed me that the dog (Neiko had a heart murmur and offered a different puppy for me, which I declined for I was already in love with Neiko. I got Neiko in October of 2010, and sent my last payment in Jan 2012. We had agreed that they were going to send me the legal documents stating that Neiko is mine after the last payment. It has been over a year and I have still not received the papers. I have emailed them numerous times asking if they had sent them yet trying to be patience and understanding, but they just kept making excuses and finally just stopped replying to me all together. I'm glad I got a beautiful healthy happy puppy whom I love to death but I'm disappointed that they would be this unprofessional to not send the papers that were promised to me and stopped responding ti my emails.
lil_miss_zebra91 on 03/15/2013:
^**I got Neiko in Oct. 2011**^
Not 2010, typo sorry.
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