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Gawd Awful Announcers... BK Commercials are More Entertaining!!!!

LOUISVILLE, COLORADO -- Let me preface this rant by saying that I have no background in TV journalism and I realize that the NBA is not as entertaining as college basketball by no means, not to mention the poor fundamentals and the horrific looking 'tats' on some of these dudes. A kiss tattoo behind K-Mart's (a Denver Nugget) ear? That's not natural!! Oh and by the way, I know that I could turn the volume down or change the channel but when you are in the "doghouse" you need to be entertained to keep your mind off of the obvious... Right?

ESPN's "lead" announcers are Mike Breen doing "play by play" with Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy doing the color. I don't know much about Breen but when the game started tonight it was 0-2 Houston when Portland scores a 'bucket' and he goes "Portland is looking good tonight!" What, is this a two minute game? Then you have MJ, no not that one but Mark Jackson and the guy has a 'delivery of someone trying to talk with half of a sandwich in his mouth! Now Reggie Miller on TNT is no "walk in the park" either, he sounds like some 'Trekkie' that was invited to sit in on a telecast and adds nothing to the game.

To quote: "TNT will use its full slate of NBA announcers with play-by-play veteran Marv Albert paired with analyst Reggie Miller, Kevin Harlan will provide play-by-play alongside analyst Doug Collins, and Dick Stockton will team with analyst Mike Fratello." To me Marv is the best and the other "play by play" guys are much better than what ESPN has to offer. Ex players don't necessarily make good announcers and Doug Collins (TNT) is living proof. Talk about a guy living in the past! Now this Jeff Van Gundy guy that had a nice run coaching the Knicks for a while is the worst.

First of all he needs to raise his voice a few octaves up and stop looking like Mr. Vargas, the science teacher on "Fast Times At Ridgemont High". Narly!!! As far as the pre-game coverage, halftime and post game shows, TNT is much better. Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith have great chemistry and have good insight into the games and they don't just read off of the teleprompters when they are making a point. It is much more spontaneous. Well that's my 3 cents and hopefully I will be out of the 'doghouse' soon so that I can start living again... *joking and I give myself a VH*

Is This What I Waited All Summer For?

USA -- I realize that there are much more important things to talk or think about on this day so forgive me while I vent on this trivial subject of Monday Night Football featuring the Baltimore Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals. First of all what was ESPN thinking about starting the game at 5pm MDT? Do we really need a doubleheader on a MONDAY? I get home and the first half is nearly over. Luckily, I missed that hot dog loser Chad Johnson's touchdown celebration but that wasn't the end of that. They replayed it numerous times then ESPN has two schmucks debating on the entertainment value of it at halftime!

Who is producing this nonsense some ten-year-old? It's bad enough seeing these guys do these stupid sack dances or touchdown dances when they are in some cases LOSING the game but now the announcers are so shallow that they have to glorify these acts?

I'll take a tipsy Don Meredith, Howard Cosell, and Kathy Lee Gifford's bumbling husband (Frank) any day over Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski and this Cornheiser clown. Heck they made me long for the O.J. Simpson days in the booth! I know some will say turn the volume down or listen to the radio broadcast but that gets kind of awkward with the signal delay differences and all. Oh well that's my 3 cents for the day and I feel much better now. Thank goodness for College Football!

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